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Tweet CuteThis was such a fun sweet lighthearted romcom Emma Lord has written a delightful debut that put a big smile on my face Twitter wars, secret apps, teenage angst, swim team, water polo, grilled cheese, secret recipes, macaroons, expectations, friendship, romance, family, sibling rivalry, cheeseburgers Pepper is a straight A high school student, captain of the swim team with her eye on the future She also finds herself managing her parents restaurant chain s social media accounts Jack is a good guy techie who seems to always find himself in his twin brother s shadow He also is burdened with the responsibility of taking over the family diner one day When Pepper s family s restaurant chain appears to have stolen the secret grilled cheese recipe of Jack s family diner a Twitter war ensues The teens attend the same school and have recently started a friendship, neither of them knowing of the others involvement on Twitter Additionally they have also established a deeper connection on an app that Jack created for the high school where everyone s identity is anonymous So what happens when you find out the person that you re falling for is also the person that you hate Loved the story Both Pepper and Jack were such great characters There was also a little depth to this story than some other romcoms The story really touched on family responsibilities and expectations There was also lots of yummy food I found myself craving grilled cheese and macaroons Two Great kids in an awkward uncomfortable situation with a couple extra fun twists along the way Fun, fun, fun, absolutely recommend when you are in the mood for a heart warming story With a side of fries This book in emojis Big thank you to Wednesday Books for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own For of my reviews and bookish thoughts please visit my blog or follow me on Bookstagram Stolen family recipes and Twitter wars that go viral Two teens, Pepper and Jack, are stuck in the middle of a family business feud Each are relied upon to run Big League Burger, a successful food chain, and Girl Cheesing, a small family run deli, Twitter accounts It just so happens that they both go to the same school It was exactly as cute as I thought it was going to be YA romcoms are my new weakness This book is in the POV of both Pepper and Jack It is always awesome to read from both perspectives Jack s POV I especially loved As I have mentioned in many other reviews books that feature a written communication between the main characters are always a winner for me Be it email, texts, letters or even tweets I am weak for these As much I loved seeing them outsmarting the other on twitter and online, the sweet moments they had IRL was so preciousthe issue isn t so much what I want to be, but whether or not I can be it without hurting everyone else in the processIt was so beautiful watching these two connect over the outside pressure they both feel This book was filled with cuteness and banter and hilarious tweets BUT it was also layered and had many other important and beautiful aspects that I thought added to my love for this story It was honestly just so wholesome and feel good and I wanted to hug Pepper and Jack so badly I am excited for whatever Emma Lord has next for us Thank you to Wednesday Books for providing me with an e ARC Publishing date 21 January 2020 A Fresh, Irresistible Rom Com From Debut Author Emma Lord About The Chances We Take, The Paths Life Can Lead Us On, And How Love Can Be Found In The Opposite Place You ExpectedMeet Pepper, Swim Team Captain, Chronic Overachiever, And All Around Perfectionist Her Family May Be Falling Apart, But Their Massive Fast Food Chain Is Booming Mainly Thanks To Pepper, Who Is Barely Managing To Juggle Real Life While Secretly Running Big League Burger S Massive Twitter AccountEnter Jack, Class Clown And Constant Thorn In Pepper S Side When He Isn T Trying To Duck Out Of His Obscenely Popular Twin S Shadow, He S Busy Working In His Family S Deli His Relationship With The Business That Holds His Future Might Be Love Hate, But When Big League Burger Steals His Grandma S Iconic Grilled Cheese Recipe, He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Take Them Down, One Tweet At A TimeAll S Fair In Love And Cheese That Is, Until Pepper And Jack S Spat Turns Into A Viral Twitter War Little Do They Know, While They Re Publicly Duking It Out With Snarky Memes And Retweet Battles, They Re Also Falling For Each Other In Real Life On An Anonymous Chat App Jack BuiltAs Their Relationship Deepens And Their Online Shenanigans Escalate People On The Internet Are Shipping Themtheir Battle Gets And Personal, Until Even These Two Rivals Can T Ignore They Were Destined For The Most Unexpected, Awkward, All The Feels Romance That Neither Of Them Expected wow 2020 really is new year, new decade, new me because i cant stand pop culture references in my novels, but a book calledtweet cutecomes along with pop culture galore and suddenly i dont even care i mean, who am i lol in all fairness, this is super cute i understand a story focusing on a twitter feud is going to be full of memes and references and relevant internet things, so i cant be too mad about it if anything, the only thing that really annoyed me was the fact that pepper and jack interact in three different ways twitter, school social app, and in person and it just felt like a little too much to me it adds drama, sure, but i think the story could have better with only two of them i also like the present themes of choosing a path that makes you, and not others, happy as well as family bonds and loyalty they add a really nice depth component to such a light story overall, this is a really fun debut novel cant wait to see what EL comes up with next 4 stars This Review Blog Twitter InstagramHow can a person even know who they are if they don t know what they wantFirst, thanks for the publisher for reaching out to me and making me part of this blog tour Also, thanks for the ARC that has been provided through Netgalley This of course, did not affect my opinions on this book So, when I read the synopsis of this book, I just knew I had to read it I don t read much romance but I like to read one in a while The synopsis promises food, twitter, haters to lovers, fluffy romance and in addition to that there were many puns The writing is very accessible and easy to read after reading a few pages, my kindle app showed that I need 4 hours to finish it so I finished it fairly quickly and I would be reading for an hour without realizing that The book is not very lyrical, so there was not many quotes that I highlighted but at the same time, I prefer this for a contemporary story If you know me, then you know I love puns and as I mentioned above, there were puns and snarky tweets in this bookYou know, for someone named Pepper, you re pretty salty about losingI liked the characters, Pepper and Jack were both humans, they were not all black or white and I enjoyed that we got to see all their sides The romance was fluffy, cute and clean I don t think there was anything explicit in this one I was conflicted about one thing that Jack did but the author apparently does not encourage it and it was explained later and he regretted it The parents in this book were also realistic, I like the fact that the book tackles some important issues such as graduation and what to do next, following our dreams and most importantly not comparing ourselves to others I liked that the comparison was between 2 twins who look exactly alike The plot seems to depend on coincidences but at the same time, I lived enough to see that this kind of stories really happens in real life The book name implies that Twitter is involved and it was, although I wish we have seen tweets People who don t know the website may be slightly confused of how twitter works but I don t think it is enough to change the reading experience I was in the mood for something light and fluffy and this book deliveredI d be much disappointed if you didn t go out in the world and do something you loved because you wanted to make me happySummary and Prescription I believe this book will be fairly successful when it comes out I don t have much to criticize, I liked the characters, the plot and the writing If you are looking for a cute romance, then this one is for you You can get books from Book Depository ARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review 4.5 starsLet the games begin Was this seriously a debut novel Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is one of the best YA contemporary rom com s I ve read in so long It was adorable, endearing, and made me laugh out loud than once I loved the modern day, high school spin of the You ve Got Mail type of story line, and it was so much fun to read Jack and Pepper go to the same prep school in NYC Pepper is the overachieving student who is captain of the swim team and is constantly striving to be perfect in all things Jack is an identical twin and feels like he lives in the shadow of his popular brother Ethan He works for his family s deli, and Pepper is helping her mom with their chain of Big League Burger s twitter account When the BLB steals one of the most popular items on the deli s menu, a twitter war ensues And Pepper and Jack are caught right in the middle of the cross hairs Only they don t know it at first Once they figure it out, it goes from being a straight up rivalry war to of a game The banter between these two was top notch and you could feel the chemistry oozing from them every time they were around each other I loved watching these two connect and become friends of sorts I think my favorite part of the book was watching them fall for each other and truly connect on a deeper level in an online anonymous school app Jack created as Wolf and Bluebird The app is where they went when they both needed a real world break Things changed rather drastically for them, as they went from being normal high school students to the faces of their respective businesses that strangers on the internet were shipping It was a huge shockMaybe just Pepper and Jack, then, I concede There s a ghost of a smirk on Pepper s face, but she s so close, I can hear it than see it Pepper and Jack She corrects me Then her eyes light up PepperjackPepper was snarky and witty, and Jack was the absolute best They both had a lot of expectations placed on them, and much of this book was a coming of age story of them figuring out life and what they wanted to do for themselves despite this family feud their family businesses have going on and all the outside pressure Tweet Cute is a strong YA debut that s highly entertaining, well written, and charming Also, be prepared for this book to make you want some sweets I would love to have a few of Pepper s dessert recipes This book was fantastic and I recommend it whole heartily 3.75 5 stars e ARC received from NetGalley Is it weird if I say that its title is Tweet Cute butI HATE THIS TWEET THING THE MOST IN THE BOOK Not because it s bad but I feel so annoyed irritated with this tweet thing throughout the book In the first 40%, whatever Jack and Pepper are trying to play against each other on Twitter is totally CHILDISH I wouldn t say like this if they tweet against each other by using personal account but they don t They use their restaurant official account to tweet which I don t think anyone would do it in real life since it might cause a lot of problems to their business But after that, I m annoyed because when Jack and Pepper already stop tweeting, Pepper s mom and Ethan Jack s identical twin don t They continue tweeting and tweeting against each other It annoys me so much that ughhh I want to burn Twitter down Which is in fact, I absolutely cannot do that because Twitter is my life Despite that, I truly enjoy the rest of the story especially the WEAZEL app thing I really love the idea of this application that I wish I could hire Jack to create this application in real life To sum up, I would say that this book is a fun and quick read for everyone It s really easy to enjoy because the story is cute and the characters are hilarious as hell Sorry for an inappropriate word but this word can describe best And if you think this book seems cheesy, I can confirm that you re right, it s cheesy But who cares Sometimes we just need a cheesy book to read KEYWORD dating app swimming grilled cheese secret ingredient twitter warThank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this e ARC to me in exchange for an honest review. Tweet Cute is officially my first five star read of the year I devoured this adorably food centric rom com about Pepper and Jack, who each run the social media accounts for their family restaurants and get into an anonymous Twitter war while simultaneously falling for each other in real life Pepper s constant baking creations had my mouth watering and I found myself wishing that Jack s deli were a real life village staple that I could frequent The writing style really worked for me it s modern, addicting and it strikes a balance between quick witted banter and heart warming realness Pepper and Jack completely jumped off the page for me and I appreciate how well all of the side characters were also developed In addition to the romance that I was rooting so hard for, the familial relationships and friendships also really kept me hooked Dear Netflix, please adapt this because I need Pepperjack in my life Y all this book was SO GOOD I CAN T EVEN HANDLE IT If you enjoy lighthearted, witty YA contemporary, you absolutely NEED to add this to your 2020 TBRs This book was just so fun and current and sassy while also being just the right amount of serious and I am just so enad with it I hesitate to compare it to anything else because it is so very much it s own thing, but I will say that this was like a mix of Jenn Bennett and Emma Mills with extra large dash of humor thrown into the mix and I JUST REALLY REALLY LIKED THIS AND YOU ALL NEED TO READ IT OKAY OKAY Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me an advance copy in exchange for this review I discussed this book in detail in this video on my BookTube channel FOUR CUTEST SWEETEST FLUFFIEST TWITTING CYBERDATING SMARTEST STARS Welcome to the present time retelling of You ve got mail DIFFERENCES There is no competition between local book shop and Barnes and Noble store, we had a local deli famous with its signature cheese sandwich versus burger joint that stole deli s special cheese sandwich recipe and declares the secret recipe belonged to them We don t have stubborn as hell but charming as well adults like younger version of Tom and chick lit version of Meg We have overachiever, responsible, competitive, serious, swim team captain PEPPER and smart, witty, sarcastic, technical genius JACK is also responsible, family oriented, hard worker boy who hated to be overshadowed by his popular, leader, charming identical twin brother They don t send EMAILS They sent TWITS Actually they fight via TWITTER But they also secretly cyber date on the application Jack designed And in their normal life, they re FRENEMIES who don t stand with each other but unfortunately they sit next to each other at the classes They know the rule about keeping enemy closer There are lots of PASTRIES, SWEETS,DESERTS on this book which gave me real cravings and threw a 3 am baking party at my kitchen I m the worst cook so I woke my husband up to cook for me Shame on my sweet tooth SIMILARITIES Tension between characters, story development enemies to friends to lovers.Undeniable chemistryThe complication when they find out their secret identities.Never ending rivalryStory located in NYC.They didn t meet the famous French Caf Lalo was the best location of the movie Please try its Nutella cheesecake when you stop by then write me thank you notes But the characters met at the coffee shop Pepper actually has great gift about creating different, tasteful deserts which helped her seduce Jack at the first bite SUMMARY It s fluffy, swoony, smart, entertaining, fast pacing, full of memes and popular culture references and social media forms Sometimes their cyber fight overshadowed the romance part which a little disturbed me but mostly I really enjoyed this debut novel It made me smile, feel good and have so much fun Such a funny, positive, joyful reading Thanks to Netgalley and Wednesday Books to share this incredible ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review

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  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Tweet Cute
  • Emma Lord
  • English
  • 08 June 2019
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