Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a ChanceI m a faithful reader of T.A Chance from the beginning long or short, with cowboys or sport stars, fantasy, historical or contemporary, a new story by T.A Chase always climbs the first place in my reading list They are always different but still there is always this mix of romance and naughty sex that make them so good And in a way, I can say that T.A Chase loves everyone of his characters Padraig is a ghost but he is not living in Paradise, he is wandering the earth since when he died, he left too much things behind, above all his unrequited love for Gareth When he was in life, Padraig was an hot head he worked in the docks in Belfast and he was not exactly a good boy And probably he didn t believe he was good enough for Gareth, a shy man who worked as employee in the docks office Padraig and Gareth exchanged glances but seldom words, and at the moment Padraig died in a fight bar, he had just gathered enough courage to go finally talk to Gareth Only that he hadn t time to do so Gareth is a really nice character, but who came out in full in this novella is Padraig I can almost see him, always self deprecating himself, always thinking that, someone like him, doesn t deserve anything better than what he gets As a dead man, he almost arrives to think that, well, maybe it s better that he ended like that, for his mother and Gareth will only be better without him Even when he has the possibility to come back to life in the body of another man, a dying man, he has still this little doubt that maybe the dying man was better than him, and so he shouldn t deprive him of his life mind you, Patrick doesn t do nothing to kill the man, he only happens to be there at the right moment for him to possess the body of a man that would die in any case Ten years for Padraig were without time Padraig knew he was a ghost, but for him time means nothing and so, when on St Patrick s Day he has a second chance with Gareth, for him it s like he left the man only seconds ago Not the same for Gareth, who is mourning his lost chance with Padraig for years, even since when Padraig died, he received his last gift, the token which should have marked the beginning of their love together And so when he is approached in a bar by a man with the same green eyes of Padraig, he does the unthinkable, he brings him home Probably since so many years ago Gareth hadn t the courage to grasp his chance at love, and he always regretted it, now Gareth gives to this second Padraig in his life the chance he didn t give to old Paddy This is a novella and so spans only a night and a day in Padraig and Gareth s life Their present time together is spent practically always in bed, like they have to make up for the lost time the romanticism and the sugary feelings arrive all from their past together, even in few words, T.A Chase manages to let you imagine the life of these men, when they were young and full of hope, when they still had all their life ahead of them From here derives the mix between sex and romance I said before when the reader is almost to the edge of tears, thinking to all the lost things, then he is plunged in an erotic scene, that even if detailed, it s never vulgar And in the end, let me spend few words on the wonderful, beautiful, stunning cover by Anne Cain this is the classical example of a book I would buy anyway, even if it was not good and it s, mind you A cover like this one is a total catch the eyes and put out the money to buy the book Very happy that it s for a book by T.A Chase, who deserves it. Paddy GarrethRead it to prepare my mind for a trip in Scotland but the MCs are irish in fact A good enough short story anyway with sweet characters and HEA It was much better than i was expecting I rarely like ghost stories but it was TA Chase and was pretty good and sweet but too short IMHO It was a quick read and was enjoyable I wish that it had been longer The whole book happened in one magical night. Review written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp This story comes too close to a fairytale for me.Paddy has always been a dare devil, never backing away from trouble At the tender age of twenty three a bar fight ends his life and he spends the next ten yours wandering the world His one and only regret that he didn t get to tell Gareth how much he liked him.The moment he sets his foot on Boston though a bit after midnight on St Patrick s Day Paddy witnesses a murder There is nothing he can do though but stay there and watch the poor guy die.At O Toole s bar in Boston Gareth has stopped for a drink It s that day of the year again, his birthday and this time he doesn t want to be alone in his apartment But never did he expect to be approach by a man who wears the most familiar eyes he s ever seen Eyes that has followed him in his fantasies for than ten years.Two lovers who never had a chance The feelings and emotions are too strong, too fast in a very acceptable plot Both men have had ten years to think, want and long for each other Paddy has been a ghost thus he has been denied feelings such as the feeling of a solid body, taste, smell, and when he gets together with the one he s loved everything gets intense The fact that we don t know if it s permanent or he s going to lose the solid body after the magical day of St Patrick s makes it even desperate.So ok, there are many things in the plot that don t really stand and if you want to check every detail then some things and reactions are simply lacking or seemingly left half finished But all in all everything gets lost in a haze of magic.So dare you believe in magic For magic and love is all this story is about If you are in the right mood for romance and a great deal of lost chances, regrets and a magical, miraculous second chance then this is the book for you.Thommie How could I have given this book a 3 star 4 years ago A beautiful heartfelt story. This lovely, fluffy romance is a perfect read for a cold night by the fire or a rainy day Short I d have loved it to be longer but sweet very sweet It s an Irish fairy tale set in modern times MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW view spoiler Padraig is a ghost who is given one chance to become human On St Patrick s day, he encounters Gareth, the love of his life who he never told how he felt before he died Sparks fly, and Padraig s dream of being with Gareth comes true Except that there s a catch Padraig must get Gareth to declare his love before midnight, or he loses his second chance at life Oh, and Padraig doesn t look like himself yet, that is The only reason I didn t give this sweet story a 5 star was that it was just too short for my taste I wanted angst interaction with the boys after Padraig tells Gareth the truth which Gareth, of course, has a hard time believing Or something else maybe soul searching on Padraig s part about how his life ended Something to give the story a bit depth hide spoiler Padraig Monaghan is a ghost who has been wandering the world for the past ten years since he was killed in a bar fight The day before St Patrick s day finds him in Boston witnessing a deadly attack on a stranger Drawn to the man, even though he knows he can t help in anyway, Paddy finds himself being pulled into the stranger and taking over his body.In shock over what has happened he makes his way into a nearby bar and while there runs into Gareth Reilly, the man Paddy was in love with before his death Having never gotten the chance to be with Gareth while alive, he can t resist talking to him now When Gareth meets Padraig he sees a stranger with eyes that remind him so much of the man he has never been able to forget.This is a story of Irish magic, with an elf offering a miracle, a second chance at love once lost The story takes place within a 24 hour period, aside from a bit of remembering the past, and while it s not too long at just about 80 pages it packs quite a bit into those pages Once again another enjoyable story from a wonderful writer Padraig Monaghan Has A Problem Most Would Consider Dying In A Bar Fight Ten Years Ago Upsetting, And Existing As A Ghost Wandering The World Might Be Thought A Real Predicament They Might Deem A Second Chance At Life Through A Chance Encounter With A Dying Man A Serious Dilemma But For Padraig, Finding Himself Face To Face With The Man He D Loved And Lost A Lifetime Ago Is The Biggest Thing On His Mind Gareth Reilly Stops At O Toole S For A Drink Before He Heads Home Tomorrow S Going To Be Another Lonely Birthday For Him Until He S Approached By A Stranger There S Something About Padraig S Bright Green Eyes And Irish Accent That Reminds Gareth Of A Man He Once Knew Unable To Resist, Gareth Breaks His Cardinal Rule And Invites Padraig Home On St Patrick S Day, When Irish Magic Is Strongest, It Ll Take A Belief In The Impossible And Help From A Grateful Elf To Give Padraig And Gareth Another Chance At Love I want Couple inconsistencies but still really good I love these characters and their story and the story as a whole I still find it a bit strange that Paddy went into Steven s body As interesting as I found it, I couldn t help but get stuck on the fact that the first time they were together intimately, it was with another man s package What s inside is far important, I understand that But I still just wouldn t feel comfortable using someone else s body on the love of my life That was my biggest issue Small in the grand scheme of things and didn t really take away from the story.

There is beauty in every kind of love, so why not live a life without boundaries Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates me and writing about the things that make each of us unique is how I share those insights I live in the Midwest with a wonderful partner of thirteen years When not writing, I m watching movies, reading and living life to the fullest.

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