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The Book of Waking Up We All Have Our Habits To Help When Life Gets Hard Yet There S Only One Force That Can Offer Us True Healing From Life S Pain Join Award Winning Writer Seth Haines In The Book Of Waking Up For A Guided Experience Into The Divine Love Of God That Transforms A LifeThe Inevitable Pain Of Life Gives Us Many Reasons To Check Out And Many Ways To Do It Alcohol, Entertainment, Pills, Shopping, Porn, Chasing Success, Cashing Checks, And Collecting Social Media Likes These And So Many Other Things Anesthetize Us From The Wounds Of Everyday Living As Seth Haines Wrote In His Award Winning Book, Coming Clean, We Re All Drunk On Something In His Compelling Follow Up, The Book Of Waking Up, Seth Invites You Into The Story Of Healing He Invites You To See Your Coping Mechanisms For What They Are Lesser Lovers, Which Cannot Bring The Peace, Freedom, And Wholeness You Crave Through Guided Reflections, Sustainable Soul Practices, And Stories From Seth S Life And Others, The Book Of Waking Up Invites You To Wake To Your Coping Mechanisms, Find The Why Behind Your Pain, And Walk Into The Divine Love Of GodAs Seth Writes, Addiction Is Misplaced Adoration Now, Join Him On A Journey Toward The Only Love Worth Adoring, The Only Love That Cures A Soul Join Him On The Journey To Waking Up

Coming Clean, is a raw account of his first ninety days of sobriety His second book,

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  • The Book of Waking Up
  • Seth Haines
  • 08 January 2018
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    Because my family has been involved for many years with foster care and adoption, addiction is something I m familiar with I ve seen how substance abuse wrecks innocent brains and is passed down through family lines, how poverty and violence and shame rot everything So I approached Seth Haines book about addiction and what underlies it with some trepidation When I was done, I had mixed feelings First, I know Seth and know his sincerity and honesty and that comes through in this book He is unflinchingly transparent about his own pain and the coping mechanisms that led to addiction in his life That experience gives him a clear eyed view of the tendency we all have to turn away from Divine Love and towards things that can trap us Money, sex, and social media get equal treatment alongside substance and porn abuse He believes that the way out of these disordered affections is through communion with God, and he experiences this in a very literal sense when the wine of the Eucharist becomes the agent of healing for his addiction to wine alcohol Even though Haines theology seems closer to Catholicism in this book, the writing style is still very evangelical in its folksy reliance on the bible for any spiritual input That may be hard for readers who are not part of the target audience His best insights, in my opinion, come at the end of the book, when he talks about true sobriety He describes a 135 pound heroin addict who gets clean, but ends up gaining over 100 pounds because he s transferred his addiction to junk food Sober Really Haines asks Without an approach to dependency that treats the whole person, including the underlying narratives of pain, we ll never walk in waking sobriety This I can agree with wholeheartedly.Haines goes to great lengths to show that most of us deal with addictions of one kind or another that keeping us from connecting with Divine Love On this level, I think the book works well and will be best for the type of people who have the money, time, and inclination to pick up a book on addiction and apply it to themselves Haines himself admits at one point that if you re reading the book, you are probably affluent ish I do not think that Seth set out to write a manual for treating serious substance addiction or its generational effects and so I don t want to critique him too harshly on that point, but I did feel it was important to draw a distinction about who this book would be appropriate for Personally, I would not simply hand it over to people I love who are mired in cycles of serious substance abuse and poverty As a relatively healthy person, I can understand what he means when he says of his healing Eucharist experience, The wine of my poison it has become the substance of salvation, but as a mother, sister and friend of people who fight addiction daily, I had to put the book down for awhile He does leave a caveat for alcoholics saying they need to know their own weaknesses and do what is best for them But I think that implies a level of health and awareness that many people I am involved with wouldn t have According to the summary on the back of the book, As Seth writes addiction is simply misplaced adoration I can certainly see areas in my own life where this is true and I appreciate Seth s encouragement to keep stripping away the things that obscure my connection to God, and I think this book is most appropriate for people who are in a similar place or at least have done a good deal of work on rehabilitation, have wise support around them, and are ready and able to go deeper spiritually.

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    I heard of this book through some other authors that I follow and decided that I might as well pick it up and give it a read I never considered myself to struggle with any addictions nor have I been on a journey to sobriety and did not expect for this book to be as amazing as others have said However, this book was not what I was expecting it to be I am walking away from this book with a greater understanding of the purpose and process of waking up from the slumber that I have been in for quite some time In this short book, Haines invites readers into the process of understanding the addictions that we all turn to in order to cover the pain that comes with life, and the journey that we all face in overcoming those addictions Such a timely message for every single person, no matter the season that they may find themselves in.

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    My friend Seth Haines writes about addiction and Jesus in an out of the box format and it s pure poetry.

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    The number of stars you will give this book are proportional to the amount of effort you will put into it If you simply ingest and forget The Book of Waking Up, you will probably rate it with two stars it was okay However, if you re honest with yourself and willing to journey alongside Seth If you stop at the prompts and actually do the work you may find a trail that goes deeper and further than you imagined Seth has given us, not a map, but a guidebook He is a fellow traveler who wants to share his journey to help others be aware of the pitfalls along the way He wants to lift the weary traveller s head to gaze upon the beauty and limitlessness of this Divine Love If you re willing to do the work and join him in the journey of Waking Up it will bless you.

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    Haines s book draws a straight line from pain and our coping mechanisms to the idea that we can wake up to sacramental living in Christ and together with others The writing is fresh, clear and quick A good book to own and go back to.

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    I listened to The Book of Waking Up First, as an audiobook, it was enjoyable to have Seth read it I felt like we were sitting in a shop and talking than just words coming at me Seth s voice is grainy and comfortable like a fall day with crisp leaves I didn t know the book was about addiction and haven t read Coming Clean It worked out because of the habits I m trying to create right now and thinking through what is and isn t healthy Seth is right too, we all have our addictions and coping mechanisms But this isn t a non fiction self help study book This book is filled with long meandering ideas, concrete prose that isn t in a hurry, and an atmosphere of hope There are a lot of examples, well developed phrases, and disarming humor that combined create a powerful little book Listening reading becomes responsive here because the words are exciting and interesting I m sure I will be reading from Haines in the future.

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    I listened to this on Audible and was also given a hard copy I would describe the book as a sermon on the theology of addiction I didn t enjoy it as much as Coming Clean because it felt less personal and preachy His voice felt heavy and depressing The constant numbers and repetitive use of the word whizbang were distracting.There were moments of brilliance though The thought I found most profound and have continued to think about is that pain tells us lies We are alone We are not enough No one is safe It s made me think about my own tendency to think this way when Im hurting I m distrusting these thoughts than I did before reading this book I m awake to the truth that they are lies that keep me from trusting God with my painful times.3.5 stars

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    We re all addicts Social media, food, shopping, sex, and success We are pleasure factories made by and for God Huh That s exactly the point of this book God is inviting us to wake up to his Divine Love and he ll use every means of his creation to do so Seth Haines has written a fantastic book for anyone longing to experience freedom from addiction in all shapes and sizes And to awaken to the realities of greater loves and affections in a Divine Love nothing on earth can offer Written in short and reflective chapters, I highly recommend.

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    An author s journey that takes you on your own journey Read this slowly Think through your own addictions we ve all got them I liked the balance between science and story and scripture Such a solid read.

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    Oh Mr Seth Haines.Your attention to detail, skill at storytelling, wisdom with scripture is sure to bless anyone who dares to pic this book up Thank you for sharing your path so that others can see that it s worth it..and I ll be waiting for your album.

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