Into the Pit

Into the PitI love the fnaf series The first book in the short planned series of anthology books set in the Five Nights at Freddy s universe, though most will be non canon, was a very good and fun start Into the Pit starts off with the story also titled Into the Pit about Oswald who spends his summer in a dumpy little pizza place that has a ball pit that takes him back to Fazbear s Pizzeria in 1985 This one took way too long to get going, but when it did I was totally pulled in Thankfully, even though it took too long, what we had was still good writing and nice character The second story, To Be Beautiful was rough for me personally as it deals with weight issues, fitting in, lack of self worth, all things that hits too close to home, with Sarah as she finds the animatronic Circus Baby who claims to be able to grant her wish of becoming beautiful It s a rough little story with a very mean finale that, while hard to read, was incredible And the final story, Count the Ways, follows goth high schooler Millie at is bounces between her living life with her Grandfather throughout the fall winter at high school and present day being stuck inside a homicidal animatronic This one was my favorite, I love a story that tells you where the ending is at and you get to figure out how the main character got there This one was also pretty mean, which is often my jam The book ends with a small short story that attempts to give bigger purpose and meaning to this book and gives us a good hook to connect us to future books All in all, a very good anthology horror tale that started slightly weak, but only got better as the book continued Five Nights At Freddy S Fans Won T Want To Miss This Pulse Pounding Collection Of Three Novella Length Tales That Will Keep Even The Bravest Player Up At Night What Do You Wish For MostIt S A Question That Oswald, Sarah, And Millie Think They Know The Answer To Oswald Wishes His Summer Wasn T So Boring, Sarah Wishes To Be Beautiful, And Millie Wishes She Could Just Disappear From The Face Of The Earth But In The Twisted World Of Five Nights At Freddy S, Their Hearts Deepest Desires Have An Unexpected CostIn This Volume, Five Nights At Freddy S Creator Scott Cawthon Spins Three Sinister Novella Length Stories From Different Corners Of His Series Canon, Featuring Cover Art From Fan Favorite Artist LadyFiszi Readers Beware This Collection Of Terrifying Tales Is Enough To Unsettle Even The Most Hardened Five Nights At Freddy S Fans Another great addition to the FNAF universe Perfect for fans of the series as well as any young readers looking for some fun spooky stories This book features three short stories following three different characters Each of these stories stands by themselves but do work well together It was a very fast read and the audiobook was pretty good although it appears to not include a secret that can be found at the end of the print edition view spoiler In this spooky set of stories, you follow three different kids who all have terrifying experiences that can be related to Freddy Fazbear s pizza These events range from direct links to places to vague links of themes The first story has the most direct connection with the main character time traveling to Freddy Fazbears Pizza in 1985 While there the kid is shown a set of dead bodies in the backroom by a guy in a yellow rabbit suit The second story has the loosest connection featuring a Baby like animatronic who changes into a humanoid shape While this is a loose connection to the games it is a strong connection to the other book series The third story features Funtime Freddy trapping a person inside his stomach and trying to kill them This ties back to both the games and the book series hide spoiler Doesn t seem to be connected to any existing FNAF canon so much as it takes ideas and concepts and lets the author run wild to create some really weird, twisty short stories that pack a punch I liked that each story had a deeper theme and they all seemed to deal with issues of dissatisfaction in life and social alienation in addition to being good interesting horror stories The characters were all fleshed out really well and you really feel for them, which makes you want to see them make it Be sure to keep reading after the about the authors section, there s a stinger that seems to set up an overarching plotline. This book was an odd one, as it doesn t actually continue anything in the FNAF universe both the novels and games are thrown out the window for three novella length stories that or less function as morality tales The first story, Into The Pit, reminded me a lot of the old Goosebumps short stories, in that the stakes are very low, the ending fixes the major problem quickly, and we end on a stinger It was the tamest of the three, but read best Beyond some time travel nonsense that gets drop part way through, the Freddy connections are a closed Fazbears Pizza, some novelty item references, and a yellow rabbit costume that seems to be a cleaned up Springtrap The second story, To Be Beautiful, was the most Lesson learned of the three, and the strangest in plotting It heavily features an animatronic named Eleanor, who seems to be Circus Baby based off description, but her actions and the story s conclusion fit nothing associated with Circus Baby, or even FNAF in general.The final story, Count The Ways, ties in the most to FNAF by featuring an animatronic kidnapping someone and holding them in a container inside itself, but primarily focuses on teen angst and drama I had trouble getting through it, and the ending left things unresolved, and was sort of a Did they live or not ending, even though you can assume they didn t All in all, a slightly uneven book, that feels like random stories with a FNAF sheen to make them sellable Fans will like it, but newcomers won t have any reason to give it a look. Scott Cawthon is a master at creating characters, both violent and calm with ulterior motives and secret sides Somehow, Both still maintain a decently modern state in society and seem normal right up until the final moments of someone s life this book is meant for a younger audience although, his Silver eyes series is much appropriate for an older, mature audience This was an intriguing set of stories that I love Each one got me thinking about things in a new way Especially the franchise as a whole Each story had an interesting story and endings that had me terrified and wanting I can t wait for the next books NON SPOILER I received an ARC of this bookI m interested in the FNaF series, and I am really looking forward to the rest of these upcoming short stories.Fazbear Frights 1 Into The Pit is something you would not expect out of FNaF, the events that occur are almost out of nowhere, and are uh, very confusing confusing, however, in some weird way, it all made sense by the end of the stories, at least some Now, I can say to all the FNaF enthusiasts out there, no this is clearly not a book that is taking place within the games timeline, I myself am a diehard FNaF theorist, and it s clear here that, it s not supposed to be used as a book to solve the games, disappointingly However, there are some references, and POTENTIAL connections you could make to the games that are definitely eye opening, and certainly VERY disturbing for the average FNaF you re used to, it s clear that Scott wanted to take a , darker tone it s also nothing like the old novels, the character s here do have a lot written into them, and it s quite shocking that you see the situations they end up in especially the ones that got what was coming.ts an okay book, and it s certainly not a book used for the games, newcomers will certainly enjoy it, but if you want a darker fnaf route, if you enjoy Stranger Things, Lovecraft, ETC, you will certainly enjoy this bookYou re in for an interesting ride.EDIT 1 I ve seen some out lash on another review about a girl with an eating disorder, now this is definitely true but uh, it s there for a reason, every story in this book does have a gimmick, but it relates to them of course, the girl with the eating disorder is there for a reason, I won t say why yet, but yes, there is clearly a reason for this.EDIT 2 Hey reddit EDIT 3 Hey Freddit Discord. Super fast read I didn t think I d finish it under 2 hours but it was good I just wish the stories were FNAF related.

Scott Cawthon is an American independent video game developer, animator, and writer, best known for his creation of the Five Nights at Freddy s franchise.

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