Body Parts

Body Parts Based On Previously Sealed Testimony And Interviews With Key Players In The Case, Body Parts Is A Frighteningly Intimate Examination Of The Life Of Wayne Ford, A Man Whose Capacity For Violence Wasn T Sated By His Brutal Sexual Practices Which Eventually Resulted In The Torture And Murder Of Four Women

New York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother has written or co authored 12 books, ranging from narrative non fiction crime to mystery and memoir Her titles include HUNTING CHARLES MANSON SECRETS, LIES, AND SHOELACES LOVE GONE WRONG DEAD RECKONING THEN NO ONE CAN HAVE HER I LL TAKE CARE OF HER NAKED ADDICTION POISONED LOVE BODY PARTS TWISTED TRIANGLE LOST GIRLS WHERE HOPE BEGINS and

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  • 406 pages
  • Body Parts
  • Caitlin Rother
  • English
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9780786019540

10 thoughts on “Body Parts

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    As I was reading some of the cases in regards to Wayne s victims, some started to sound familiar to me I shortly after realized I had read another book on the same serial killer This book had insight that I didn t recall reading in the other It was heartbreaking to read what he did to his victims This book made me feeling very sad when I was done reading it.

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    This was such a good book It was so detailed and told of the lives of the victims as well as Wayne and his family My head is still swimming with some of the things he did What makes people even think up these things let alone do them It s true when they say there are no monsters only human beings I believe Wayne knew exactly what he was doing Who cares if he is the one to turn himself in because he wishes to no longer to hurt people People think we should give him credit for that The only credit I give the man is for murdering these women who didn t deserve to die If you like true crime I would recommend this book It s a page turner and filled with so much information I will definitely read another book by this author.

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    Normally I m not a fast reader but this book I finished in about two and a half day In the beginning, I thought the book was a little dry, but that changed when I read a little further into the book it absolutely skyrocketed I actually found it hard to put down The author has done a lot of research and placed a lot of effort into her book I can only imagine the hard work she went through researching this case The book is very well written, and it gives the reader a chilling insight into the mind of the serial killer named Wayne Adam Ford And I have to mention the victims were not forgotten when the author wrote her book, she has described the women and their lives were well I d recommend this book to all who have an interest in true crime cases and of course, if you re interested in serial killers this book is definitely for you

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    Good book I d read another book about this killer but this one was much better.

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    Interesting tale of a bizarre California thrill killer who eluded justice for decades out of animal cunning and luck than pure smarts The big twist here, of course, is that he wound up turning himself in, sort of but needed his brother to actually get him in the door of the police station But, as author Caitlin Rother makes clear after exhaustively thorough backtracking through Wayne Ford s weird history, the voluntary surrender was about encroaching mental illness than a sudden redeeming burst of conscience Wayne Ford is one sick man who s only getting sicker.Rother is a former newspaper journalist, and her just the facts style serves her well here Though it lacks the florid and even overheated tone of most other books in the genre, it makes clear her reliability as a fair recounter of complex events Unlike many current true crime authors, Rother isn t invested in any point of view other than that of the purely objective one She doesn t see it as her job to be a victim s advocate, or a badge bunny as they call reporters who devolve into uniform groupies She simply sees it as her job to lay it all out there and let the reader draw his or her own conclusions which is pretty refreshing I ll always read Caitlin Rother s true crime books for one reason above all I trust her to give it to me straight I wish that weren t so rare these days.

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    This was a really well written account of a horrible series of crimes A real page turner The author skated perilously close to the thin ice of this is the story of a poor widdle serial killer, tragically beset by his own demons, but she kept the story from going out of bounds by including as much as she could of the victim s stories and the point of view of the devastated families Ford left in his wake She does a good job of teasing apart Ford s evasions and justifications from what really happened to these unlucky women.

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    I liked this book, but too much on the trial I like about the victims and offender.

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    It was engaging, but I lost interest during the description of the trial phases.

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    The first part of the book was very interesting and quite well written, but the trial portion got very long and too drawn out.

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    Loved this book Reading this led me to one of my favorite authors, Caitlin Rother I would highly recommend this book to True Crime readers.

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