The Shunning (The Heritage of Lancaster County, #1)

The Shunning (The Heritage of Lancaster County, #1) Amazing EPub, The Shunning The Heritage Of Lancaster County, 1 Author Beverly Lewis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Shunning The Heritage Of Lancaster County, 1 , Essay By Beverly Lewis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I am an history buff, so always interested in special communities, and the Amish So as an anthropological trip in Amish county, the book was fulfilling The whole confession shunning process is followed in this very severe Amish community.But as a novel, about authority and belonging, the characters were too predictable Of course, Katie finds out she was adopted, and the rest of the situation her birth mother very high social status, for instance is just too wishful thinking for me What I didn t like the whole premise that being drawn to fancy nice things is genetic Because it is heavily reinforced through the book that love of music is genetic, too Talent for music might be, although A fun thing, it take the middle of the book to get the time frame, when someone mentions CD players.Of course, the many unanswered questions at the end of the book aim to get us to read the sequel A clue the publisher is a Christian book publisher, so no doubt that the poor lamb, after a foray into the modern world, will return to the fold and settle, with her true love Whether in the same community or a new one, that remains to be seen. This was a good book, and I m glad I read it I find Amish culture fascinating, so this book offered insight into a topic I ve always wanted to read and learn about Was this the best work of literature I ve ever read No Frankly, I thought this book was pretty predictable I saw the surprise ending coming from a mile away However, I thought this was a nice, leisurely read, and I enjoyed the emphasis on the simple pleasures of the lives of the Plain people At first, I was a little frustrated with the fact that it s not very fast paced, which I ve come to expect from books I enjoy After some thought, I realized that the story of an Amish community shouldn t be fast paced because, in all reality, the lives of Amish people aren t fast paced I think the amount of time and care Beverly Lewis has put into this story and its research is very evident, which makes the story all the charming I loved that she created characters that I ended up caring about I was pulling for Katie the entire time Although I wasn t sure at first, I can definitely say that I m going to read the other two books in the trilogy 8 11 10 Re readUpon re reading this, I actually enjoyed this book a lot , even going so far as to bump up this up a star I connected with the characters on this go, so I was able to feel emotionally invested in the story One thing that I particularly enjoyed this time was that I was able to feel for each of the characters Before, I was all about rooting for Katie, and therefore, I dismissed anyone else s part in the story This time, though, I really felt for everyone I m also really anxious to start the next book I really want to find out what happens to Katie That being said, I still found the writing rather predictable and at some points mediocre Really, I would not recommend reading this unless you re in the mood for a simple, predictable, romantic, Hallmark Lifetime esque book Overall, I had a much better time with this book after reading it for the second time. I am intrigued by the Amish and was excited to read this book, even though in general I do not exactly care for the simple and somewhat predictable style of Christian Fiction I had hoped this author would be different, but truthfully, this first book in a series of three was highly predicable, often slow, and the style was just a bit off in my opinion She frequently changes points of view between the characters, which means we get the perspective of one character for a page or two, and then another character for a while, and so on It s done so randomly that it seems like an accident or maybe just lack of concern for continuity of perspective It made the story a bit jumpy and I didn t care for the effect on the pace or the character development I wish there had been mystery to the depth of the characters Overall they are quite shallow and transparent Last, the plot just seemed a bit unbelievable, as Katie Lapp is raised from birth with an Amish family, realizes as an adult that she s not truly Amish born, and starts to easily disconnect from her family in a matter of hours I didn t care for the overt Nature verses Nurture theme where Nature is the clear dominant, according to this novel The book portrays her upbringing as having little to no effect on her morals and choices, which to me, is simply absurd.I guessed the largest plot twist in the middle of chapter one So that pretty much killed the book for me However, I hate to not finish a series, so I press on with the sequel, The Confession. It was interesting to get a glimpse of Amish life from the perspective of a young woman Unfortunately, this book possesses a completely predictable plot I totally called it early in the book when it was revealed her first love drowned and OF COURSE there was no body to bury and OF COURSE he ends up alive, contacting his sister within the last TEN pages of the book it was also sooo frustrating to come to the end of the book, thinking that the major plot points would end up at least halfway resolved, only to find out that, in fact, NOTHING has been resolved and there are TWO MORE books in the series that you have to read to find out what happens to Katie Well, since I m guessing that they are equally as predictable as this, I m guessing that Katie finds her biological mother, becomes heir to her vast fortune and hooks back up with her love Daniel and they live happily ever after There Now I don t need to read them and you don t either. Katie Lapp always knew there was something different about her, apart from her auburn locks She was spirited and loved music, she often thought about the colors of dress she has seen on the English She didn t want to disobey God, but she didn t really think she was She tried to be a good daughter, listening to her parents But there were parts of her always wondered if there was something else other then the Amish ways After a discovery in the attic she is left wondering even who she is and where is that she belongs She walks out on her wedding day, realizing settling with out these answers would only lead to much regrets and what ifs.I liked The Shunning, it wasn t the best of Amish fiction I have read but enjoyable all the same A little predictable, a little frustrating, well a lot frustrating at times Those times when I wanted to yell at my book and ask how you could do that to someone you love, and call them hypocrites I ll be on the look out for the next book. Beverly Lewis is a long time novelist of Amish fiction Since visiting Holmes County, Ohio, The second largest Amish Community in the country, I think I have developed quite an affection for the Amish people I have read everything that I can get my hands on regarding the subject, including this series.Most of the novel has a Christian message, but the characters will still capture your heart even if you don t normal read this type of thing The book begins in a small Amish Community near Lancaster, PA and unfolds the tale of a young girl s question of faith and curiosity towards the outside world.The Shunning is really an easy read for a long weekend at the lake Give it a chance You might actually be surprised. The Shunning was one of the first books that I read back when it first came out I had the advantage of merchandising books for Chas Levy in major chains stores, where Beverly s books were fast sellers If you haven t read Amish books, this book is a good first book for you because it is so rich with the Amish culture and vocabulary Having adopted Plain family myself, and other Plain friends, I know that Beverly s books are right on with the authenticity of the Amish culture I also enjoyed her DVD. In Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania Katie Lapp is a 22 year old amish woman who is unmarried and feels like she does not belong in her community since the death of her first love Daniel Katie is strong willed and reluctantly agrees to marry the widowed bishop of their community who has young children at home needing a mother After discovering a satin baby gown hidden away in her mother s cedar chest many questions come to head from Katie Her mother and father are keeping a secret from her Once she learns what the secret is many of her feelings and questions about her faith become clear This book was very well written, and kept me up late several nights I knew someone was obviously going to be shunned but Beverly Lewis twisted it in a way that I was not sure who it would be until the very last chapter I was upset that my library was not open at 10 30 p.m last night so that I could go get the second book in the series I have questions I want answered I have always found the Amish way of life intriguing and enjoyed this book, very much It seems to be the great beginning of a wonderful series. You immeadeatly fall in love with Katie She is sweet and wants to be a good Amish woman, but she feels like she has never quite fit in I wish she had made different choices, but its overall an easy read, and at times you wish you could reach in and hug the characters.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Beverly Lewis, raised in Pennsylvania Amish country and both a schoolteacher and an accomplished musician, has been an award winning author for over a dozen years Her acclaimed novel, The Preacher s Daughter, was a 2006 Quill Book Award finalist in the romance category Her books have appeared on numerous best

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  • The Shunning (The Heritage of Lancaster County, #1)
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