The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse Toy Town Older, Bigger, And Certainly Not Wiser The Old Rich, Who Have Made Their Millions From The Royalties On Their World Famous Nursery Rhymes, Are Being Murdered One By One A Psychopath Is On The Loose, And He Must Be Stopped At Any Cost It S A Job For Toy Town S Only Detective But He S Missing, Leaving Only Eddie Bear, And His Bestest Friend Jack, To Track Down The Mad Killer

When Robert Rankin embarked upon his writing career in the late 1970s, his ambition was to create an entirely new literary genre, which he named Far Fetched Fiction He reasoned that by doing this he could avoid competing with any other living author in any known genre and would be given his own special section in WH Smith from Web Site Story Robert Rankin describes himself as a teller of tall

[KINDLE] ❤ The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse ➜ Robert Rankin –
  • Paperback
  • 342 pages
  • The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse
  • Robert Rankin
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9780575074019

10 thoughts on “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse

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    The key thing that I have taken away from reading this book is that Titles cannot be trusted Certainly the title of this book is brilliant I even love the little chocolate bunnies on the cover, glaring at me as they plot The concept presented on the back of the book is intriguing and will force those of you with unusual senses of humor to consider the purchase This is the point that you need to stop yourself, because for all of the pretty packaging, this book does not deliver I am a huge fan of Pratchett, Gaimen and Adams Rankin does not belong anywhere near their ranks The premise of the story is simple, a young na ve boy travels to The City to find his fortune What he finds is that he is now in Toy City and teamed up with a raggedy bear trying to solve a string of homicides Seems interesting enough the problem is that where this book should have been brilliant, it is not even mediocre The dialogue is beyond irritating, pages and pages of dialogue where no one actually says anything It s like listening to two pre teens having a conversation all of the key nouns are left out, the point is left out, and you have pages and pages of them babbling about things that don t have any meaning The characters are flat, which I am sure many will argue But they are toys, they shouldn t have huge personalities What I am saying is that I shouldn t be able to interchange all of the characters names and get the same effect Everyone talks the same, reacts the same, functions the same, they are all interchangeable Now they bill this book as having sex, violence and debauchery Hmmm okay they visit a brothel, and we re told that sex did happen as far as violence, we get to see the aftermath sometimes, otherwise our main characters are just told by another bland character such and such was killed and that s the end of it Debauchery, well we re told they drink a lot, but then when they are supposedly drunk, they proceed to act exactly the same as they did before other than we have to read a paragraph or nine about how the floor looked when they woke up The writing style may seem cutesy at first as if you are being told this story by a 10 year old Well let me enlighten all of you who don t have the pleasure of a 10 year old at home they suck at telling stories They go on and on and on and never actually get anywhere The good thing is that you can tell your 10 year old Okay get to the point but you can t do that with a book You have page after page of description about the moon or the floor, or a house but have no idea what most of the characters actually look like Was Eddie a fuzzy teddy bear or a sleek velveteen bear Who knows What kind of toy was TinTo actually supposed to have been Was Humpty Dumpty actually an egg Or a real person At some points in the story they imply he was an egg, and then in others he was a regular human Then we get to the end I won t spoil it other than to say huh Where did that come from and why I honestly wouldn t recommend this book to anyone I thought was of sound mind or menial intelligence It s no page turner 1 out of 5 stars.

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    This is now the third investigation into the mysterious circumstances involving Humpty Dumpty s demise that I ve read, and I honestly think Jasper Fforde did it best in The Big Over Easy Here we have Jack, a 13 year old boy, and Eddie, a button eyed teddy bear who s an aspiring gumshoe, attempting to nab the culprit in a string of nursery rhyme character murders.I can t exactly say what went wrong here, but everything seems a little flat The fact that Eddie and Jack can t scrape up a personality between them may have something to do with it They re just not enchanting and their scenes together bored me to tears.If you like plot driven, mildly amusing fiction, then have at it I prefer SOLID chocolate bunnies.

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    Oh, what fun A very smart, self aware book, that disguises itself well as a pulp detective novel Whilst clearly being a book for adults, it s the little bits that are written as if they are for kids that endear the reader most to the style of writing, and, ultimately, the book as a whole For example, when we first meet Madame Goose, she is described thusly Madame Goose, who was a goose, and a very large goose was she It s a style that not only fits perfectly with the characters and situations, but also sets the book apart from any would be similar reads.It s easy to bond with the main characters, and before you know it you ll be wishing you could join them standing on your head at Tinto s bar.Perhaps the bunnies of the title could have played a bigger part, and sure the ending gets a bit silly, but that s the point It s a tongue in cheek satirical look sideways at noir fiction.And really, it s as good as.

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    Such a clever book loved Eddie Bear who is the MC and an alcoholic teddy bear who has to carry out the investigation after the real detective disappears.Humpty Dumpty is was boiled alive in his pool, Mother actually Madame as she runs a brothel in this story Goose was roasted and poor Little Boy Blue I just can t relive his death again It does descend into utter silliness from time to time and puns abound but that s the point It s a tongue in cheek satirical look at pulp fiction.

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    Are feeling deppresed Are stuck in rut Are you looking for inelegant book Well two out of three isn t bad.The Lonny as Chocolate tea pot brings another insane book The title along gives you an idea that is NOT series book but side splitting wet your knickers book.If this does not cheer you up you seriously need hospital help.Eddie Bear number 1 Toy Town Detective his friend Jack are hitting a disposable brutal murder.This Toy Story parody on acid.But it s Robert Rankin so what F kn hell do you expect

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    How could you possibly resist a title like The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse I was thrilled when the library finally got a copy read thru it in about a day I ve since bought my own copy Jack, a rather gangly young man, seeks his fortune After a rather harrowing encounter with a farmer, he makes it to The City not realizing it is Toy City, where the majority of the residents are living toys, while the humans are nursery rhyme characters, grown rich from their royalties Jack meets up with Eddie, the alcoholic teddy bear of Detective Bill Winkie, who went missing after investigating the murder of Humpty Dumpty As of the Old Rich are slaughtered, Jack and Eddie get wrapped up in the plot.A wondrous mix of fantasy and mystery, Rankin lets his imagination run wild in populating the semi seedy Toy City Jack starts out as a na f, but learns quickly as Eddie leads him through the investigation The writing is quite entertaining, and while the characters may be a bit one dimensional, it fits well with the overall theme Some of the British slang might trip up US readers, but if you re familiar with Douglas Adams, Pratchett and even Rowling, you should do just fine I ve seen several comparisons to Jasper Fforde s Thursday Next series I suppose in terms of the mystery plot and the literature references, but this had a bit darker feel to it, IMHO I saw of a semblance to Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland.Recommended to fans of unusual premises with a sense of humour however, I can t speak to how effective the mystery plot is.

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    This is the third Rankin book that I have read, and I still don t know if I like him.Rankin s ideas and titles are great, brillant, wonderful, yet there is something off about the books, something that doesn t quite fit, something that doesn t work Perhaps it is the length, maybe if the book was shorter there wouldn t be a problem Perhaps it because it feels as if Rankin is trying too hard to be funny and uses running gags that run too far.This book makes good use of nursey rhymes and toys At times it is almost as good as Terry Pratchett, but only almost and then only for a couple pages The age of Jack, 13, doesn t make sense unless, Rankin is trying to shock people or make use feel icky It doesn t work If a character is going to have underage sex, and if you are going to use underage sex as a selling point, than make the character act underage, not 25.There are some good parts, like how the some people are killed, Jack s reaction to the city, the use of plot and what should happen The book is a somewhat amusing read, but not great.

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    Brilliant.I read this book in a matter of hours I couldn t put it down It wasn t brain candy, sweet, light, fun but if you read too much you run the risk of mental cavities , and this wasn t great literature, but it was fun, innovative well written I m looking forward to reading of his work.

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    You can t quite put your finger on what it is about this novel that is very entertaining, which I find often to be the mark of a great read Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse is set in a pseudo fairy tale world where English nursery rhymes and their ilk are meshed together within a logical, sensible world It is a perfect mixture of fantasy, lunacy and the mundane worries of fairy tales Consider the sidekick Eddie s main problem throughout the novel Eddie is a stuffed bear with an analogy problem who can say as clever as but can not complete the analogy His principal concern is drink and the stuffing of his bear body One could make comparisons to Who Framed Roger Rabbit and other best of story settings but I m confident that those who have read this book would no longer feel the need to Hollow Chocolate Bunnies stays true enough to itself that a reader could only after completing the novel compare it to itself and that, I think, is the mark of a memorable story.

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    Robert Rankin is my favorite author who isn t distributed in the US While this may sound like faint praise, I really do enjoy his work It s silly, surreal, and thoroughly British riddled with in jokes and ex parte asides to the reader If someone dipped into my head and wrote books based on what I thought funny ought to be, the result might look like Hollow Chocolate Bunnies or Waiting for Godalming Keep your eyes peeled for the Big M, and always listen to your Holy Guardian Sprout.

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