Trouble (Dogwood Lane, #3)

Trouble (Dogwood Lane, #3) She Wants Something Real He Wants Something Now Together They Re Trouble In USA Today Bestselling Author Adriana Locke S Sexy And Funny Twice In A Lifetime Love Story With His Shameless Grin And Let S Play Swagger, Carpenter Penn Etling Leaves Women Wanting In Dogwood Lane What Do They Get Avery Perry Knows A One Night Stand She S Been There She Remembers Every Hot Pulse As If It Were Yesterday But Penn He Doesn T Remember A Thing Now He S Making New Moves, And Avery S Not Falling For Trouble Again Is She How Could The Beautiful Stranger Resist Him Avery Is Going To Be A Challenge For The Bad Boy She S The Kind Of Woman Who Digs Deep Deep Enough To See There S To Penn Than Meets The Eye But First She Has To Give Him A Chance She Has To Say Yes Could She Also Be The Woman To Make Him Change His Playboy Ways When These Two Come Together, It S Hard To Pull Them Apart But With Love And Trust On The Line, Can Avery And Penn Get What They Both Want This Time For Keeps

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  • Trouble (Dogwood Lane, #3)
  • Adriana Locke
  • English
  • 06 January 2018

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    4.5 Stars Trouble is the third book in the Dogwood Lane series and tells the story of Penny, and I have to say that this book was a pleasant surprise and I really enjoyed it I think it s easily my favorite in the series so far Penn is a cheerful, fun boy who can t be disliked A stud from the small town they live in who is afraid of commitment In his brief appearance in previous books I confess that I didn t put much faith in him, but here, knowing him better, he won my heart.He is a boy with a heart of gold and it was impossible not to smile and fall in love with his journey by falling in love and navigating this world unknown to him Avery is a great protagonist too, and the perfect match for Penn.I loved how she made him fight for her attention, and I loved seeing her little by little deal with her relationship with Penn and the new life she was forming Together they formed a couple that melted my heart and made me smile throughout the book with their sweet, clever and shrewd dialogues.In addition to the novel, I loved reviewing the small town vibe that the author created here I loved seeing the friendship of Penn and Matt and Avery being so well received by the city.Trouble is a lightweight book with no surprises along the way, but it s a beautifully written story with charismatic characters and a captivating story I don t know if we will have stories from this universe, but it is my wish that Matt will also win his happy ending in the near future.I Received an unreleased copy of this book

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    Penn is quite thehe swell he s one of a kind that s for sure, I d eff a unicorn Penn looks around the table What I would Penn s wooing is quite unique, I hope your dreams are as sweet as your I liked this book, I adored Penn.

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    i just wanna say, this is the perfect title for Penn and Grace s book.

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    I always think I ve found my favorite Addy character and then in her next book I m proven wrong Penn, oh wow He s got himself a heart of gold And I think my favorite thing about Penn is that he doesn t even know how special and amazing he is And Avery, she s a sweetheart and just what Penn needs in his life And not to mention this town I love the towns that Adriana writes That probably sounds kind of ridiculous but I can t help it When I m done reading her books I want to go jump between the pages and not only meet the characters but visit the town This trip to Dogwood Lane was another success for me I loved this book and I really truly adore and love Penn

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    Throughout the series so far, I ve been waiting for Penn to finally meet his match, and Avery is definitely the one I mean, I wanted to punch him even while I understood why he acted like a jerk But I loved how his good memories and his friends played a big part in the story, and helping him realize he deserved love Avery is absolutely awesome, and I m glad they got this second chance Now, I can t wait for Matt s story and any other planned in this incredible little town

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    Adriana rocks my world with her light, lovely stories Penn and Avery are an excellent combinationLiving, learning and loving Thanks for another awesome is it still used story

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    This book is about a girl, Avery, who leaves the life of people only wanting her so they could move themselves up the ladder through her family name She wants something different something She wants something real So one day she decides to move from LA to a small town called Dogwood Lane, to move in with her aunt Her first day there she doesn t expect to run into her ruggedly handsome one night stand, Penn.Penn is well known for his ways around town with the women and never settling for anything than a night with someone so when she remembers him but he doesn t remember her she keeps it to herself Despite the heat growing between them and the endless flirting, Avery knows she can t give into him again not that kind of trouble again Not the kind she just ran away from But will resistance be enough Or will Avery be the one girl to finally change Penn s playboy lifestyle if she ll only give him another chance I cannot begin to tell you all how much I loved this book I could not put it down and desperately did not want it to end Penn is hilarious with his non stop innuendos and Avery is strong enough to handle him unlike some of the other girls I love how Adriana went deep into their backstories and built up Matt s character so you could really feel how close of a friendship him and Penn have I always love dual POVs so you can get a better feel for both characters personalities There were so many times where I found myself yelling at Penn saying What the hell is wrong with you or Don t do that What are you doing Get your shit together Lol you know it s a good book when you start yelling at the characters Adriana pulls you in with this story and captivates you right away You will love the characters You will get frustrated with the characters You will laugh with the characters You really do not want to miss reading this one It s gold I m telling you You won t want to adult until you ve devoured each and every page in this book

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    Adriana Locke has brought back all the lovable characters to Dogwood Lane You become part of the small community in this small town when you are reading this series.Avery has moved to Dogwood Lane to get away from all the Hollywood self centered people who have only ever used her for her connections Even her family use her to move forward against each other.She moves in with her Aunt Harper The first day in the hair salon she is up on a ladder trying to hang a speaker when Penn Etling walks in, she falls from the ladder and he catches her Penn has grown up all his life in Dogwood Lane He has tried to hide all the good deeds he helps the residents Like fixing the broken step of the Inn run by a 90 year old lady He knows that he is not the one to settle down After how he witnessed his parents failures while growing up, he is determined not to repeat them.Penn has asked Avery out She has turned him down on multiple occasions She explained to him the she is looking for a long term relationship She doesn t believe that Penn is a relationship kind of guy, which he all but tells her he s not.But there is a familiarity and connection that Penn feels with Avery Even with her turning him down, he has decided that he will be her friend That friendship becomes easy and they discuss each other s past and why they have chosen their paths.But Avery has kept a secret from Penn, and when he discovers the truth before she has a chance to tell him herself, he turns to his friend Matt to try to explain.When Penn tries to deny any relationship with Avery, she tells Penn that she was upfront about what she wanted her future to hold.Can Penn s friends help him work through his issues of the past so that he can go after Avery and make her happy

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    Adriana Does it again Every book she writes is pure amazingness and as soon as you start it, you don t want to put it down I ve fallen in love with every single one of her characters and Penn was no different I was so stoked to hear he would be getting his own book after being introduced to him in the previous Dogwood Lane books Penn is the tattooed bad boy carpenter of Dogwood Lane, Tennessee and is every bit the ladies man as he is portrayed to be in the other books Penn doesn t want to fall in love but when he walks through that door and sees Avery she turns his whole world upside down, but what he doesn t know is he knows Avery from 10 years earlier I won t post any spoilers but this book was EVERYTHING Max has always been my favorite Locke love but now I think Penn has claimed his rightful place as 1 Locke Love in my heart I loved that Avery was the girl that brough Penn to his knees, she was the perfect combination of sassy and sweet and I loved how she put Penn in his place and didn t take his crap This book had me laughing through almost the entire thing, Adriana has such a way with words that you connect with her characters and feel like they re your new best friends I loved being able to catch up with the other Dogwood Lane couples and I can t wait to see what other books Adriana has in store for us from this world Thank you Adriana Locke and Netgalley for the ARC for an honest review

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    Since I first met Penn, I was in love with his ridiculous swagger, and never thought in my wildest dreams he would settle down, let alone make me swoon the way he did So many parts of this book had me giggling, even one part I read and re read a dozen times because it was so funny The progression of this couple was both maddening, and intoxicating, I wanted it so bad for them, but boythey made me work for it The characters are so crisp and clear, the story so engaging, I felt as if I was skipping along in Dogwood Lane with the whole crew, and I sincerely love this Author s books because of that This town, these people, these stories will hold a special place in my heart always Erika, Book Haven Book Blog

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