The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (Chocoholic Mystery, Book 4)

The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (Chocoholic Mystery, Book 4) The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle By JoAnna Carl A Quick Read, Mildly Entertaining And Not As Quirky As Most Cozies, Which I Liked On The Other Hand, Those Who Enjoy The Roundup Of Goofballs Found In Your Typical Cozy Might Miss ThemMocha The Chocolate Puppy Peggy SimpsonNot Retrouvez Mocha The Chocolate Puppy Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion TomeThe Chocolate Puppy Puzzle Fnac Hollywood Comes To Michigan When A Film Producer Decides To Turn A Local Author S Romance Novel Into A Blockbuster Although The Movie Mogul S Chocolate Labrador Is Charming, Lee McKinney Thinks The Producer S Talk Is A Bunch Of Sweet Nothings And She Grows Evensuspicious When She Stumbles Upon A Dead Body CHOCOLATE LAB PUPPIES YouTube PUPPY IN A BOX Christmas Haul Surprise Unboxing Ft PuppyTube What We Got For Christmas Christmas Haul Surprise Unboxing Ft PuppyTube What We Got For Christmas The Chocolate Puppy PuzzleREAD ONLINE The Chocolate Puppy PuzzleAbout Book Hollywood Has Arrived In Warner Pier In The Form Of Aubrey Andrews Armstrong He Plans To Make A Movie Based On First Day Home,weeks Old Chocolate Labrador Thanks For Watching Give This Video A Thumbs Up If You Want To SeeThis Was The First Day With Our New Dog Subscribe

Eve K Sandstrom The author writes about the shores of Lake Michigan and has been reviewed in Michigan newspapers as a regional writer She has also written about Southwest Oklahoma and once won an award for the best book of the year with an Oklahoma setting.Eve K Sandstrom is an Oklahoman to the teeth she was born there, as were five previous generations of her mother s family Both her grandfathers and her father were in the oil business, once the backbone of Oklahoma s economy One grandmother was born in the Choctaw Nation, and Eve is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Eve and seven other members of her immediate family are graduates of the University of Oklahoma Eve even knows the second verse of Boomer Sooner Eve wrote two mystery series the Down Home books, set on a ranch in Southwest Oklahoma, and the Nell Matthews mysteries, semi hard boiled books laid in a mid size city on the Southern Plains.But Eve married a great guy whose family owned a cottage on the west coast of Lake Michigan, not far from the Michigan towns of Fennville, Saugatuck, and Douglas Every summer for than forty years she, her husband and various combinations of children and grandchildren have trekked to the community of Pier Cove for vacations that lasted from two weeks to three months.The area features gorgeous beaches, lush orchards, thick woods, and beautiful Victorian houses Eve grew to love it So when her editor asked her to come up with a new, cozy mystery series, Eve set it in a West Michigan resort town, scrambling up Saugatuck, Douglas, South Haven, Holland, Manistee, Ludington and Muskegon with her own ideas of what a resort ought to be to create Warner Pier.As further background, she plunked her heroine into a business which produces and sells luscious, luxurious, European style bonbons, truffles and molded chocolates Most small towns couldn t support a business like this, but the resorts of West Michigan with their wealthy summer people can The Chocoholic Mysteries were on their way.Eve s editor requested that she use a pen name for the new series, and Eve picked the middle names of her three children, Betsy Jo, Ruth Anna, and John Carl JoAnna Carl was born So that s how JoAnna Eve became a regional author in two widely separated regions.JoAnna Eve earned a degree in journalism at the University of Oklahoma and also studied with Carolyn G Hart and Jack Bickham in the OU Creative Writing Program She spent than twenty five years in the newspaper business, working as a reporter, editor, and columnist at The Lawton Constitution in Lawton, Oklahoma She took an early retirement to write fiction full time.She and her husband, David F Sandstrom, have three grandchildren, whom they love introducing to the lore of their two homes Oklahoma and Michigan.She spent 25 years in the newspaper business as a reporter, feature writer, editor, and columnist, most recently at the Lawton Constitution She holds a degree in journalism from the University of OK and also studied in the O.U Professional Writing program She lives in Oklahoma but summers in Michigan where the Chocoholic Mystery series is set She has one daughter who is a CPA and another who works for a chocolate company and provides yummy insider information on the chocolate business.

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  • Hardcover
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  • The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (Chocoholic Mystery, Book 4)
  • JoAnna Carl
  • English
  • 06 April 2019
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10 thoughts on “The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle (Chocoholic Mystery, Book 4)

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    A quick read, mildly entertaining and not as quirky as most cozies, which I liked On the other hand, those who enjoy the roundup of goofballs found in your typical cozy might miss them I liked the Michigan setting, in a fictional town in the vicinity of Saugatuck which is not mentioned, but based on geographical clues, that s the most likely area Also features a dog, which is usually a plus for me.

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    A producer has come to town with sites set on making a movie based on local history But Lee thinks something isn t right and starts to investigate She s hardly started when she finds a dead body Another fast moving mystery with characters I love to visit.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

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    In terms of being a cozy mystery this one was very good I need to hunt down the rest of the series now

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    Impossible to put down Read this in one day stayed up past my bedtime Easy to read, fun characters, can t wait to see what happens next

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    I felt like I missed a book or two, but I double checked the list No, I did not miss one I was just getting used to the Joe relationship, and right in the beginning of the book, he mentions marriage like it was totally normal It s still hard for me to see why the two of them are together, what they have in common and all that, and now they re getting married It threw me for left field The rest of the mystery was really interesting, but the Joe parts just seemed really distracting and made it hard for me to concentrate.

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    A dodgy guy claiming to be a Hollywood producer looking to film a movie based on a piece of local history has come to Warner s Pier, and Lee is immediately suspicious of him, especially since he shows entirely too much interest in Aunt Nettie While snooping after the would be movie maker, Lee then promptly stumbles over a dead body amidst a pile of pumpkins and from there, as usual, things go a little crazy.Less predictable than the previous ones, but convoluted And what is it with this romance subplot that doesn t make me feel anything except annoyance

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    Aunt Nettie, Lee, and Joe are backand they gain a puppy for part of this book A Hollywood producer arrives, offering to film an adaptation of a local author s novel When he disappears and Lee finds herself getting shot at, Lee goes into hiding for two days to try and convince the shooter s he succeeded But who s the shooter And why does s he want Lee dead More chocolate factoids throughout, though not much of the book is set in the chocolate shop, as Lee is in hiding.

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    I have read a few of these books when I find them, but never in order In this book, a con artist shows up in Warner Pier saying that he wants to make a movie out of a book written by a person living there Lee immediately thinks he is up to no good, and sets out to see what he is doing there After discovering a body buried under a pile of pumpkins, she finds herself the target of the killer There are many suspects, including some of her good friends Which one has done it

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    Yeah Aunt Nettie goes out on dates And Lee helps Joe pick tile for his bathroom Fun stuff I got to the point where I didn t really care about the 75 year old mystery I was just enjoying the characters.

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    Lee and the group are back it in another fun adventure from Warner Pier This time Hollywood has come to town and many of the residents are acting differently Lee senses trouble is brewing from the moment a chocolate lab puppy named Monte comes charging up to her in the park.

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