Complete Poetry and Prose: A Bilingual Edition

Complete Poetry and Prose: A Bilingual Edition Thanks To Her Acclaimed Volume Of Poetry And Prose Published In France In , Louise Lab Remains One Of The Most Important And Influential Women Writers Of The Continental Renaissance Best Known For Her Exquisite Collection Of Love Sonnets, Lab Played Off The Petrarchan Male Tradition With Wit And Irony, And Her Elegies Respond With Lyric Skill To Predecessors Such As Sappho And Ovid The First Complete Bilingual Edition Of This Singular And Broad Ranging Female Author,Complete Poetry And Prose Also Features The Only Translations Of Lab S Sonnets To Follow The Exacting Rhyme Patterns Of The Originals And The First Rhymed Translation Of Lab S Elegies In Their Entirety

Both her father and her stepmother Antoinette Taillard whom Pierre Charly married following Etiennette Roybet s death in 1523 were illiterate, but Lab received an education in Latin, Italian and music, perhaps in a convent school.At the siege of Perpignan, or in a tournament there, she is said to have dressed in male clothing and fought on horseback in the ranks of the Dauphin, afterwards Henry

✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Complete Poetry and Prose: A Bilingual Edition By Louise Labé ⚣ –
  • Paperback
  • 274 pages
  • Complete Poetry and Prose: A Bilingual Edition
  • Louise Labé
  • English
  • 19 August 2018
  • 9780226467153

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    Louise Labe wrote in the early C16th in Lyon, France Associated with the French Pleiade school du Bellay, Ronsard, Marot she may or may not have been the lover of Oliver Magny Whatever the relationship between her private life and her writing, she is one of the most emotional, raw and honest poets or at least has the skill to make her writing appear emotionally authentic and sincere.Blending the Petrarchan tradition with Latin erotics, she reminds me very much of Catullus mainly short poems which almost shock with their intensity Of course, like Catullus, she is also a supreme poet, and her metrics are immaculate, an argument against sincerity.However you may want to read these as slices of real life or as sophisticated and literarily self conscious imitations of classical models Labe is addictive, assured and engaging.

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    Let me say that I LOVE Louise Lab s work Her sonnets are both simple and breathtakingly deep in their passion and brilliance.But this translation does no justice to that.I studied Lab in college, and spent a semester translating and finding myself transfixed by her ability to capture so many emotions in such few words, and in such a structured way But as I read the English translation, my disappointment grew Lab s words are often twisted, sometimes completely convuluted in the translator s attempt to retain the form and meter of the sonnet In the end, it becomes less of a genuine attempt to bring an amazing writer s work to a new audience and of a translator s chance to prove themselves clever The result is a boiled down version of what was once a hearty, passionate collection Form won over function, and I for one mourn the loss.

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    I read her poetry in a French Lit class in college Loved it Now that my French is rusty, I d love to read this bilingual edition.

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