The Guy on the Left (The Underdogs Book 2)

The Guy on the Left (The Underdogs Book 2) It Started With A Lie A Night Of Blurred Lines Between A Teacher And A Student I Wasn T Her Student, Yet It Was The Single Most Defining Night Of My Life I Ve Never Been The Man She Thinks I Am Most People Have No Idea About The Life I Ve Lived Or The Words That Ring True When It Comes To Me Still Waters Run Deep But You D Be Hard Pressed To Find A Coed On The TGU Campus Who Knows Otherwise Because I Ve Never Corrected Them The Clock Is Ticking Down, It S Fourth And Inches With The Ball Inside The One Yard Line And The Focus Is On Me, The Guy On The Left I Ve Never Felt Like A Football God, Inside I M Just Troy It S Time To Set The Record Straight For My Son, I Ll Find The Strength In Her Eyes, I M Determined To Gain Redemption I Will Have Them Both, Even If I Have To Take My Eye Off The Ball All Books In The Series Can Be Read As A Stand Alone


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  • The Guy on the Left (The Underdogs Book 2)
  • Kate Stewart
  • 01 May 2017

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    This was amazing LOVED IT When I read The Guy on the Right earlier this year, I fell in love That book was all kinds of epic and I was instantly intrigued with Troy, who was Theo s roommate Then we found out the connection between Troy and Dante and I knew I had to have his book I loved TGotR so much, I didn t know if this would be quite as good for me Well it was In fact, I think it was a tiny bit better Because along with being hilarious and a blast to read, it gave me all the feels And Troy Jenner Troy is Kate s best hero to date I was obsessed with this book Troy Jenner told a lie one night to a pretty girl, and his life was forever changed Troy and Clarissa meet at a bar and really hit it off Clarissa is a new teacher, and she believes Troy is one too A few months later, she finds out she s pregnant And then she finds Troy And then she finds out Troy is not a teacher No, he s not a teacher at all He s an 18 year old high school student Clarissa is devastated and than a little upset, which is understandable This puts her entire career, her entire life in jeopardy She shuts Troy out and never wants to see him again Fast forward 5 6 years later Even though Troy has never met his son, he s always done the best he can for him He s been on the sidelines, watching out for them and helping when Clarissa will let him But now that he has his life together, he s a senior in college and headed to the NFL, he feels like he can approach Things are about to get hella complicated for all parties involved He s so smart, my son My son He wasn t a mistake I refuse to believe it I will be whatever he needs For my son It s time to be a father My absolute favorite thing about this book was Troy and Dante s relationship Troy really stepped up for him, and not only became a constant present in his life, but also his best friend It was truly the sweetest, most heartwarming thing to witness There were so many scenes between these two that made me laugh hysterically I adored them together I have to admit, it took a little while for me to warm to Clarissa But I do understand why she made the choices she did Not only was the familial aspect of this story fantastic, but the romance was great as well It was steamy, sweet, and messy at times, but it was still beautiful Kate Stewart does the best job of writing love story s that are a bit of a mess, but still perfectly imperfect I know I ve said it once, but it bears repeating Troy Jenner is the best hero Kate has ever written That s hard for me to say because I love her Jack and Reid, but Troy truly takes the cake for me I m lucky you re mine He turns to me, his eyes filling with emotion as I tell him my truth You ve surprised me, Troy In the best way I loved that The Guy on the Left wasn t a carbon copy of TGotR They are totally different books in a lot of ways, but both of them are equally wonderful If you re looking for a heartwarming story that has a little angst, a lot of laughs, and a ton of heart, pick this book up It s definitely one of my top top favorites of the year You and Dante, you redefined my dreams My everything is yours

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    It pillaged my HEART, it devoured my SOUL, it has permeated in all my SENSES It s NOT just a story, It s designed specially to give hope to common people like US, that Underdogs DO get their place in the sun The Meek SHALL inherit the Love one day Oh my Achey Breaky Heart, be stillit swooned so fast and so often at Troy Jenner, it s dislodged from my chest and is lying panting between the pages There s no story if you give up I have the privilege of calling Kate my friend and her integrity and sensitive personality is what first attracts you to her That same honesty and subtlety mirrors in her writing Very nuanced and refined, her penchant for picking up characters who are back benchers, stand in the second row, often invisible to Supple Coeds or cheerleading groupies and bringing them in the forefront is not boxed in any trope and Genre.This could be a second chance, could be student teacher or could be a sports romancebut it s NONE OF THE ABOVE.Its so much MORE Love, endurance, persistence, redemption, absolution loyalty There s no story if you give up Only in her skillful hands can an underdog rise up to dislodge all the Alpha Macho Men and win the readers hearts with their sincerity, their passion and their earthiness. I d fall in love with a Theo or a Troy any day cause they re REAL They re struggling, they make mistakes, commit blunders, they lie, they omit truths.BUT they know a good thing when they see it and clasp it with both hands and never let go Tell me that isn t the man of your dreams, who ll be there for you in sickness and in health, in babysitting and child support, in fending off scowling besties and smarmy Co workers.Simplistic in detail, yet so deeply immersed in sentiments, it s a coming of age and coming to senses story of a lustful night that gets a bit colorless and stark in the daylight Troy Jenner, who we met as Theo Houseman s roommate in The Guy On The Right, gave an impression of being a happy go lucky, skirt chasing Jock and it s true to a certain point But this book reveals his personality in full 3D Love requires a little bit of idiocy and a hell of a lot of bravery, I wallowed happily in the puddle of his chin dimple, lived for his smirk smile and my heart went twirling merrily at his tight, sexy Ass on full display when he wore a leaf blower s costume screeeeeech wait whaatt Yep Kate is in Full On quirky and weirdo mode here Weirdo means you ll never be boring, right Yup it s the MOST INTERESTING and ENTERTAINING series ever Troy surprised me with his genuineness, his dedication and loyaltyClarissa turned out to be the strong woman, who instantly took upon the Mama Bear person and stuck to her guns She s smart, independent, hardworking, although a bit lacking in self worth.I got frustrated at times at her, wanted to shove her aside and go jump on Troy like a spider monkey and he could take methe guy is a buffed up Footballer, so..But the HERO of the story is LegitLife Dante Arden He s sassy, super smart, a genius techie and downright adorable He sees all, feels all and hears all and he has no filterduh Is Troy your boyfriend No Because you re too old Yes, because Mommy is old, and her skin s no longer supple What s stupple mean That s supple It means I m a weathered old fart who has nothing on the coeds What s a coed Eat your breakfast I can sit here all night singing it s praises or I can shove it in your faces and nag you till you read it, and I willThe Guy On The Left was definitely NOT BatmanThe Guy On The Right is definitely NOT a Kid anyWonder what The Guy In The Middle will be guess Gotham isn t safe tonight 6 stars for Fourth and Inches BookBistroBlogApproved Follow me on BookBistroBlog gmail.comhttps BookBistroBloghttps

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    3 starshmm not sure how or what to feel after reading from the previous book, we found out that Troy is actually the dad of Clarissa s son their neighbour , and i was kinda hesitant to read this because of how Troy was portrayed in Theo s book but i m so glad i read this though.Troy is your typical popular, man ho jock but is he really yeah sometimes but his relationship with his son, Dante was what won me over but his relationship with Clarissa ehhh that s debatable and a side note you really have to read The Guy on the Right before this because there were some key scenes there that wasn t shown here what i liked Dante and Troy they were just sooo CUTE Dante s successful career as a vlogger i stan this if he was real, i would totally buy his merch in a heartbeat even though they cost 60 bucks Theo and Laney snippets i miss these two dorks and did i mention Dante i feel like i need to mention him a few times because that kid was the highlight in this book without him, i would ve been bored as hell what i disliked SPOILERS Troy sleeping around for the first 3 months first 30 ish% they started talking, while Clarissa stayed innocent.truthfully, i didn t care about this because I didn t connect with Clarissa so i didn t feel the usual anger i feel whenever this is a trope i just hate how he has feelings for her but still sleeps around and Clarissa basically stayed celibate the entire time she dated this dude Brett that we didn t even meet till the last part of the book but there was no development there whatsoever but Troy s reasonings about sleeping around were so confusing and jumbled up one time he says he does it because he s stressed and then another time he said that he was afraid of commitment i don t know this whole ONS OW in the beginning just lessens the credibility and genuineness of his claims that he only wants her and again, actions speak louder than inner monologue his actions were louder when it came to being a dad to Dante but not as a boyfriend to Clarissa the drama at the end.Troy was being unfair here i really don t like when a heroine is the one who s begging for forgiveness, grovelling, or moping when they had the right to not trust the hero i mean, i understand both sides but Troy literally blamed everything on her and didn t own up to HIS own mistakes and he s also kind of a hypocrite when heroine rejected him or was mad at him, he quickly had a ONS with Theo s ex this scene was in Theo s book but it was glossed over here but when he got mad at her because she needed OM s help since she needs to work TWO jobs, he broke up with her and basically ignored her while she moped around i dislike of the main reasons why he broke up with her in the first place is because she asked for OM s help and it made it seem like she didn t need the H what kind of cavemen bs is this goddamn, like calm down Troy she s doing it for YOUR son but ok didn t connect with Clarissa at all.even though i ve been going on and on about how annoying Troy s actions were, i just didn t care about Clarissa honestly, all i care about is Dante THAT S IT i realllyyy wanted to like this one but it was honestly just meh compared to The Guy on the Right nothing really happened here and i didn t feel any giddiness when it came to the romance because was there even one

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    5 Exceptional stars When it comes to writing multi dimensioned characters and stories with emotional depth, there are only a handful of authors that are on my list Colleen Hoover, Penny Reid, JT Geissinger, Kate Stewart and Alessandra Torre, to mention a few.After The Guy on the Right, I couldn t imagine how Stewart would redeem Troy or that his story could surpass Theo s But, wow WOW.I was blown away, crying one minute yet dissolving into hysterical laughter the minute Dante opened his mouth and what a mouth I fell in love with almost all the characters Clarissa, Dante, Troy s mom, Parkereveryone It takes a special kind of author to make you committed even to the most minor character Stewart s talent is incredible Bravo

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    Signed Paperback and 50 GC GIVEAWAY The Guy on the Left is NOW LIVE FREE to read with KINDLE UNLIMITED Grab your copy here US UK CA AU ABOUT THE BOOK It started with a lie A night of blurred lines between a teacher and a student.I wasn t her student, yet it was the single most defining night of my life.I ve never been the man she thinks I am.Most people have no idea about the life I ve lived or the words that ring true when it comes to me still waters run deep.But you d be hard pressed to find a coed on the TGU campus who knows otherwise because I ve never corrected them.The clock is ticking down, it s Fourth and Inches with the ball inside the one yard line and the focus is on me, The Guy on the Left I ve never felt like a football god, inside I m just Troy.It s time to set the record straight.For my son, I ll find the strength.In her eyes, I m determined to gain redemption.I will have them both, even if I have to take my eye off the ball.ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE

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    To be perfectly frank, Troy s book has been one of my most highly anticipated reads of this entire year I have been literally dying for the story of the Texas Grand football superstar and his single mom neighbor since I was first introduced to him in The Guy on the Right I was DESPERATE for the story behind this guy, this womanizing athlete with a reputation that preceded him but who definitely seemed misunderstood by the time I d finished Theo s book Well Let me just say, Kate Stewart brought it with The Guy on the Left and I was here for all of it This book took every expectation I had for Troy s book and BLEW THE HELL OUT OF THEM This was a story of second chances This was a slow burn enemies to lovers romance This was a story full of angst and push and pull and the most EPIC, LUSH ROMANCE This was a book that was so SEXY, so STEAMY, so PERFECTLY PACED The fierce attraction and the palpable tension and the relentless war of emotion had me feeling like it was 2012 all over again and I d just discovered why the romance genre was my jam I didn t want to go to work I didn t want to go to sleep I never wanted out of Troy s orbit I m still desperate to go back I honestly don t even have words Troy stole my heart in this book for every single unquantifiable reason For his dynamic with Dante For his selflessness and his devotion and his sweetness and for all the ways he was never what we thought he was For how determined he is to deserve a shot For how much he loves his mother For the way he blows leaves For the way he stands up for himself, for what he wants, for people that deserve it For the way he demonstrates who he is and, later, the way he says it out loud For the way he grows up into exactly what Clarissa doesn t even know she needs I can t fully describe how much I loved him but he came through and just ended wayyyyyyyy high up on my list of top favorite romance heroes everrrrrr.Kate Stewart slayed with this book She can t write the same book twice so you never actually know what you ll get when she delivers a new story She upped her game yet again with The Guy on the Left and I could not have possibly loved this book I laughed my ass off on every page This book mixes angsty, heart wrenching romance with the smart hilarity of a rom com and the result was nothing short of SUPERB Parker s dialogue, Dante s one liners, the antics these characters get up to amidst the most complicated, deliciously painstaking love story was everything I could ve ever wanted I was head over heels in love and lust with every page of The Guy on the Left It s not only one of my top favorite reads from this author but it s one of my favorite romances of the year I can not say enough about Troy and I wouldn t want to if I had the words Read it Feel it Fall in love with him as I did Let Kate Stewart s absorbing storytelling take you through the most unforgettable story of forgiveness and determination and just feel all the things You HAVE to read this book and I highly recommend reading Theo s book first just so you can fully appreciate Troy s journey It s phenomenal It s epic It s unbelievably romantic, the kind that cracks your heart and melts it and claws it s way in and never relents Start there and then brace yourself for The Guy on the Left because Troy s story is one that will MAKE YOUR ENTIRE YEAR.

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    5 Stars ARC provided by Wordsmith Publicity Troy Jenner is a college senior at Texas Grand University He plays football for the Texas Grand Rangers, and is one of their star players He has a reputation as a playboy athlete, and is the golden boy of TGU School and football have been his life for years He has dreams of the NFL, but the one thing that consumes his thoughts is a moment from his past that would shape, change, and define his life A lie he told that would forever haunt him It s been tearing him apart for years, and he s finally ready to do something about it The only thing that matters to him are playing ball, and making a connection with his boy He s no longer an immature teenager, and he needs to know his son Clarissa Arden is a high school teacher in Texas who becomes a single mom at the age of 23 when she has a no strings hook up with a gorgeous guy She later learns he s a student Not her student, but still a teenager She s angry and feels betrayed She vows to never forgive him for putting her in this position After almost six years he shows up on her doorstep She s leery of his intentions, and used to doing things on her own She tries to ignore how ridiculously sexy he still is, but no matter how hard she d tried, she s never forgotten the hottest night of her life Now 29, Clarissa is still just as stunning as Troy remembers He is suddenly infatuated with her, and soon realizes he wants to be a part of her life too, but she doesn t trust him Actions speak louder than words, and he plans to prove himself It will take time, but he s determined not to give up He just wants a chance He s never felt this way before Could he actually be to Clarissa than the neighbor, or her baby daddy Will she let him close enough to capture her heart You re the only one who s seen me, in years You re all I see, all I can feel I ve never in my life felt so worshipped, so intoxicated by a man s touch I ve never, ever, been kissed like this The Guy on the Left An Underdog Love Story, book 2 by Kate Stewart is a heartwarming, emotional, unforgettable story about love, redemption, and second chances It s a hilarious enemies to lovers romance about a misunderstood guy who is nothing like he appears to be Everything about this book was perfection My new Kate Stewart favorite book and book boyfriend I fell in love with all the layers of this beautiful man I didn t think it was possible to top Theo from The Guy on The Right, but OMG, then Kate gives us T R O Y This character will check all your boxes The way he loves with his whole heart and soul is breathtaking I can t quit thinking about Troy Jenner NOW AVAILABLE

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    Kate Stewart writes the best heroes I didn t think she was able to top Theo Houseman from The Guy On The Right but she did Troy motherfucking Jenner Lord my ovaries were working overtime while reading TGOTL Troy knocked Theo off the number 1 spot and claimed it Phew what a man indeed.After being introduced to Troy in The Guy On The Right I just knew and hoped I would get his story cause there was so much potential and I was intrigued as hell by his behavior and his interaction with his female neighbor Clarissa and her son Dante Yes, Dante is Troy s kid but how he was conceived and was transpired between Clarissa and Troy are a whole different matter A lie that caused a friction between the two of them but Troy wants to make amends To prove himself worthy Not only to his son and Clarissa but also to himself He succeeds Big time.The Guy On The Left is an emotional, honest and angsty slow burn redemption story I appreciate the author for making Troy and Clarissa take their time getting together, cause a lot of unresolved issues and fears had to be resolved before anything serious could happen between them They had to get to know one another from scratch and that takes time Along with Troy slowly getting to know and spend time with his son His and Clarissa s friendship turned into a beautiful courtship where trust and their son were the primary focus Yes, it s Troy s redemption story but it takes two to tango and Clarissa is not without blame They both made mistakes and she too had to prove herself I fell hard for Troy, Dante and Clarissa Also her bestie Parker was terrific A wonderful ensemble of characters TGOTL is different from book 1 in the Underdog series and that s what makes it even special to me It s witty, angsty and so romantic The perfect mix and with Kate Stewart s flawless writing and humor to boot it s a winner She delivers every time I want to be MRS Jenner 5 Pretty Fucking Mess Stars

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    Same as always while she has to deprive herself of other relationships to raise her child he certainly had no problem moving on with other women I don t know how long these authors will persist in these ridiculous double standards Women today may well have time to raise their children and enjoy male company WE ARE NO MORE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY FOR GOD S LOVE And Zero might well have waited less time to take approach with his son, but he was certainly too busy to take on its real responsibility And he is a book boyfriend Definitely not for me Too much sexism See for yourself Zeroin I take the streets that lead toward home thinking of how long it s been since I ve been on a date A year Longer I tell Parker all the time to take a chance and put herself out there, all the while not taking my own advice It s a lot harder to simply date around with sensitive ears and an impressionable boy to keep in mind For years it s been just the two of us, and I ve been content with that Zero I know that my verbiage at times may be a bit harsh with the ladies, I can see it in the faces of the women I bed That, in and of itself, has given me my reputation But I live with my guilt, and my regret daily, so the words tend to come easy when it s time to speak up I fuck like there is no tomorrow because there isn t During my morning coffee on the porch yesterday, I d caught him escorting a girl out on her walk of shame She looked melancholy as he bid her goodbye He might be capable of fathering as he claims, but he s still a wildly sought after college senior, apparently still getting where the getting is good And I can t exactly blame those women, Troy is ridiculously appealing, with his athletic build and natural swagger I m sure to women of all ages and types, Troy s that guy I don t expect Clarissa to catch wind of any rumors on campus, but she s caught me once or twice bidding farewell to a couple of girls on the way out, even though I ve taken special care to get them gone before Dante wakes So he moved into the next apartment to continue fucking around and spends than a half of the book doing that and make his son s mom witness it And at the end who do you think had to crawl and beg for forgiveness I tell you I hit on another woman, and you tell me you love me He shakes his head, his eyes incredulous Can t you see how fucked up we are I don t want to live like this any Me neither She slides a hand down my jaw I m so sorry I hurt you You did everything right From the minute you stepped up to my door You re right I gave you hell and not enough of what you deserved But I do respect you, Troy, and I trust you, for whatever it s worth Hey, when did you get in I stifle my cries in my hand, knowing I m taking too damn long to reply J j just a minute ago I wanted to take a quick shower before I tucked him in, my voice cracks and I wince hoping he didn t hear it He pauses outside the door, and I know I ve given myself away He s still punishing me, and for him, I ll endure it, in hopes one day he ll forgive me In hopes that one day, he ll look at me the way he did just weeks before Parker told me today that he waited over six years for me to see him for who he really is It s now my loyalty in question and my own redemption I m after..Are you kidding me right My goodness I give up on this shit.

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