OverqualifiedSelected bits that sum up the book better than I ever could I feel weird writing this, I guess, but what if we die and nobody remembers those parts of us What if all that s left is the censored version We ll wake up every day and we ll tell ourselves, Live for today, you retarded little shit The end is near People die, but that isn t any different from the edge of a table The table is still there It just doesn t stretch that far I have a form of ESP that allows me to consistently pick losing lottery numbers, and generally make poor life choices. so this is my second review of the day and based on sleepiness likely my second best review of the day, but perhapsto the point let s start simply, this book was a very good idea, this book was also a very good follow up to the last book I read This book is basically saying the world has fallen to pieces, these pieces have fallen through the cracks and cannot be fixed, we accept and we live on perhaps we are shells, we are not functional, we sit watching the weights press us down until we can no longer move, but until that moment we go through the functions as if we knew what we were doing as if we were normal We get up each day, we go to work each morning, we move on each night, we do what we must, although we may not do it particularly well It s not that we haven t given up, the narrator clearly has, it s that even when we ve completely given up, when we ve lost all sense we still fill time with the motions, with the cogs, as we are, and will always be part of the machine have I told you anything about this book, well yes and no I ve told you it s about despair, I ve told you it s about marking time I haven t told you it s a descent into madness formatted in cover letters or that it was the perfect follow up for city of lost souls well now I have. Overqualified S Cover Letters Are Like A Slap In The Face, But The Slap Is Hilarious, And You Can T Stop Laughing, And As Soon As It S Over You Want To Tell All Your Friends About The Slap You Know The Kind Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics Joey Comeau S Overqualified Is Judy Blume S Are You There God It S Me, Margaret As Chewed Up And Spit Out By J G Ballard A Book Whose Melancholy Is Leavened By A Surprising Hilarity Paul Di Filippo, Author Of The Steampunk Trilogy And CosmocopiaCover Letters Are All The Same They Re Useless You Write The Same Lies Over And Over Again, Listing The Store Bought Parts Of Yourself That You Respect The Least God Knows How They Tell Anyone Apart, But This Is How It S Done And Then One Day A Car Comes Out Of Nowhere, And Suddenly Everything Changes And You Don T Know If He Ll Ever Wake Up You Get Out Of Bed In The Morning, And When You Sit Down To Write Another Paint By Numbers Cover Letter, Something Entirely Different Comes Out You Start Threatening Instead Of Begging You Tell Impolite Jokes You Talk About Your Childhood And Your Sexual Fantasies You Sign Your Real Name And You Put Yourself Honestly Into Letter After Letter And There Is No Way You Are Ever Going To Get This Job Not With A Letter Like This And You Send It Anyway A book hasn t hit me this hard in the gut in a while I expected funny I expected to love it, but I really didn t expect to wind up crying by the first 15 pages Little tiny things would get me Single sentences had the power to change the tone of an entire page Sentences that seems to slip through the subconscious, sneak into a cover letter, and turn it into a diary The voyeur in me loved it The obsessive nostalgia and regret mixed with hints into the present where nothing is going quite right It felt like a diary or reading a pile of love lettersor perhaps break up letters isappropriate Almost felt dirty for getting into the narrators brain so much and the idea of these letters, so open, obsessive and painful, being sent to HR drones at various soul less companies completely warms my heart Oh and I should note, it did make me laugh a lot still Tears came from both ends of the spectrum Can t wait to read his other books now Read July 20092nd Read Dec 2011 During spring break, I was bored and of course looking for a job I also wanted to experiment with type So, I wrote a cover letter in the form of a booklet with a non traditional typographic layout It wasn t a traditional cover letter, either I wanted to play up my ability to write in English and threelanguages, which, for an artist, is something unusual Although there are artists that are also good writers, most visual people aren t very verbal I wanted to tell prospective employers that I may not have a bachelor s degree strictly speaking, but my thinking and verbal skills are just as developed as though I had one And I went with a whimsical design to show that I m not afraid to experiment in my profession, which is graphic design I wanted to tell prospective employers through a brief account of my childhood and adolescence that I was the ideal junior designer who can design and write and come up with fresh ideas that many of them were looking for Unfortunately, they couldn t see it because they couldn t look beyond my resume, which doesn t feature a bachelor s degree or relevant experience in the field, other than a little freelancing Almost a couple of months after I did this, I read that the author of A Softer World, Joey Comeau, had written a novel in the form of cover letters I ve always liked the dark humor of the webcomic, and the concept of this new book sounded very similar to my own, so I decided that I had to read it Now that I did, I have to say that his concept is different, but there are still some similarities Comeau s younger brother dies in an accident, hit by a drunk driver The cover letters in the book show the author coping with his loss and the meaning of life in general I think it s a great concept, and some of the letters are really compelling you will relate to the contents, they ll make you reflect, and some will make you laugh, if sarcasm dark humor is your thing For some reason, however, I think the body of work isn t cohesive enough You do get a glimpse into the author s life and the tragedy he s dealing with, but I wish this had been developed a little further It s a wonderful concept that should have been explored , at least in my opinion But on one thing Comeau is dead right in despair, you start writing a cover letter, which should be a formal series of lies, and you find yourself writing about your real self, your childhood, your life You put yourself honestly into letter after letter and there is no way you are ever going to get this job Not with a letter like this And you send it anyway Well, guess what After almost one year of fruitless job search, I m about to send my autobiographical cover letter, too I guess I don t get it This book is a loose collection of cover letters that have some narrative elements tying them together Joey s brother, his girlfriend wife, his Acadian heritage, etc I guess it is supposed to follow a timeline from earlier to later but I m not sure It s occasionally funny but mostly just sad I don t know what I thought this book would be a collection of funny cover letters Adirect narrative but I guess it wasn t what I expected I didn t find it particularly enjoyable but at least it was short. This book took me less than three hours to read I came for the gimmick of the style of the book delivered in cover letters , and stayed for the humor and sentiment The main arc of the story is about loss and not knowing how to deal with it, with how that loss changes you for better or worse The ending, where he is trying to resolve another different type of loss, seems to be how the protagonist is dealing with his grief I wonder how much of this story is autobiographical Yes, I am being vague because I don t want to piss away what this story is about should anyone actually be reading this. Joey s golden boy little brother has been hit by a drunk driver Joey s relationship with his girlfriend, Susan, is faltering His brother will die, and his relationship will end And Joey will begin sending out job applications, one after another, each with a cover letter full of violence and anguish and sweet, childlike humor.Joey Comeau is one of my favorite authors, especially when it comes to biting, perverted, meandering prose I loved this book I recommend both it, and him, very highly. When I was little I used to lie wide awake in the dark at night in bed wondering How do I know I m me How do I know I m not somebody else Or if somebody else is me And if somebody else is me, who is it Was that me who pinched my brother s comic book this afternoon I d do tests to try to work it out I d feel my leg to see if it felt like it was mine Sometimes it did But sometimes it didn t Once, after we watched ET, I even thought it felt like the leg of a weird space monster with tentacles coming out of it I couldn t really ever tell for sure.I decided what I had to do.I had to work out a way of doing something which would make me sure that I was me When I grew up, I would write down everything that happened to me I would put it in a book It would be a special quirky little book, that was just about me and couldn t possibly be mistaken for anybody else s life Nobody would be able to make me feel like I wasn t me anyWhenever I wasn t sure if I was me or not, I could just read the book and then I d be able to go back to sleep without worrying about who I was It really worked Thanks Manny a lot for bringing all the old fears back Thanks for making me not sure anyagain Sincerely, Joey Comeau 3.5 stars rounded up Broad satire coupled with an affecting personal story in the guise of cover letters for job applications Short and swift, it needed to be to work and it does, sweetly.

Joey Comeau is a Canadian writer He is best known for his novels Lockpick Pornography and Overqualified, and as co creator of the webcomic A Softer World with Emily Horne.Comeau currently resides in Toronto, Ontario He has a degree in linguistics.

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