Echoes Among the Stones

Echoes Among the Stones After Aggie Dunkirk S Career Is Unceremoniously Ended By Her Own Mistakes, She Finds Herself Traveling To Wisconsin, Where Her Grandmother, Mumsie, Lives Alone In Her Vintage, Though Very Outdated, Home Aggie Didn T Plan For How Eccentric Mumsie Has Become, Obsessing Over An Old, Unsolved Crime Scene Even Going So Far As To Re Create It In A DollhouseMystery Seems To Follow Aggie When She Finds Work As A Secretary Helping To Restore The Flooded Historical Part Of The Town S Cemetery Forced To Work With A Puzzling Yet Attractive Archaeologist, She Exhumes The Past S Secrets And Unwittingly Uncovers A Crime That Some Will Go To Any Length To Keep Hidden Even If That Means Silencing AggieIn , Imogene Grayson Works In A Beauty Salon But Has Her Sights Set On Hollywood But Coming Home To Discover Her Younger Sister S Body In The Attic Changes Everything Unfamiliar With The Burgeoning World Of Forensic Science And, As A Woman, Not Particularly Welcomed Into The Investigation, Imogene Is Nonetheless Determined To Stay Involved As Her Sister S Case Grows Cold, Imogene Vows To Find Justice No Matter The Cost

Daphne du Maurier and Christy Award Winning author, Jaime Jo Wright resides in the hills of Wisconsin writing suspenseful, mysteries stained with history s secrets Jaime lives in dreamland, exists in reality, and invites you to join her adventures at

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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Echoes Among the Stones
  • Jaime Jo Wright
  • English
  • 06 October 2018
  • 9780764233883

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    I loved this dual timeline novel by Jaime Jo Wright It wasn t as creepy as her previous works and I mean creepy in the very best way but was of a puzzle, a cerebral and emotional journey that brings the reader face to face with the legacy grief can have, and with the hope that can overcome it I especially enjoyed the development of Mumsie Being able to see her character arc span decades brought a rich dimension and perspective to the tale The ending was completely satisfying without being artifically neat and tied with a bow Those struggling with grief will find this a particularly meaningful read And since none of us can escape grief at some point that means all of us.

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    Where s the option for than five stars, I d give it one hundred stars if I could.How do I write a review for the best book I ve read this year The dual time frame perfectly meshes old and new 70 years is but a drop in the bucket of time.A 70 year cold case murder mystery begging to be solved , will there for justice for a young woman tragically murdered in the prime of her life.70 years later a young woman fascinated with the historical case starts piecing together clues from the case and oh boy the family secrets she uncovers Maybe the town wasn t as innocent as it seemed all those years ago As we meet characters and the mystery deepens you will become engrossed in the story Believe me the story will grip you and absolutely not let you go The atmosphere really builds and the story line is superb So many twists and unexpected turns I recommend this to you as it s my absolute favorite I ve read this year Published December 3rd 2019 by Bethany House Publishers I was given a complimentary copy of this book Thank you.All opinions expressed are my own.

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    Aggie and Mumsie might be my favorite female duo EVER in a story I loved their characters so much and want to petition Hallmark Movies and Mysteries to make them an ongoing series The twists and turns in this time split story will absolutely delight readers with the unique plot as well as tug on all the emotional strings as the mystery begins to unfold I believe this is author, Jaime Jo Wright s, finest work and continues to make her my top recommendation for fans of historical, mystery, and time slip stories

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    I think that this is the best book by Jamie Jo Wright ever Just wow Told by Imogene of the past and Aggie of the future Almost had me confused but towards the end I began to figure it out Just wowsers Best story plot and wonderful characters that will keep you guessing until you can t believe who it is I really think the best part well, maybe not best but still. was when Imogene s parents passed away within days of each other I say this because it was a coincidence that my grandparents did too We had moved to Kentucky then and had to turn around and come back for grandpa s funeral I guess that s what makes two people into one soul I guess that s how you say it I finished this book at 2 a.m in the morning because I wanted to see what happened next Jamie didn t disappoint me Not at all I was hung onto every word of this mixture of weird but wonderful story Here s a quote I like and this is from Collin Grief isn t wrong, but it can paralyze It can thwart a life A person can choose to let time stand still, and while they hold the pieces of the past, the hope of their future passes them by So so true And another one A person shouldn t miss the promise of whatever is in store Grief is like the moment you close a chapter in a really good book It leaves you suspended , unfinished, even remarkably unsatisfied In other words the story isn t over in a person s life You should learn to go on But even at times that isn t easy.Do you ever hear your loved one s voice Sometimes guiding you along the way with the Lord s help of course.Yes, I do talk to my mom and the weird part about it, I can still see her there standing there shaking my head at some of the things I do, say and even some of the friends that I supposedly pick She d say Lori you ve got a doozy of a friend this time don t you I m like, I don t pick them, they pick me Here s my most favorite saying of all from Mumsie, Ohhh Agnes Regardless of where faith may take us and what the good Lord has in store, we ll never stop hearing their voices The voices of the ones we ve loved before I m so glad that we don t have to stop I think that in some ways the Lord still lets us hear and talk to them because they are our guardian angles Heaven knows we need divine help from time to time I normally don t put quotes from the book but this time I felt the Lord giving me a little nudge in the back to do so I m guessing He needed for someone to read my review and know that there is Hope, forgiveness and love along the way to help them I nearly cried writing this review because it was a sweet reminder that He s still there even when at times when we think He s not Believe me, He is than you know I just can t get over this wonderful story I really enjoyed it and I m even going to ask my husband to buy the paperback when it comes out Cause this is a KEEPER for sure I strongly recommend this to readers of all ages My hope is that you will be blessed as I was My thanks to Netgalley NO compensations were received and all opinions are my own.

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    Jaime Jo Wright is skillful at crafting dual timeline mysteries I can always count on her stories to provide enough suspense and creepiness to keep me turning the pages She has an incredible talent of building the suspense in both storylines, weaving the threads of both into a masterpiece of intrigue.While Echoes Among the Stones story centers around an unsolved murder from 1946, it is also a story of grieving, and how grief has a way of stealing future happiness if one lets it Imogene s granddaughter, Aggie, returns to present day Mill Valley As she undertakes repairing their relationship, she also obtains a job at a local cemetery She finds that someone in Mill Creek may be afraid that a natural catastrophe at the cemetery may reveal secrets that have been hidden for too long Do these secrets have any connection to Aggie s family The inspirational threads included are realistic, not forced Her characters are human, flawed, and at times doubting God s presence in their lives One of my favorite quotes from Echoes Among the stones don t let grief tie your years up into a lifetime of regrets Let the good Lord take care of your aches and heal you So that you don t miss out on the good on the blessings He hides in the middle of all that hurting Wright s stellar writing provides just enough eeriness and danger, with classic goose bump moments, that will have me eagerly anticipating her next novel.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author publisher and was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are mine.

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    I m in a post read I can t believe that happened I didn t see that coming daze Accompanied by a serious case of the boohoo it s all over blues In short I am stupefied so if this review doesn t make sense blame Jaime Jo Wright not me First the dual timeline honestly, this author knows how to make it work The pacing between the present and the past the way she builds both storylines until they explode in a frenzy of aha moments that rocked my reading socks right off Phew And the way she jumps from 1946 to 2019, always leaving me hanging I d be like Nooooo, you can t leave it there as I recalibrated my head and heart into another time frame only to be sucked in and then wham we re time traveling again Blissfully discombobulated, that was me the whole read.The mystery is so well done Complex and confusing and a tad creepy I had theories than there were chapters in the book LOL In the end, this armchair sleuth got it partially right But I was also flabbergasted by certain revelations.I didn t take to either heroine immediately They both had some prickly characteristics that kept me at arms length It wasn t long before I realized they were deliberately holding back barricading their hearts behind protective walls to stave off further hurt And protect themselves from grief.And here s what really surprised me about this novel it is a study of grief How it inspires actionor inaction How it takes hostages Suppresses joy Binds hope And most importantly, how grace can burst open grief s prison So many stunning passages Profound Words I really took to heart I listened to the audible edition so I don t have any quotes to share here but you can be sure I ll be buying a paperback copy so I have the words in print to cherish.An indescribably awesome novel that belongs on keeper shelves everywhere

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    Wow I absolutely loved this book I got so into this book that I couldn t put it down I was so wrapped up in both storylines and trying to solve the mystery This book had me on the edge of my seat, yet also almost had me in tears It was so good I highly recommend it I received a complimentary copy from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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    I am officially dubbing Jaime Jo Wright the queen of Christian mystery suspense She has quickly found herself on my must read author list and I don t see that changing anytime soon I ve read each of her novels so far and I ve come to that point in my reading relationship with her books that I trust that even though she may take the reader into dark creepy territory, she won t leave them there She also makes sure that there is a faith based take away intricately woven in that manages to hit the reader at just the right moments Her books are perfect to suggest to unbelievers because the faith isn t preachy or in your face yet revealed in masterfully compelling ways to get one thinking.This one didn t take me long to get into at all, and it also wasn t easy to put down It was a bit different from the author s other books in that I didn t feel as spooked out as I was in the others, but I was still enraptured in the mystery I was able to read it successfully at night as a few others concurred with on Facebook haha which was another plus The pages basically turned themselves in this one.I admired how well the concept of grief was walked through from the eyes of multiple characters in a way that could also get the reader thinking about how they process and handle it themselves The author created the perfect platform to introduce faith in a thought provoking and healing way amidst the pain and heartache of life There were several quotes that specifically stuck out to me simply for how much truth was contained in them Personally, I don t handle grief well Everyone experiences grief differently, but in truth no one can truly escape it One quote that stuck out for me was You go ahead and let the grief consume you, because then it will heal you, free you, and the good Lord can move into its place and show you promise Promise that there is so much life to live So many people to love And the footprints of those who ve gone before you They ll still be there Memories to warm you when you re old I loved this book on so many levels Jaime Jo Wright is a master at what she does How she is able to write the stories she does and successfully weave in faith in powerful and thought provoking ways simply amazes me I honestly don t think I can recommend this book enough Now I sit and wait impatiently for her next one to release I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

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    Their voices will always echo, here, among the stones, A grandmother and a granddaughter both consumed by sorrow, both living with regrets, both fighting to either hold on or to move on, both realizing that grief can become its own prison, once there, getting out is nigh impossible Can it ever be over Will it ever be over Aggie Dunkirk arrives at her Mumsie s Wisconsin home following a career debacle, assuming that she will spend her unsolicited free time caring for an old woman with a broken hip Nothing could be further from the truth Taking a random job opening in the area, she finds herself paired with an engaging young archeologist both of them tasked with re cataloguing and re configuring old grave sites after the town s old cemetery is damaged by a flood It s not long before voices from those graves come calling A brutal murder happened in Mill Creek back in 1946 One that baffled everyone in the small town for the victim, Hazel Grayson, was beloved by all and her brutal death changed the lives of the entire community, but none than that of her sister, Imogene Determined to seek justice for Hazel, Imogene immersed herself in the case, following every possible lead to the point that she began to lose her own life through her efforts to live for another As Aggie, and her co worker Collin O Shaughnessy, unwittingly get wrapped up in the cemetery s secrets, Mumsie s secrets also become increasingly hard to ignore Something else becomes increasingly hard to ignore as well, Collin s way of softening Aggie s rough edges around her attitude, around her perspective, and quite possibly around her heart When you walk a lonely road take hold of the hand of a friend when it is offered to you What a stunning story The author has done everything right and in our hearts It is how it was meant to be I received a copy of this book from the author and publisher The opinions stated above are entirely my own.

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    Wright weaves a good tale which isn t easily solved something I personally like in a suspense novel While this book still had darker tones to it, it wasn t quite the same as Foster Hill, which deals with human trafficking This was, rather, an almost obsession over a cold case murder.I really enjoyed the two storylines from the past and present I was just as into one story as the other I feel she painted a very realistic picture of the aftermath of WWII and the soldiers.There was a spiritual thread woven through, the main emphasis on dealing with grief It was never clear where Aggie herself stood spiritually, even though she did make progress in coming to terms with loss.I felt the romance was a good balance for some, I imagine it had a slow start, as the interest didn t really begin until a good portion into the story My loyal heart kind of broke a little no spoilers, though I don t remember any uncomfortable scenes between any of the couples.There was a crude comment about going to the bedroom nothing happened, it was just a comment And there was also a little weirdness going on with Imogene visualizing and speaking to Hazel or, Hazel speaking to her And then a god awful I received this book from NetGalley and happily provided my honest review

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