Cub A Laugh Out Loud Funny And Empowering Graphic Memoir About Growing Up And Finding Your Voice Twelve Year Old Cindy Has Just Dipped A Toe Into Seventh Grade Drama With Its Complicated Friendships, Bullies, And Cute Boys When She Earns An Internship As A Cub Reporter At A Local Newspaper In The Early S A Rare Young Female Reporter Takes Cindy Under Her Wing, And Cindy Soon Learns Not Only How To Write A Lede, But Also How To Respectfully Question Authority, How To Assert Herself In A World Run By Men, And As The Watergate Scandal Unfolds How Brave Reporting And Writing Can Topple A Corrupt World Leader Searching For Her Own Scoops, Cindy Doesn T Always Get It Right, On Paper Or In Real Life But Whether She S Writing Features About Ghost Hunters, Falling Off Her Bicycle And Into Her First Crush, Or Navigating Shifting Friendships, Cindy Grows Wiser And Confident Through Every Awkward And Hilarious Mistake 4 5 Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with a free e ARC of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest opinion.This graphic novel is a memoir following Cynthia L Copeland as she discovers her true passion for writing and being a reporter during the 1970s as she is twelve years old She is given the opportunity to go on the field with another reporter thanks to her English teacher and becomes a cub reporter I have very rarely been disappointed by Middle Grade books and this one is no exception It is excellent in the way it shows how to deal with bullies and embracing your passion I loved the way it was written and it is truly empowering for women and young girls The role model has a very positive role and is not afraid to show how much she loves what she is doing I also really enjoyed the drawing style of this graphic novel The overall message of the story hit me right home and I do believe adults will enjoy this graphic novel as much as a younger audience. Discovering a knack for writing, Cindy s 7th grade English teacher suggests she consider a career in it But never having met a writer before this was the early 70s before the internet made them accessible her teacher tracks down a local female reporter to show her the behind the scenes of being a journalist Cindy s interest grows, as does her experience, and she knows she s found her passion when she sees her name in print for the first time.But this isn t just a graphic memoir about Cindy being a journalist It s about being 12 Cindy s best friend is drifting away, toward a group of girls who d always been mean toward them, and now Cindy has to figure out things like making new friends and figuring out where to sit in the lunch room She s also navigating the ups and downs of having her first boyfriend It s when a new girl moves to town that Cindy sees the power in viewing people through a lens of freshness and that helps her connect with new friends as well as revive old ones.Fun art, with a lot of humor, this book nails being 12 Though set pre internet and pre cell phone, it ll resonate deeply It reminded me quite a bit of NOW AND THEN and tapped into a lot of the feelings that film did for me about being young and hungry, but also scared and alone There s a lot of great stuff about the burgeoning second wave feminist movement, about environmentalism, and other social reforms that, well, remain much similar now than should be Though I read a print galley and it was in black and white, it s clear there s racial diversity among the characters in the book, which will be great to see in full color. a big thank you to algonquin young readers for sending me an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review 4.5 stars cub is a fun middle grade graphic novel with some amazing lessons in the book, the main character, cindy, a seventh grader who aspires to become a reporter someday, gets an internship at a local newspaper, and starts discovering about herself along the way.cindy is such a relatable character, and i m sure both young children and adults alike would find her story an interesting and inspiring one in cub, cindy deals with bullies, her best friend becoming distant, and criticism on the newspaper articles she writes but throughout the course of the novel, she meets new friends, stays strong, tries her hand at photography, and slowly gets better at writing the character growth was so well written, and i loved reading about cindy s experiences at and outside of school.i also really liked cindy s relationship with her english teacher, mrs schultz mrs schultz has always been a bit of an outcast like cindy, seen from how she chooses to stay in her classroom rather than hang out with the rest of the teachers on their smoke breaks she guides cindy and introduces her to a journalist at the local newspaper so that she can get a taste of her dream career i feel that middle grade books often paint teachers as boring old farts just so they can make small kids ie their intended audience crack up, but that isn t the case in cub and it s so refreshing and heartwarming to see such a great teacher student relationship in a book for younger sum up, cub is a fun read with the cutest illustrations, amazing friendships and important messages would 10 10 recommend Loved this As a mother of two teen girls this girl empowerment book really hit home I didn t grown up in the 70 s, but I was born in them This book can relate to all girls on all levels of early teen drama and getting into adult real world issues It was inspirational to put a female as the main character in the limelight Cindy is 12 and in 7th grade She gets the opportunity as a new cub reporter at the local newspaper She sees up close how in the 70 s the job market was ruled by men, reporting and writing on a corrupt president in Watergate, All this while dealing with friends, boys and every other 12yr old drama that crosses her path An absolutely adorable middle grade graphic memoir about growing up and finding your voice Cindy Copeland loves to write, but has never met a woman writer When her English teacher hooks her up with an internship with a reporter for the local paper, Cindy starts to hone her craft, learn to observe and report and realizes that flying under the radar isn t all that I utterly adored this It was cute, sweet and poignant and damn doesn t 1972 resemble 2019 an awful lotOur country is in turmoil, chaos in the White House, a senseless war, environmental crisis, women having to fight for equal rightsWhich is all why fair and accurate reporting is important than ever to get the truth out to people.Cindy learns this, and also realizes the importance and difficulty of following your passion It s not enough to have a talent for writing and an eye for composition to be great there s a lot of hard work involved, and research and learning and perseverance, and a lot of success is being assertive and asking for what you want, or just going for an opportunity.Leslie the reporter was a fantastic mentor, giving great constructive criticism and always doing her best to take Cindy with her without being condescending or diminishing of Cindy s talents or ignorance.I also liked Cindy s relationships with her friends, as she and her BFF drift away her BFF drawn to the greener pastures of the mean girls group and Cindy collects other friends who are cool and fun and interesting.Cindy s relationship with her family was also a great read While I didn t like her father at all and was annoyed that he only realized Cindy had worth beyond her future as wife and mother when she wrote an article for the daily paper, I did like that he changed It was a small change and perhaps only directed towards Cindy and her brothers , but it did bring them closer and made him realize that his daughter had a talent and drive that should be nurtured just as much as his sons.Anywho, this is a great and very timely read about a girl growing up in a time of turmoil for America.And when your country doesn t know what it is, how can you expect a 12 year old to figure out herself I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusCindy finds that middle school in the early 1970s is fairly stressful all the cool girls are wearing elephant bells and blue eyeshadow, but her parents are conservative and make her wear longer dresses and sensible shoes She also finds that they encourage her brothers than they encourage her She has one really good friend, but that friend starts hanging out with the cool, mean girls On the bright side, she finds a boy in her class with whom she has a lot in common, and the two hang out and talk a lot Also, she talks to her English teacher about writing, and her teacher connects her to a local newspaper reporter, a woman, who brings Cindy along to various events and helps her write articles, one of which is published in the newspaper Cindy manages to make new friends, keeps up with writing as well as photography, and manages to gain the support of her parents for her endeavors Strengths The details of school, fashion, home life, and sociopolitical events are all covered in an engaging and interesting way The fact that this is a graphic novel actually helps tremendously with the understanding of what the world looked like at this point in history I loved the reported with the VW Beetle, and yes, Cindy s parents probably would have been totally fine with her tagging along This was also rather poignant in the 1970s, writing was still something that one could use for a career I am always worried for journalism majors now Weaknesses This was definitely a white, middle class story, but also a great feminist one We just need some graphic novels about people from various backgrounds, and if they are also historical, so much the better Graphic novels are a strain to read on my e reader the pages have to be about 3 x5 , so the print is minute , so I m sorry for the lack of details in this review What I really think Like Holms Sunny books, this one made me ridiculously happy, since it covers a period of time during my own childhood Will probably purchase at least two copies I do sort of wish the cover were avocado green, though Or maybe purple Or orange Better if it were a plaid of all three that would have captured the colors of the time I was a little surprised that girls wore jeans to school we weren t allowed until 1976. I really enjoyed this book It is set in the 1970s, but there were many parallels with today s world There were many news headlines that are similar to the ones today, like the Watergate scandal, women s rights, and environmental concerns This could make the story relatable for kids today, even though it is set decades ago.There were also universal parts of growing up in this story Cindy had her first boyfriend, and she also had to deal with bullying and losing friends At the same time, she made new friends, who she didn t expect to like.This was a great graphic novel Thank you Algonquin Young Readers for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. thank you to Netgalley, Algonquin Young Readers and Cynthia L Copeland for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review 4 stars Cub by Cynthia L Copeland, is an entertaining and well told story about a 12 year old girl who becomes a Cub Reporter, while also dealing with day to day life of being 12 years old and facing the minefield of the usual ups and downs of school life, with friendships, bullies, dating, hair and make up, and also discovering who you are It s a lot to go through This Graphic Novel shows young females what it is like and her experiences while providing readers a positive role model We get to follow Cindy through her journey in the early 1970s It isn t always easy and it isn t always fun, but she gets through it by working out what she needs to do and with help from her mentor, a female reporter named Leslie Jacobs, she manages to learn how to be a reporter She also discovers her love for drawing and photography, which she is very good at.While aimed for middle grade readers, I reckon adults who are still children at heart will also this book The illustrations are very good, both in the style and the colouring I would highly recommend this for those who live authors such as, Shannon Hale, Kayla Miller and Raina Telgemeier. I loved this graphic novel so much What a great way to inspire students to follow their dreams

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