The Missing American (Emma Djan Investigation #1)

The Missing American (Emma Djan Investigation #1) Accra Private Investigator Emma Djan S First Missing Persons Case Will Lead Her To The Darkest Depths Of The Email Scams And Fetish Priests In Ghana, The World S Internet Capital When Her Dreams Of Rising Through The Police Ranks Like Her Late Father Crash Around Her, Year Old Emma Djan Is Unsure What Will Become Of Her Life In Accra Through A Sympathetic Former Colleague, Emma Gets An Interview With A Private Detective Agency Tracking Down Missing Persons, Thefts, And Marital Infidelities It S Not The Future She Imagined, But It S Her Best Option Meanwhile, Gordon Tilson, A Middle Aged Widower In Washington, DC, Has Found Solace In An Online Community After His Wife S Passing Through The Support Group, He S Even Met A Young Ghanaian Widow He Really Cares About, And When Her Sister Gets Into A Car Accident, He Sends Her Thousands Of Dollars To Cover The Hospital Bill To The Horror Of His Only Son, Derek When Gordon Runs Off To Ghana To Surprise His New Love And Disappears, Derek Chases After Him, Fearing For His Father S Life The Case Of The Missing American Man Will Drag Both Emma And Derek Into A World Of Sakawa Scams, Fetish Priests, And Those Willing To Keep Things Secret Through Death The Missing American is Gordon Tillson who met the love of his life while working in Ghana in the Peace Corps When his beloved wife dies of cancer, he mourns her for years and becomes a fixture in a Facebook group for the bereaved He has a type, a Ghanaian woman connects with him on Facebook and he begins to fall for her He also has a one night tryst with a Ghanaian woman who is in D.C for a fundraiser, the wife the head of the national police force When his son, Dexter, confronts him about his internet romance whom he has sent a few thousand, he travels to Ghana to meet her and prove his son wrong.Emma Djan is an ambitious young woman eager to follow in her father s footsteps in the police as a homicide detective However, she soon runs into the old boy s network and becomes a private detective, one who Gordon s son Dexter hires to find his father who has gone missing This takes her into investigating the infamous 419 scams which leads to investigating the corrupt police who help keep the scams going.The Missing American is rich in plot There are conspiracies on top of conspiracies with political assassinations, fraud, murder and corruption I guess there is so much plot there was little room for the rest of what makes a great mystery, developing characters and establislhing a sense of place It s not that setting is completely absent, but it is not well developed There is a difficult balance on character development Too much and the plot is weakend Too little and we don t care about the people I would like to have seen character development, but believe it may come in subsequent books in the series.The Missing American will be published on January 14th I received an e galley from the publisher through EdelweissThe Missing American at Soho PressKwei Quartey author sitehttps tonstantweaderreviews.wordpre One of the best things about reading is the chance to visit places you have never been This book takes us to Ghana where an intrepid young policewoman tries to do her job in the face of rampant corruption and even sexual harassment When she stands up for herself she is fired but bounces back as a private investigator Her first case is the missing American who has visited Ghana to visit a woman he met on line but discovers he has been defrauded for money He disappears when he tries to find out who tricked him The investigation goes through the seamy side of Ghana including a voodoo priest who has connections to powerful people It s really interesting and there are a lot of twists and turns It s amazing to read about a place that I had no knowledge of before this and, unfortunately, left me with no desire to visit. This is a relatively slow paced mystery with a really interesting presence an American man disappears in Ghana after going to visit who he believes to be a woman he s fallen in love with over the internet and just happens to have given several thousand dollars I liked private detective Emma Djan, who has a compelling backstory, but I didn t quite feel like I got to know her because there were so many characters I m definitely interested to see how she develops in future installments of the series, however The mystery was certainly a compelling one, as was the story of the sakawa boys, who attempt to harness the power of spiritual rituals to increase their success as internet scammers At times the dialogue seemed a bit stilted to my ear, but it may just be different speech patterns common to Ghana, and I really have no way of knowing.Overall, while this wasn t a favorite, I liked it and will probably read the next book in the series I would recommend to mystery readers who are patient and enjoy reading books set in novel settings and cultures. This book would translate well to film It has almost everything you need to make a compelling movie 1 Interesting, somewhat complex plot, 2 Exotic locale, 3 Large cast of characters to add some complexity to the story line, 4 Lots of local color and atmosphere, 5 Topical themes of internet scams and of political corruption.This is a mystery thriller set in modern day Ghana Theoretically, the main character is 26 year old Emma Djan, rookie police officer following in her late father s footsteps, who suffers a setback in her career and finds herself dismissed from the police force She lands on her feet with a job at a private detective agency This agency is hired by American Derek Tilson to find his father Gordon, of Washington D.C., missing several weeks since arriving in Ghana, the victim of an elaborate internet romance scam The Ghanaian police department had been informed of Tilson s disappearance but lack of much cooperation and investigation on their part leads Tilson s son to the private agency.That would be the main and titular story of this start to a new series by Ghanaian American author Kwei Quartey, whose Darko Dawson series, also set in Africa, appears to be popular, although I have never read any of the Darko books and cannot give an opinion This is my first book by Quartey and my impression of it is favorable as an entertainment.There s a lot going on and a wide range of characters to keep you interested and on your toes For the first third of the book you may be wondering what all these seemingly disparate happenings in very short chapters have to do with each other, but everything will be tied up neatly by the end.You have political assassinations and government intrigue, undercover investigations, a fetish priest witch doctor and Ghanaian sakawa boys internet scammers , a Ghanaian autism center, corruption in the police force All of this and a bit and told with a good bit of local color and Ghanaian traditions to make the story fun and even informative.Where this fails for me, enough that I ll only go to three stars for its rating, is in the writing It s just good enough to get the story told and that s all Also there are many characters but little character development Every person here is just a bit player in the story even Emma and feels pulled directly from Central Casting I don t feel I really know much about any of the character s real character after the read.If I had enjoyed the way the story was written as much as I enjoyed the story itself, this could have been a 5 star book.

Kwei Quartey is a crime fiction writer and retired physician living in Pasadena, California Having practiced medicine for than 20 years while simultaneously working as a writer, he has attained noteworthy achievements in both fields Dr Quartey balances the two professions by dedicating the early morning hours to writing before beginning a day in his clinic.Kwei Quartey attended medical

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  • The Missing American (Emma Djan Investigation #1)
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  • 03 June 2018

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