Dont Look Down (Shadows of New York #2)

Dont Look Down (Shadows of New York #2) From The Charts Bestselling Author Of One Small Sacrifice, A Gripping Mystery About A Sinister Murder That Everyone Wants To Stay Buried Except One Dogged NYPD Detective Jo Greaver Is A Model Of Success Young And Ambitious, She S Built A Thriving Beauty Business From Nothing But She Has Secrets She Ll Do Anything To Keep Buried When Her Blackmailer Offers To Meet, Jo Expects To Pay Him Off But Gets A Bullet Instead Bleeding And In Shock, Jo Flees With No One To Turn ToWhen NYPD Detective Sheryn Sterling And Her Partner, Rafael Mendoza, Find Andray Baxter Murdered In His Own Home Shot Through The Heart Everything Points To Jo As The Killer Her Blood Is At The Scene, And So Are Disturbing Photos Of Her Taken As A Young Teen But Sheryn Has Doubts Was The Kindhearted Andray Really A Criminal Why Did He Repeatedly Report Finding Spyware In His Apartment Was There Something Shady About Jo S Sister Dying A Year Earlier Something S Not Right, And It S Up To Sheryn To Piece Together The Sinister Puzzle, No Matter The Cost

Hilary Davidson is the bestselling author of ONE SMALL SACRIFICE, out now from Thomas Mercer She s also the author of the Lily Moore series, the standalone thriller BLOOD ALWAYS TELLS, and the short story collection THE BLACK WIDOW CLUB Her work has won two Anthony Awards for Best First Novel and Best Short Story the Derringer Award, and the Crimespree Award Born in Toronto, she now lives

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    The experts all say that the worst thing you can do is pay off a blackmailer They ll just keep coming back again and again, bleeding you for an arm, a leg, a kidney, your soul You ll never get rid of this pigeon But, then again, there are things far worse than paying off a blackmailer There are countless ways the payoff can go sour This crime story explores one of those ways It is the second book in the series, easy to read and with wide appeal And, the way this all plays out will definitely surprise you Not always fully realistic in its portrayal of police interrogations, cooperative witnesses, understanding of Gunshot residue tests, and It lacked a little in the believability scale Nevertheless, an engaging read.

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    Great thrillers are hard to find and this is one beautiful gem I loved everything about this one including the initial set up or shall we say blackmail in which money changes hands but not before tragedy strikes Jo is quite a character with all due respect She s had a hard knocks life in ways than one She and her sister found themselves in a situation that they were never able to win.What follows is a trampling upon the truth, a masterful set of lies, a full array of betrayal, and murder In fact, Jo flees for her life when her blackmailer meets an untimely death and her blood was found at the scene.But wait, there s The evidence is mounting as a video also surfaces with surprising information That information will be the crutch that never seems to go away.A hint of her past that she can no longer hide.A family feud of sorts that has been mounting ever since her sister died.Her sister Lori is not innocent and Jo may not be eitherWow What a revelation Conspiracy to murder Or wrong place wrong time So much behind the scenes action that you won t want to put this one down.No pun intended Thank you to Hilary, the publisher, NetGalley, and Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.

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    Jo Greaver has made herself a very successful life But she has secrets she wants to keep buried She receives a blackmail threat and when she shows up to the location Jo is shot, now the police are looking for Jo There is a murder and Jo s blood and her blackmail pictures are the scene detectives Sheryn and her partner Rafael have to untangle all of the lies and get to the truth This is the 2nd book in a series but reads well as a stand alone I enjoyed the characters and the mystery kept me guessing until the very end I received an advanced readers copy and all opinions are my own.

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    Don t Look Down follows the case of Jo, a highly successful beauty company owner who is being blackmailed by someone When she agrees to meet the alleged blackmailer, she finds herself in a shoot out where she takes someone s life She is thrown into turmoil as she is tracked down by detective duo Sterling and Rafael The story follows the case against Jo and gets to the bottom of why she was being blackmailed and by who.This book got off to a really strong start I was hooked and couldn t wait to get to the bottom of the case But, I found in the middle it got a little bit slow and repetitive but eventually picked back up again Overall, I enjoyed this It was engaging and I was invested in the story Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the eBook in exchange for a review.

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    I love a good mystery This was totally engaging and Sheryn Sterling is a fine hero who manages to untangle a series of murders with intelligence and compassion Young Jo Greaver is being both blackmailed and set up to take a murder charge Her sad story unwinds and Sheryn becomes her advocate as she figures out who was behind the initial crimes The bodies begin to pile up as Sheryn and her partner Rafael are able to connect the crimes to the perpetrators, despite their society backgrounds I like everything pulled together at the end and Davidson provided a perfect climax I found this to be a real page turner I had no idea there was a previous novel with Sheryn as the heroine I m hurrying to get that one too This is a really enjoyable read Many thanks Netgalley.

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    I loved this book The drama, suspense and thriller aspect I couldn t put it down I had to know what happened and stayed up way to late finishing my last book of the year The twists and turns and police procedural work just play out begging you to read The dynamic between characters is well written and I liked all even the bad guys I hope there is a 3rd book I need to know what happens next Thanks to the author and Netgalley for gifting me an advanced ebook copy

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    4 star For Don t Look Down Set in New York, Jo is an up and coming successful business owner But everything is not as it seem Someone is blackmailing Jo for her her past and now she has figure out who and how they got this information This was a great mystery and police procedural There was a lot of twists and turns, so many people could to be to blame Sterling and Rafael were a great team of detectives, I really like their banter This is the kind of mystery where you know no one is completely innocent or are they but you can t put your finger on who did what or are they truly innocent Thank you to Hilary Davidson for copy for honest review

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    This tightly woven thriller slash police procedural is set in New York City, and like that city, the pace does not let up, from first page to last It opens with Jo Greaver, a young cosmetics magnate, on her way to meet her blackmailer, toting a huge bag of cash To the reader it s not clear why she s being blackmailed or who is doing the blackmailing, but it s very clear something is very wrong and that very definitely something will go wrong.It does, and it s a cascade of wrong things, things that string poor Jo up tighter and tighter There s a shootout at the blackmail meetup, leaving Jo injured She attempts to get through her day pretending she s fine but the pain finally kicks in There s a dead, or at least seriously injured person, at the blackmail meetup And the police have a bag load of evidence tagging Jo as the murderer.This novel is told through Jo s lens, but also through the lenses of Detectives Sheryn Sterling and her injured partner, Rafael Mendoza Sterling and Mendoza are very good detectives and as they unravel the occurrences in the tiny apartment where Jo left her money, they begin to doubt their initial conclusions.This is a rare thriller in that, along with telling a story, the reader is also given insight into the situations of the characters Jo is being blackmailed, yes, but why is she being blackmailed The reason leads to a rift between her and her boyfriend and the reason is also painfully powerful It s hard to judge Jo the you discover what she s gone through.To a lesser extent, Sharyn s situation is also a part of the story An African American woman, she isn t encountering discrimination on the job as has been the case in so many female led police novels through the years , but out in the world, something brought into sharp focus when her son is arrested at a demonstration It colors her thinking in the best of ways it makes her empathetic.The dynamic between these two women powers the novel as much as the plot, which is a beautifully constructed mechanism of well tuned gears This book was very difficult to put down, but it was also difficult to stop thinking about it after I finished reading it If you re a fan of smart thrillers, pick this one up.

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    Don t Look Down began with a bang and absolutely hooked me We primarily follow the points of view POV of Jo, who is being blackmailed and detectives Sheryn and Rafael who are investigating the situation Jo s found herself in when the novel begins The book starts with Jo arriving to the prearranged spot for a blackmail drop Things go bad and shots are fired There are twists and turns throughout the book, and nothing is as it seems.Jo is a great character whose emotions grabbed me during the very first scene Her fear and related behavior made sense, and the you learn about her the her terror and beliefs are reasonable because of her life experiences our reactions are all a culmination of so many events The author does a good job during Jo s POV chapters of demonstrating she s suffering from PTSD I also particularly enjoyed Rafael He was seriously injured in an explosion that occurred prior to this book He is back at work though his injuries remain disabling, causing mobility problems that require a cane, ringing in his ears, fatigue, and pain I m probably forgetting something His partner, Sheryn, is not happy he is there and it s clear she feels he is slowing her down Yes, she cares about him as a person but ultimately she s not pleased to have to make concessions to accommodate his physical status As a disabled woman, I was delighted the author gave Rafael his own POV chapters so that abled readers could get a taste of his experience, both how he has to work to function in an abled world and how even his friend partner isn t happy or particularly interested in accommodating his different abilities Rafael was doing his job on top of fighting to function within a system that is not made for him He is getting better and may not have these same functional issues forever but I hope the author will consider having the character not get back to 100%, because that is the reality millions of people deal with in this country and others I also love that Rafael and his husband have a happy, supportive relationship Sheryn is happily married with kids and we see her dealing with the terror of having her son get involved in a protest Racism is not the main focus of this book but it is addressed from the perspective of a mother wanting to support her son in being a good citizen, but recognizing that, as an African American male, he is at risk This is the first book I ve read in this series and I had no trouble jumping in here I m looking forward to the next If you choose to look at the content warnings below spoilers , you ll see there are several serious subjects discussed in this book However, I do not believe they are treated in a gratuitous way Content Warnings view spoiler child porn rape abuse sex trafficking hide spoiler

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    Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.It took me a good 40 50 pages to get into this book but when I did the pay off was immense Don t Look Down is one of those rare things a novel whose intriguing premise is executed with skill and imagination by the author Hilary Davidson does not disappoint in this respect With its tightly plotted storyline and excellent characterisation, I raced through this book to its thrilling denouement As a reader I was highly invested in answering the questions posed by the author why was the highly successful Jo Greaver being blackmailed and why was Andray Baxter set up as a patsy More pertinently, what was the big picture in all this manoeuvring by the main protagonists With some aplomb Detectives Sterling and Mendoza resolve the readers questions to bring about a satisfying conclusion to this intriguing thriller This was a police procedural that lived up to its name balanced expertly with the mystery element of the plot These are characters that have sprung fully formed from Davidson s imagination, and I enjoyed every page as a result.Summary Jo Greaver is a model of success Young and ambitious, she s built a thriving beauty business from nothing But she has secrets she ll do anything to keep buried When her blackmailer offers to meet, Jo expects to pay him off but gets a bullet instead Bleeding and in shock, Jo flees with no one to turn to.When NYPD detective Sheryn Sterling and her partner, Rafael Mendoza, find Andray Baxter murdered in his own home shot through the heart everything points to Jo as the killer Her blood is at the scene, and so are disturbing photos of her taken as a young teen But Sheryn has doubts Was the kindhearted Andray really a criminal Why did he repeatedly report finding spyware in his apartment Was there something shady about Jo s sister dying a year earlier Something s not right, and it s up to Sheryn to piece together the sinister puzzle, no matter the cost.

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