Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Ahhhh fav writer artist Pick this one up if you love seeing Sabrina being her best without too much boy drama, a Scooby Doo story, and color that deserves to be hung on your wall. Let s get this out of the way first I am among the crowd of individuals who were extremely upset when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina never returned, never completed its story arc, and will probably never be resumed Fans were left with a dangling cliffhanger and a subpar Netflix adaptation that seemed like something straight from the CW Flash forward to this reboot I went in with negative feelings and very low expectations Well, after breezing through the first volume, I am happy to report that fans do have something to mildly rejoice about This series is very fast paced, well written, drawn well, and just plain fun The horror and despair from Adventures are missing, but this has its own style and true fans of Sabrina will find a lot to like I m anxiously awaiting volume 2, and looking forward to catching up with the cast of the main Archie title as I hear Sabrina has joined them If you re still looking for true horror from Archie, please check out Jughead The Hunger, Vampironica, and the crossover with those two titles, and even Archie vs Predator II However, if you re only interested in Sabrina, and was upset that Adventures ended prematurely, you won t be disappointed by this reboot Highly recommended for fans, old and new Kelly Thompson Uncanny X Men And Artist Veronica Fish Spider Woman, Archie Team Up To Tell The Story Of Sabrina SpellmanSabrina Is A Teen Witch Who S Struggling With Balancing The Double Life Of High School And Her Burgeoning Powers Newly Relocated To Greendale With Her Aunts Hilda And Zelda Also Witches , Sabrina Is Trying To Make The Best Of Being The New Girl In Town Which So Far Includes Two Intriguing Love Interests, An Instant Rivalry, A Couple Of Misfits That Could Turn Into BFFs, And Trying To Save The High School And Maybe The World From Crazy Supernatural Events NBD Loved the story and I m obsessed with the art 4.5 I really loved this volume A colorful, fun ny , and adventure filled take on Sabrina, like an amalgam of all the best iterations of the character It manages to deliver a very YA spin while feeling nostalgic for the older sitcom as well as turning the formula into something compelling by introducing actual elements of danger and magic use that isn t restricted to hair colouring spells I d call this superior to the okay but way too tryhard Chilling Adventures book. I hope we see of the aunts in future issues And Salem is the BEST. Fun Charming and a perfect October read read as single issues I am super stoked that there will be of Sabrina the Teenage Witch from this creative team because they KILLED IT in this arc All of the characters were great, but I especially loved Salem Also, the life advice of you know someone is mean if they have RAD in their name paraphrased is going to stick with me forever. I think I might be falling under the spell of Sabrina Spellman Enough to maybe read some of her original Archie comics from the sixties, despite review warnings of how sexist and dated they are Sabrina the Teenage Witch in 2019, as penned by Kelly Thompson, she of the usually mixed quality bag, isn t about Satanism, or anything particularly dark or adult , or particularly light and fluffy for that matter I ll just say that if you like witches, and you feel nostalgic for Sabrina in any one of her incarnations, then you are sure to enjoy this The constant stays to her character are thus She s white, platinum blonde and pretty, and hetero Salem, everyone s favourite cat familiar Sabrina s aunts Hilda and Zelda a Witches Council containing, often than not, the high witch Della Enchantra and love interest Harvey Kinkle.I don t think that Sabrina has ever been this introspective, self aware, deductive, capable, brave, and full of independent agency take note, Chilling Adventures She s still a messy teenage girl, who justly equates high school with hell and her peers with monsters She makes mistakes, and is in a love triangle between two hot boys, but the direction it takes subverts expectations somewhat One of its merits is that is criticises toxic masculinity I can t believe I m actually finding a love triangle interesting It s not a main focus, at any rate, thank Circe Sabrina can fix anything, and fight for anything, when she puts her mind to it She s proactive Magical powers aside, she is a relatable heroine worth rooting for She s a damn cool teen in this comic Salem is as quippy, sarcastic and funny as ever, and receives his moments in the fun spotlight too.And fun describes Sabrina the Teenage Witch 2019 to a W, I, T, C, and H It s modern magical fantasy witch action It can be read by all ages never mind its Teen rating Its lovely, colourful artwork doesn t stray too much from the Archie aesthetic How simultaneously sweet and soft, and dark and dramatic, it is A few plot threads are a little uneven, rushed, muddled and confusing, but it s not a tragic case A few characters could have used panel time, especially Sabrina s new friend Jessa Chiang, who is fat, Asian, and LBGTQ, and who leans towards tokenism At least the obligatory mean girl, Radka Ransom, a POC her brother Ren is also one of Sabrina s love interests , is interesting and is given depth and intrigue I love too that the comic s cover pays homage to Kiki s Delivery Service It fits so well, even though Sabrina never actually rides on a broom once in this volume.Regardless, she is like a Magical Girl in this reboot Her changing her hair colour from white to blonde every morning is just the beginning she learns to embrace and love herself for who she is at the end, no worries Also she wears a crescent moon necklace, and a dark hairband and lipstick To add anything about her accessories and arsenal would be spoilery.Final Score 4 5 This is the Sabrina I know and love The story was really good and the art and colouring were perfect The lettering was sometimes a little hard to read but I think that s because I read a digital copy on a tablet Super fun

KELLY THOMPSON has a degree in Sequential Art from The Savannah College of Art Design Her love of comics and superheroes have compelled her since she first discovered them as a teenager Currently living in Portland, Oregon with her boyfriend and the two brilliant cats that run their lives, you can find Kelly all over the Internet where she is generally well liked, except where she s

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