Breakfast with Thom Gunn (Phoenix Poets Series)

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Randall Mann is the author of four books of poetry PROPRIETARY Persea Books, 2017 , finalist for the Northern California Book Award and Lambda Literary Award STRAIGHT RAZOR Persea Books, 2013 , a Rumpus Poetry Book Club selection and finalist for the Lambda Literary Award BREAKFAST WITH THOM GUNN Chicago, 2009 , finalist for the California Book Award and Lambda Literary Award and COMPLAINT

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  • Breakfast with Thom Gunn (Phoenix Poets Series)
  • Randall Mann
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  • 14 September 2019
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    I was curious to read this book of poems, a 2009 Lambda finalist Thom Gunn is in the title I have run into Randall Mann s name on the Internet many times but had not read his poetry I like to know what other gay poets are writing, especially writers near my age Mann was born in 1972 My exact contemporaries lived lives different from mine, but could have been mine In Mann s case, I don t know when he moved from Florida to San Francisco, but he moved from a world to a world, like I did Unlike me, he lived through the AIDS epidemic at what was arguably its epicenter.The book begins with exhaustion At a time when desire is a dirty word, the speaker finds himself wanting, again, a man I do not want Early Morning on Market Street In Election Day, he is Tired of the age of irony, everything a gesture, tired of the word gesture The tiredness shows in the language In the same poem,The day does its melancholy thing.I come home, watch pornography,fast forward the scenes in which a friend back in his methamphetamine years has unrepeatable things done to himThis is language barely burning, until it flares up in the word unrepeatable The things done to the friend are unrepeatable in polite discourse, like poetry They are also unrepeatable because the friend has gone off meth He survives because he did not continue, repeat, his addiction His fear saved him, but for a diminished existence The poem makes the point awkwardly, On the street, a bag of paranoia costs less than a moderately priced meal out Moderation saves, but at a cost But at what cost How much is a moderately priced meal The poem gets the word moderately in, but obscures the comparison of paranoia to meal.In the midst of cautious exhaustion, the poems risk fragile boasting In Song, the speaker brags in parenthesis One time, I swear to God, I fucked for weeks and weeks But the past is not the only time for boasting, the present is too, when the queens, lured to the speaker s house by the promise of the best crystal money can buy, beg to sit on my fist The boastfulness here is brittle, as indicated by the italicized over emphasis It is one aspect of the survivor s condition But I am somewhat disturbed by the contemptuous and reductive picture given of the queens Aren t the queens survivors too Instead, they arrive at the house, prim Their talk about antiques and art, which the speaker dismisses as boring stuff, marks them as snooty So rather unpleasantly intertwined with the speaker s brittle boasting is a delight in humiliating others from a different class, in making them beg This limited sympathy is displayed, in a off hand manner, in Fetish The first of its five sections, each a tercet, begins Another Saturday, and the straightsand amateurs will come to my ghetto tonight.Suspension of rights for all, I say Straights is a fairly neutral term, but amateurs is not Both straights and amateurs are slumming, visiting the ghetto on a weekend, but why reserve a special malice for gay men who do not live in the ghetto The half joking tone is no explanation, for the mockery does not extend to the straights This unequal treatment is particularly ironic since, in calling for suspension of rights for all, the speaker alludes to the rights denied to gay men But there are gay men, and there are gay men, the poem implies, those who live in the ghetto what is the opposite of amateur and those who do not And so a small community is made even smaller, as if in self defence It is a relief to come to a poem about a ghetto citizen, Queen Christina, for there the poet shows his full powers of wit and sympathy To celebrate his final Pride, the speaker s friend dying of AIDS dresses up in drag When he compares himself to Greta Garbo, the speaker counters that he looks like a hobo sexual in heels We howled, the speaker said pithily and poignantly.Perhaps self defence is the natural response to the enemies of the ghetto Dan White, who shot dead Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, was found guilty of manslaughter rather than first degree murder, and given a jail sentence of seven years The poem The Mortician in San Francisco targets not so much White as the jury, who represents the homophobia in the wider society The charge against the jury is made, however, in very tentative terms the twelve who held his life in their handsmaybe didn t mind the death of Harvey Milk maybe, the second murder offered him a shotat serving only a few years.The tentativeness is only fair, for who could have read the minds of the jurors at that time One can only speculate But this uncertainty disrupts the sense of inevitability at the poem s end, a sense implicit in the narrative structure of the poem, and its sestina form The poem loses its conviction, in both senses of the word The speaker of the poem is the titular mortician, a queer who prepared for burial the Great Anti Queer Mann s poem reworks consciously a poem by Gunn, in the latter s AIDS book The Man with Night Sweats In Gunn s poem The Beautician, the titular character makes beautiful the hair of a dead friend, as if she has shaped an epitaph by her action What Mann does is to take a poem that is primarily about a friendship and turn it into a matter of politics In doing so, however, the Mortician becomes a mere mouthpiece, and not fully a person as the Beautician is The story he tells of the shooting and its aftermath can be told by anyone He becomes useful only in the very last line of the poem, to deliver the poet s parting shot against Dan White and those like him , And he was made presentable by a queer How does it feel to be queer and to prepare your enemy for burial The poem does not look into the human complexity of that situation, and so passes up an opportunity to go one up on Gunn, and, instead, goes one down More, Gunn s Beautician is a figure for the poet himself the reference to an epitaph which, in a sense is the whole of The Man of Night Sweats clues the reader in The figure is, typically of Gunn, modest, being a beautician after all Mann s Mortician is a different kind of poet, injured, outraged, partisan, and still consumed by surface ironies.Superficially the two poets are similar, not least in their reliance on meter and rhyme This reliance is real and vital to their art, but it is not dogmatic It shapes, it modulates, it invents, it continues the link between individual poet and the poetic tradition Gunn wrote and Mann writes free verse as well as tight, rhyming quatrains D A Powell in his blurb for Mann s book even goes so far as to praise Mann for formal prowess equal to the master to whom he pays homage Not quite Mann is very skillful Bernal Hill, a love lyric, is masterful in its control of the short iambic trimeter line, and the rapid rhymes But I don t see why The Mortician in San Francisco has to be written in sestina form with the predicable pun spilt milk on one of its end words The envoy is unaccountably missing The pantoum form in Politics seems to drive the poem, instead of the poem driving the form There are poems here titled Aubade, Ode, Night A Fragment, Short Short, Pastoral, Syntax, Poetry and Fiction They lend the book a very self conscious literary air.This atmosphere is most pronounced in the second section of the book, which refers to writers, artists and mythological characters like Ganymede and Orpheus Chief in this section is the title poem Breakfast with Thom Gunn It is a strange tribute For one, it does not paint a very flattering picture of the poet that it is memorializing He goes to a cheap hotel He talks rather than listens He insults someone to a stranger as a sleaze He drops names in a fake casual manner He does not stop the younger poet from gush ing about his books And when the poem turns to praise him unambiguously for something, the best it can come up with is the rather sentimental gesture of giving his change to men who ve lost their homes and looks The poem ends with the appropriate elegaic tone I hug him in the cold And then the train is gone but the poem s Gunn is not a poet nor a man, whom one will miss Career takes up a similar theme, the relationship between an older and a younger gay poet, but in a satiric mode The older poet gives the younger a blurb in exchange for a sexual favor The satire, however, is not very sharp, partly because such a transaction has become almost a cliche, partly because both poets are described in general terms that do not refresh the cliche nor identity the culprits The only specificity to the older poet lies in his blurb If Bishop wed Magritte, these villanelles would be their spawn and his quotation of Bishop s line love s the burning boy A Bishop lover then, but there are so many The satire would also have greater authority, if Mann does not behave, in another poem, like the fawning poet that he mocks Stranded is the lowest point of the book At a holiday party, the kind hosted by a man with bleached teeth, and attended by tipsy supermodels, the speaker wonders who is that exquisite man by the fire, stirring a highball with his clauses He thinks, It is Mark Strand, and, after a stanza break the equivalent of rubbing his eyes, concludes It is still Mark Strand The poem has no reason to be, but to fawn.If this poem has any value, it has to be read alongside the other poems about the relationship between older and younger men In Ganymede on Polk Street, the boy whore must seduce his ancient trick as well as take his shit He is the vulnerable party His seemingly confident assertion that I m foul but beautiful is qualified by both the conjunction but and by its placement within parenthesis There is fear, and there is debasement In the companion piece Orpheus at Caf Flore, the older man teaches his boy the art of not looking as if you are looking for a man The teacher, however, is unable to get the boys he wants, unless it is With luck Since the older man here is Orpheus, the poem is also about poetic inspiration Age disparity in love is a rich seam for Mann The poems that open the seam can delve deeper, below the polish of wit.One genre in particular, not yet mentioned, Mann has made his own the nature poem The finest poem in the book is rather pretentiously titled The End of Landscape It begins strikingly by observing what is usually overlooked, a pool of water beside an airport runway.There s a certain sadness to this body of wateradjacent to the runway, its reeds and weeds,handful of ducks, the water colormanmade A still life And stilllife s a cold exercise in looking back,back to Florida, craning my necklike a sandbill crane in Alachua Basin.The lines move with slow but assured cadence from the sad pool of standing water to Florida, a movement forward that is also a movement back The philosophical observation, that life s a cold exercise in looking back, is slipped in unobstrusively between the concrete particulars of waters and birds In Florida, in the past, the speaker obsessed about living inside Spanish moss, but was warned by the funny anecdote about a professor who did and was then covered with mites In the present, flying out of San Francisco, he watches his lover watch the Sacramento river and sees the same effect on him as leaving Florida had on him By his understanding of another person, the poet earns his conclusion that everything is truer at a remove, as much as he does by his exact recall It is an insight gleaned from being restlessly on the move.

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    written for Randall Mann, whose debut collection Complaint in the Garden earned raves and was winner of the Kenyon Review Prize in Poetry, has returned with Breakfast with Thom Gunn, a recent Lammy finalist.Mann, like the iconic poet he references in his title piece, impresses with his subtle yet confident use of formal structures like sonnets, sestinas, and pantoums Also like the late Thom Gunn, Mann brings gravitas and pathos to the sometimes mundane seeming aspects gay life late night walks through the Castro, reminiscing about former lovers, and darker subjects like drug addiction, illness, and death.Ever the aesthete, Mann also brings wry wit to this collection, as in The Rape of Ganymede by focusing on Rembrandt s snarky, infantilized painting of Zeus s boy toy, Mann is able to put some bite back into what s otherwise become a toothless homoerotic trope for poets and painters alike Song, a rumination on nightlife in the Castro, is emblematic of Mann s style Its graceful use of slant rhyme and neat quatrains brings Emily Dickinson to mind, but only for a second The locations 18th and Castro Steets, the Midnight Sun locate the reader squarely into the here and now, as do the topics crystal meth addiction, dishing, casual sex The language is precise, clever, and unflinching These queens arrive, all prim,and talk about antiquesand art, boring stuff.But when they snort the bestcrystal money can buy They beg to sit on my fist.These poems are not for the faint of heart, even if their dark topics seem burnished by their careful formalism The Mortician in San Francisco, for instance, imagines what the gay mortician assigned to prepare the body of Harvey Milk s assassin, Dan White, might say Writing a poem on this topic may seem like a feat in itself, but Mann sets himself the perverse challenge of fitting this soliloquy into a sestina, that most mathematical of old forms in which the same six end words of each six line stanza must be repeated, again and again, in a tangle of predetermined patterns, over the course of 36 lines In the hands of a lesser poet, you get a hot mess or at best an acrobatic trick, but in the hands of a master craftsman like Mann, you end up with epiphany Mann wisely stacks the deck in his favor by choosing six words that sound like a poem in themselves queer, hands, White, Milk, years, shot.When Mann wants a breather from dark topics and meticulous forms, he turns to everyday subjects like riding a San Francisco streetcar in the rain But then he titles the poem Ruin, and on closer inspection, you realize that you re reading a sonnet, in which all the lines are rhymes or off rhymes of the words rain and ruin My stop I ll brush against a dozen menbefore I disembark into the rainan older, rumpled man If life is ruin,then let it burn like Rome, like Dante s rain Mann s poems may be dark, but they are also consistently impressive, and consistently lovely The title poem, a tender and subtle eulogy combined with a real or imagined memory, brings together the themes of the collection Breakfast with Thom Gunn serves up a convincing mix of sexuality, affection, urban life, death and literature, ending unsentimentally in the fifth stanza Our day together done, I hug him in the cold And the train is gone.

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    This superb second collection of poems by Ralph Mann s son itches for representational magic that can test the craft intelligence brought to bear on an occasionally very slight scene Randall Mann, San Franciscan, habitue of the city s sexual demimonde, is highly curious about how one rises within a subculture that relies on triviality, projection, and self flattery The Mortician of San Francisco is a sestina narrated from the persona of the man who prepared Dan White for his 1985 burial It imparts a bit of lore the speaker of the poem is queer Where men go cruising on a wharf pier, three low flying gulls like lies on the surface Can a lie on the surface indeed be deep Rarely in Mann s first collection, Complaint in the Garden 2004 did I note a syntactical sequence that risked the speaker s stylish elegance like the phrase quoted but Mann has gained confidence That bit of self reflection takes on directly the narcissism always threatening to pull Mann s fascination with the demimonde into camp His little bit of craft magic is received form Mann is a devotee of both the genteel pastoralist Donald Justice and the British maverick formalist Thom Gunn In a highly willful I believe Harold Bloom is right in this projection of influence, Mann can t take his Gunn without a rather significant portion of aesthetic Justice The tone throughout, then, is cagily literary.

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    Brutal Beautiful Enjoy the masquerade here because it deftly hides and reveals and reveals its hiding and hides its revealing and such play usually gets my hackles up, but he succeeds where others annoy In an interview, Mann said that poetry both distills and embellishes This collection retains that edge Check out the full interview here

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    I just reopened the book to this stanza and laughed Another Saturday, and the straightsand amateurs will come to my ghetto tonight.Suspension of rights for all, I say.That s funny A lot of the poems in this book are really funny, if a bit macabre at the same time Also, this book has the best cover of all time.

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    A wonderful follow up to Complaint in the Garden I am swept away by Mann s deft phrasings and lilting melodies Form is handled so skillfully.

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    Beautiful, just beautiful Don t be afraid of poetry people This is equally accessible and evocative.

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    Ideally, using traditional forms forces a contemporary poet to innovate, and not resort to grade school line endings External rhymes and fixed meters are extremely difficult constraints because they can easily expose one s lack of musicality and dexterity Mann should probably just stick to free verse.

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