The Hollows (Kinship #2)

The Hollows (Kinship #2) Jess Montgomery Showcases Her Skills As A Storyteller In This Powerful, Big Hearted And Exquisitely Written Follow Up To Her Acclaimed Debut The WidowsOhio, For Many Years, The Underground Railroad Track In Moonvale Tunnel Has Been Used As A Short Cut Through The Appalachian Hills When An Elderly Woman Is Killed Walking Along The Tracks, The Brakeman Tells Tales Of Seeing A Ghostly Female Figure Dressed All In WhiteNewly Elected Sheriff Lily Ross Is Called On To The Case To Dispel The Myths, But Lily Does Not Believe That An Old Woman Would Wander Out Of The Hills Onto The Tracks In A County Where Everyone Knows Everyone, How Can Someone Have Disappeared, When Nobody Knew They Were Missing As Ghost Stories And Rumors Settle Into The Consciousness Of Moonvale Hollow, Lily Tries To Search For Any Real Clues To The Woman S IdentityWith The Help Of Her Friend Marvena Whitcomb, Lily Follows The Woman S Trail To The Hollows An Asylum Is Northern Antioch County And They Begin To Expose Secrets Long Hidden By Time And The Mountains, or reach her on Facebook JessMontgomeryAuthor, Twitter JessM_Author and Instagram JessMontgomeryAuthor.Under Jess s given name, she is a newspaper columnist, focusing on the literary life, authors and events of her native Dayton, Ohio for the Dayton Daily News Her first novel in the Kinship Historical Mystery series, THE WIDOWS, garnered awards even before publication Montgomery County Ohio Arts Cultural District MCAD Artist Opportunity Grant 2018 Individual Excellence Award 2016 in Literary Arts from Ohio Arts Council John E Nance Writer in Residence at Thurber House Columbus, Ohio in 2014.

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    The Hollows is the 2nd book in the Kinship series by Jess Montgomery I previously read the first book in this historical mystery fiction series and enjoyed it a lot I had to read the second one, and it definitely was equally as strong The series revolves around Lily Ross, a woman who becomes the sheriff of a small Ohio county when her husband is murdered In the last book, chapters alternate between Lily and Marvena, the former sheriff s girlfriend, who has become Lily s confidante and friend now In this one, the chapters alternate between Lily and her almost sister in law, Hildy, who has a connection to the latest crime.Montgomery has merged two of my favorite genres together in this series The setting takes place in the late 1920s, and I enjoy immersing myself in a culture from nearly one hundred years ago In the prologue, an elderly woman runs through a wooded area and arrives at The Hollows, where a train is about to pass by A few chapters later, we learn the woman s body is found on the side of the tracks after being hit by the train Was she murdered An accidental fall Or suicide Lily is called to the scene, but no one knows anything about her She came from a nearby county, but because the death was in Lily s territory, she s responsible As the case unfolds, connections to her own friends and family emerge all the while, Lily s fighting to keep her seat as sheriff in the official county election.What I love about these books is how the author quickly transports you to history As I read along in my head, I have a rhythm which is different from when I read a cozy mystery, a thriller, or contemporary fiction My inner voice acclimates to the writing style, slow and methodical, descriptive and gentle, almost simple and casual I mean this fully as a compliment, as that was what life would ve been like in this time period Yes, people had it difficult and suffered tremendously, but the rush to get to work or respond to a phone call or meet someone to chat wasn t like today When Lily wants to discuss the case with Marvena, it s several hours journey by horse and carriage to get to her part of town But I adore the entire series of events to get there.The mystery is strong I liked seeing the connections to the women s version of the KKK during this period I had no idea it existed, nonetheless in the 1920s Prohibition apparently made it re surge or become widely known As much as women were prejudiced against, there were strong voices, and some of them were just as evil and nasty as the men of their time in terms of their hatred of African Americans, Native Americans, etc I liked seeing the balance of how women were portrayed because amidst the injustice, there were moments of power and strength It wasn t just a sad story about lack of equal rights but one where readers could hear exactly what they tried to do to become equal This applies to any of the groups being victimized at the time, not just women The author does an exquisite job of balancing all the necessary facts and truths of the period.On a few occasions, I thought the book got a little too descriptive and or left out some information I would ve liked to know As an example, the asylum was prominent for several chapters, but in a scene were someone researches patient care, it felt rushed I didn t get to connect as much as I had in other areas of the book All minor stuff, as it doesn t at all stop me from recommending this series It s a great alternative to modern crime fiction or mysteries, and I definitely plan to keep this one in my rotation I can t wait for the next book to come out.

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    The perfect blend of history and Mystery this is the second book in Jess Montgomery s Kinship series based on The real first female sheriff of Ohio While I thought this worked just fine as a standalone, I also would have liked a little of the characters backstory that I am sure is given in the first book 1926 Ohio Lily is called to the scene of an elderly woman having dropped onto the train tracks from above and then been hit by the oncoming train No identification, no shoes, no idea if she jumped, fell, or was pushed And who is this mysterious person all in white the break man swears he saw A compelling Mystery with threads of history woven in The story was not only told from Lily s perspective but also that of Marvena and Hildy Three strong, sassy, self assured women trying to find their way in a man s world Lily was constantly having to prove herself and that she did indeed deserve to be sheriff This book was well researched and touched on a lot of historical events such as the underground railroad and the WKKK something I had no previous knowledge of An absorbing Mystery, captivating characters, enthralling history This book checked all the boxes, and I am eager to see what is next in store for Lily.This book in emojis Big thank you to Minotaur for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own For of my reviews and bookish thoughts please visit my blog or follow me on Bookstagram

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    The Hollows is the second book of the Kinship Historical Mystery Series and great as a standalone book This is my first Jess Montgomery book and she has quickly become one of my favorite authors The series is based on real life events and focused on a 1920 s female sheriff in Appalachia As the sheriff, Lily Ross is called to investigate the mysterious death of an elderly woman in the remote district called Moonvale Tunnel Lily is assisted by her deputy sheriffs Hildy and Marvena, as their investigation leads to an asylum called The Hollows As a fan of Historical Fiction reads, I found this to be an amazing well researched story Montgomery s writing is vivid, that will take you back with her writing style that captures the rich details of the life and people of the Appalachians in the 1920 s The book besides being a great mystery novel is than that it also covered some of our country s dark and blemished history, addressing issues of racism with the feature of the women s KKK, the sexism that occurs being a female in power, the coal mines, as well as, the prohibition I enjoyed reading about the believable characters and the immersive experience I felt reading this book I highly recommend this book for an unforgettable read.

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    I remember when Jess Montgomery s first book in this series The Widows came out and the book world was abuzz with praise for it I missed out when it was first published, but that led me to the amazing opportunity to read not only The Widows, but the sequel which was just published this month, The Hollows back to back All of the pain of waiting for from the series was washed away, and I pretty much dropped everything to read them I have to say the praise was well earned Jess Montgomery writes a mystery that had my mind so engaged, trying to work through the pieces With a slight edge of myth and lore, The Hollows is already primed to be a favorite book of mine in 2020, and it s only January The appeal of The Hollows and it s predecessor The Widows is the complexity of the story and the characters In every way that thrillers can feel larger than life, this book shines in how subtle and authentic the mystery felt In fact, I could have imagined this to be based on a true story and in part, it is, I learned after reading it The books in the Kinship, Ohio series are based on the real first female sheriff from the 1920s in Appalachia, Ohio.Lily Ross is a widow and mother to two young children when she was appointed to fill the role of sheriff after her husband the current sheriff died When Lily later goes on to be officially elected as sheriff based on her own merit, history was made But Lily is a character who shows all of the authenticity, vulnerability, and even strength that a woman or even a person in her position would face She s doing her best to hold her life together for her town and for her two small children.When an elderly woman dies in a fall near the railroad tracks, Lily quickly finds that they town wants her to declare the death accidental Lily isn t so sure though It doesn t quite add up, the notion that a woman could vanish and no one would know they were missing But as she looks into the death, she discovers a troubling link to the Ku Klux Klan in a house the woman had been in the night that she died.When Lily discovers the identity of the woman and that she had escaped from the Hollows Asylum for the Insane, as well as discovering her past ties to the murder of her own father and her testimony that helped convict an escaped slave for committing the crime, she realizes this case is much complicated than it seems.The historical setting of small town Ohio combined with the town s roots in racial tension and conflict was such a rich context for this mystery I loved the town lore, and the talk of ghost stories The way the town searched for mystical explanations to explain away the troubling truth of the rotten core that threatened their community These all led to an atmospheric quality to the story that I couldn t quite dismiss Do I believe in ghosts Let s just say I don t NOT believe in them There s almost a delicateness to this series that is hard to explain The themes of racism and a community threatening to boil over if disrupted are powerful, but the writing itself and the story is so carefully woven, it felt like an entirely different reading experience than the typical mystery The women were powerful in this town, as evidenced by the incredible things Lily has done and has yet to accomplish But there is an evil to some of the town and some of the history of the community that even the strongest among them feel diminished by.I lost myself in these books I can t recommend them enough I also think you could easily jump in straight at The Hollows, though I d be doing a disservice as a reviewer if I didn t encourage you to read both They are that good Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Minotaur Books for my copy Opinions are my own.

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    Thank you Minotaur for a complimentary copy I voluntarily reviewed this book All opinions expressed are my own The Hollows By Jess Montgomery REVIEW The Hollows is my first read by Jess Montgomery Lily Ross is the first female sheriff in the Appalachian region via Kinship, Ohio It s hard to imagine how difficult the job must have been for a woman The death of an elderly woman in Moonvale Tunnel means Lily is called to investigate The case is not as cut and dry as it seems Things are complicated, and Lily encounters numerous obstacles leading to an asylum called The Hollows This story is a testament to the unrest in the 1920s stemming from racism, KKK, prohibition, sexism, the dangers of coal mines, etc This is a thoroughly researched and carefully constructed account of a woman in a man s world, a region of people with a way of life that is now extinct in many ways, a fight for justice and equality, the power of evil and cruelty and the desire to overcome all of it The Hollows is an excellent piece of historical fiction that tells a compelling, sharp, engaging and unique story while shedding light on important issues that linger still today I definitely recommend this one

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    4.5 5I cannot describe how excited I was to read The Hollows after loving The Widows so much I think I loved this one just a little bit than the last one, but that s because I already know these characters pretty well after reading the first book twice.In the previous story, Lily was appointed to the sheriff position after her husband, then Sheriff Daniel Ross, was murdered In this story, Lily is up for re election I love the way there is the tension of an upcoming election and the campaigning that goes on around the different candidates Even , I love that we get to see that Lily s job doesn t slow down or stop just because of politics, so the stresses of solving crimes and getting her re election message out are at the forefront of Lily s mind Of course, this stress bleeds into the hard work of being a widowed mother Lily relies a lot on her mother s help, and the help of her friends Hildy and Marvena I ve really grown to love this community of strong women.While the previous book centered mostly on coal mining issues, this installment focuses heavily on racism and the judgment women had for one another during this time While trying to solve the mystery of an unknown woman s murder, Lily bumps up against the WKKK why didn t I know about the women s KKK and discovers about her county s ties to the Underground Railroad I felt like I existed within the lives of these women while they navigated these hard things rather than just merely reading about them above the pages The history of this area and time was really well researched, and that s been something that I have loved about both books in this series.I can t sing the praises of Lily and her friends and family enough Lily is tough but tired, smart but sensitive, and fair but fiercely protective of the ones she loves The women in this story have a strength and a determination that reads like it should for the early 1900 s rather than feminism by today s standards when gender roles were a bit traditional than they are today This feels completely true to these characters, rather than something a contemporary author has forced, and I 100% here for that I m just such a fan of this series and I can t wait for the next thing from Jess Montgomery I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Thank you, Minotaur Books Find this review and like it on my blog, Into the Hall of Books

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    I loved her other books and this didn t disappoint A fast paced mystery crime novel that held me all the way through Outstanding historical fiction I loved it.Dawnny BookGypsy Novels N Latte Hudson Valley NY

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    I thought this book started out a bit slow and I had some trouble following it However not quite halfway through it suddenly got better It had some interesting history weaved in the story I liked the spunkiness of Lilly and the determination of the other characters I ended up really liking the story much than I expected Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the early copy

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    The Widows, the first book in Jess Montgomery s Kinship historical mystery series, was one of my stand out books in 2019, and it gives me so much pleasure to say that this second book, The Hollows, is now a stand out book of 2020 I find the combination of Montgomery s evocative setting, her descriptive language, her story, and her marvelous characters to be well nigh perfect Perhaps the setting speaks to me so strongly because I was raised in a small farm town that had a coal mine until the mine blew up on December 24, 1932, killing over fifty men In reading the mine s history, I see many parallels to the mines around Montgomery s fictional Kinship, Ohio The language used, the bred in the bone lifestyle of make do and mend all add to the verisimilitude of The Hollows as well As I read this slow moving, rich story, I savored its Appalachian flavor and learned about the attempts to unionize mine workers as well as something I d never heard of before Just what that is, I ll leave for you to discover.The word hollows has many meanings in Montgomery s book It s used in various terms locals use in relating to the landscape, but it also has a physical and emotional meaning especially to Hildy Cooper who feels like a failure when compared to her best friend, Sheriff Lily Ross Hildy has found it impossible to break away from her domineering mother.Lily Ross as well as her friends Marvena and Hildy show readers what was expected of women in the rather isolated mining communities of the 1920s, and these women also illustrate what can happen when women insist on breaking the molds others have forced them into All three women can be mule stubborn, but when it comes to upholding the rule of the law for everyone, Lily joins the camp of Harry Bosch Everybody counts, or nobody counts, and it s useless to threaten her.And, oh, the secrets these three women uncover Never, ever think that small towns and isolated areas are dull Wherever humans are to be found, there are secrets, and secrets abound in Kinship and the surrounding area.I loved this book If you read and loved The Widows, rejoice, because The Hollows is, in many ways, even better If you ve read neither book, rejoice, because you have some excellent stories and characters ahead of you Don t wait to get your hands on either of these books

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    I have had my eye on Jess Montgomery s debut novel, The Widow s, for some time so when this one came up for review, I couldn t pass on it even if it was the second in a series.A number of readers said this book could be read as a standalone even if it is part of a series so I was eager to jump in and see if that was truly the case I loved the ghost story angle in the summary and couldn t wait to start reading it Admittedly the midwest area and the 1920s aren t really my go to location or eras for a historical mystery novel but I heard such great things about her debut that I was sure to love this one as well First of all I have to say, I love Lily as the sheriff She has a great presence in this book and I love how her mind works to solve things I also loved that the author based her character and mystery series in real life happenings in that area and a real life female sheriff I thought it added a lot of historical interest to the narrative and characters so I applaud the author for this This book was well written and I thought the author showed her skills at story telling nicely throughout this mystery The mystery itself was solid with some twists and turns to keep me guessing I was constantly entertained and eager to see what happened next and how the crime would be solved.I am also a huge fan of the gothic and I loved how this story incorporated little elements of the gothic to it s mystery In addition to the fun little elements of ghosts in this book, the historical research is top notch As I said earlier, I loved reading about all the historical politics of the time as well as the setting of this area While I am not a huge fan of small town post war, mid west America, as far as history is concerned, I am a fan of well written and researched history brought to life in a mystery such as this This was a book that I had no trouble breezing through in a few days and trying to decipher the mystery and motives was so fun and I thought the author did an amazing job keeping her audience engaged and excited about what was to come in the next chapter as well as the series overall I would also like to go back and read her debut novel so that I can get a detailed understanding of Lily as a main character I loved her so much and enjoyed how witty and intelligent she was so I would like to go back and meet her for the first time in The Widows Overall a solid historical mystery, this is an author to watch See my full review here

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