Daniel's Story

Daniel's StoryI loved this book the first time I read it Then I read it again when I was older and got a whole new look at it The book realy makes you think about what happened back then. This was the first of many, many books I read about the children of the Holocaust I still think it s the best It s pretty brutal in parts, but parents shouldn t fear exposing their children to this wonderful book. Daniel s Story by Carol Matas is historical fiction but so realistic that the U.S Holocaust Museum has a whole floor with an exhibit called Daniel s Story which follows the exact story from the book My grandmother bought me the book while we were on a trip and saw the museum.The books follows the story of Daniel who is Jewish and lives in Frankfurt, Germany in the 1930 s As Daniel tells his own story, you experience just a little bit of what it was like for Jewish kids who lived in Germany just before and during World War II with Adolf Hitler as their leader Most everybody knows the history of World War II, specifically about Germany, Hitler, and the horrible stuff he did to Jewish people in Germany and other countries when the Germans took over them.Daniel begins with a normal life but tells as Jews lose their rights going to their church, voting, owning houses, and others Soon, Daniel and his family get moved to one of the Jewish ghettos that Hitler moved Jews to in Poland after they took over Later, Daniel and his family are moved again to Auschwitz Auschwitz is one of the camps where German Nazis did experiments on Jews and also killed them in gas chambers Daniel tells about his experience in these moves and about his family Some of his family die in the story and some are killed by the Nazis Eventually, Daniel and some of his family are moved again to another camp called Buchenwald Soon, the war ends and American troops go into the camps and free people and help so many who are hungry and sick including Daniel.This book was amazing I loved it because it tells about World War II and it shows how things looked from a kid right in Germany where so much bad stuff was happening The book is fiction but could be real Everybody should read this book even if you are not into World War II or history because reading this kind of stuff teaches us about important things like the Holocaust It also teaches us what can happen if we just watch stuff happening and don t do anything I hope you will read this book and enjoy it as much as I did It s one of my favorites This book is my all time favorite Its a great book, for children all alike This book will give children the basic overview of life for a jewish boy in Nazi germany before, during, and after the war I recommend this book for all those who attend the grades 4 6 A great read for the adults as well. Just re read it after a remindersaddest happiest well no maybe just saddest book ever. I enjoyed Daniel s Story in that it followed many of the other books that I had read about the Holocaust.Books, Night , The Devil s Arithmetic and the Warsaw Ghetto , just to mention a few.Matas did a good job collecting and researching the stories to put together for Daniel s Story. This book was well written, buy personally some parts were a little too graphic Really puts into perspective of how terrible the Holocaust was. Can Daniel Survive History S Deadliest Moment Daniel Barely Remembers Leading A Normal Life Before The Nazis Came To Power In He Can Still Picture Once Being Happy And Safe, But Memories Of Those Days Are Fading As He And His Family Face The Dangers Threatening Jews In Hitler S Germany In The Late S No Longer Able To Practice Their Religion, Vote, Own Property, Or Even Work, Daniel S Family Is Forced From Their Home In Frankfurt And Sent On A Long And Dangerous Journey, First To The Lodz Ghetto In Poland, And Then To Auschwitz The Nazi Death CampThough Many Around Him Lose Hope In The Face Of Such Terror, Daniel, Supported By His Courageous Family, Struggles For Survival He Finds Hope, Life, And Even Love In The Midst Of DespairAlthough Daniel Is A Fictitious Character, His Story Was Inspired By The Real Experiences Of Many Of The Than One Million Children Who Died In The Holocaust Daniel S Story Was Published In Conjunction With An Exhibit Called Daniel S Story Remember The Children At The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum In Washington, DC Daniel s Story Daniel s Story is about a Jewish kid who wanted to be a photographer and him and his family tried to hide from the Germans They hid for as long as they could inside the attic with little food, water and no bathroom Daniel s mother and brother were killed first out of the family because they tried to go to the hospital and get supplies and other stuff they needed Daniel and his father were caught when they tried to go out and find Daniel s mother When the they got put on a truck with a lot of other people they knew it was over for them At the concentration camp, Daniel was given a job to take pictures of good things so the Germans can trick the Jews The Jews kept getting killed off fast and were being transported from camp to camp because the war was ending In Daniel s camp they had overthrown the Germans and shot a soldier in the leg No I gave very little detail of the book because it s a good book and I didn t want to give it all away They survived the holocaust Daniel and his father both survived and live on to they both died of old age. This book is very scary and emotional It was very good, don t get me wrong, but it was just so sad and I could barely even finish it This book is about the time when Hitler became president A boy and his family are taken away to camps and are separated, Daniel finds his father and they fight against the camps and Hitler, they take out the first camp, and free hundreds of people They go to another camp, and Daniel finds his sister, who was alone, the mother was killed Soon enough, they break out This book was great and I definitely liked it a lot But, if you are going to read it, be ready to cry I would recommend this book for 5th graders and up.

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  • 136 pages
  • Daniel's Story
  • Carol Matas
  • 13 October 2019

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