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lineup, theWant To Know A Secret It S About That Girl Over ThereDon T Look, But She S The One In The Power Suit With The Long, Black Hair And The Serious Expression, The One I M About To Go On A Date WithYeah, According To Her, She Accidentally Donated An Obscene Amount Of Money To My Charity The Lineup To Win Said Date But I Found Out The Truth Miss Button Up Blouse Has A Secret, Passionate Crush On Me I Didn T Know Her Name Until Two Days Ago, Despite The Friends We Have In Common Was I Oblivious ProbablyWas I Blind To It DefinitelyBut I M No Fool, I See It Now The High Heel Harlot Wants Than Just A Date With Jason Orson, She Wants To Be Able To Claim The Best Butt In Baseball As Hers Here S Another Secret She Has No Idea I Know Oh Meghan Quinn, you absolute goddess, you I honestly did not expect you to top Knox s story and then you gave me Carson, and I thought for sure nobody could top Carson, but then you gave me Jason Talk about a swoonworthy hero I don t think the smile ever left my face for the entire time it took me to read this sweet, charming and very funny love story Fantastic writing and storyline, wonderful characters, oodles and oodles of humor and so much heart and soul, The Lineup was such an entertaining and enjoyable read I was living for this book and especially for Jason and Dottie.Jason and Dottie s chemistry was explosive I LOVED every single thing about their relationship The way in which Dottie and Jason s personalities are so opposite was just phenomenal to read and I could just visualise it in my head A true testament to the talented storytelling prowess of Meghan Quinn There were so many sweet and adorable moments between the two of them Dottie and Jason s chemistry is undeniable and their story is unforgettably hilarious From the opening chapter, I knew I would be laughing hard and I did.A LOT The visuals of certain scenarios literally had me ugly snort laughing They had such an incredible relationship and the love that developed between them was real and true one that was worth fighting for I have to say, I absolutely adore Jason and his over the top Jason ness He is definitely a TOP forever favorite of mine This man is really something else and so unlike anyone I have ever read before He has a heart of pure gold, he s insanely hilarious, he s extra sensitive and isn t afraid to show his feelings He is pure happiness and he s everything that is good in this world His adorkable and ridiculously over the top ways had me smiling so big and laughing so hard He s sweet, caring, considerate and so selfless Jason is truly one of a kind and his antics are the best And a special mention has to go to Jason s biggest pride and joy his potato salad The Lineup is pure Meghan Quinn gold She hits this story way out of the park with her quick wit and her quirky humor I loved this book as much as Jason loves his potato salad It s equal parts funny and romantic with just the right amount of angst Meghan paints such vibrant pictures with her writing and I couldn t put this one down for anything Not only is this book one of my top 2019 reads, but truly one of my all time favorite Meghan Quinn books. Meghan Quinn knocks it out of the park AGAIN The Lineup is a perfect balance of laugh out moments, angsty feels, heartfelt emotions, and pure joy These characters are some of my favorites ever I had such a blast reading this amazing book BETA READ Release Date December 5, 2019 Actual Rating 5 stars Romantic Comedy Sports Romance Romcom fans can rejoice because we have another winning romance right here with The Lineup I always get giddy when Meghan Quinn writes a new book because I feel like I m revisiting friends Her characters are gems and it s not hard to fall in love with each one of them In the Lineup readers will become well acquainted with Jason and Dottie Their romance is thick with humor, the banter is hilarious, and the deep, all encompassing passion is swoon worthy Gosh, Jason just may be one of my favorite heroes that Meghan has written He and Dottie are a match made in heaven even though it took them a little while to come together It s a slow burn for sure because the two start off as enemies rather, Dottie can t stand him and makes it known but it s so much fun to watch I was rooting for Jason from the beginning and it was a blast to watch him tear down the falls that held her heart hostage It was a hoot too as I was laughing nearly every page Jason reminded me of Racer from Twisted Twosome If you haven t read that one, I HIGHLY recommend it It s a standalone in the series and one of my top favorites You can find it here TWISTED TWOSOME Why does he remind me of Racer, you ask His wittiness and snarky personality that had me rolling on the floor laughing just like Racer Jason may be a little feminine he isn t afraid to weep his words, not mine and has one of the most positive outlooks on life but their personalities are similar in so many ways I freakin LOVED IT Dottie is a little rougher around the edges She s a BOSS lady, doesn t give in easily, and really has no problem doing her own thing She s been burned in the past by men and doesn t take easily to Jason who won t take no for an answer The two don t hit it off right away or easily which leads to the hilarious banter, but when they do MAGIC Gosh, I really wasn t sure about them being good for one another at first, but they are really each other s perfect match Their chemistry hides in plain sight Anyway, I really LOVED this book I honestly didn t want it to end because I couldn t get enough of Jason I d love to try his potato salad He s such a charming, sweet man Meghan wrote him to perfection, and I think all the ladies are going to fight over him Hopefully he ll make an appearance in some future books Fingers crossed Otherwise I d just have to read this book all over again and I totally could that s how much I loved it If you re looking for a sweet, one of a kind romance with the most ADORABLE hero in the world then you won t want to miss The Lineup I can t imagine anyone being disappointed in this story It s truly a spectacular read, and I loved seeing Knox, Emery, Carson, and the rest of the gang 4.5 STARS Once again Meghan Quinn hits a homerun with the Brentwood boys The Lineup is Jason Orson s story He was first introduced in The Locker Room and played a large part in the shenanigans that take place in The Dugout, which is where I first fell in love with him Dorothy Dottie Domico was first introduced in The Locker Room as Emory s best friend Presently she s a fierce business woman who has been jipped by love She guards her heart like a fortress until it becomes impossible not to let Jason in.Jason Orson is the funny guy you want in your life The things that come out of this man s mouth were obscene yet somehow hilariously witty I couldn t get enough of him He has a sensitive side that you can t help but love and a possessive alpha side in the bedroom that is oh mama so hot Together, Dottie and Jason are explosive Their chemistry is undeniable What began as a relationship where Dottie is being a wench to Jason soon turns into a friendship of sorts The Lineup is a slowburn romance with lots of enticing moments, so when these two finally do get together it s so wonderful to see them as a couple Overall, I loved this book immensely However, I found myself already knowing what was going to happen I also felt the drama was unnecessary but hello sweet, sweet ANGST my dear friend I m a sucker for angst, especially when my heart aches and the end result is me balling like a baby Le sigh.I have nothing to say other than I truly love these boys Completely This is one my favorite series by Megha to date I m excited to see who she writes next, which to be frank I m hoping it s Walker Rockwell because he s so brooding and intense I need his pain in my life Edit was taken from the author s newsletter I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author through Hot Lanta Publishing Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. 5 5 Stars OH MY Jason Orson you are something else BestDamnTatoSaladEver The Lineup is book 3 in the brentwood baseball series and follows Jason and Dottie and although these books can be read as standalones to truly appreciate these characters I highly suggest reading The Locker Room and The Dugout firstThis is a book that will make you laugh so hard you will have tears in your eyes, then it ll rip your heart out and make you cry for a whole different reason but ultimately you will be left smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside thinking Jason what have you done to me It was deliciously slow burn, incredibly steamy, with a good mix of angst and some insane laugh out loud momentsThe best way to describe Jason is to use words from Dottie herself Oh my God Why is he such a moron An adorably sweet moron A moron that keeps tempting me to laugh He is loud, obnoxious, funny, has no filter but is also kind, warm, sensitive and so damn loveable and I hear he makes the best potato salad you will ever eatDottie is the defitnion of a Boss Woman She is career orientated, strong, distant at times, doesnt hold back but is also vulnerable, sweet, loyal and caringI loved this story so much and I m constantly amazed at how Meghan keeps hitting it out the park with the dialogue in her stories, by far these books have some of the best dialogue and funny scenes ive ever read and I can t wait for stories especially Holt and Cory book aesthetics made by me I do not own the pictures, all found via pinterest Thank you to Meghan and Candi Kane PR for providing me with an arc in exchange for my honest opinion and review 4.5 It s a Mystery What Goes On In My Brain StarsThis book This book drove me batshitcrazy on all levels.I think that s the only way to put it It definitely hit all the right romance buttons for me, but it also had my eyes hurting from all the rolling they ended up doing because Jason and Dottie definitely conjured up their own kind of endearing, frustrating, swoon worthy roller coaster of a ride that was difficult to get off of.Jason and Dottie I actually wrote out my typical I like this about themetc thing and then realized that it gave away waaaaayyyy too much when it comes to these two So, I will say this I loved them in the end but man did they try me Both definitely are so complex, so much than anyone even those closest to them could ever realize They have huge hearts and great personalities and yet they both had me wanting to Gibbs smack them as much as I was laughing at and with them while wanting to hug them With such varied feelings towards them it should come as no surprise that their journey to the HEA had me feeling the same But while their actions, reactions, thought processes or lack there of drove me batshit crazy, there were a few truths I can t deny The main, and most important, truth is that I really liked them together They simply fit together and, not to sound cheesy, but they completed each other And when things went sideways and upside down Well, I was simply team getyourshittogether and thankfully they did.This one was definitely a ride, but also a great addition to the series There was a good mix of things that had me laughing, groaning, and swooning to keep things interesting and me turning the pages to see what would happen next I loved catching up with Knox, Emery, Carson and Millie and I m still all about Cory, but now there is a newbie on the sceneWalker Yup If anyone needs an HEA it s this guy So toes crossed that there are plans in place for that to happen Note This can be read as a stand alone, but the books are interconnected, so, IMHO, it will be a lot fun if you start at the beginningCopy provided by the author voluntarily reviewed 4.25 Stars 4 Steam Fans Video review available in Week 48 Nov 24 30 weekly book reviews For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Steph s Romance Book Talk She first saw him in college, talking to his friends Tall, broad, sculpted by his many hours in the weight room His personality was larger than life and she was too shy to approach him.Now he s a professional baseball player, she s a confident CEO, her crush is still strong, and she has a chance at winning a date with him.Should she enter HOT baseball pants College Crush Slow Burn with an EXTREMELY hot end Baseball player with all the ALPHA swoon Romantic Comedy that will melt your heart Meghan Quinn has once again knocked it out of the park And yes, I obviously had to use a baseball reference because duh, this series is about baseball players THIS BOOK Holy heck this book was right up my alley The never ending laughing fits, low on drama, sweetness overload, stars in your eyes romance, hot steamy and so many swoony moments I was living for this book and especially for Jason and Dottie.Dottie is a boss lady kicking butt and taking names She s a take no prisoners kind of woman She s fierce, independent and hard working And because of what her ex did to her it changed her and made her build a wall around her heart But even with her tough exterior there is that soft and tender side to Dottie, though she doesn t show it, but it s there nonetheless.Jason Orson has definitely become a TOP favorite of mine Geez louise this man was something else He has a heart of pure gold, he s insanely hilarious, he s extra sensitive and isn t afraid to show his feelings, he s is pure happiness and he s everything that is good His adorkable ways had me smiling so big and laughing so hard He s sweet, caring, considerate and so selfless He s just so amazing and I found myself loving him so hard.Dottie and Jason s chemistry is undeniable And even though Dottie tries to play it down, there s no denying what Jason makes her feel Their personalities are so opposite, but they each learn from the other These two had me laughing nonstop, squealing in delight and then screaming GetYourIshTogether In the end though I was quite happy, not gonna lie.The Lineup is pure Meghan Quinn gold It s bursting with humor, filled with so much heart and soul and with wonderful characters I found myself laughing my a and then becoming an emotional mess I loved this book as much as Jason loves his potato salad And it was such a delight to catch up with the other characters from the previous books All in all The Lineup was an entertaining and enjoyable read I couldn t get enough of Definitely recommend this book and this series I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book

I was in high school I occasionally read books but was consumed by other teenage things so I didn t take the time to appreciate a good book on a cloudy day, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch It wasn t until I received a Kindle for Christmas one year that my world completely flipped upside down When looking for books I came across the Contemporary Romance genre and was sold and I haven t turned back since You can either find my head buried in my Kindle, listening to inspiring heart ripping music or typing away on the computer twisting and turning the lives of my characters while driving my readers crazy with anticipation I currently reside in beautiful Colorado Springs where the sun is always shining and there is a trail waiting to be hiked on every corner I share a lovely and warm home with the love of my life and my five, four legged children.

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