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Christmas Shopaholic Celebrate Christmas With The Ultimate Shopaholic The Brilliant Laugh Out Loud Festive Novel From The Number One Bestselling AuthorBecky Brandon N E Bloomwood Adores Christmas It S Always The Same Mum And Dad Hosting, Carols Playing, Mum Pretending She Made The Christmas Pudding, And The Next Door Neighbours Coming Round For Sherry In Their Terrible Festive JumpersAnd Now It S Even Easier With Online Bargain Shopping Sites If You Spend Enough You Even Get Free Delivery Sorted But This Year Looks Set To Be Different Unable To Resist The Draw Of Craft Beer And Smashed Avocado, Becky S Parents Are Moving To Ultra Trendy Shoreditch And Have Asked Becky If She Ll Host Christmas This Year What Could Possibly Go Wrong With Sister Jess Demanding A Vegan Turkey, Husband Luke Determined That He Just Wants Aftershave Again, And Little Minnie Insisting On A Very Specific Picnic Hamper Surely Becky Can Manage All This, As Well As The Surprise Appearance Of An Old Boyfriend And His Pushy New Girlfriend, Whose Motives Are Far From ClearWill Chaos Ensue, Or Will Becky Manage To Bring Comfort And Joy To Christmas AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER NOWEVERYBODY LOVES SOPHIE KINSELLAA Gem Of A Novel JODI PICOULT Funny, Fast And Farcical I Loved It JOJO MOYES Life Doesn T Get Much Better Than A New Sophie Kinsella Novel RED

Sophie Kinsella has sold over 40 million copies of her books in than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages.Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic The book s heroine, Becky Bloomwood a fun an

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  • Christmas Shopaholic
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • English
  • 09 June 2019
  • 9781787631977

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    Hilarious, delightful, heartwarming I couldn t be excited that Becky Brandon n e Bloomwood is back in this latest installment to the Shopaholic Series This is one series that I eagerly and patiently wait for the next installment Thank you so much, SOPHIE KINSELLA for writing such a fabulous and entertaining character I absolutely adore Becky and you CHRISTMAS SHOPAHOLIC did not disappoint me at all in fact it exceeded all my expectations CHRISTMAS SHOPAHOLIC Shopaholic 9 by SOPHIE KINSELLA is a lighthearted, entertaining, and fun festive read that had me laughing out loud hysterically right from the very start You can t help but fall in love with Becky and be amused by all of her farcical antics She is definitely a one of a kind character that is so darn entertaining and lovely SOPHIE KINSELLA delivers a fast paced, amusing, fun, and well written read here that has us following along with Becky as she has been tasked to host Christmas for the very first time This book was extremely fun and I was definitely entertained by Becky and all of her holiday season mishaps.Norma s Stats Cover An intriguing, festive, adorable, lovely, amusing, colorful, and whimsical book cover that depicts this storyline well.Title The title speaks for itself Writing Prose Humorous, engaging, fun, smart, and well written Plot Engaging, fast paced, fun, cute, captivating, humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining.Ending I was thoroughly touched and moved in the end leaving me with a great big satisfied smile on my face Definitely a feel good ending Overall I loved spending time with Becky She is by far my most favourite character ever I want to be Becky s BFF This book will definitely put you in the holiday spirit Would highly recommend Thank you so much to NetGalley, The Dial Press Random House Publishing Group and Sophie Kinsella for the opportunity to read this fabulous book I absolutely loved the escape into Becky s world Review can also be seen on Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog

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    SHE is BACK Becky Brandon n e Bloomwood is one of my all time favorite characters and she was as hilarious and brilliant as ever in this festive story I was so excited to spend time with Becky it was like catching up with an old friend I have read and loved every book in this series and while some have been better than others this one was an absolute treat tis the season to be shopping and Becky could not be happier She barely even bats an eyelash when it is dropped on her that she will be hosting Christmas this year Becky of course starts making a list and checking it twice, there are lots of things to be done and purchased before the holidays And in typical Becky fashion is always better, why have one turkey when you can have three Becky has grown up somewhat over the course of the series but she has never lost her charm or whimsy From the creation of a new Norwegian word, to an ex boyfriend and multiplayer sex From fighting to join an old boy billiard club, to60 pounds of fish on the front yard From hunting down and escaped hamster to an adorable Christmas performance This book had me smiling and laughing so much that my face hurt If you are a fan of this series this is an absolute must If you have not read the series yet, what are you waiting for This is Sophie Kinsella at her finest A delightful lighthearted story that is guaranteed to fill you with the holiday spirit Fa la la la la la shopaholic This book in emojis Big thanks to Random House for my copy of this book

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    You know that friend that you go years without contact, yet you are so comfortable that you pick right up where you left off Well that is me with Becky Brandon Bloomwood This girl has seen me through some hard times I have missed Becky and her outgoing, quirky, sometimes socially unacceptable personality I was so excited to see a new Shopaholic book and a Christmas one at that So for those of you who don t know Becky there is a whole series, except this is a perfect stand alone No need to read the previous books, except you will want to after you read this I think I read my first Shopaholic book in 2000 Honestly I completely forgot about the series since I have not read any in years, this was literally like going back in time Very nostalgic, it was like indulging in some comfort food for the soul.Back to Becky This girl is like a Bridget Jones with fashion style and an addiction to shopping Becky believes in buying everything in excess, no matter what it is Why order one turkey when you can order three just in casein case what I don t know, but this is how Becky rolls When Becky is nominated by the family to host Christmas, it throws her into a buying frenzy As always, the crazy antics continueshe loves to send random letters and the responses are always hilarious From 30 lbs of frozen salmon on the front lawn, to getting locked in a pet store with loose hamsters Becky never disappoints Fingers crossed for another Becky book soon Thank you so much to the publisher Random House for this adorable, fun ARC Thanks so much for Sophie Kinsella for turning out another great Shopaholic book We love Becky

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    Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella is the ninth book in the contemporary romance, chicklit Shopaholic series The series does follow one character, our Shopaholic Becky, and would probably be best to read in order from the beginning However, being a late to the club but now a fan of Sophie Kinsella I did read and understand this one just fine as a standalone.The title of this series will give readers a hint into the character of this series and her obsession with shopping and finding the latest bargain This all holds true for Becky in this latest installment that catches up with her and her family and friends at Christmastime After Becky s parents have decided to move to a hip new neighborhood in a smaller place Becky finds herself tasked with organizing and hosting her first Christmas and wants it all to be perfect for everyone despite their differences.Even though I went against my own rule of not jumping into an ongoing series with this one I still found myself absolutely enjoying it I never felt lost or missing anything with the characters or story which is saying alot since I know the series has been around for quite a while Instead I was quickly swept up in Becky s craziness and laughing practically at each turn of a page Sophie Kinsella has such quirky and fun characters that I couldn t help but become a fan and of course I ll look forward to reading from her in the future.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    4.5 5 starsI am a big Sophie Kinsella fan and a huge fan of the Shopaholic series Christmas Shopaholic is the ninth book in the Shopaholic series The eighth book was written in 2015 So it has been a few years since I read the last book I read it when it came out.I was so excited when I found out that there was going to be a new book in this series This series is Chick Lit The narrator is Becky 1st person POV.Can you read this book without having read the previous books in the series You would definitely be able to follow the story without having read any of the other books However, I feel like this book was meant for fans of the series You would not know any of the backstory or know any of the characters For me most of this book is about Becky and her relationships And I don t feel like it would be the same experience to read this book without knowing any of her story.In Christmas Shopaholic Becky is supposed to host Christmas for the first time The book is about all of the mishaps that occur during the time leading up to the holiday And then we get to experience Christmas Shopaholic style.Becky can be a bit much at times The author has to balance her crazy buying habits with humor There is a fine line between finding Becky charming and adorable and finding her spending ridiculous.This book features all of our favorite characters We get to see Becky s husband Luke, her daughter Minnie, her mom and dad, her sister Jess, her best friend Suze, and her mom s best friend Janice It was honestly so nice to be able to revisit all of these amazing characters They made this book so special.This story takes place around Christmastime And there is some really funny stuff in this book In the very beginning I found a few things annoying But the author knows exactly how to write this character And the last half was superb The stuff with her new friend Steph was amazing The stuff with the billiard s club was beyond funny One of my favorite things about this series is how the author seems to tie so much stuff together Becky will buy something or do something and it seems ridiculous at the time But then somehow it will become relevant later in the book There were so many things that happened earlier in this book that got brought back into the story in a brilliant way Kudos to the author for being able to do this seamlessly.Overall I really enjoyed this book The last chapters of this book were perfection And the ending was epic If you loved the previous books in this series then you will love this newest book Thank you so much to netgalley and Random House Publishing Group Random House The Dial Press for allowing me to read this book This is one of my most anticipated reads I love Becky

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    A new Becky Bloomwood novel is always cause for celebration for me, set it during the holidays and I m even excited and this one did not disappoint I love that it s easy to jump in and out of this series if you want, or if you re like me you follow each book, but even if it s been years since you ve read a Becky book it s like checking in with an old friend you haven t seen for awhile but you pick up exactly where you left off, the ultimate in a comfort read for me.It s not a BB book if there isn t chaos and mayhem and seeing as this is set amid the holiday rush you can imagine the mishaps that are possible Becky never fails to make me laugh out loud and this was no exception, she s so over the top and silly that you can t stop yourself from liking her, or at the very least laughing at her These books don t take themselves seriously at all, they re pure fun and entertainment and I always finish with a smile on my face Recommended when you want something light, silly and hilarious.

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    After finishing Shopaholic to the Rescue and thinking that would probably be the last book in the series, I was absolutely thrilled to discover there was a new one out I was even thrilled when I received an ARC on Netgalley I m a huge fan of Becky Brandon n e Bloomwood and the Shopaholic series Christmas Shopaholic did not disappoint There are many laugh out loud moments as Becky takes on the overwhelming task of hosting Christmas for the first time Between the array of requests and expectations and a simmering family feud, Becky must navigate the trials and tribulations of family, friends, an ex boyfriend and the spirit of Christmas.not to mention finding the perfect gift for her husband A lighthearted and entertaining read that had me giggling and shaking my head at Becky s shenanigans A delightful, heartwarming book that is perfect for the fall Loved it Absolutely recommend

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    This book was, in one word, sprygge A happy place, a comforting blanket, hot cocoa by the fireplaceThis is my favorite Shopaholic novel alongside the first book The humor was off the charts, I chuckled almost at every page and, best of all, it was all wrapped in the Christmas spirit Becky Brandon ne Bloomwood really comes back with a bang in this novel, she s hilarious, most of the situations she gets herself into are incredibly funny, and being inside her head once felt like seeing an old friend after a long time apart Oh, dear, I have such a book hangover everything I ll read after this doesn t stand a chance It s so rare to find a book I completely adore like this one, but Christmas Shopaholic is one of the rare gems.The emails, messages and Google searches at the beginning of the book and at the end of each chapter were such a special treat, I laughed my head off hysterically every single time.On a final note, can we please get a spin off story about Simon Millett He d be the most charmingly annoying leading man in a blue scarf.

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    It has been quite a while since I ve read one of the Shopaholic books and it s safe for me to say that Becky has grown somewhat She still makes bad choices with her shopping, and now she is also making bad choices about how she appears to others maybe she always has, but mainly I m reading this as a standalone instead of part of the series it has been that long since I ve read one of these Becky may be flighty at times and worry too much about what others think of her, but she is a good mother, a warm person and a very caring friend daughter and sister.She has a lot of cringe worthy moments in this book, and at times the book seems to make little sense for me it was the hamster scene However, everything works out in the end.I think one of the reasons I had some problems with this story line is that I see too much of myself in Becky s character I also shop for what I think I ll need in the future store things away and then forget about them and do most of my shopping from the computer and get stuck with things that aren t quite right Another problem I had was with her sister half step Jess, and her ridiculous to me demands on what is appropriate to spend your money on after all, it s your cash and your business what you do with it.A fun, funny, light and fast read that brings the spirit of Christmas to the fore ARC supplied by the publisher.

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    A fun and entertaining book that had me laughing out loud Thank you NetGalley and Random House for the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.

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