The First Fowler (A Green Ember Story, #2)

The First Fowler (A Green Ember Story, #2) Jo Shanks bears the flame as S.D Smith reveals of the unfolding story that is changing all of Natalia, and our hearts as well.Reading these novellas from The Green Ember series is like looking at something from a different angle I read this before giving it to my kids for Christmas They did a happy dance when they unwrapped it I am thankful for Smith s underlying worldview which shines through the courageous love of right in his characters The action kept us all turning the pages, and we have had fun discussing the various scenes and outcomes.Though dialogue heavy at times, The First Fowler adds layers of meaning to each beloved character from the series, from gruff Helmer to endearing Emma Finally, while I roll my eyes at Smith s snarky humor, my son incorporates it into his repertoire with glee. Another outstanding addition to the Green Ember chronicles I truly meant to make it last a couple of days, but couldn t stop reading I love the deeper look into Jo Shanks character, and the action was breath taking and kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation Can t wait for the next one A Green Ember Story Set After The Attack On Cloud Mountain And The Battle At Jupiter S Crossing In This Sequel To The Last Archer, Jo Shanks Is Back In Action Against The Preylord Tyrants Alongside Helmer And Emma, This Riveting Adventure Sees Jo On A Perilous Journey Where Survival And The Cause Itself Are At StakeFaced With A Calamitous Quandary, The Loyal Band Of Rabbits Must Break Out Of A Fatal Trap And Survive To Breathe Life Into The Fledgling Resistance An Heir In Peril An Archer Hunted From The Skies Who Will Hunt The Hunter This was a genuinely fun read It was very short and seemed slightly rushed, but anything Sam puts out I will gladly take in stride Can t wait for Ember s End RabbitsWithSwords Another fast paced installment into the side adventures of the Green Ember series It has the pacing of The Last Archer, but includes of the character insights and relationships we expect from Green Ember books Another win for S.D.Smith. I genuinely enjoy reading the Green Ember books to my kids, and I ve read every one to them It seems to me that Smith s writing is only getting better, his characters rounded and real The offshoot stories like this one are simpler and shorter than the main books, but they offer insight into characters in those main books.I m pretty sure I ve heard Smith say that the treacly stories our culture likes to tell kids don t serve them well and I know I believe that Green Ember includes real, mortal danger Some characters are seriously hurt Others die though there is no gore, and my littlest one isn t scared The rabbit slogan, My Life for Yours, carries real meaning The stories feel substantive because of their willingness to show evil and pain.The other part of their slogan, The Mended Wood, also carries real meaning, making these stories richly Christian without being preachy There is a little of the black hat white hat phenomenon going on in the books the raptors are just evil But the rabbits aren t all good they face internal dissension and betrayal And maybe kids need good and evil painted in clear colors, with a nice clear border between They need heroes to aspire to be like, which Smith provides in both masculine and feminine varieties And they need to learn to fear the roaring lion that does seek whom he may devour. Another must read book from S.D Smith Everyone in my family from 4 50 years old loved it Another great little book by S.D Smith The author frequently describes his works as new stories with an old soul His stories, this one included, highlight courage, sacrifice, compassion, family and hope Jo Shanks, the hero of The Last Archer, returns in another daring and dangerous mission for the rabbits against their wolf and raptor enemies Smith is excellent at portraying the relationships between characters, showing the humor even in the midst of trials and danger, and in showing the heart of imperfect heroes, striving for the good of others My boys both love the Green Ember series, and my 11 year old was kind enough to let me read this book first, while he re read all the other Green Ember books again to prepare to read this one It probably would be best not to read this, unless you ve read the Green Ember and the Last Archer first, but it is enjoyable even if you have not I am thankful for S.D Smith, and highly recommend all of his books This little book is another gem by Sam Smith When a package with the rabbits with swords symbol shows up at our house everyone gets excited This was no exception We ve all grown to love Jo Shanks, and this book puts him in the spotlight I listened to the Audible version since my kids had already snagged the physical book before I could and I throughly enjoyed the narrators voices. Jo Shanks is one of my favorites So happy that I got to spend time with him and I m glad I read it before my children take it and make it their own

S D Smith lives with his wife and four kids in West Virginia, because it would be weird to live with someone else s wife and four kids in West Virginia, or anywhere else, right Smith is the author of the middle grade adventure fantasy novels, The Green Ember, The Black Star of Kingston, Ember Falls The Green Ember Book II , The Last Archer A Green Ember Story, and Ember Rising The Green

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  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The First Fowler (A Green Ember Story, #2)
  • S.D. Smith
  • 24 March 2017
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