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Miles to GoHonestly, I didn t expect much when I started to read this It was mostly out of curiosity since I would have loved her when I was 11 She discusses very real and important things for young girls such as bullying, not getting along with people you have to work with, feeling ugly and depressed, losing grandparents She seems to take it all in stride and act as a good role model but I m not sure how much of that is actually Cyrus and how much is her well paid ghostwriter She also talks about things that people want to hear about like her relationship with Prince Charming and handling fame and paparazzi The structure and lack of certain details definitely indicates that this isn t really a tell anything but something designed to send a message to young girls It was or less what I had expected which wasn t much.One of the things that she makes very clear through constant quotes of Bible verses is her devoutness to God I respected that until it came off as condescending Her sister, who is in her 20s and lives independently, wears a purity ring because she respects herself that much So other independent adults who only have sex in long term monogamous relationships have no self respect I respect her attitude about abstinence but don t write off everyone else who doesn t.She also said that people who don t know Jesus make her sad I ve heard the good news and I ve had too many hypocritical Christians tick me off to want to hear it again God is great but too many of his followers suck for me to want to get involved I think she s too immature or closed to other people s points of view to respect people who don t make religious or moral choices she agrees with For someone who works full time in Hollywood either filming, recording or performing, I expected a open mind. There Are Multiple Sides To All Of Us Who We Are And Who We Might Be If We Follow Our Dreams Miley Cyrus Three Years Ago, Miley Cyrus Was A Virtual Unknown Her Life In Rural Tennessee Was Filled With Family, Friends, School, Cheerleading, And The Daily Tasks Of Living On A Farm And Then Came A Little Show Called Hannah Montana Almost Overnight, Miley Would Rocket To Superstardom, Becoming A Television And Singing Phenomenon Quiet Days Were Replaced With Sold Out Concerts, Television Appearances, And Magazine Shoots But Through It All, Miley Has Remained Close To Her Family And Friends And Has Stayed Connected To The Southern Roots That Made Her So Strong In Miles To Go, Miley Offers An Honest, Humorous, And Often Touching Story Of One Girl S Coming Of Age From Private Moments With Her Pappy To Off Roading With Her Dad, Billy Ray, To Her Run Ins With Mean Girls Miley Talks About Suffering Through Drama And Heartbreak And Coming Out The Other End Unscathed Relatively And Now For The First Time, She Will Discuss It All The Milestones Still Left To Reach Driver S License Voting , Dreams To Live Out Travel To Asia Find True Love , And The Lessons To Be Learned Remembernig To Enjoy Every Moment This Is A Truly Unique Look Inside The World Of One Of Today S Biggest And Brightest Stars As She Tackles Looking Back And Moving Forward The autobiography describes Miley s life before and after she received the role of Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus grew up on a farm with her family in Tennessee She went to many places with her father during his career and even had to live in Canada for awhile Miley always loved to entertain guests and sometimes went on stage with her father In sixth grade, she was bullied by a group of girls and liked to escape to her horses and competitive cheerleading to get away from the nightmare After several callbacks, she received the role of Hannah Montana on a Disney TV show changing her life forever She moved out to Los Angeles, and rose to stardom as a pop singer and TV star Gradually, she brought out of herself on the show and as a singer songwriter She also describes her sweet sixteen at Disney, relationships with family, friends, and love interest, stories of her faith, and gives us a peek into her life She admits though that this is only the beginning of her career I liked how Miley s personality showed through her writing, especially with the little side notes and lists It was intriguing to see what it s like to be her and to learn about her history I also liked how she included life morals and excerpts of songs, too There were a lot of unexpected surprises like that she was bullied, didn t get along with Emily at first, and has tachycardia I feel touched by it and understand her a lot better I hope she writes another book farther down the road. First up, I read this at a friend s sleepover, six in the morning Sun streaming through the window, she was snoring, I didn t dare wake her up So I grabbed a book and read First up we get it, Miley You want to look like a perfect Disney Christian But girl, you do a lot of risque stuff and I honestly struggle to believe that you really believe in what you preach I really struggled with the religious parts simply because they seemed so fake and staged.There were a few nicely written parts, about how she used her left hand for creating and her right for caring, or something And then I saw it was one of those co written books which really frustrate me If you can t write good material on your own, don t try and publish a book Go practice, write rubbish first drafts, hone your skills But don t make it look like you wrote a memoir, and then it turns out another woman wrote most of it This is not a collaboration It s just lazy.She also went on and on about how terrible school was This happens a lot in famous people s memoirs You don t have to be a drama queen or make everything seem like the end of the world The moments in books that show strength and courage are the powerful ones Basically, it felt like a staged book, a cry for sympathy and people to forget the stupid stuff she did I have no problem with people doing stupid stuff, just hypocriteS , an attempt to look perfect. This book makes me want to NOT hate Miley Cyrus she was a normal girl before her fame Now, i know that she isn t what people say she is, good book read it Not finished yet though i love this book its like the only book i ever finished in my life its the best i think she should write another one i am a HUGE fan of miley s and i think people should leave her alone and give her a chance shes just trying to have a little fun she waNTS TO BE A ROCK STAR AT LEAST SHES NOT HIDING WHO SHE REALLY IS SHES BEING HERSELF u people just started picking on her because u have nothing elese to talk about so u take it all on all these celeberties maby miley likes her new look i like it shes becoming 18 LEAVE HER ALONE PLEASE oh yah what i learned from this book is that nobodys perfectnot even miley cyrus and just because she looks perfect shes realy not she has some flaws everybody does i also learned to not love money because it buys u anything if an atm gives u extra money than u ask for don t take it give it back i learned many many things from this book and remember what i said LEAVE MILEY ALONE, GIVE HER A BREAK, SHES JUST BEING HERSELF THANK YOU JADE MOOR I don t know why, and I can t figure it out no matter how hard I try, why I find Miley Cyrus interesting I also find her annoying But I find most celebs annoying I like most of her music The upbeat songs are fun to sing to And her show Hannah Montana really isn t so bad I can only watch a few episodes at once, but it s mindless entertainment Something you can just put on in the background and not really have to pay attention to So for whatever reason I got her book from the library She talks about her life before she became a star, how in 6th grade the kids would pick on her, and she didn t know why She used to do cheer leading to help her escape from the bullies and was really happy when she got the part on Hannah Montana because that meant she didn t have to deal with the mean kids any Do you ever wonder if people who are on TV shows get along with their cast mates I do Apparently, up until about season 3 of her show, she and the girl who plays her best friend didn t get along Typical teenage drama This is a good book for anyone who is a Miley Hannah fan And there s lots of pictures I don t know about you, but when I read a book about some one s life, I like to look at pictures So if you ever write a book about your life, include photos. Can I just say that this book, quite literally, has changed my life MILES TO GO changed my opinion of Miley, too Judging only by her music and the magazines, my expectations for Miley and the book were pretty low I thought, like a lot of other folks out there, that Miley had the dream life and was spoiled I think there might even have been hints of jealousy in the way I regarded her That s completely all gone now MILES TO GO makes Miley real and brings her closer to her fans Miley Cyrus is suddenly down to earth, normal, and EXTREMELY relatable so relatable, in fact, that it s astonishing that someone so typical could go so far and climb such a tall ladder.Once you ve finished turning the last page, you wish there was to Miley s story It s the kind of fun, spunky, gotta keep reading book autobio, in this case that you wish had an inch or in it I m not saying it was uncomfortably short, I m just saying that Miley kept me excited for the next page and so caught up in her story that I didn t want the book to EVER end You can tell that Miley is so humble, compassionate, and really cares about essential morals and values She knows what she s here for, and through the pages her euphoria at performing is so clearly evident that it makes you smile One thing that really struck me and made Miley Cyrus, international pop star sensation, so much likable was the fact that she performs and sings because it makes her and a ton of people, obviously happy Because she s been singing and acting since forever, and just to continue a lifetime of what she loves, she s acting on HANNAH MONTANA and producing albums.By the end of MILES TO GO, I saw Miley Cyrus as a caring, ambitious girl who s so grounded and aspires to be so much greater than she already is in life This is the kind of person you d love to be friends with The compassionate group of people out there a group that tends to be relatively on the smaller side.The book also made me want to dream bigger and be the best person I can be trying as hard as I can, because I know there s always a reward at the end of the road Miley taught me to aspire.I would give a lot now to know this girl now Not just because I was suddenly aware of actually how popular she is, but because she shines through as such a charming, charismatic person and a perfect friend. This book is a carefully crafted lie and pity party for this spoiled child star Claiming that she was an outcast and bullied and tormented by other kids in what she calls operation make Miley miserable , she fails to mention that from a very early age she was brought into acting and singing by her famous father and that chances are she was popular in school I also highly doubt that she was thrown into a small town public school She then rants about how she s misunderstood and lonely, but at the same time, shares memories of how she was a happily proud child star who sang with her dad and went to concerts She s spoiled, she s whiny, she s lazy and obnoxious, and this entire book was just a waste of time.

Miley Ray Cyrus born Destiny Hope Cyrus , better known by her stage name Hannah Montana, is an American teen actress, singer, songwriter and author Cyrus is known for starring as Miley Stewart Hannah Montana in the television series Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.Cyrus became an overnight sensation after Hannah Montana debuted in March 2006 Following the success of the show, in October

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