मालविकाग्निमित्रम् Malavikagnimitram is Kalidasa s first sanskrit play narrating the love of king Agnimitra, the Shunga Emperor at Vidisha, for for the beautiful hand maiden of his chief queen, and dancer Malavika When the queen discovers her husband s passion for this girl, she becomes infuriated and has M lavik imprisoned, but as fate would have it, in the end she is discovered to be of royal birth and is accepted as one of his queens.The ways devised by Agnimitra s brahmin friend Gautama, so that the king can get a chance to meet Malavika are very hilarious The translation is very poetic and there is use of so many metaphors used to describe fine arts, romance and nature s beauty which are fun to read It s a light and quick read. Very simple drama which is made to sound beautiful by the choice of words and beauty of the language. , A beautiful story by Kalidasa Would like to read some of his works regardsNandini Goel The Play Tells The Story Of The Love Of Agnimitra, The Shunga Emperor At Vidisha, For The Beautiful Lun Maiden Of His Chief Queen He Falls In Love With The Picture Of An Exiled Servant Girl Named M Lavik He Must Resort To The Help Of His Jester And Play A Game Of Subterfuge Merely To Look At The New Girl When The Queen Discovers Her Husband S Passion For This Girl, She Becomes Infuriated And Has M Lavik Imprisoned, But As Fate Would Have It, In The End She Is Discovered To Be Of Royal Birth And Is Accepted As One Of His QueensThe Play Contains An Account Of The Rajasuya Sacrifice Performed By Pushyamitra Shunga And An Elaborate Exposition Of A Theory On Music And Acting Lol An ode to beauty and love, the simple translation just emphasizes how intricate and elaborate Sanskrit can be. Didn t like as much as other plays of Kalidas.

K lid sa Devan gar servant of Kali was a 5th century renowned Classical Sanskrit writer, widely regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language.Nothing apart from his works is known with certainty about the life of K lid sa, such as where he lived or the dates of his birth and death According to legend, he was known for his beauty, which brought him to the atten

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  • Hardcover
  • 123 pages
  • मालविकाग्निमित्रम्
  • Kālidāsa
  • English
  • 20 February 2019
  • 9788182200142

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