Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter

Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter Pioneers Of Nuclear Age Policy Analysis, Albert Wohlstetter And Roberta Wohlstetter Emerged As Two Of America S Most Controversial, Innovative And Consequential Strategists Through The Clarity Of Their Thinking, The Rigor Of Their Research, And The Persistence Of Their Personalities, They Were Able To Shape The Views And Aid The Decisions Of Democratic And Republican Policymakers Both During And After The Cold War Although The Wohlstetters Strategic Concepts And Analytical Methods Continue To Be Highly Influential, No Book Has Brought Together Their Most Important Published And Unpublished Essays Until NowEdited By Robert Zarate And Henry Sokolski With Short Commentaries By Henry S Rowen, Alain C Enthoven, Richard Perle, Stephen J Lukasik, And Andrew W Marshall For , Visit Albert Wohlstetter Dot Com

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Nuclear Heuristics: Selected Writings of Albert and Roberta Wohlstetter book, this is one of the most wanted Albert Wohlstetter author readers around the world.

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    Having perused the arguments in this collection of the great 20th century strategist Albert Wohlstetter and by inclusion his wife, Roberta , I find it interesting to so vehemently disagree with someone that I seem to agree with That is to say, although we seem to arrive at the same conclusions opposition to MADD, the use of technology in warfare the reasons why and the supporting evidence are nearly the opposite we have the means to blow them off the map without the need for total annihilation vs immorality in targeting a non aggressing enemy, improved accuracy in targeting is beneficial then increase in firepower vs non aggressive force techniques.The first thing that strikes me is that he comes off as pretty hypocritical in terms of those outcomes desired and the utter contradiction to other organizations or state actors that may wish their theory work out as well Some would say this is a fundamental aspect of strategy, I would say those people are passe We are in an age where strategy does not have to be us versus them strategy can easily incorporate the enemy in terms of a conspirator Mr Wohlstetter sees a hierarchy or structure that has US interests and goals in the center of a cluster of competing and supporting goals and all actions need to approach a cluster that is always preferable to the object goals But even if his model is not the basis of reality, he will do whatever is necessary to align reality with the dimensions of his model rather than vice versa This is the well understood concept of manufacture of reality And so, this is the difference of Wohlstetter s technique then compared to other movements, theories, and people in history It is a ruthless, hypocritical, and unfair by design method that follows all the logical and social guidelines for a successful theory The analysis morphs into the best suited form for whatever the circumstances are, it is basically the strategic form of relativism For instance, Mr Wohlstetter continuously breaks down opponents arguments for a series of subject specific expectations so each example always needs to be contextualized in an argument that is specific only to that opponent, but the author assures us the formulation this go around is general, ironically that would never be expected to be put on the object of the theory, that is, US interests or generally the theories own goals It is important to note that Wohlstetter s theory has the advantage of already being positioned in a dominate mode If the cartel hierarchy appreciably changed, the dominance dependence of Wohlstetter s objectives would almost certainly be hindered by other successful competitors Which is exactly what has happened by use of the theory on lesser state actors, historically Regardless, only a society of civilized violence would produce this kind of theory and has without limiting it to any kind of purely national or cultural event since this is the kind of society that thrives on relativism and dominance for success So the same multi cultural or at least multi international inter agency conglomerates that only dilute the importance of the dominant power when it comes to harmonization need to be either protected to seem the benefactor or protected as a resource to ameliorate with if not ignored when crisis occurs.Returning to the notion of path dependence of these arguments, let me take the cause to champion of Wohlstetter s perspective that of discriminate defense Aside the metaphors describing the nearly semantic difference between offense and defense, a true goal is never identified based on any criteria However, examples are immediately provided to give a context before analysis can even be provided So, the idea is that we should not be wantonly threatening the absolute annihilation of an aggressing nation Besides the sometimes pesky reason that it is immoral, the fact that we can threaten a much targeted and deft an attack then annihilation is provided So, the existing theory of MADD was pitted as the boogey man to discriminate defense, which also hoped to be the solution To some degree aspects of his theory were always in application by federal actors, since an occasional incoherence in strategy application was advertised to add the element of confusion to true aims although true strategy is deemed to follow in the international diplomatic agreements it formulates But the denial of MADD is not a statistical or economic calculation it is purely moral, its all you need unless you base your determination of technocratic principles as the origin of policy And this is the final argument against the perspective Wohlstetter has conceptualized, the technocratic determination of policy which the revered economists have developed, a basis of the neo conservative core The technocrat like those developed at RAND can justify away a series of perhaps income independent benefits due to the low economic benefit of an impact, if so desired So the right read moral choice can be financially or statistically averaged out of existence This is not an option a society based on justice would allow to whittle away But these formulations were intended to control the application of policy than to critique it or even justify it.As the commentators in this tome, the guest writers mostly students or legacy followers of our great subject write either glorifying recounts or implications of the included texts by the sections theme or self glorifying predictions for future states of affairs with some kind of paralleling statement to events of Wohlstetter s time as if the two times are interchangeable for the given solution So, just to clarify, it is a general theory, it doesn t have to be contextualized But I thought it was built on the idea that it is a dynamic model Most of these writers, if not all, are clearly if not discriminately conservative, essentially reactionary, thinkers The followers and students of Wohlstetter tend to be camped in with the neo conservative movement The parts of this book i enjoyed were the history of the situation and the description of context in both the historical texts and the current contextualization of those ideas Similarly, the paths of logic which are sound if not ingenious to Mr Wohlstetter are interesting to follow and are certainly coherently categorized here The facts and figures which are well documented and footnoted are a great point of departure for many applications of the very disciplines he was championing At the end of the day, despite the biases and allegiances of the subject, many important points, facts, and sources on nuclear policy, strategic thought, military strategy, resource management, and economic analysis can be gleaned One day history will judge this time and its thinkers free of any direct influence on the observers How will we fare then PS Richard Perle is a douchebag.

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    Free pdf available from the US Army War College s Strategic Studies Institute thanks guys For those who don t know, Wohlstetter was the Atoms for Peace pundit swords into plowshares, opening up ports with tactical warheads etc Aside So, open up your American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 everybody S.1 is available here Check out the goodness one cool billion for research into the atomic arts ATOMIC ENERGY DEFENSE ACTIVITIESNational Nuclear Security AdministrationWEAPONS ACTIVITIES For an additional amount for weapons activities, 1,000,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2010.w00t Employment opportunities for CS NRE MS graduates ought remain strong D Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

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    To wordy dense for me to read straight through, but I m glad it is on my shelf.

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