Well of Shiuan (Morgaine Saga, Book 2)

Well of Shiuan (Morgaine Saga, Book 2)The World Of Shiuan Was Doomed Rising Waters And Shattering Earthquakes Due To The Coming Of A Vast And Strange New Satellite Had Sealed The Fate Of Its Peoples Flee Or Die With Their World Their Sole Escape Routes Were The Gates, The Passages Between Worlds Established By A Forgotten Cosmic Race And Just As This Knowledge Dawned On The Desperate Tribes And Cities There Appeared The Woman Morgaine Whose Mission Was To Seal Shiuan S Gates Winner Of The John W Campbell Award For The Best New Writer Of The YearThis Is The Story Of Morgaine, And Of Her Henchman, Nhi Vanye, And Of Their Relentless Enemy, Chya Roh, Who Followed Them To The Drowning Planet

Currently resident in Spokane, Washington, C.J Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field She is the author of than forty novels Her hobbies include travel, photography, reef culture, Mariners baseball, and, a late passion, figure skating she intends to compete in the adult USFSA track She began

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  • Paperback
  • 153 pages
  • Well of Shiuan (Morgaine Saga, Book 2)
  • C.J. Cherryh
  • English
  • 26 May 2019
  • 9780879973711

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    This was a very dark and depressing read Throughout Volume 1, we are told about Morgaine s grim reputation as someone who brings death and suffering everywhere she goes In this volume we see for ourselves how her single minded focus on finding and destroying the space time portals on each world she visits lead her to make alliances and decisions that result in enormous violence and misery for anyone who is in her way, and most of those who aid her as well And yet, Cherryh manages to retain my interest in and even a certain sympathy for Morgaine by showing her through the eyes of her loyal companion, Vanye, a man who is driven by little than a deeply held sense of honour This novel is set on a world that is dying as rising waters engulf every last strip of habitable land This adds to the darkness of the novel and also complicates the plot as the inhabitants learn of the existence of the portal and what it might mean for them from Morgaine s adversary, a human who might be possessed by an alien intelligence A young girl who lives on this world, Jhirun, is an important viewpoint character in this novel her character arc bookend the novel and presents us with a different kind of story to offset the epic ambiguities of Morgaine and Vanye, although no less rife with tragic import A gripping novel though quite disturbing at times I look forward to reading its sequel.

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    The word misery and its variations are used quite a bit The world of the Shiuan Gate is drowning Each year land is claimed by the sea field becomes poisoned marsh, hills become islands, and villages are abandoned when sea walls fail Fatalism and retreat and diminishment as the people slowly migrate to the highest land available, and all know that the world is doomed The gray misery of the people is on every page perfectly suited to this week s weather the cold wet drip of late March and a deluge of thaw and tinges everything It s a Dying Earth story of a sort, a wet, bonechilling November, whatever the season really is.Morgaine and Vanye Morgaine especially march relentlessly on a quest that few if any will thank them for In this case, they close the only escape from this sadly unpleasant planet Where in the land of Ivrel s Gate this task had an air of heroism to it, a worthy deed to accomplish, here it is a heavy doom upon the inhabitants Morgaine is merciless, holding the long view of events, and trailing destruction It is not surprising that her name becomes a curse in the lands she has traveled Especially in this case, where her passing triggers long awaited social upheaval and a final accounting for many.

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    This is volume 2 of the science fantasy series narrating the efforts of Morgaine to close the space and time spanning Gates which have previously wrought havoc through time implosion, and the struggles of her faithful servant Vanye to stay true to his self and his oath, although he has to accept he is gradually becoming distant from both In this book, he faces the soul shaking discovery that, just as Morgaine had been missing for a hundred years on his own world while she was trapped in stasis within a gate, so has he been gone from his world for nine centuries The world they have come to, in pursuit of the dangerous enemy who possesses his cousin Roh s body, experienced an invasion a thousand years ago and has suffered the effects ever since The planet has also been experiencing a worsening innundation since the moon apparently broke up in collision with some captured moons, and now the coastal Barrower settlements people who live by robbing the graves of their kingly ancestors and trading the gold with those living further inland who can grow food are under imminent threat.Morgaine and Vanye interact with the societies which have evolved since the incursion a millennia previously the Barrowers, the Marshlanders and the people of Shiuan who are divided into rulers who have the bloodline of the alien qual, who originally spread the use of Gates and who were responsible for the catastrophe those Gates brought about and ordinary humans whom they view as cattle view spoiler The ancestors of all the ordinary humans came through the Gate, and Morgaine and Vanye eventually deduce they were the lost troops who originally followed Morgaine on her first attempt to close his world s own gate, and the reason her memory was reviled on Vanye s home world The clue is in the Barrower and Marshlander superstitions concerning Morgaine, whose name has changed but is still recognisable, as a figure of ill omen Despite this, hide spoiler

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    I bought this book recently, and as happened with another of this author s books, found that I d owned it before, in the 80s The story of young woman who loots a tomb and is then followed home by an enigmatic ard warrior Once the warrior leaves she deciding that her life is one she doesn t want..think about it she follows the warriorbut meets someone else She meets two people sworn to destroy Roh the warrior You see, they explain Roh is actually not Roh, but possessed and they are on quest And on and on and on They have perused him through a gate left by an older civilization, there are two on this world.and off we go.The story moves on in what I find to be a pretty standard mannor and it never drew me in I couldn t get into any of the character s minds and I just didn t get to where I cared what happened to them.Skimmed through, skipped to the end finally Some will like it I m sure, but as I ve said before, I ve read better by the author She apparently isn t one whom I like everything by I find that my take on her works is that they run hot and cold if you like this one great the synopsis sounded good and drew me in, but I just couldn t get into the storybut maybe I ll remember it this time and not buy it again.

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    Nhi Vanye s travels with Morgaine continue on the other side of the Gate This time they ve come to a world that is slowly dying drowning, apparently, in tides caused by a rogue moon And this time they face adversaries familiar with the Gates Morgaine is sworn to close, coupled with foes who are the result of Morgaine s own past actions.These are not happy books This particular world, as mentioned, is dying Vanye is bound to Morgaine by oaths, but their relationship is prickly at best he feels compelled to honor his bond, but Morgaine is ruthlessly single minded in her quest, willing to sacrifice anything or anybody if it will put her closer to her goal And there s no knowing how many Gates await them, or whether they ll even realize that they ve reached the final one.They are, however, very, very good books compelling, character driven drama in a vividly realized world and I look forward to following Vanye and Morgaine through the Gate to see what s on the other side.

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    Some part of me doesn t want to like this series Maybe because Cherryh loves to toy with my emotions She makes very good ancillary characters that I end up liking even though I know that I ll never see them againI hates her She gets me every time Even when I think that I ll finally avoid getting attached, then her three dimensional, interesting characters put an end to that.Oddly enough, I thought at the end of the previous book that I would start to warm to Morgaine here Not the case She seemed even heartless and arbitrary in this book than she did in the first Some of the character development just vanished Which, I guess can be realistic, but I would have preferred a slower descent back into how she was, rather than a few days later everything is back to how it was.

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    I love these books but I can t figure out why they take me double the time to read Anyway, 2nd book in a trilogy, not as good as the first and I m kinda unsure what exactly happened at the end I ll wait a bit before moving on to the final book, but i m super stoked to see what happens to Morgaine Vanye I don t care about at all, the lummox.

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    2 Morgaine, slow, stilted, hard to stick with it

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    The Well of Shiuan 1978 by C.J Cherryh continues the tale of Morgaine and Vanye Morgaine is an otherworldly sort, dedicated to the destruction of gates, and Vanye is the sword and sorcery minion who s out point of view character for most of the story.This was her second publication, and here she addressed many issues that haunted her first work In this book, she creates a much better feel for location and place, she better articulates goals, implications, and moral conflicts, and she generally keeps the through line of the narrative far clearer In the sort of tale where moral ambiguity usually doesn t exist, this tale hinges on those ambiguities However, even with all the improvements, there are still places where the tale feels muddled and ill directed.Also gone is the stiff dialog of her former work The dialog in this novel, while still not fully naturalist, has greatly loosened up, The characters no longer feel like they re always reading from cue cards.Interestingly, Cherryh begins the story from a third character s view, that of Jhirun, a young woman that lives in the marshlands I found her the most present and engaging of all the characters, and I wished that we had spent far time with her point of view She gives us the world and the complexities in a way that no other character does, with a vulnerability that no other character has Because she s so unspecial, her actions have consequences where a hero s never would To me, that made her a interesting character than any other in the book.Parts of the book still felt forced, while other parts seemed aimless Cherryh still has a ways to go before she hits her stylistic best, but with this tale, I begin to see those traits that would make her later books so interesting.

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    The ending the ending the ending I really wanted to like this book as it continues the story from the first novel It was good but as I will not spoil it the ending was a complete cop out Really upsetting and seemed like a waster of time I will read the next installment in hopes that there is something that I do not see that will bring this all together but I am not hopeful There really didn t seem to be a lot of character building as everyone just seems to keep rolling along not learning anything The battle fight scenes are a little hard to understand and see what is actually going on but other that it was still has a good premise I am hoping that it gets better in the next one.

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