The Doll In The Garden

The Doll In The Garden She Had Been Warned Never To Go ThereBut As Ten Year Old Ashley Followed The Beautiful White Cat Through A Small Opening In The Hedge, She Stepped Into An Enchanted PlaceA Place Where She Might Find The AnswersWho Is The Little Girl With Golden Curls And The Huge Sad Eyes Whose Voice Cries Out In The Dark Of Night Why Does The White Cat Cast No Shadow In The Moonlight Who Is The Owner Of The Beautiful Doll Found Buried In The Garden And If Ashley Discovers The Truth, Can She Ever Go Back

I grew up in a small shingled house down at the end of Guilford Road in College Park, Maryland Our block was loaded with kids my age We spent hours outdoors playing Kick the Can and Mother, May I as well as cowboy and outlaw games that usually ended in quarrels about who shot whom In the summer, we went on day long expeditions into forbidden territory the woods on the other side of the t

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  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • The Doll In The Garden
  • Mary Downing Hahn
  • English
  • 20 September 2019
  • 9780380708659

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    I love, love, love this book I read it for the first time when I was in 3rd grade, and it scared the crap out of me I read it again about 6 years ago, and had the urge to revisit it again this summer It s genuinely spooky and beautifully written, and includes some great commentary on losing someone you love and the grieving process This is one of my go to books when a child wants a scary book to check out, and one that I will keep re reading every few years June 2019 re read The review I wrote above was about a year before I got the idea for the book I m currently and please god almost done writing And something kinda spooky happened With this re read, I realized how much of this book is is ingrained in my subconscious From turns of phrase cool green shadows to character names Viola to the basic premise of finding an abandoned place that harbors long buried secrets there are lots of similarities that aren t at all intentional I didn t start seriously writing the story down until late 2017, so it wasn t like I read the book, had it fresh in my mind, and then started working on my own story About five years had elapsed, which makes me think that this book really sunk into a core part of my being when I read it for the first time as a third grader I love that books have that power to become integral parts of who we are I m glad that this book is part of my DNA 3

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    Although I personally could definitely very much do without rather volatile and immature emotionally wise neighbour girl Kristi as she remains annoyingly undeveloped character wise and also rather seems to be tacked on as a somewhat too predictable plot device to infuse the plot with action and conflict to move it along , I have indeed still quite enjoyed Mary Downing Hahn s The Doll in the Garden A Ghost Story, as it presents a creepily spooky but in my opinion also never actually all that frightening ghost infused Middle Grade tale, alongside of important messages regarding illness, friendship, forgiveness and death And to and for me, with The Doll in the Garden A Ghost Story, of primary necessity and importance is the all encompassing lesson that feeling anger and even resentment at a loved one or a friend who has died is indeed an often natural occurrence and even a manner of potentially coping, but that this nevertheless also needs to be discussed, that especially when like with the main protagonist s case, like with young Ashley, a parent has died, not discussing this, trying to somehow push the painful reality of this away from family conversations and such does nothing but cause emotions, sadness, anger and yes even guilt to fester and rankle internally, inside of one s heart and soul, a scenario that is then mirrored in The Doll in the Garden A Ghost Story by what had occurred in the past between Cassie and Louisa And how only by going back in time and into her own girlhood to when Louisa was dying, old and cantankerously bitter Miss Cooper is able find peace, can finally forgive herself and can find some real happiness and to say her final goodbyes to Louisa, as well as return the absconded doll , an ending that is both sweet and satisfying, although I do have to admit that at first, I was a bit like Ashley rather upset that returning the lost stolen doll to Louisa does not in fact make her strong enough to successfully fight against her tuberculosis, that she still ends up dying of consumption But truthfully, I do realise that the ending of The Doll in the Garden is actually pretty well perfect as to the author s, as to what I consider Mary Downing Hahn s intentions have been namely to show and present the importance of forgiveness, to demonstrate that while anger and resentment at a death are definitely natural feelings, they are also emotions that need to be discussed and dealt with in order for the departed to find peace and rest, for with what Ashely has experienced with Louisa Perkins and Cassie Cooper, she is then also able to use this to discuss her father s recent cancer death with her mother and to admit that she often has felt not only sadness at his passing but also actual anger towards him for dying, for leaving her alone and heartbroken A fast, emotionally evocative, stirring and sweet read is The Doll in the Garden A Ghost Story, and while for me, the issues with the inclusion of Kristi as a character as a plot device of not much nuance and development character wise do indeed make me only consider a three star maximum ranking for The Doll in the Garden A Ghost Story, I will still highly recommend Mary Downing Hahn s narrative as a lovely and evocative little ghost as well as time slip tale, perfect for tween readers who might desire a bit of an eerie reading experience but one that is also and at the same time not too creepy and further deals with important life and philosophy of existence lessons and messages.

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    This was a cute little ghost story about forgiveness and letting go Having lost my grandma to cancer in an untimely manner, I was able to relate to Ashley and the guilt and anger she felt after her father s death I never thought she would actually die, and how the author portraits these feelings in The Doll in the Garden is truly wonderful This story is about how childhood relationships and feelings of guilt and grief that were not dealt with can turn someone into a bitter and angry person And how getting stuck in the past and not moving on can ruin an entire life I loved this short story I loved the childhood innocence in its pages I wish all children could be spared from loss and sadness, but that s part of life and there s no way to stop it.I recommend this book to anyone liking their ghost stories a little sweeter and their books a bit shorter.

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    I m reading and re reading ghost stories for the Halloween season The day we moved into Monkton Mills, I made an enemy of our new landlady Reading this made me remember why I loved Mary Downing Hahn stories so much when I was younger It s nice to find out that not everything I liked back then sucked Trust me that is not always the case This story was than just a ghost story It was a story about friendship, love, death, loss, and how to carry on when you lose someone important to you It s a story about pain, and redemption, and the power forgiveness with a nice helping of ghosts, and time travel what s not to like I may or may not have cried when I read this especially during the talk Ashley has with her mother in the end.

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    Obviously I make these ratings based on how I felt about the book at the time that I read it So, the 4 out of 5 stars is the rating that the 11 year old me would have given it I remember loving this book, and I remember checking it out from the school library than once, which is something I don t now or didn t then do very often The only part of it I remember is the beginning when she and her mom ate pizza on the front porch But it has stuck with me long enough so I had to add it to my books I think any young girl would like it.

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    I found this while looking around on my library s digital download site, and I realized that I had read this book before when I was a kid, then almost completely forgot about it I decided to read it again to refresh my memory of how it ended.Miss Cooper has to be one of the most crotchety elderly ladies I ve ever come across in fiction One wonders why she would even rent out her upstairs apartment to a single mother with a child, especially when there is a girl next door who might come over to play if children move in I guess she needed the rent that badly.She certain doesn t mind the idea of calling the realtor and throwing her lodgers out if Ashley, the main character, keeps wandering into the overgrown garden in her backyard, even though Ashley wishes to fix it up for a place to play Also, following the white cat that keeps showing up at night and calling outside her window is a big temptation.The girls eventually dig up a box in the backyard with an old doll in it, and the cat draws Ashley through the hedge into a world of the past shaded in twilight even when it is broad daylight in the real world Here she meets the former owner of the doll, now a ghost.This twilight world leaves me with a lot of questions Time is clearly progressing inside of this capsule world, and Louisa, the ghost girl, is clearly dying of consumption and they need to get the doll back to her before she dies However, Miss Cooper mentions later that she had been hearing the haunted crying and seeing the ghost cat for many years now So, does the world trapped in the past progress in time then reset itself Has the time in this frozen world finally started to move forward because the girls visited, and would it have remained static if they never came The book never explains this, nor does it really need to for the resolution to be fulfilling I just tend to over think these things.So did this book live up to my experience with it nearly 20 years ago Actually, I d say yes, although the focus of my enjoyment is different than it was when I was young I don t find the book nearly as creepy or suspenseful as I did as a child, but now that I m older, I m better able to appreciate the exploration this book makes of feelings of guilt or resentment that can come when someone close to you passes away with things left unsaid or done.The prose is solid, and the description enhances a sense of atmosphere without being too wordy The characters have the level of simplicity you would expect from a Middle Grade level book, but they are still believable and act like someone of their age and personal experience.My only complaint would be with the digital conversion of the ebook The version I checked out from Overdrive is full of OCR conversion typos that were never proofread by the publisher There are lots of reoccurring errors like eves for eyes , Up for lip , and garbled punctuation And this isn t the first ebook I ve borrowed recently that had these typos I really wish that publishers would check their scans before putting these things out.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this book Mary Downing Hahn s books are hit and miss for me Some of them are good, and some are just horrible This one was a hit I loved the story, or should I say stories, which in the end weave together I didn t like Mrs Cooper in the beginning, she was mean, grumpy and I really didn t understand why should would rent her top floor to a mother and child, when she hates children.I also disliked how she complained about everything the kids did Instead of just talking to them normally, explaining things, she shouted and threatened with evicting the mother and kid.The book wasn t that creepy, it was a bit spooky, but no big scares happen I liked the view spoiler travel under a hedge, guided by a ghost cat to another time world hide spoiler

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    I think The Doll In The Garden is a rilly good book.It s about a little girl named ashley, and she and her friend go in miss.cooper s garden and digs in it.And as there digging they see this white cat just standding there looking at them.And ashley calls the cat and he comes to her and likes her.So they go back to digging and they found a box but ashley and her friend are a little scard to open it but ashley stilled, and in side of it was a old pritty doll.Ashley and her friend wants to ceep it but thinks they should ceep it in the garden, in it s box.And latter that night there was going to be a storm and ashle was scard for the doll and so she when to go get it and decides to ceep it in her room with out telling her friend.And latter that night she see s the white cat again and she fallows him and she found out that the cats name is snowball and so she fallows snowball and she s in like this other world and like it rilly old and creepy.There s this little girl who is sitting down on a bench and looks u and see ashley and said hello.She seemed very friendly.So thay tald for a little and the little girl had to go.And the snowball took her back to her house.The nex day ash s friend whent to go check on the doll and see s that it is not there and goes to tell ash but latter on after talking to asg she finds out that ashley had it the hole time, and gets mad and latter that day she tell s miss.cooper and she s all mad and tells her to give her whats her s and ash is like but its not ur s.And her mom made her give it back to her and was not happy about it.Latter that day she goes up to her friend and said do u reallise what you have done.And she explanes to her friend what she all that night and latter that night she took her to go see the gost and she was so made the nex day that she told miss.cooper and they did every thing they can to get the doll back to the little girl, because that was the little girls doll that her dad gave to her befor he died.So they had a nice long tolk with miss.cooper and miss.cooper decides to give it back to that little girl only because that was her bff when she was little but saddly she died in a fire.And the little girl was happy, and went to heven peacely.And the nex night ashley had a dream that she was playing in the garden with her doll anna.

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    Reread 2018 It s clear why the book is so memorable and is considered a classic amongst people of a certain age it s well written, centers around a living ghost story, and stars a protagonist who is new to the neighborhood and is feeling alienated and out of sorts since her dad died The story is incredibly imaginative I d love to know how Mary Hahn came up with the concept of a doll shared between two girls at two different times, and which caused a lifelong bitterness in Carrie Miss Cooper Reading it as an adult, it s a subtle reminder of what we all know so well that the things which occur in childhood have a lasting impact on our lives and form and shape the very people we become, our fears, our vulnerabilities, our likes and dislikes including the stories we read and the characters with whom we grow up While the story didn t knock my socks off I appreciated rather than enjoyed it , my memories of the book from childhood were instantaneous And seeing the cover, with Anna Maria and Snowball, I was knocked back 20 something years I love that feeling Cannot believe I found this in a used book store in Tel Aviv What a rush of memories I had completely forgotten about this book, but just catching a glimpse at the title, the story came crashing back to me I can t wait to reread this one And I m pleasantly surprised at how many reviews it has on GR I thought it was obscure

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    i read this book,and i really enjoyed it.It was about a girl about Ashley,her and her mom moved too another town because her dad died,he had cancer and they wanted too away because they had so many memories of him so they move away to another town they move and they lived upstairs in a house that an old lady lived there she had a really mean looking dog she was really mean and didnt like ashley s cat she started going to a garden behind the house and she meet snowball a ghost cat and from there she meet a girl name louis that was dieing she wanted her doll back before she died but carrie had it which carrie was the mean old lady that lived downstair from where ashley lived and she also meet a younger girl name kristi she was her neigbor when ashely had the doll,kristi went and told the old lady the old lady took it way from her but then ashley told her mom about the hole thing that was happening,and she talked too carrie which was the old lady and she decided to give it back to louis and they took her the doll and louis was gone,resting in peace happy with her doll.i really enjoyed this book it was very interesting and cool

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