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Sad Cypress Come away, come away, death,And in sad cypress let me be laid Fly away, fly away breath I am slain by a fair cruel maid.My shroud of white, stuck all with yew,O, prepare it My part of death, no one so trueDid share it.Shakespeare Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene IVAnd suddenly, for a vivid minute, Hercule Poirot had a new conception of the dead girl In that halting rustic voice the girl Mary lived and bloomed again She was like a flower There was suddenly a poignant sense of loss, of something exquisite destroyed In his mind phrase after phrase succeeded each other Peter Lord s She was a nice kid Nurse Hopkins s She could have gone on the films any time Mrs Bishop s venomous No patience with her airs and graces And now last, putting to shame, laying aside those other views, the quiet, wondering, She was like a flower Sad Cypress was the first Poirot story set for quite a large part in the courtroom and depicting the legal procedure where we already have a defendant and prosecution defense counselors presenting the a solution of the crime to a judge and jury Poirot himself actually puts in an appearance only in the second half of the novel Perry Mason in Britain HA HA Possibly Later Agatha Christie admitted that he was not strictly necessary to unfold the mystery and while partly I agree with her, I love this little Belgian too much to resent regret it and the book still has a solid place in my Agatha Christie Top 5 Seemingly we are presented a classic love triangle, but as the story progresses it turns into a rectangle where A loves B, who gets infatuated over C, who does not care for B in return and then we get a D who falls in love with A As always, Agatha Christie offers deep insight of character and human nature in general I love how she plays her caleidoscope game with us, showing how her characters see each other and offering a constantly changing pattern which makes us re evaluate our own views of them and where the solution is staring back at us among the colourful shards Thankfully, we also have Poirot to interpret discover the real pattern. I love Agatha Christie I love her characters as much as her plot And I love Hercule Poirot also Miss Marple but Poirot has my heart.I ve actually read Sad Cypress several times but the last time was at least 10 years ago I wondered if I d enjoy it as much this time as I have in the past.I did.Elinor s icy demeanor masks a passionate interior Her fiance, Roddy, is a fastidious, rather weak man with whom Elinor grew up He s fond of her and doesn t realize how much she adores him They live off the expectation of an inheritance from their aunt Roddy s aunt by marriage the two are not blood related An anonymous letter hinting at someone s attempt to work her way into the aunt s good graces and perhaps upset the inheritance plans leads to disaster.Reading Christie is like sitting at a fireplace drinking tea even when I m sitting in a Bronx apartment I am transported to another world Whatcan one ask from a book Sad Cypress is the 21st book in the Hercule Poirot series written by Agatha Christie The book was published in 1940, but this series can be read out of order I chose this book with my friend Medhat as a buddy read this month I ve seen several film and tv adaptations of Christie s books, but I ve never caught this one I m on a kick to read them all in the next year.Sad Cypress is your classic tale An elderly woman dies of seemingly natural causes She was about to change her will, possibly naming a local girl who visited her from time to time as her beneficiary She might have still included her niece and nephew by marriage, but we re uncertain Then, the local girl ends up dead even if she didn t get to inherit any money because the original will was never finished What s going on Who wanted the money And how does everyone fit together Throw in two nurses, a housekeeper, a gardener, a doctor, and the niece and nephew and those are all your suspects Christie isn t usually someone to bring in a random at the end, so we are fairly certain it s one of these folks.What a clever tale I was immediately drawn into the plot from the beginning We divided it into thirds so we could read over three days I actually had to read it early in the morning because I wanted to get back to it quickly each day While there was a bit of repetition during the deduction phase, Poirot always makes you laugh, so it s easily ignored Christie makes you believe her characters are telling the truth only to shock you later with a lie and a twist It always makes sense, and you wonder how the truth could hide in plain sight Of course, it s a little over the top, but that s this style in general I love it, so I m not complaining just pointing it out for others, so they know what they re getting themselves into It s over 75 years old How does Poirot figure it out He has a few off screen conversations and relays them to us later, which is helpful The imagery is powerful, and the concept of the cypress is simple but strong The dialog is strong even for being formatted differently than modern readers are used to It s full of fantastic suspense and drama moments, urging you to keep reading until you stop While not in her top 5 for me, it s certainly a compelling story with a lot of meandering paths that lead back to a conclusion 4.5 stars I think I want to read Mouse Trap next, as I ve not seen the play or read the story. Sad Cypress Hercule Poirot 22 , Agatha ChristieSad Cypress is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie, first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club in March 1940 Beautiful young Elinor Carlisle stood serenely in the dock, accused of the murder of Mary Gerrard, her rival in love The evidence was damning only Elinor had the motive, the opportunity and the means to administer the fatal poison Yet, inside the hostile courtroom, only one man still presumed Elinor was innocent until proven guilty Hercule Poirot was all that stood between Elinor and the gallowsCharacters Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective Mrs Laura Welman Mary Gerrard Elinor Carlisle Roderick Roddy Dr Peter Lord Nurse Jessie Hopkins Nurse Eileen O Brien Mrs Bishop Horlick Ephraim Bob Gerrard Eliza Gerrard Sir Lewis Rycroft Ted Bigland Mrs Slattery and 1993 1346 236 20 1372 176 9646402585 1372 287 1378 287 9649250980 1389 297 9789649915067 1373 101 1388 1392 278 97896436362961940 . Beautiful Young Elinor Carlisle Stood Serenely In The Dock, Accused Of The Murder Of Mary Gerrard, Her Rival In Love The Evidence Was Damning Only Elinor Had The Motive, The Opportunity And The Means To Administer The Fatal Poison Yet, Inside The Hostile Courtroom, Only One Man Still Presumed Elinor Was Innocent Until Proven Guilty Hercule Poirot Was All That Stood Between Elinor And The Gallows A little difficult to know where you were with Elinor She didn t reveal much of what she thought and felt about things He liked that about her He hated people who reeled off their thoughts and feelings to you, who took it for granted that you wanted to know all their mechanisms Reserve was alwaysinteresting Rodney The human face is, after all, nothingnor less than a mask ChristieThe title comes from a song from Act II, Scene IV of Shakespeare s Twelfth Night which is printed as an epigraph to the novel.Come away, come away, death,And in sad cypress let me be laid Fly away, fly away breath I am slain by a fair cruel maid.My shroud of white, stuck all with yew,O, prepare it My part of death, no one so trueDid share it.Making my steady but inexorable way through the corpus of Christie s Poirot whodunnits, I have almost always been entertained But then there are so many of them, you can see books that are less well crafted than others, you get caught up in patterns and rhythms and occasionally predictable moments This book has them, the Poirot arrogant claim of brilliance, the occasional anti semitic remark, the poison pen letter, but the particular delights and the surprise twists in this one raise it to be one of the better ones in the series for me This volume is especially carefully plotted, thoughtfully written, but what s new Well, for one, it opens with the trial of Elinor Carlisle for the murder of Mary Gerrad, who was like a flower Christie never did that before, and it compels her to work in flashback to unravel the crime That original approach for her, for sure makes the telling particularly entertaining I hadn t even heard of this one before, but I admire its ingenuity There s not a lot of quotable lines and maybe not enough crazy characters, but it is still very good Rodney, betrothed to Elinor, has fallen in love with Mary A broken engagement and flashes of understated, this Is Elinor, after all jealous rage Motive The cool exterior of Elinor, what lies beneath it The evidence against her is damning But all is not what it seems Of course Enter Poirot Choose Your Own Adventure You are on the dock for murder most foul The awkward thing is that the contemplation of murder is not an unusual topic for you Your surprisingly extensive knowledge of poison is also a questionable thing Whatever is a young lady to do Look to Belgium for succor A noted botanist of human nature will soon arrive to save the day, and he ll turn that sad cypress frown upside down Will you keep your dignity and integrity intact Or will you admit that sometimes people truly deserve to be slain Hold firm, young miss, class barriers will soon prove to be no obstacle at all to you and perhaps all will see that murder is just another way of saying Goodbye If you would like to say Hello instead, choose this adventure.If you would like to continue a life of contemplation amidst a company of magnificent cypress trees, choose this adventure. The human face is, after all, nothingnor less than a mask And underneath Underneath is the primitive man or woman Elinor Carlisle stands accused of murder The evidence is mounted against her The motive, the weapon, the time and place everything points directly at the facts And the facts state that Elinor is the one who poisoned poor Mary Gerrard The only thing that stands between her and ruin is Hercule Poirot.This onemight just be my favorite Agatha Christie book thus far The story started out really strong and just seemed to growandintense throughout the book, especially during the trial scene near the end I had in my mind who I thought the killer was and I was completely wrongas usual P But in any case, this was a very engaging story with a fascinating plot Loved it Young Elinor Carlisle is accused of murdering Mary Gerrard, Hercule Poirot is called to prove her innocence But with such damming evidence, can he succeed I really liked the structure of this novel, told in three parts with the set up, Poirot investigating and back to the court room.Even though Poirot doesn t feature that heavily, I like he s inclusion to the story.

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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