Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death

Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death Best Selling Author And Mortician Caitlin Doughty Answers Real Questions From Kids About Death, Dead Bodies, And DecompositionEvery Day, Funeral Director Caitlin Doughty Receives Dozens Of Questions About Death What Would Happen To An Astronaut S Body If It Were Pushed Out Of A Space Shuttle Do People Poop When They Die Can Grandma Have A Viking Funeral In Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs , Doughty Blends Her Mortician S Knowledge Of The Body And The Intriguing History Behind Common Misconceptions About Corpses To Offer Factual, Hilarious, And Candid Answers To Thirty Five Distinctive Questions Posed By Her Youngest Fans In Her Inimitable Voice, Doughty Details Lore And Science Of What Happens To, And Inside, Our Bodies After We Die Why Do Corpses Groan What Causes Bodies To Turn Colors During Decomposition And Why Do Hair And Nails Appear Longer After Death Readers Will Learn The Best Soil For Mummifying Your Body, Whether You Can Preserve Your Best Friend S Skull As A Keepsake, And What Happens When You Die On A Plane Beautifully Illustrated By Diann Ruz, Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs Shows Us That Death Is Science And Art, And Only By Asking Questions Can We Begin To Embrace It

Mortician Caitlin Doughty host and creator of

[Epub] ➞ Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death By Caitlin Doughty – Webcamtopladies.info
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death
  • Caitlin Doughty
  • English
  • 14 January 2017
  • 9780393652703

10 thoughts on “Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death

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    All hail the mother of all deathlings I know, I know, I still haven t read her previous books Better get to it soon And no, I would have no problem with my still imaginary cat eating my eyeballs if I had died alone in my apartment and she was starving.

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    Caitlin Doughty rules She takes a scary topic like death and makes it feel normal Because it is normal We re all gonna die, y all, and there s nothing we can do about it While this book is influenced by questions from children, I wouldn t say it s a great book for kiddos to read unless they re mature enough to think about decomposing bodies But hey, maybe that s the point Normalize it Her answers to these questions If I die making a funny face, will it stay like that and can I be buried with my dog are smart and full of science and history And humor It s a delight to read.

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    i love this title it makes me laugh

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    What an incredibly delightful, if creepy, read It s true that you can never predict what children will say, or in this case, ask and those bizarre questions have led to a book that it both educational and chortling good While I am disappointed that a flaming Viking ship is not in my funereal future, I m somewhat relieved that my Gracie will probably nibble my lips away before going for my eyes I m not sure why that makes me feel better, but it does Caitlin Doughty could go on indefinitely about a host of normally repulsive topics, and I would eat it all up It should be added that Diane Ruiz s somewhat ghoulish artwork add greatly to the macabre merriment I offer a challenge Pick up this book and read a paragraph I m betting that you won t put it down until you regretfully run out of pages.Thanks to W W Norton Company and NetGalley for making an advance copy available for an honest review.

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    Thank you to the publisher, via NetGalley, for providing me with a copy for review This has in no way influenced my opinion.Doughty s writing on death is straight forward and allows the public into a space we don t really get to see in North America She uses humour to make the subject comfortable for readers who might be a bit squeamish about facing their own mortality.I think this collection of answers to children s questions about death will help fill a space that has been overlooked in the store I ve been asked a number of times for books that explain death to children, but couched in weird cartoon language Many kids can handle than we give them credit for, and this book acknowledges that It won t be for everyone, but there are lots of interesting facts within this book and it should transcend hard genres.A different style than Doughty s last two books, but fascinating and much needed.

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    My first Caitlin Doughty, and I can see why people love her She s funny and irreverent but she s also deeply invested in the idea that people deserve to choose what happens to their bodies after the deaths, and that bodies should be treated with respect Not a kids book, but lots of appeal for teens, fans of Mary Roach, and anyone with an interest in the slightly or than slightly gross, totally fascinating human body.

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    I received this ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my opinion of the book Friendly funeral director Caitlin Doughty offers open, honest, and sometimes funny answers to some of the questions she s received over the years from kids The questions range from What would happen to a body in outer space to If I died making a stupid face, would it be stuck like that forever to Can we give Grandma a Viking funeral Her good natured, pleasant attitude offers hope and comfort to those with fears about death and what happens after Could be easily enjoyed by adults and teens.

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    Thanks to W.W Norton for the ARC at BEA 2019 I really enjoyed this book Caitlin Doughty is a mortician by trade, and this book is her answering the surprisingly thoughtful and specific questions that kids have asked her over the years about what happens to us when we die, and how we can be handled after death Can you keep someone s skull What happens if you die in space Are Viking funerals real And of course, the titular question will your cat eat your eyeballs after you die The answers to all of these and are here Doughty has an approachable and fun writing style that makes this a fun and educational read If you ve ever pondered about what it will be like to die, read this book

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    Started to read the books by Caitlin because of her YouTube channel ask a mortician Her books are educational but written well with a lot of humour.

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    Would you believe me if I told you I read this in one sitting Yes Of course because I m always in the mood for some Doughty and when Edelweiss granted me download access to the ARC, I downloaded the ARC, and sat and read until I was finished Now I m writing my rave review because how could it be anything less anyway It really can t Having watched countless hours on her Youtube channel, read her two other books, and browsed her tweets, I literally had her voice in my head and it was LIKE she was reading it to me humor, puns, and blinding me with her mortuary science For real Again, when I can learn from the school of life I m all about it and this is absolutely the case In a question and answer style, she pulls the best questions from her tiny friends to answer and incorporates the research while also dispelling myths adding history and sharing her opinions to boot She does it all Then, when you add the images and you ve got a neat little package I would expect nothing less I ve read books read Therese Oneill s Ungovernable that incorporate too much humor, specifically humor that will date the book and put it out of commission way earlier than it s research would, but Doughty s is HER brand of humor, not pop culture humor though there are minor references like Justin Timberlake s Sexy Back lyrics changed but it is minuscule and instead uses the humor as the great equalizer in showing that discussing death isn t grim and macabre, instead, necessary and if it means publishing a book with will my cat eat my eyeballs as the title then I want Now if I can just get her to Albany, NY I ve blogged before about her and I ll do it again She s one of those people I want to have lunch with Her tour gets her to NYC midweek when the book comes out but it s the first week of school, so I can t do that or can I Regardless, rave, rave, rave reviews from a woman who publishes what she knows and we re all better for it Her voice is an integral one is discussing the politics of death in America.

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