The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.

The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.A Guide To Real Estate Offering Advice And Techniques That Investors Need To Navigate Through The Ups, The Downs, And The In Betweens Of The Real Estate Market And Come Out On Top Whether You Re A Seasoned Investor Or Buying Your First Property, It Shows You How To Value A Property, Handle Leases, Manage Tenant Relationships, And Get Financing

Kiyosaki is best known for his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the 1 New York Times bestseller Kiyosaki followed with Rich Dad s CASHFLOW Quadrant and Rich Dad s Guide to Investing He has now had at least a dozen books published A partial list of his books is included below

[Reading] ➶ The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life. By Robert T. Kiyosaki –
  • Paperback
  • 502 pages
  • The Real Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life.
  • Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • English
  • 21 April 2017
  • 9781593155322

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    This book is full of information and gives the reader an understanding of the process of investing in Real Estate This is part of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, and Mr Kiyosaki doesn t fail us Kiyosaki brings together some of the brightest minds in their various fields Each chapter is filled to the brim of information and is easily understandable The most important point made throughout the entire book is how important it is to have a great team I highly recommend this book.

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    Highly recommend Note to myself Never make any deals with anyone you do not trust Don t make the mistake of putting your real estate rentals into an S corp or C corp Hire REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY, not just ATTORNEY Make the deal no matter how long it takes at the meeting Having a general contractor run the show is a good idea You should never attempt to manage your own construction, no matter how well you think you can do it If you are an investor, remain an investor Ask, even if you think the answer is no Homeowners will want to walk a few feet to their home, not a hundred or that may be a deal breaker Master your universe by driving a different way at different times to work, and take in the world from a real estate perspective You ll be surprised by what you see Get to know your city officials and staff Find out the projects that are underway that they are the most excited about The you talk with them, the you ll come to know where the path of growth really is You re investing for the future, so see the future as best you can Look for the signs of a decline neighborhood, and don t be in denial about them Unless you want to specialize in renewal projects, those signs matter offshore strategies do not work for onshore real estate Consult with a good, experience lawyer early and often Your mantra should be this Profit from problems If a property isn t seeing, change a few settings and smell of the home ambiance Book smart is not the same as street smart It s better to go out there and start buying Choose what you want carefully, then go after getting it with a vengeance NOI New Operating Income Fear causes a lot of people to do nothing Don t get stuck in analyzes paralysis IRR Internal rate of return Look for don t wanters When starting out, find properties that s less than an hour away Every property comes with different problems and different lessons If you can solve the problem of not having money, you will have money for life Henry Ford If you do not have enough money for an investment, remind yourself that if you do not solve that problem, will will have money problems all your life The reason there are poor people than rich people is that it is easier to say, I can t afford it, rather than ask he question, How can I afford it The moment you ask yourself the question, How can I afford it Your most important asset, your mind, goes to work if you use the excuse, I can t afford it, your mind goes back to sleep Take classes or read books before starting your mind is your greatest asset Invest in that first Avoid taking advice from losers Stay away from people who say that something cannot be done Be aware of real estate sales people who give real estate investment advice who do not invest in real estate Find mentors, people who have already gone to where you want to go Look at a minimum of one hundred investments before buying anything observe if neighborhoods are changing, going up or going down Start small Dream big each property good or bad is a stepping stone to the dream Remember, the world is filled with hard working poor people There is no perfect investments Each investment will challenge you Each will teach you something new Do not fix toilet if this is something that you don t want to do for a living Specialize in things that you want to do and leave the things that you DO NOT want to do alone for you are wasting your time and capability You don t need to know how to fix toilets, accounting or real estate laws, but I know who do and I know how to get in contact with those people First impressions are everything and buying decision are made in the first fifteen seconds 1 The front yard clean sweep and bring out a lot of colors.2 The door give your door some color clean cobweb first few stems inside the home are memorable 3 Exterior and interior paint NEW PAINT4 Flooring no stains, no worn carpet, no dirt allowed.5 Healthy green plant they need to look healthyDrive through the neighborhood and check out the environmentAsk Yourself What are the demographics of the area you are considering What is the salary level of the area Is there a college population looking for off campus housing, and is that the type of community to want to run Where are the major employment centers Are new businesses and employment being generated int eh areal What other communities are in the area that a prospective tenant will consider, and are they the same class as the community you are developing, that is, luxury, bye color, or subsidized housing What can I build, and how much rent can I charge Will I enjoy owning and managing the community Always try to do an arbitration and not a litigation.RObert kiwasaki There are times where you can buy a property with no money down how this is done is that the persom who owns the home can gibe you 100% of the loan and he will hold the deed to the house and you will work on that home until it is all bought off This way you can make payments on the home and the person can go off and on with their life.Finds ways to get word of mouth to work for you free advertisement Use social media and high frequency traveled sites to get viewers to see your products Find ways to advertise better than your competitors.

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    Easily the best Kiyosaki book.

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    I picked this up as I started re reading Kiyosaki s other books and realized just how prolific an author he has become While I enjoy the rest of his work, I think this is probably the best and most helpful book he has out, simply because of the vast array of perspectives it includes Some of the essays dealt with a range I wasn t really interested in but I read them and generally found something that related to the aspect of real estate investing that I am interested in pursuing At the same time, there were a number of sections that gave me an in depth answer to several questions that I had On top of that, the colloquial examples provided further motivation to spur me onward.An excellent read.

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    Good overview Kinda covers everything so it doesn t really cover anything very well It s my first real estate book but I would recommend for a beginning reference book.

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    If your thumbprints are on real estate get your fingerprints all over this book and take notes Lots of gems that will provide insight and speak to you directly Pearls of Wisdom Things my ear picked up on People who do not fail also don t succeed Four green houses turn into a red hotel Monopoly Look for don t wanters and the real estate they don t want Who works harder you or your money I work hard at making money working hard for me Her kindness is extraordinaryIs it cash flow or cash out Low need high power high need low powerA rental property is only as valuable as the residents Don t bet all your cashflow on one strategy When we maximize our reach we maximize our lifeI m looking for the opportunity to foreclosePrepare to get very good at jumping hurdles calmly Have the seller carry financing for youPUMP UP THE CASH FLOWI need to pull the rip cord on deals that aren t working Find problem properties and solve the problems Deferred maintenance issues of class d real estate You wouldn t do a deal if you saw oneProfit from problemsBuy by the acre sell by the footThe cost of litigation is always higher then you expect avoid litigation at all costsIs the brain damage worth the deal Limit the buyers right to specific performance whenever possible Different deal points Some people thrive off the negative emotional energy of disputes My little dream bubble has been poppedNever hold real estate in a c corporation With a legal nudge will he do the right thing I m interested in your money then your situation The whole excitement of life is becoming Each site has it s own nuisancesI want an unfair advantage ethically Don t live like a king for a little bit live like a king foreverCash flow positive projectEat what you kill mentality Some people are transaction oriented others are relationship oriented Real estate is a team sportEat what you kill If you don t know your numbers you don t know your business Real estate has a way of evening itself out.

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    Very great book and highly recommended This is a great read for beginners as it does not dig deep into details but gives you the right mindset to get started with anything real estate The book is a Robert Kiyosaki book, which is one of the greatest authors of all time in my opinion His team also helps write the book, so it gives the reader multiple points of views which is what I like most about it The biggest thing this book teaches you is the importance of teamwork and trusting your team in real estate If you are in real estate or thinking about getting into real estate I highly recommend this book.

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    Achieve a higher level of success in your real estate business and life by reading this book Inspiration and information from 22 of Robert Kiyosaki s real estate experts Karen Briscoe, author and podcast host 5 Minute Success

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    Good for overviews of the varying aspects of real estate Not a great starter book The last chapter less than 10% of the whole book left a longer impact for me than most other chapters Could see revisiting it after building a base knowledge being valuable.

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    Very thorough A lot of it was on topics I didn t care about so I skipped a lot Wasn t a very compelling listen though, so I didn t finish it.

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