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Urban Gothic When Their Car Broke Down In A Dangerous Neighborhood Of The Inner City, Kerri And Her Friends Thought They Would Find Shelter In The Old Dark Row House They Thought It Was Abandoned They Thought They Would Be Safe There Until Morning They Were Wrong On All Counts The Residents Of The Row House Live In The Cellar And Rarely Come Out In The Light Of Day They Re Far Worse Than Anything On The Streets Outside And They Don T Like Intruders Before The Sun Comes Up, Kerri And Her Friends Will Fight For Their Very Lives Though Death Is Only Part Of Their Nightmare

BRIAN KEENE writes novels, comic books, short fiction, and occasional journalism for money He is the author of over forty books, mostly in the horror, crime, and dark fantasy genres His 2003 novel, The Rising, is often credited along with Robert Kirkman s The Walking Dead comic and Danny Boyle s 28 Days Later film with inspiring pop culture s current interest in zombies Keene s novels have be

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  • Paperback
  • 301 pages
  • Urban Gothic
  • Brian Keene
  • English
  • 08 December 2017
  • 9780843960907

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    Urban Gothic is a full on screaming, head caved in with a hammer, fingers bitten off by a monstrous dwarf kind of horror that is fucking wincingly good horror and a barrel load of fun This is the Wrong Turn horror films diverted into a suburban street in Philadelphia and landing up in a house that has doors, passages and secret rooms with murderous psychos than Horror Kill House 16 Revenge of the freaks If you want to be chased round by an grotesque 7ft monstrosity named Nigel, wielding a hammer that s too big for little Thor and loads of other friendly aberrations then you ve come to the right place.A totally riotous, tortuously enjoyable horror that has humongous big and tiny freaks chasing down the usual bunch of young kids on their way to score some weed after a concert Throw into the mix a copper plunderer who definitely picked the wrong house to rip off, stupid boy and a bunch of neighbours looking to launch a rescue mission And we have all the ingredients for some good old fashioned horror, plenty of outrageous violence and loads of fun Not a classic but what do you want, it does the job and does it very well.A 3.5 RatingAlso posted at

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    At night, there were monsters on the streets.And even worse things in the shadows.Ick What a macabre freak show This novel is, quite simply put, a gore fest Or a crash course in taking an already terrifying situation, and making it worse Oh, so much worse Bloody saliva dripped from his open mouth, leaking around gums that had receded from his black, broken teeth.This is horror stripped down to the bare nuts and bolts Is it frightening YesIs it bloody YesAnd that is the gist of it The woman s skin wasn t her own She was wearing someone else s.Brian Keene is pretty well known in horror circles, particularly for novels like Ghoul and The Rising I m not entirely sure where Urban Gothic fits into his repertoire I will give him this though despite the fact that the gore is over the top and events sometimes play out plainly ridiculous, it never really feels like he s trying too hard This is nothing short of a miracle, given some of the twaddle that goes down here Perhaps this is of a homage to splatterpunk than anything else, and should not be taken too seriously Don t know how he keeps from cutting himself on the skull fragments Them things can be sharp The Good, the Bad the UglyThe Good it s Brian Keene, and it s horror, and it s got deformed freakazoid cannibal mutant thingsThe Bad brainless characters often literally ho ho and scares that alternate between ridiculously silly and frankly disgusting it s way too OTT to be genuinely scaryThe Ugly what, you re even asking There s a lot of ugly in this book Don t be stupid You can t milk a man once he s dead I would have liked if goodreads allowed for a rating out of 10, or at least half stars I would have liked to rate Urban Gothic 5 10, or 2.5 stars Now I have to settle for either 2 or 3, neither of which particularly appeal to me To be fair though, Urban Gothic never pretends to be anything other than a rather hardcore horror novel what were you expecting, after all so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt by rounding my rating up and not down Something warm and wet squished between her toes.In conclusion if you re a horror aficionado with a high gross out tolerance and the thought of, for instance, heads bursting like overripe watermelons doesn t make your stomach churn, or if you re not averse to an antagonist wielding, for instance, an enormous pus dripping manhood don t ask then read this book Everybody else stay away, stay way away Let your insides slip out and show you what they look like, all wet and shiny Ever strangled a man with his own intestines

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    I have dreamt about reading this book for months and once I got it I read the sucker in half a day The good part it s full of icky, gross horrific stuff that makes horror books fun, the not so good part I wasn t crazy about it The character development was shallow and maybe if the six kids who get stuck in the bad part of town at night weren t so stupid and lame, I would have liked the book It s hard to relate to someone who acts in a way that gets them in trouble in the first place, not to mention I could hardly tell them apart, yes they had different names but they were mere filler in the book, something for the monsters to snack on, fish food I guess one could say And if I wanted to read a book about fish food I would have shopped in the marine biology section of , not the non existent horror section Basically a bunch of white kids get stuck in the ghetto and when confronted with another human being that doesn t look like them, they freak out and end up making a grave mistake They run into an abandoned house and find that they can t get out, but that s not the worst part They are not alone in the house, and what they encounter makes them shriek, about forty times for each person, that action is repeated through out the book Fans of Hills Have Eyes and those who love vile descriptions will enjoy, to me it felt like a way to take up pages, but didn t build the story into something great The parts of the book where someone is mourned were good, those little bits of misery and missing the dead person made them feel real, but when alive, the kids weren t so interesting Fewer characters but with better development would have shined I didn t get the dark gothic part of this, the urban part yes but the cloying, eerie intensity was not there, it was of a teen outing gone wrong.Keene has slowly emerged as the recognizable name in horror, I personally look forward to his books and stories, my favorites were Dead Sea and Dark Hollow but I felt that this book lacked that special something, at least for me I know that Keene doesn t let his audience dictate his craft, but I could clearly see the lack of juice in the novel when I read Ketchum s Cover the next day, the difference was night and day Cover flowed and entertained with writing that was easy to absorb while this felt like I was following words written on the page I thought of giving up on Urban Gothic half way through but decided to stick to it and just finish it, honestly I didn t get into the story until I got to page 260 which was the ending to my favorite chapter, the one that really grabbed me Too many additions, unnecessary characters give us less and it will be and hastily finished resolutions to few things in the book that took away from the story were just few of the problems that I had with it To each his own of course, some will love this some won t, I simply wouldn t want to read it again but I will definitely buy his next novel, after all horror is hard to resist when you really love it.

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    Shit happens That may be a wee bit of an understatement for the unfortunate group of friends who get trapped in a house filled to the brim with a brood of deformed cannibalistic penis pus dripping, leathery vagina human skin wearing giants and mutant midgets bearing knives, razor sharp teeth and a taste for human flesh That will teach them to have their car break down in the hood.As a Brian Keene homage to Edward Lee, I went into this one expecting pretty much what I got and honestly, I kind of liked it It was bloody disgusting to start with and then it got bad For a no brainer, splatter, gross out fest drenched with blood and bodily fluids, this right here, boys and girls is your huckleberry.3 Nipple Ripping Skug Titty Twisters

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    This book is pure grind core And I will admit it is not one of my favourite genres So aside from not liking the subject matter, Keen did a wonderful job with the writing Maybe that s why this story turned my stomach And it s very rare that a book turns my stomach.So grind core lovers rejoice and pick this story up and enjoy the gore.

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    Haunted houses litter the horror genre, but URBAN GOTHIC, by Brian Keene, takes the subject and slams it on its head Ya see, this starts off as if this is your garden variety haunted house tale That is until you meet the residents of the haunted house Ya see, this house is full of backwooded hillbilly cannibals that are thirsty for some fresh meat Oh, I forgot to mention that it is located in da hood And these BHC are so grotesque from inbreeding and lack of sunlight that they are not soon forgotten Drop me a line after you ve read Zed s conversation with one of the gals about a certain garment one of the guys was wearing From the initial scence of violence I wish I could tell you about it, but it soooooo much better read with virgin eyes , the pace hardly ever lets up There are a few moments where Keene tries to get political about the state of some neighborhoods in America, but these are few and far between and don t really serve a purpose in this book The real story is watching if this group of kids can survive the night If you haven t experienced Keene s work before think of it as a montage of early Stephen King, Edward Lee, Bentley Little, and Jeffery Deaver Recommendation A good read if you have an afternoon or, if brave enough, a night with nothing else to do.

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    Originally published on Not NowMommy s ReadingI just finished Urban Gothic today It starts off interestingly enough, six teens from the suburbs are leaving a hard core rap concert when they decide to take a detour through the seedier parts of town to score some weed Of course, teenagers hard core rap drugs always equals a bad idea and this is confirmed when the teens end up with a flat tire and are soon approached by another group of teens whose attire of sagging pants, gold chains and hats to the back clearly indicate that they are not from the suburbs I chuckled a bit to myself as I read this confrontation because I knew that things were quickly about to get out of hand due to prejudices both groups had towards the other going in No sooner had I thought it, the ever controversial N word was thrown out which resulted in the suburban teens bolting into the abandoned house at the end of the block The teens soon found out that this house is not abandoned and they would have had better luck facing the crowd outside on the streets than the foes that lurk within the walls of the house.This was a decent read I managed to complete it in three days What kept it from being a good or a great read to me were too many unanswered questions Like who were these mutants Where had they come from How had they come to be Were they actually human at one point Were they just cannibals that laid waste to whoever was unlucky enough to stumble into their abode At one point, I thought that one of the mutants might have actually been a human who had been allowed to live in exchange for breeding purposes but I never got any clarity on that Also, it was hinted at that some of the teens had a back story that would have given them depth or made them a bit interesting but it was never explored For example, Javier and the terrible things he had lived through before Ummm, like what I understand that I couldn t get a whole story on each one but instead of reading about a penis dripping pus and blood maybe a scene that showed me why I should care about any of the six other than that they were human and didn t deserve any of what they had to deal with Just something.Nonetheless, I still rank Brian Keene among my favorite horror authors The only legitimate gripe I had with this book is the usage of the term All of the sudden This has been occurring in and novels andPLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF THE GODS, OLD AND NEW, STOP IT ALL OF THE SUDDEN MAKES NO SENSE NONE STOP USING IT IT S ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WILL ALWAYS BE ALL OF A SUDDEN STOP TRYING TO MAKE ALL OF THE SUDDEN HAPPEN Seriously, though Stop.

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    I don t know why I got so link happy in the review.How to describe Urban Gothic In a word icky.The premise Six white teens from the suburbs are returning home from a concert when they end up lost in the ghetto of Philadelphia Their car breaks down in a dangerous neighborhood When they re approached by a group of black teens who act in a threatening manner One of the white teen panics, calls them the n word, and runs.Sidebar This didn t ring true for me Believe me when I say that this is not a complete criticism in today s schools and society enough white guilt is taught that the use of that word wouldn t even be part of the active vocabulary of an upper middle class white teen Not that I think they wouldn t know that word, I just don t think it would be used But perhaps I m na ve I just know that my lower middle class friends and I wouldn t have used it End sidebar.The slur has its expected effect though, the white teens start running and the angry and as we find out later, hurt black teens chase after them The white teens head for a creepy, old, Victorian style house at the end of the street They go inside and the mayhem begins Almost immediately the way out is barred and one of them is decapitated.What they find in the house reminded me of the movie Bleeders a little Inbred, animalistic freaks that enjoy eating humans begin to hunt them through the large house which has secret passages, sliding walls, and booby traps throughout.Except this is much, much, much disgusting and violent And seriously, perhaps I m a bit impulsive, but if I was trapped in a house of mutant, cannibalistic freaks with little hope of survival and I had a lighter well I wouldn t see much harm in setting the place on fire Or one of the mutant cannibalistic freaks Seriously, Let s Start a Riot must congratulated Mr Keene on creating some truly unsympathetic villians though On the downside, note that I haven t mentioned a single character name It hardn t matters there isn t much personality to be found here.Meanwhile, outside, the black teens who hadn t meant to scare the kids so badly are feeling guilty The house at the end of the street, to borrow a phrase from Shirley Jackson, was born bad Or at least they know that nobody in the neighborhood goes near it, not in their generation and not in their parents However, despite the fact that they were called a bad name, they feel guilty that their intimidation sent the other teens charging into the house of unknown evil They go to an older neighbor s house to place a call to the police which goes unanswered not uncommon in this neighborhood While waiting for help that never comes, they finally decide to go offer what help they can.Bottom line If you want to read about humans fighting for their lives in horrific circumstances, this is indeed the book for you If that doesn t appeal to you, give it a miss As for me sob I m going to go read something by Dr Seuss or Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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    This flashback to the splatter punk days of horror novels is a difficult book to compare to other horror novels Why Because all I can think of to compare it to are movies Indeed, it feels like Roger Corman was looking over the author s shoulder and saying Here s some money Come back in 15 days and give me a script Urban Gothic ends up being a bloody mixture of movie ideas The People Under The Stairs meets The Hills Have Eyes meet every other mutant cannibal movie.Not that this isn t any fun It s a riot Spoiled teens trapped in haunted ghetto house with cannibal mutants There are some nice social messages at the beginning But pretty soon they get lost in an orgy of blood and gore This one is for the hard core horror fan who thinks victims slipping on their own intestines is funny Personally I ll stick with Keene s end of the world novels and chalk this one up as an amusing detour for the author.

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    A splatterpunk gore fest If you like cheap, cheesy gore filled horror movies, then you should like Urban Gothic Not the best novel I have read by Brian Keene but nevertheless entertaining and excelling at descriptions of gore The ending is rather abrupt and anti climactic after going through the harrowing underground pursuit.

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