Emissaries to Malastare (Star Wars: Ongoing, Volume 3)

Emissaries to Malastare (Star Wars: Ongoing, Volume 3) In A Time After The Events Of Episode I The Phantom Menace, Half Of The Jedi High Council Travel To The Exotic World Of Malastare To Negotiate A Peace Treaty Between Two Of That Planets Warring Factions But The Whole Affair Is Being Manipulated By A Secret, Third Party Out To Assassinate The Jedi Add In The Fact That Malastare Is One Of The Few Planets To Allow The Dangerous Sport Of Pod Racing And You Can Be Sure That The Jedi Are In For Some Extreme Action This Story Features Many Familiar Characters From The Phantom Menace And Continues The Ongoing Adventures That Bridge The Gap Between Episodes I II

Timothy Truman is an American writer, artist and musician He is best known for his stories and Wild West style comic book art, and in particular, for his work on Grimjack with John Ostrander , Scout, and the reinvention of Jonah Hex, with Joe R Lansdale Truman is currently writing Conan and is an instructor at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.Truman s first professional comics work w

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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • Emissaries to Malastare (Star Wars: Ongoing, Volume 3)
  • Timothy Truman
  • English
  • 06 May 2018
  • 9781569715451

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    Star Wars Legends Project 73 Background Republic Emissaries to Malastare was released in 6 issues from December 1999 to May 2000 The trade paperback came out in September of 2001 It was written by Timothy Truman and drawn by Tom Lyle, Jan Duursema, and John Nadeau Truman wrote a number of issues in the Republic series, as well as a ton of Conan comics among a variety of other work Lyle did the first four issues of this storyline, his only Star Wars work He is best known for his work with DC on Starman and Robin, and for his work with Marvel on Spider Man Duursema, in addition to working on most of the issues of Republic including part of 4 in this run , also drew almost the entirety of the Legacy series, and all of the Dawn of the Jedi series and various other things She has also drawn for a number of different DC and Marvel series, particularly X Men Nadeau did the 5th and 6th issues of this series He also drew for 4 of the Rogue Squadron storylines, and various other things Almost all of his comic work has been Star Wars Emissaries to Malastare is set not long after Star Wars Outlander Star Wars my review, 32 years before the Battle of Yavin Ki Adi Mundi still features heavily, along with his new padawan, the Tusken A Sharad Hett However, partway through, Jedi Master Mace Windu takes center stage Along for the ride are Adi Gallia, Even Piell, Plo Koon, Yaddle, and Depa Billaba The story also features several of the podracers from the Boonta Eve Classic in The Phantom Menace, most notably Sebulba, introduces Quinlan Vos, and reintroduces the Devaronian scoundrel Vilmarh Grahrk Most of the story takes place on Malastare and Nar Shaddaa.Summary After a long and bitter struggle, the terrorists of the Red Iaro have suggested an interest in making peace with the rulers of Lannik, home planet of Jedi Master Even Piell The Gran Protectorate has offered Malastare as a neutral ground for the peace talks, and newly elected Chancellor Palpatine has asked that the Jedi Council preside over the sensitive proceedings The Jedi arrive to find the planet crowded with fans anxious to attend a major podrace, and soon suspect that the Gran, as usual, have ulterior motives that could threaten the offer of peace, and maybe the Jedi themselves.Review Well, this story started off promisingly enough, with some great interaction between Ki and A Sharad as they continue his training at the Jedi Temple, and even a pretty fun cameo from new padawan Anakin Skywalker when the topic of podracing first comes up It takes awhile to really get going, and there s some general weirdness, but I did not expect the slow, painful slide into absurdity that happened in the final half.That wouldn t really matter if I liked the characters There are a lot a lot of characters in this story that I really want to like, but I feel like I m doing all of the work Maybe it s because there are just too many of them, but again the Jedi end up feeling bland and flat and kind of annoying with their dime store philosophizing Tossing in some out of character quips every few pages just isn t enough to dilute that or make them fun I still really like A Sharad as a character, and he s probably the best character here, but he s not very important to the main goings on of this particular story, and so he s only really developed so far I hope to see of him soon.Unfortunately, since the really lousy stuff happens close to the end, I don t want to go into a huge amount of detail about it There s a lot of nonsensical stuff happening, some of which is outright self contradictory within the story itself A few of these things are entertaining enough that it s not a big deal Like when the Jedi fly through the middle of the ongoing podrace and end up tangling with Sebulba But there are some real head scratchers here, too, like why the Jedi diplomats are so incredibly bad at diplomacy And why did the Jedi send one lone Knight to stop an army of Tusken Raiders in the last story, but they send half of the council to handle peace negotiations in neutral territory here I do make some effort not to think too hard about these things although I resent it , but it s just impossible not to notice some things.Where the whole thing really slides into incoherence, though, is when it pivots in probably the clumsiest transition I ve ever seen into a totally different story for the last 2 issues, while trying to pretend like it s really a continuation of the previous story even though it leaves that whole business completely dangling to follow up on an obvious red herring And then the same thing happens at the conclusion of that arc, too The Jedi seem to think they ve resolved something or figured things out, when it s totally obvious they haven t done anything of the kind, they still have no idea what s going on, and the real bad guys that they were after are still very much around Even the bad guys they catch the apparently don t bother to deal with It s baffling and really annoying.D

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    Pretty dull stuff Incoherent wishy wash mess with no sense of focus or dialogue Some nice art in the pod race sequences but never really got my pulse racing The only part I liked was the foreshadowing of Quinlan Vos in future storylines and that was about one page Extra star because the art is of a decent quality Timothy Truman just doesn t have the heart for Star Wars it seems.

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    I m confused as to why half of the Jedi Council was needed to help with these negotiations And the last two installments didn t even feel properly connected to the rest of the story line Plus, like we even needed proof that the Jedi Order did absolutely fuck all to address slavery in the galaxy They came across at least two different sets of slaves in this arc alone that were just ignored accepted as business as usual rather than freed and helped to reintegrate All in all, not a particularly impressive story arc.

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    More bland schemes revealed too soon for the sake of an action scene Also oddly paced, with only a four issue arc and then a two issue bit tacked on for Mace and Depa to track down some animal smugglers on Nar Shaddaa, which in practice accomplishes nothing but creating a loose narrative torch passing to the next arc.

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    Story Truman 5 10ONE SENTENCE SYNOPSIS The Jedi Go to Nar Shadaa and Malastare Solve Nothing

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    This TPB takes over where Outlander leaves off Once again for fans of the Tusken Raiders will enjoy this Also this gives a bit depth to the period between Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones Artwork is definitely an added bonus.

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    Des missaires Jedi doivent tre envoy s sur Malastare pour r tablir la paix entre diff rentes factions et pour mettre fin aux actes terroristes Cependant, le r glement du conflit ne fait pas l affaire de tous En seconde partie, Mace Windu et Deepa Bilaba vont enqu ter sur Nar Shaada pour trouver les gens qui font le trafique d animaux pour en faire des b tes d attaque.La premi re partie tait vraiment ennuyante Les missions de n gociation en BD, c est rarement gagnant Cette partie en est vraiment la preuve Pour la seconde partie, c est bien plus int ressant car il y a beaucoup plus d action C est aussi l que l on fait la connaissance de Quinlan Vos, un Jedi qui sera tr s important dans les prochains tome de la s rie.C est donc un BD plut t ordinaire avec des beaux dessins qui ne m a pas du tout satisfait.

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    Very well written with great illustrations It was nice to see some of the lesser known Jedi in action I didn t realize some Jedi carried red sabers, so that was some cool new information for me.The action and intrigue in this graphic novel were so good I was disappointed when it ended I m looking forward to reading about several of the characters Depa Billaba and Quinlan Vos are two I really enjoyed seeing, although Quinlan s appearance was very brief I m also hoping to learn who the daughter of Aunuanna the Alewoman is.Over all this is a fun, action packed story and a must read for any true Star Wars fan

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    Fun story featuring some newer Jedi Mace Windu and a little bit of Yaddle, the Jedi whom shares a species with Yoda These Jedi were brought in to broker peace between warring faction only to discover there was than meets the eye After that was settled, the scene shifts to Nal Hutta, the moon of home planet of the Hutts That was fun It was an ok read Nothing special but I always find it fun to read about the Star Wars Universe.

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    A bit boring and then nothing is really wrapped up The Jedi Council is helping to negotiate a peace conference and the suddenly Mace Windu decides to leave for Nar Shadda The only good thing about the comic is that it first introduced Quinlan Vos.

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