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Just Breathe From The Critically Acclaimed Author Of A Step Toward Falling And Say What You Will Comes A New YA Standalone About Mental Health, Chronic Illness, And Two Teenagers Learning To Deal With Both While Falling For Each Other, Perfect For Fans Of Five Feet ApartDavid Sheinman Is The Popular President Of His Senior Class, Battling Cystic FibrosisJamie Turner Is A Quiet Sopho, Struggling With DepressionThe Pair Soon Realizes That They Can Be Their True Selves With Each Other, And Their Unlikely Friendship Develops Into Something So Much But Neither Jamie Nor David Can Bring Themselves To Reveal The Secrets That Weigh Most Heavily On Their Hearts And Their Time For Honesty May Be Running Out

Cammie McGovern was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford and received the Nelson Algren Award in short fiction Her work has been published in Redbook, Seventeen, Glimmer Train, TriQuarterly, and other publications.

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  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Just Breathe
  • Cammie McGovern
  • 10 January 2019
  • 9780062463357

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    As the blurb says, this book is about David, who has Cystic Fibrosis, and Jamie, a girl with depression I ve got to admit that normally I stay away from this kind of stories I don t like reading about people who definitely are going to die for example The Fault in Our Stars, I haven t read it, haven t seen the movie, and I can promise that I won t But there was something about this one, that made me go against that rule.And I am quite happy I did I really liked it.We have two main characters, whose lives couldn t be different, but somehow they understand each other better than anyone else Both of them have faced stuff that kids their age haven t, and therefore, can t really get I honestly think this is a really touching story, about facing your problems and finding yourself, yet accepting that being lost is okay too.

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    Oh boy This is going to be a tearjerker for me I have both chronic illnesses mental health disorders It is a different kind of hell to live your life constantly in some form of pain or exhaustion or emotional mental pain such as depression or anxiety for just some examples but because they are invisible illnesses most people just don t get it You feel judged all the time Sigh You don t have to actually be dying to live with very serious devastating symptoms Someone may LOOK and ACT fine not be, at all Do not judge others, period, kids You don t know who you could possibly be hurting in a very serious way.

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    When your best friend has CF, you buddy read this book I m so proud of you, Samantha.What a book While Five Feet Apart showed the dangers of two cystic fibrosis patients living in close quarters, this book showed the relationship between cystic fibrosis and depression Both are chronic illnesses that can be kept at bay before the floodgates suddenly open An important read for those familiar AND unfamiliar with these conditions I want to spend time with people I actually like, not people I feel like I m supposed to spend time with Being happy takes some work For some people it takes a ton of work If this isn t how you re genetically programmed, it takes therapy and medication and living with the side effects of medication and the stigma if anyone finds out you re taking medication.

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    WARNING SAPPY POST AHEAD.This book was..everything This book was special to me for a lot of reasons.First of all and most importantly, I have Cystic Fibrosis Growing up, I didn t like to talk about it but now I LOVE talking about it because people need to be aware of what CF is Last year we were blessed with Five Feet Apart and this year we are blessed with this novel, continuing to educate and raise awareness of CF This book was hard for me to read to be honest I have always been one to make it seem like CF ISN T a big deal, but it is David who has CF , really opened my eyes and scared me, made me proud and made me cry One thing he says in the beginning of the book really stuck with me on a personal level when he talks about his case being mild That s me, always but there really ISN T a mild type Second, I struggle with depression as well which is common with CF Jamie s story with depression made me uncomfortable for the fact that she was raw, honest, real and relatable I saw myself in both of these characters in so many ways.Cammie McGovern did an absolutely beautiful job of writing about both Cystic Fibrosis and depression and I enjoyed how these characters came together, despite both of their chronic illnesses This book is definitely directed toward a younger age group, but I still think that it would be helpful for anyone of any age to read this tale It s educational, emotional, beautiful and enjoyable I literally loved everything about this book and the story and how it all unfolded Also the cover GORGEOUS The quote on the front is EVERYTHING You can t see the future yet But it s there Just hang on PICK IT UP It s a complicated business, having something like Cystic Fibrosis, which is a big deal except you spent most of your life pretending it isn t You say, It s like asthma, only you cough a lot I m not contagious my body just makes a lot of mucus Depression can happen when everything is good You wake up one morning so scared of losing it all you can t get get out of bed.He has a chronic condition he s living with, and so do I I would give this book MORE than 5 stars if I could I didn t understand the way depression worked that it feels physical for a long time, like something else is wrong Your bones ache Food tastes different You re always tired because you never sleep You can t think clearly, and you re too exhausted to do anything.

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    Like I said, I like YA fic in audio that tugs on the heartstrings Though I did wish this could have tugged a bit .David has cystic fibrosis and is at the hospital I never really got to know him, sure he is sick, sure he wont live long, but stillJamie struggles with depression Her father killed himself She was homeschooled and she loves art Her I do know I felt so sorry for her.They meet as she works as a volunteer They get to know each other, and she takes risk, omg no, do not take risks Jamie It gets really hard I felt for her, and I can t say because spoilers.It also got weird as, well, spoilers I liked it, I will tell you, no tears No sadness.Narrators I do not think I have listened to either narrator before, but they did well I enjoyed listening to them.

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    Thanks to Edelweiss and harperteen for the advance Kindle copy of this book All opinions are my own 5 for this 1.7.20 release David is the senior class president hiding a secret he has cystic fibrosis When he lands in the hospital and learns he has to officially go on the lung transplant waiting list, he is kept company by Jamie, a sopho who volunteers at the hospital She is hiding her own pain she found her father after he committed suicide and fell into a deep depression that resulted in a hospital stay of her own As the two forge a friendship and maybe they fail to realize the risks they are taking maybe be dangerous than they realize A bit of sex talk has me on the dance about this one for a 6 8 library, but I definitely recommend it for mature 8th grade readers on up.

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    4.5 stars Just Breathe handles two vastly different kind of illnesses incredibly well David has Cystic Fibrosis, and Jamie has clinical depression The two form a friendship during Jamie s volunteer shifts at the hospital David is staying at, bonding over origami, films, and the general understanding of each other that their peers don t seem to grasp An incredibly touching novel about medical issues that is also refreshingly different and new from other books in the YA illness genre.

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    I loved Say What you Will, I felt okay about Just My Luck A Step Towards Falling and now I have fallen in love again with Just Breathe.This book deals with two different characters who happen to fall in love during difficult times David is dealing with his health issues, waiting for new lungs, and Jamie struggles with her depression after the suicide of her father Both teenagers meet in the hospital and start an unlikely friendship that soon blossoms into , but David is in a relationship and doesn t remember much after his transplant Jamie decides there is no place for David in her life, not with her depression.Are the two capable of finding each other again I loved quiet, shy, talented Jamie and her soft nature I have a weak spot for characters like her and it was great to see her grow and use her sass around the people she trusts Her healthy relationship with her mother was a nice addition to the story and it was obvious the two love each other.David is a popular guy at school, he has been with his girlfriend for years, but his relationship with his parents is rocky and he deals with his rebellious little sister When his health declines he is set for the hard reality without new lungs, he will die soon Jamie works at the hospital and during one of her rounds, she meets David The two of them have a spark and this soon turns into a friendship I really liked seeing them grow together and explore the world with their problems The tone of this book is quite light, despite the dire situation and heavy topics, which made it easier to read.Recommended

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    Just the situation both Jamie and David are in at the start of this story would make it riveting, but the author keeps digging while slowly feeding readers details about what life was like for each of them before they met You start to appreciate just how determined these teens are to try going beyond the physical and emotional constraints placed upon them In David s case, it s his failing lungs that also threaten to bring down other vital organs, not to mention his parents just get better and you ll be off to college mantra For Jamie, it s the pitfall strewn road back from depression and a suicidal episode, coupled with her painful awareness that her former friends are, at best tolerating her, and at worst are using her to make themselves feel better Kudos for David s sister Eileen She s appealing all the way through the story, no matter what she wears or does What really struck me was what happened after their third trip from the hospital I don t want to give anything away, but that whole part of the story was lights out the way it was written This is a truly rich and emotional story of illness, recovery and perseverance It s an excellent choice for all school and public libraries.

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    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.The story follows David, a senior in high school who is battling cystic fibrosis Along with Jamie, a sopho who is clinically depressed Depression can happen when everything is good You wake up one morning so scared of losing it all you can t get get out of bed.He has a chronic condition he s living with, and so do I Jamie volunteers at the hospital David resides They both go to the same school, but they aren t friendsuntil the two of them form a friendship in an unlikely way, surprising them both They realize they can be completely themselves around each other, and aren t afraid to be open and vulnerable.Their friendship blossoms into something deeper, but before they can do anything about it, something terrible happens after they break the rules Their lives change, and both of them wonder if they can revive the close bond they once had.Just Breathe was a wonderful read I read it in two sittings, because the writing style was fast paced and flowed together perfectly I love how this book featured deep topics, in a deep, meaningful and realistic way Perfect for YA I also love a good slow burn romance If you re a fan of books that tackle mental physical health TFiOS, All The Bright Places, Five Feet Apart, etc I highly recommend this one.

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