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The Birds and Other StoriesHow Long He Fought With Them In The Darkness He Could Not Tell, But At Last The Beating Of The Wings About Him Lessened And Then WithdrewA Classic Of Alienation And Horror, The Birds Was Immortalised By Hitchcock In His Celebrated Film The Five Other Chilling Stories In This Collection Echo A Sense Of Dislocation And Mock Man S Sense Of Dominance Over The Natural World The Mountain Paradise Of Monte Verit Promises Immortality, But At A Terrible Price A Neglected Wife Haunts Her Husband In The Form Of An Apple Tree A Professional Photographer Steps Out From Behind The Camera And Into His Subject S Life A Date With A Cinema Usherette Leads To A Walk In The Cemetery And A Jealous Father Finds A Remedy When Three S A Crowd

If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination Few writers have created magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.In many ways the life of Daphne du Maurier resembles a fairy tale Born into a

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    in calculating my enjoyment of this collection, i might have made a mathematical error there are six stories in this collection, and i only disliked one of them granted, the one i disliked was the longest story, which gives it negative weight, but my love of the last story was so great that i think i shall round this up to four stars there since there are only six stories, it is not a trial for me to review them separately The Birdsyeah, we ve all seen the movie but du maurier s story is completely different, except for the central premise fact that birds are evil hers is a much pastoral story, where the action revolves around one family s attempts to keep the aggressive birds out of their house, but the attacks are of course much wider reaching it s terrifically tense with the window pecking and chimney invading, and the family s attempts to turn their small home into a fortress in the small windows of opportunity between massive bird invasions goddamn birds Monte Veritathis is the one i thought was barf it starts out promising but it just goes on and on and then gets all weird and flaky with all that ineffable imagery that i find so tedious in authors like lovecraft this story made me really grouchy The Apple Treethis one is darkly comic with an unlikeable, unreliable narrator recently widowed and glad of it finally he is free to do as he pleases, living like a bachelor without the pesky sighing martyrdom of his wife invading his relaxing space with her relentless housework and negative attitude but there s this apple tree, see, and it is starting to remind him of her dauntlessly clinging to life, keeping the other, younger, prettier trees in its shadow, producing fruit that everyone else finds pleasant but tastes rancid in his mouth and he starts to HATE that tree it starts to haunt his every waking moment and ruin his peace of mind and he is going to have to do something about it this is a great slow burning character study of a man who is bitterly angry with limited self awareness man vs tree who will win The Little Photographerthis is another great character study, with a fantastic shift in readerly loyalty it concerns a beautiful, lonely marquise left to her own devices on holiday with her two young daughters while her husband tends to his business needs she married an older man for the glamor of his title, but has found that it is not at all as rewarding as she had imagined, and is a very shallow existence of keeping up appearances and tedious public engagements she envies her friends with their romantic dalliances and the freedom they have in their unscrutinized lives, and decides to take advantage of her unsupervised situation by having an affair with a young awestruck photographer whom she uses for the physical pleasures while treating him with indifference and lording her social superiority over him but when he starts to get a little clingy, she has to protect herself, right Kiss Me Again, Strangera young man falls hard for an enigmatic beauty with some serious baggage it has the feeling of a ghost story without any actual ghosts, and it a fantastic cautionary tale about finding out some details about a lady before you go getting all starry eyed pretty girls make graves and all The Old Manoh, man i am not going to say anything about this story except that du maurier blew my everlovin mind with this one COMPLETELY caught by surprise i was reading it and going blah blah blah why do i care about this situation and the OUT OF NOWHERE she yanked the rug out from under me, and i fell in love with her best way to end a story collection ever so, yes four stars for the collection, no stars for that mountain story, and one million stars for that last story this is math.come to my blog

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    I am still in shock over how wonder this book was Each story perfect and haunting in its own unique way Each story just the right length, not a word too long, not a page too short Breathtaking storytelling from Du Maurier.

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    The Birds is one of my favourite movies, so I d predominantly brought this short story collection to see how the two compared.It s easy to see how the 40 page tale makes such an impact as there s a real sense of terror and being cut off from the outside world as the strangely sinister birds attack the Cornish farmhouse.Being set just after the Second World War also highlighted the way people could consume the news, with the wireless down the Hocken family are unaware of the scale of the situation.This edition also included five other stories that were quite enjoyable.

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    This collection of short stories was a spontaneous purchase in a secondhand book store The title story is prominently displayed on the front cover and that made me curious I really had no idea that Daphne du Maurier was the author of The Birds Well, it proved to be a very intriguing collection of supernatural stories They were a joy to read as they are all written in a very elegant and haunting prose The stories ranged from the apocalyptic to the mysterious, varying in atmosphere from tale to tale, such as the one about a really creepy haunting apple tree of all ghosts stories, this certainly is a really weird one and of a silly murderous Maquise on the south coast of France and another nice one about a female serial killer of aircraft pilots and ending with a few stories of only 10 pages or less The Birds was my favorite story and it is much scary and claustrophobic than Hitchcock s movie There is one image in that story which struck me as really terrifying, when the main character looks out over the sea and the sea is white as far as the eye can see, covered with floating seagulls that are waiting for the tide to turn to start their attack If Hitchcock would have used that image, it would have made a terrible impact All the stories were interesting in their own way and mood, except for Mount Verita , which gave me the impression that Ms du Maurier was perhaps under the influence of a narcotic substance, as it had that certain woozy atmosphere where the story evaporated into nothingness I read that there are other collections of short stories of Daphne du Maurier, including one with Don t look now , another story that was the basis for a terrific movie No doubt, that will be a pleasure to read as well.

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    Instead of a review, here is a love letter Dear Daphne, Have you heard that Cole Porter song I guess you are not one of those starry eyed romantics you would be much content with the sound of your typewriter keys or the scratch of the nib on a sheet of paper If not, well let me quote it for you verbatim Let s do it, Daphne Let s fall in love Of course, it will be an uphill task to woo you How can it not be I can imagine you, staring at me with your calm, quietly exquisite eyes and there is a question lingering at their edges What is all this now How come you fell in love with me, when we have not even met, when you happen to be living in an island city far away in India, that land of spices and seduction, while I am here in the gale swept coast of Cornwall forgive my limited knowledge of geography, Daphne darling And I suspect that you have evil designs, you might be trying to get rid of a lover no, no, it s not true, Daphne or you are merely infatuated with me, with how beautiful I must be looking and you don t really care about how I feel inside Yes, they might be very valid arguments and you would not like it too if I called you darling just for the fun of it But please, oh please, listen to me, Daphne, or at least just come back from the heavens and read what I have to write about this book of yours, a book of stories I am so sorry, dear, I could not read Rebecca or Jamaica Inn yet but they are on the way that really made me fall in love with your fingers I am sorry, I did not mean to objectify you that way or rather with that beautiful, maddeningly intriguing mind of yours that drove your fingers to write these stories Will you read this first, please Here it goes It begins with a flock of birds going a little restless in the throes of winter It ends with a pair of swans flying into the winter sunlit sky Six stories that are not entirely made of suspense, or even romance or tragedy Rather, six beautiful, haunting, richly suspenseful, romantic and even elegiac stories that leave the reader at the end with a swirling blend of these feelings at the same time Each story is melancholic, intense, brilliantly crafted and indelible than the last and while I am perfectly aware that one of them got filmed as a seminal horror film by a master filmmaker no, Daphne dear, even he cannot better you, darling , I will always treasure what you wrote first and as a favor to the uninitiated, I am not revealing even the names so that the suspense, horror and brilliance remain intact and untouched How dare does anyone spoil it all And these stories feature an extraordinary cast of people to be found in the most vivid dreams and the most horrifying nightmares No creatures or ghouls No monsters or aliens No zombies or vampires Just men and women, driven to the edge of reason and evil by their crazy, selfish, greedy, inscrutable hearts There are men weighed down with the burden of their toxic masculinity, there are other men who are struggling nobly against forces that they cannot quite fathom, there are women who are sad eyed and yet eloquent, there are women who claw and struggle for escape and there are many femme fatales to be found lurking in the shadows with their own heart breaking secrets Who, I ask now aloud, can create femme fatales as brilliantly as you do, Daphne And so, we are taken along on a mesmeric dance of beauty and terror, into the sweeping seaside and menacing, mysterious mountains, deep inside melancholic woods and on the desolate streets of London, set to the music of the weeping willows and the roaring gulls, the crash of waves on rocks and the drop of rain on the pavements Oh, it s positively lovely, like sin, like the night, like death I hope you liked it, Daphne Now, I urge you again, let s fall in love Let s go on a date some night, preferably in a double deck bus they have those too in my city as well , and dance a waltz among the graves in the night Or rather let s go to the countryside, perhaps to the coast my city is by the sea already and sit there to listen to the gulls and the waves And perhaps then, we can feel that love engulfing our hearts too And we can then stare each other down over dinner Just make sure that they don t serve apple pie for dessert And I imagine your reply But, you are so busy in the company of those men That man with the name of a colour I know he writes brilliantly and I admire that film he wrote as well but can t you leave him for a while, on his lascivious, lusty hunt for pot and drink and women across the world That is not that dignified a thing to do, you know And what about that bearded wizard who writes the funny papers as if they are novels He is up to no good too And what about that India loving imperialist poet I know he writes beautifully, no matter what he thinks of the Raj But still, how can you admire him so much And I lower my head humbly and with a faint voice of sad indecisiveness, I admit that they are family, crazy as they might be, but I cannot leave them completely And that does it You are already walking away and I go down on my knees and beg you to stay Oh, how I wish I had been a better man, a better lover, Daphne darling Please be mine.With Love, Zoeb

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    I watched Alfred Hitchcock s The Birds as a child, and now I read the original story for the first time.LINK 1 The Birds Of course it is the best story The sense of dread and tension is priceless And the depressing ending is also brillant too 2 Monte Verit I honestly don t know what this story is about, perhaps it is du Maurier s way of expressing her homosexuality and the desire to break from the mundane of the normal society.Kiss Me Again, Stranger it is the story I like best after The Birds, it is about a young man having a date with a young girl he had just met in the cinema I like how the young man s feeling of anticipation, nervousness and infatuation is described by the author, plus the plot keeps me guessing at who this girl really is is she a ghost and the ending still took me completely by surprise view spoiler she turns out to be an insane serial killer, but at least she lets the male lead go, alive Yet the same like the young man in the story, I cannot help but be infatuated with this girl, hehehe hide spoiler

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    There are some rather solid reasons why Daphne Du Maurier is one of my favourite authors She was a wordsmith, and she could tell an atmospheric story effortlessly, but, most importantly, she keeps me up at night, and that s a winning recipe to make me fall in love with an author Ever since I read Rebecca, I m always on the lookout for Du Maurier material that I can sink my teeth into This is my fourth Du Maurier book, and although I didn t love all six of the stories in here, I haven t been left disappointed.Maybe the most famous story in here, is The birds and it was told wonderfully, although, I ve not watched the film, so I m unable to make any comparison like so many do I don t think it was my favourite, though.The story I disliked was Monte Verita This was also the longest story in the collection I must say, I was completely intrigued at first, but as it went on, it felt terribly stretched, and the plot had lost it s way.The one that totally winded me, was the shortest of the collection, and it is called The old man I just did not see that ending coming It was pure Du Maurier magic.I m so glad I ve read this collection, and I d recommend it to anyone that loves Daphne Du Maurier as much as I do.

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    This was my first time reading a Du Maurier book and I think this was a very good place to start I feel like I got a good glimpse into various different stories that Du Maurier has written, and I particularly loved the title story The Birds This was my favourite because of the horror elements and the atmosphere that just really built over the course of the tale I really would recommend reading that if nothing else, but many of the others were also very strong The Birds This story is definitely what I look for in a short story It s creepy, ominous, eerie, and yet it also has a character you can sympathise with The story is fast moving, the threat looms, and the slightly detached feeling of dread sweeping the nation lends this a sense of the surreal Definitely food for thought, what if this really did happen, how would we survive Even today it would be hard to 5 sMonte Verita Definitely a gothic exploration based tale I like the concept of the convent in the mountain I think it s harder for me to connect with something I ve never done, but I enjoyed this all the same 3.5 sThe Apple Tree a good story if a slightly predictable one I enjoy the atmosphere that Du Maurier is so good at creating 3.5 The Little Photographer very French, very lustrous, very sinister I liked it 3 sKiss me again stranger Liked this one a lot it was shorter but the first person made it easy to get into and there was a cooler storyline overall Menacing ladies and silly young men 4 sThe Old Man well that was a corker I didn t see the ending coming, but it was a good little tale overall too and I like first person I think Reminded me a little of Of mice and Men with the isolation themes 4 sI would certainly recommend this collection, even though it has some I didn t love as much, and I think I may pick up of her work in future if The Birds is anything to go by I would give it a 4 s overall

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    Review of Kindle editionPublication date December 17, 2013Publisher Little, Brown and CompanyLanguage EnglishASIN Sales Rank 3848208 pagesThe Birds and Other Stories was originally published in 1952 as The Apple Tree A Short Novel and Several Long Stories In 1963 Penguin published a new edition as The Birds and Other Stories Also in 1963, Alfred Hitchcock released his movie adaptation of The Birds Another story from this collection, Kiss Me Again Stranger was a 1953 CBS television program.Editors Anthony Boucher and J Francis McComas reviewed the collection in the May 1953 edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Among other things they found that nearly half the work fell into the fantasy genre with some being close to science fiction with most being largely overlong and not too original I found this to be largely true with The Birds and Kiss Me Again Stranger being notable exceptions.The forward to this edition, by British writer David Thomson, can not match the elegance of du Maurier but does demonstrate some of why Thomson has been called such things as the greatest living film critic and historian Thomson, as might be expected, writes about cinema than du Maurier s stories He concentrates on Alfred Hitchcock s The Birds but he also provides looks at other du Maurier works which Hitchcock adapted to cinema Thomson reveals fascinating information about how Alfred Hitchcock made movies He also offers some insight into differences between authors and directors The forward is almost worth the modest price of this Kindle edition.My word du Maurier could write prose The first few pages of The Birds have an elegance, a way with words that I can only wish for but at this late date in my life never achieve But then very few can or have Along with this wondrous prose there is also du Maurier s ability to tell a story and create characters which draw in the reader All, taken together, make The Birds gripping reading and definitely worth the price of the Kindle edition.In the second story, wondrous prose can not prevent Monte Veritas , from meandering along tediously until it finally ends The end proves to have not been worth the journey At least not worth it to me It is one of those stories which I find to be almost pointless Besides, so much of the ending is given away at the beginning that there are few surprises Perhaps I would feel differently were the story shorter It would be easy to cut it by about 25% without losing anything of note A person of skill could probably could it by half The Birds is tense and gripping Monte Veritas is not The Apple Tree begins much like an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents If this had been Hitchcock, the husband, who finds his wife tiresome and unpleasant, would have murdered her But in this story she dies of natural causes and even in death will not leave the poor man in peace An interesting story which I found overly long with too much buildup and too little action The Little Photographer is an engaging story of boredom, adultery and the unintended consequences Kiss Me Again Stranger is a nice bit of horror which builds slowly to an almost inevitable ending But is it going to be supernatural or psychological The reader does not know what is going to happen but does know that it won t be good The Old Man is a peculiar, unexpected sort of story Of course it won t appeal to all but I liked it in a mild sort of way.

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    Daphne De Maurier is one of my favourite authors, but I ve been until recently unable to find my copy of her story The Birds until now This classic horror tale is undoubtedly worth reading and one of De Maurier s best works.

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