Deep Kiss Of Winter

Deep Kiss Of Winter Kresley Cole Untouchable Immortals After Dark NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR KRESLEY COLE Delivers A Breathtaking Tale Of A Brutal Vampire Soldier About To Know Love For The First Time And A Valkyrie Aching For His TouchMurdoch Wroth Will Stop At Nothing To Claim Daniela The Delicate Valkyrie Who Makes His Heart Beat For The First Time In Three Hundred Years Yet The Exquisite Danii Is Part Ice Fey, And Her Freezing Skin Can T Be Touched By Anyone But Her Own Kind Without Inflicting Pain Beyond Measure Can They Conquer An Agony Of Frustration And Slake The Overwhelming Desire Burning Between Them Gena Showalter Tempt Me Eternally Alien Huntress NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR GENA SHOWALTER Puts A Daring Spin On A Tale Of Huntress And Hunted And Concocts A Sensual Chemistry That Is Positively ExplosiveWith Only Skin To Skin Contact, Aleaha Love Can Change Her Appearance, Assume Any Identity Now She S An AIR Alien Investigation And Removal Agent On A Mission To Capture A Group Of Otherworldly Warriors Only She Is Held Captive When Dangerously Seductive Breean, A Golden Skinned, Iron Willed Commander, Threatens Her New Life And For The First Time, Aleaha Wants Only To Be Herself

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Deep Kiss Of Winter  By Kresley Cole –
  • Hardcover
  • 426 pages
  • Deep Kiss Of Winter
  • Kresley Cole
  • English
  • 02 July 2019
  • 9781439159668

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    I was alive back then And all the Lore heard about the ruthless warlord brothers from Estonia The general, the scholar, the enigma, and the manwhore Okay, I only read Untouchable by Kresley Cole, so I won t review another story which is a part of the Alien Huntress series written by Gena Showalter Untouchable is a novella revolving around a Wroth brother Murdoch Wroth is a manwhore but when he sets his eyes on Daniela, she makes his heart beat for the first time and he wants to claim her precipitately The biggest problem is Danii being an ice fey, no one can touch her without being hurt her skin is lethal for everyone except her own kind.Frankly, I didn t like Murdoch at first, his character annoyed me for some reasons and his story didn t captivate me like the others However, I liked the theme of this book, it s winter and the heroine s power remided me of Elsa from Frozen Kresley Cole slays as always, her writing was the only thing that kept me reading until I finished even though I didn t get attached to the characters at all Just as he was about to unleash his wrath in a message, a computerized voice said, Mailbox is full The ending was quick I didn t prepare for the easy conclusion like this, this book would have been better if it had been extended like her other ones Anyway, I still enjoyed this book and get a glimpse for future stories.https eURKKS

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    Murdoch Wroth, vampire Daniela aka Danii , Valkyrie and rightful queen of the Icere, the fey of the Frozen North The practiced seducer is blooded by the virgin Ice Queen If you loved children s movie Frozen , you will absolutely love this book Cut through the heart cold and clearStrike for love and strike for fearSee the beauty, sharp and sheerSplit the ice apart And break the frozen heartDanii is not like the rest of the Valkyrie She wants to be touched, to love, to be loved, to make a family 2000 years alone, without a touch of love, without being kissed She is so excited when she makes Murdock s heart beat Tell me I m your Bride, and that I will be staying Be an arrogant, possessive Neanderthal vampire Unfortunatelly, Murdock is suffering from bachelor s panic I don t even know what you re talking about BP It s when a man irrationally fears a woman he especially likes He gets ascared of said woman s toothbrush breaching the perimeter of his man cave, et cetera Panic I don t panic So the last thing Murdock wants is a Bride especially one that cannot be touched A game between a seducer and the one who is being seduced The roles are not clear Murdock is supposed to be the seducer, but virgin Danii is constantly taking the lead A few stray kisses here and there, which I forgave because Danii is desperate to be kissed for 2000 years and Murdock has to come to terms with the fact that he is in love and he cares for someone for the first time in his 300 something years A lost ice Kingdom that is urgently looking for the rightful Queen Icere beings are introduced in the series An excellent refresher of the first books in the series especially A Hunger Like No Other and Dark Needs at Night s Edge An excellent impossible lovestory.

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    They say I m as fickle as winter, as shy as frost, and as indifferent as a blizzard It s rud my body is pure as driven snow Nobody imagines that I might be full of fire My review is only for Untouchable by Kresley Cole.The main part of the story covers the events of the Immortals After Dark series from the first novella, The Warlord Wants Forever to the end of book 5, Dark Needs at Night s Edge.Murdoch and Nikolai The Warlord Wants Forever arrive in New Orleans together, and while his brother and Myst are trying to come to some kind of understanding Murdoch saves Daniela s life Reading the summary of the first five books of the series, following the main events from different aspects, from the viewpoints of Murdoch and Daniela was interesting, but as I was up to date when I read it, it made me a little bit bored.Daniela is half Valkyrie, half an ice fey, the rightful queen of the Icere She suffers from burning if she is touched by anyone who is not from her own kind As a vampire, Murdoch is unable to touch his Bride, which naturally frustrates him.Murdoch and Daniela spend months together without touching each other at all They make only half hearted attempts to find a solution for that problem Maybe the reason is that they are not sure of each other First they slowly get to know each other, and falling in love doesn t happen in a couple of days like in many paranormal romances, but in months Panic I don t panic, he sneered the word Daniela, you can t be touched Enough of this No, you can t Your heart s colder than mine You are the untouchable one She turned from him, wanting away from this vampire with his unflinching honesty Because it hurt The life I have inside my headMurdoch followed her Just because I m not ready to blindly accept a Bride I hardly know for eternity makes me coldhearted I d say it makes me rational The end of the story is wonderfully written, and everything is set up The most amazing thing is how simple and obvious the solution is for Murdoch and Daniela s happily ever after.I was so happy to see the Wroth brothers and their wives together in the epilogue Murdoch and Daniela, Nikolai and Myst, Sebastian and Kaderin, Conrad and N omi all appear in a charming, cozy Christmas scene at the end.Originally posted on my blog on August 13, 2012 My favorite quotes.

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    This review is for Untouchable 3.5 This Vampire Sucked Ass StarsMurdoch WrothMurdoch is one of the famous Wroth brothers They are all Forebearer Vampires, which means they do not drink from human flesh Murdoch used to be a man whore, never sleeping with the same woman twice He always made sure his lovers were pleased because positive word of mouth was the best advertisement When Murdoch was turned into a vampire 300 years ago, he lost all desire for sex Not only did his heart stop beating, his dick also became a useless organ But Murdoch has just met his Bride and all of his organs have sprung to life So what if she is a Valkyrie He intends to have her in his bed.Daniela, the Ice QueenDaniela longs to be touched and loved But she is half Valkyrie and half Icere, so any skin contact burns her and causes severe pain She has just become a vampire bride, but can t even indulge in passionate sex with her vampire Daniel is also the Queen of the Icere But she is on the run from a rival king that wants her dead.This could have been a fun novella, but Murdoch was such an ass that I found it hard to enjoy I mean, he was a total jerk He wanted to revert back to his bachelor ways of being a slut instead of clinging to the one woman that nature had picked just for him I haven t disliked a hero this much in a long time These two worked it out in the end and had an adorable HEA, but damn if it didn t take a lot to get there Murdoch is hands down my least favorite hero in this series so far I loved Daniel She saved this book And I look forward to moving on to the next book in the IAD series My Immortals After Dark Reviews The Warlord Wants ForeverA Hunger Like No OtherNo Rest for the WickedWicked Deeds on a Winter s NightDark Needs at Night s Edge Dark Desires After DuskKiss of a Demon KingUntouchablePleasure of a Dark PrinceDemon from the DarkDreams of a Dark WarriorLothaireDark Skye

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    I m rounding my rating up on this one, because I loved the Kresley Cole story enough on its own for five stars The Gena Showalter story was a fairly solid four stars.First of all, lets talk about how awesome Untouchable was I liked Murdoch before I read this story, because the Wroth brother are four times hot But, I didn t love him as much as Nikolai swoon , Conrad thud , and Sebastian sigh I m not fond of womanizers But somehow, I fell in love with Murdoch I could see that his fear of giving himself away and losing himself in love with a woman was the reason why he was so love em and leave em Truth be told, I don t think he really broke any hearts He found woman who just wanted sex and he made sure he gave them what they wanted very well I don t know that he held any fondness for them than they did for him As always, Kresley Cole does the devoted male very well This Wroth courtship was very different in that Murdoch didn t want to be Blooded He was rather unhappy with the fact that Daniela was his Bride, and she had brought his body back to life This story is a good metaphor for the relationships that some women face with the reluctant bachelor, who doesn t want to give up his freedom, out of fear that he s going to miss out on something Murdoch had to go through the process of realizing that he might no longer be fancy free, but he had found the love of his life, and he would have been miserable without her she made his life better, just by being in it Daniela also had her issues Because of her Icere heritage, she couldn t be touched by anyone She d spent two thousand years of celibacy, as a chaste other than self pleasure virgin, seeing her Valkyrie sisters have their love affairs and live a full life, while she felt she was on the shelf When she meets Murdoch and realizes she is his Bride, she s willing to give him a chance At times, I felt bad for Daniela She really put herself out there to be hurt by Murdooch, and he did hurt her than a few times Yet, at the same time, he did care about her and tried to do right by her He is probably the most like a real guy out of the heroes I ve read about in paranormal romance Not to pigeonhole men, but he had a lot of the fears and insecurities of a modern guy in relationships, instead of the slavish devotion and adoration that I ve seen and I freely admit I like in a lot of paranormal romances He fought the bond between him and Daniela But, when he gave into it, boy did he The love scenes were tres steamy I was curious how Ms Cole would pull off having lots of sexy encounters with a couple who couldn t touch each other, but I must say she did it well I love this world of the Lore It s funny, fascinating, exciting, interesting, and very entertaining The Immortals After Dark series is tied for my favorite paranormal series with the Black Dagger Brotherhood for a good reason it s awesome I was happy to see that this was a fairly long short story, just under 300 pages And Ms Cole used the time she had to excellent advantage I totally ended up loving this story, and it than earned its five star rating I loved how well Ms Cole wrapped up the Wroth brothers stories I think that she found the perfect mates with them, and I was very happy with how she resolved Daniela and Murdoch s prickly situation And can I just say that I think I might be part Icere I sure do love the cold, and I truly enjoyed the scenes in which Daniela gets settled into Murdoch s icy hunting lodge in Sibera, and the couple frolicking in the snow and ice This story was fantastic Tempt Me Eternally by Gena Showalter had a tough job to accomplish, following an Immortals After Dark story I have to say that it did it fairly well I will always choose supernatural over science fiction It s just the way I m wired However, I thought the concept behind this story was pretty interesting The Rakans have come to Earth to settle down and rebuild after their world and peoples are devastated by an invasion by the Schon, a race of beings who have sex with and infect other races with a virus that causes the the females to turn into cannibals All the females were killed, and they decimated many of the males of the Rakan world The lone survivors have found Earth, and intend to live here peacefully However, they encounter a force of AIR, an agency that protects Earth from hostile aliens Things don t go well, and some of the AIR agents are killed by a rogue Rakan, and their leader Breean sees and kidnaps AIR agent Macy who is actually Aleaha a shapeshifting woman who has assumed the identity of Macy Breean can actually see the real Aleaha under the mask of Macy He sees and decides he has to have her He takes her and some of the other AIR agents back to his hideout, biding his time to try to make an exchange with AIR and bargain for the right to live on Earth peacefully, but he s already determined that he will keep Aleaha Aleaha is a pretty tormented heroine She has an ability that has caused her a lot of trouble, because she morphs in moments of extreme emotion including sex She s tired of pretending to be someone else When Breean seems to see and like the real her, as well as accepting her morphing abilities, she feels a real bond, not to mention he s sex on legs, and she s incredibly attracted to this tall, well built, sweet tasting, golden man She doesn t want to be his captive, but he makes captivity very enticing as he seduces her body and soul into loving him and wanting forever with him But, Aleaha has her loyalty to AIR to deal with before she can jump off the deep end into passion with Breean This was a good story It was also very steamy I ended up enjoying the science fiction elements very much Ms Showalter focuses of the sensuality, but she does that very well I knew the characters enough to care about them, and root for their happy ending, and I was pretty engaged As I said, I was so blown away by the IAD story, it was hard to love this one quite as much But it was good and entertaining It easily earns a four star rating And it was nice to revisit the Alien Huntress storyline, in which I am way behind.I don t tend to buy very many hardcovers, because I m cheap and they are harder to store, but this was way worth my money, even if just for the Immortals After Dark story I think of the Alien Huntress story as a nice bonus, since I ve been interested in reading science fiction lately, and I really do like Gena Showalter s writing This was a great read for the holidays Although the stories weren t heavily focused on Christmas, I thought that the authors used the holiday theme to good effect I especially loved the frosty moments in IAD Oh to have a sexy guy to play in the snow with

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    This review is for the Kresley Cole story, Untouchable , only.At the risk of sounding like a broken record regarding this seriesI loved this book Yes, when it comes to paranormal romances, I have a soft spot in my heart for vampires, so it stands to reason that I would enjoy this story about renowned sexy rake Murdoch Wroth last of the unattached Wroth vampires and his Bride , the beautiful Daniela the Ice Maiden I won t get into the plot, since there s a nice synopsis that goes with the book details, except to say that of all the books in the series, it s probably the easiest one to follow and understand The book is only 256 pages long, yet it doesn t read like a short story or novella There s plenty of character development and a fast paced plot, and it s written very lean and tight, but still has a bit of the trademark humor and pop culture references that are sprinkled throughout the books in the series Funniest bit is when Daniela gives the arrogant Murdoch her phone number, which is actually the name of a well known song I will warn that it s best that you ve read all the books involving the Wroth vampires before you start this one, which would include all the way up to Dark Needs at Night s Edge, which is book 5 in the series This book actually takes place during the months that books 1 5 occur, which was a bit confusing for me at first And since it s been a while since I read those books, I was second guessing myself when during the first part of the story it was mentioned that Sebastian No Rest for the Wicked and Conrad Dark Needs at Night s Edge hadn t been blooded finding their mates yet But gradually as the story goes along, Murdoch has some interaction with all his brothers and then you get a sense just where this book falls chronologically.Now, as far as the hero and heroine I fell in love with both of them Sometimes I have a little problem with the heroines of this series some of those valkyries are hard to take But I loved part valkyrie part ice fey, two thousand year old virgin Daniela from the get go I felt sorry for her and her lonely existence Imagine not being able to touch or be touched without feeling pain what kind of life is that And the lengths she had to go to just to be able to live with her half sisters who thought of her as a broken doll in hot and humid New Orleans living in a room that was equivalent to a walk in freezer, constantly having to be on guard that she didn t get overheated and go into thermal shock, making sure she didn t accidentally touch someone and get scaldedtalk about tortured heroine All she wanted was to be loved, and she was desperate to be touched by a man, but the chances of that happening were practically nil, unless she wanted to be with someone of her own kind And that couldn t happen because she had Icere assassins hunting her, sent by the Icere king to make sure that she couldn t come back to her people and take over her rightful place as their queen And when those assassins finally caught up with her as she was walking through the French Quarter, that s when she met the man who would save her and ultimately change her whole existence Murdoch Wroth.Murdoch ah, what a guy Tall, striking, mid thirties, longish dark hair, fantasy worthy face, with a strong masculine jaw and chin, big and muscular gorgeousand he knows it A different woman every night manwhore in his pre vampire life, and now without a woman and liking it for over 300 years Until he sees the beautiful Danielaand saves her from attackand then his heart starts beatingand he s been blooded to a woman he can never touchor have How ironic.I just loved Murdoch and Daniela together Even though they were deeply attracted to each other, Murdoch, with his love em and leave em mentality, wasn t entirely on board with being blooded to Daniela To him it was bad enough being blooded, but to a woman he could never touch or have sex with without scalding her and causing her immense pain He just didn t see how that could work Ah, but gradually as they spent time together they found creative ways to be together, which helped somewhat but also frustrated both of them I loved when Murdoch took Daniela to his cabin in frozen Siberia what better place for her I loved seeing him fall under her spell, even though he wasn t aware that he was I loved seeing him struggle over his feelings over wanting to be with her, yet not wanting to be tied to anyone I loved when he finally realized that he loved her and just what he was willing to give up to be with Daniela for eternity I just loved all the growth and maturity he went through while he fell in love with her And what he was willing to do to be with Daniela and what she gave up for him in the end brought tears to my eyes Of course you know after all that there s going to be a way for them to be physically intimate, and let me tell you it s worth the wait Scorching hot is all I ll say There s a nice, touching little epilogue where all the Wroth vampires and their brides get together on Christmas Eve, and it leads the reader to believe that we haven t seen the last of this family I would love that, and I hope Ms Cole has that in the works.Fans of the series I don t see how you can be disappointed in this one This one had pure romance, and less adventure, but that was okay with me Daniela and Murdoch were real sweethearts, and are now probably my favorite couple of this whole wonderful series What can I say, another 5 star read

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    3 1 2 to 4 starsI liked Deep Kiss of Winter, the 8th book in the Immortal After Dark series, but I didn t love it FYI Deep Kiss of Winter is actually a novella that has been included in an anthology There was just too much contention and vacillating emotions between the two main characters, Murdock and Daniela, for me to fully enjoy or connect with their love story I understand why it was such a difficult road to their happily ever after, since they could not physically touch each other throughout most of the book Having said that, I still felt frustration than compassion with their dilemma What I did love, however, was how Kresley Cole overlapped this story s plot with all the previous books in the series What spectacular and creative writing Also, there were overall plot questions answered in this book, and I finally realized a very important plot development that somehow eluded me for 5 books Apparently, Ivo the Cruel was killed in the second book, A Hunger Like No Other How on earth did I miss that Lol Overall, I enjoyed reading this novella and I will say for a book whose hero and heroine couldn t touch until the very end, it was surprisingly erotic I also loved the short, heartwarming epilogue It left a smile on my face.

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    This review is for UNTOUCHABLE by Kresley Cole book 1 of this anthology.Look, at this point, Kresley Cole can do no wrong in my eyes This was my 15th book by this author and I ve yet to read about the same character caught in a similar predicament trying to resolve the same conflict , if that makes sense This author s imagination is impeccable I can t even begin to comprehend her ability to come up with such unique scenarios characters And don t even get me started on her flawless writing I can literally count on one hand authors who can deliver such quality storytelling What I loved about this particular book is that, along with yet another unique couple and their own story, we almost got a recap of the series so far As I sat there, reading Murdoch and Daniela s story, I kept wondering HOW on Earth would these two end up making it work and then Kresley just went BOOM and, once again, I was left in awe, thinking WHY I even bother having doubts.After having read paranormal fantasy genre by several amazing authors, I can honestly say that none come even close to the perfection Kresley Cole offers with this series If you haven t yet, pick up this glorious fantasy ride and lose yourself in this magical world Ms Cole created so masterfully Cheers I am not trying to win Kresley Cole s affection or become her BFF by five starring her books I simply am expressing my true feelings about her work, which I find something special.

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    Mild SpoilersThis review is for Kresley Cole Untouchable Immortals After Dark 8 This book was good, but it was not as good as the other wroth brother s stories What can I say I have a thing for the wroth brothers I enjoyed the story Enjoyed Murdoch and Daniela The only reason I took a star away is they both kissed other people and the cheating thing drives me crazy even if it was just a kiss before they were in a committed relationship or they pulled away whatev still don t like it Other than the kissing issues the story was great and I loved seeing the overlapping stories and seeing them for different angles Then when they finally are able to be together it is hott and the epilogue ending with all the couples together so sweet Few quotes from the book that I loved I was alive back then And all the Lore heard about the ruthless warlord brothers from Estonia The general, the scholar, the enigma, and the manwhore I m dirty You re the one getting busy with a leech You naughty, freaky minx BP It s when a man irrationally fears a woman he especially likes He gets ascared of said woman s toothbrush breaching the perimeter of his man cave, et cetera.

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    A Deep Kiss of Winter combines two stories from paranormal romance writers Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter Untouchable Kresley Cole 4 starsThis story is like an Immortals After Dark megamix Except for the Woede, we see or hear about just about everyone in the series And it was so much fun to catch up In Untouchable we witness Murdoch man whore Wroth and Danielle the Ice Maiden and Valkyrie fall in love People who ve never read a book of the IAD series might not like the story The romance is sweet and hot even while the heroine is literally untouchable but the action part of the plot is a little thin and one might get confused with Cole s Lore creatures and their rules, ideas and relationships For an IAD fan however, this feels like coming home The story evolves over a period of time and we return to several moments and conversations from the previous books in the series, this time from Murdoch s POV The cherry on the cake is the epilogue, in which we witness Christmas Eve with all the Wroth brothers and their females sigh As always, Cole delivered an entertaining, sexy and fun story She combines just the right amount of drama and humor, never taking herself too seriously Her bff Gena Showalter could learn a thing or two from her Tempt me Eternally Gena Showalter 2,5 starsI know enjoying a PNR novel requires a little suspension of disbelief and cynicism, but when the major characters actions defy all logic, secondary characters up and disappear without proper explanation and the heroine tries to kill the hero and wants him to feel guilty about it I don t know it gets a little too much The story promises action but doesn t deliver Well, except for bedroom action Because there is a lot of that And it was quite graphic But good Even though I had many eye rolling moments I m still interested in Bride s story So I guess Showalter s mission is accomplished Still Gena Showalter mweh, Kresley Cole you rock

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