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A Wedding in December I love reading about wedding in December in the deep snowy settings And for me A Wedding In December by Sarah Morgan is my top favourite I absolutely loved every word, every sentence, every chapter and every beautiful character I m so glad that I found A Wedding In December to read and review This is a beautiful story with lots of pages full of drama that you won t see coming What I like particular about this story is that it feels just like a modern day romance Mother of two daughters Maggie, gets a phone call in the middle of the night from her daughter Rosie, she is getting married in eleven weeks, four days, six hours and fifteen minutes to her boyfriend Dan, in Aspen Colorado where he lives Catherine his mother is a wedding planner so she is going to plan Rosie s wedding dress Maggie feels left out, she should be the one planning her daughter s wedding Maggie and Nick are getting a divorce The problem is how and when will Maggie and Nick explain to Rosie and their other daughter Katie that there getting a divorce Katie who is bridesmaid of honour is only flying to Aspen to stop her sisters wedding With Maggie and Nick and Katie flying to Aspen for Rosie s wedding in Catherine s family luxury resort With Maggie and Nick divorcing, how are Maggie and Nick going to manage spending time in Aspen together A few disasters are about to happen will Rosie and Dan get married I Love this story so much I have to say I very highly recommend it to all Sarah Morgan fans and of course if you love wedding themes and snowy mountains your in for a special treat. A Wedding in December by Sarah MorganAlternating POV from Maggie, Rosie, and Katie The mother and two daughters.Three very different women yet related Three very different phases of life and love Each must deal with the own love issues as they come together for Rosie s wedding Contemporary romance Lots of emotional variables, life issues and love Lots of happy tears.I loved the writing flow, even as the chapters changed perspective between the three women Smart and fulfilling Excerpt of ER Doctor Katie Was this why she found it so hard to have a lasting relationship with someone Subconsciously had she held back from experiencing that intense, terrifying depth of feeling She moved through life with such purpose, she rarely stopped to reflect Had she, somewhere along the way, rejected love Maybe not love, but vulnerability She d rejected vulnerability She witnessed it constantly in her work The fear in the face of a relative, the panic in the face of a patient who felt life sliding out of control Her experiences in her job had reinforced those same feelings of helplessness she d experienced as a young child and she d unconsciously wrapped her heart in layers of protection so that she felt the blows less She didn t like feeling vulnerable, but she felt it now as she looked at her sister.Excerpt from A Wedding in December by Sarah MorganI received a copy of this book from NetGalley I will also purchase a copy to share. This Funny, Charming And Heartwarming New Christmas Novel Is USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sarah Morgan At Her Festive Best In The Snowy Perfection Of Aspen, The White Family Gathers For Youngest Daughter Rosie S Whirlwind Christmas Wedding First To Arrive Are The Bride S Parents, Maggie And Nick Their Daughter S Marriage Is A Milestone They Are Determined To Celebrate Wholeheartedly, But They Are Hiding A Huge Secret Of Their Own They Are On The Brink Of Divorce After Living Apart For The Last Six Months, The Last Thing They Need Is To Be Trapped Together In An Irresistibly Romantic Winter WonderlandRosie S Older Sister, Katie, Is Also Dreading The Wedding Worried That Impulsive, Sweet Hearted Rosie Is Making A Mistake, Katie Is Determined To Save Her Sister From Herself If Only The Irritatingly Good Looking Best Man, Jordan, Would Stop Interfering With Her Plans Bride To Be Rosie Loves Her Fianc But Is Having Serious Second Thoughts Except Everyone Has Arrived How Can She Tell Them She S Not Sure As The Big Day Gets Closer, And Emotions Run Even Higher, This Is One White Family Christmas None Of Them Will Ever Forget This is the story of the White family Mum Maggie, Dad Nick and elder daughter Kate who is ten years older than Rosie Rosie meets Dan in New York and after a whirl wind romance he proposes on a visit to his mum in Aspen, Colorado to the total shock of her family They all head to Aspen for Christmas Maggie and Nick are hiding a secret from their girls and Kate, an A and E doctor ER is determined to stop the wedding Initially, I didn t think I would get into this book as for the first few chapters it is so over detailed and laborious that I began to glaze over with the minutia because a lot of which is mundane However, as the author gets into her stride I began to really enjoy it There are some lovely moments of humour one I particularly like is when Maggie gets absolutely trollied on the plane journey to Denver as she doesn t like flying The scenes at the airport are easy to picture and I found myself chuckling There is some amusing dialogue and some entertaining situations that are nicely interspersed with the drama I adored the Colorado setting a perfect place for Christmas Dan s mother Catherine has created Snowfall Lodge which is an idyllic location amongst the snow and pines The characters are very likeable too Kate seems like a prickly pear, very feisty but she s very caring and carrying a lot of concerns and some baggage Her love for Rosie is tangible and her desire to protect her is laudable, if a bit smothering I like the repartee between her and best man,Jordan Initially, Catherine seems too perfect to be true but she too is very likeable Maggie is fabulous and you realise just how much she has sacrificed for her girls and Nick The Aspen setting allows them to really talk and sort themselves out Although I suppose it s a predicable romcom with all s well that ends well, it is very enjoyable and at times quite joyous It s a feel good book which we all need from time to time Maggie has been a mom and wife almost her entire adult life Ever since her youngest daughter, Rosie, left the house 4 years earlier, she has felt an emptiness left behind by her two girls And now her marriage of over thirty years to her husband, Nick, appears to be over Since the summer, Nick and Maggie have been living separately, but they haven t yet broken the news to Rosie and Katie Unexpectedly, Maggie gets a call in the middle of the night from Rosie all the way in the United States She s getting married to Dan, a man she s only been dating a couple months, and they are due to be married on Christmas Eve, only a few weeks away Maggie is happy for Rosie, but isn t a few weeks just too soon And how is she going to tell her about the separation Katie has been a doctor for the last 10 years and has a love hate relationship with her job as an ER trauma physician She is constantly tired, has no personal time, but Katie always felt a sense of pride in regard to her career But 2 months ago, something happened that changed everything for her and she doesn t know where to go from here When she learns of her baby sister s engagement, Katie knows she needs to stop the wedding at all costs in order to save her sister from herself And it just so happens she s been put on medical leave for a month, giving her plenty of time to accomplish her goal Maggie and Nick decide to keep their separation a secret from their kids for the sake of the wedding, and so they travel to Aspen, Colorado pretending that they are still as happy as can be Maggie is nervous to meet Dan s mom, who seems to have her life all figured out And she worries that Catherine is railroading Rosie s wedding plans And Katie is on their coattails, ready to make her big move Katie wasn t expecting to get stuck with the best man, Jordan, for a 5 hour car ride to the lodge From the get go, the two of them just can t seem to get along, but oddly enough, there s something about Jordan that Katie finds herself attracted to Rosie didn t think she had any doubts about her impending marriage to Dan, but when her family arrives in Colorado, she starts to question her own decision And when the White family gets all back together under one roof, they learn that life is full of surprises and this Christmas is one they won t soon forget.A Wedding in December is Sarah Morgan s latest warm and cozy contemporary holiday read Last year I read The Christmas Sisters and fell in love with the four women in that story I m happy to say I ve fallen just as hard for the three White ladies They re all complex, multi layered characters that aren t all good or bad Some took longer to grow on me, but by the end I found myself tearing up over their stories I love books about family dynamics with a hint of romance and this did it for me A must read for this holiday season 4 5 stars.Thank you NetGalley, HQN and Sarah Morgan for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Relatable, charming, heart warming and a read that will leave you with all the warm and fuzzies A novel perfect not only for romance lovers out there but those looking for a story that is full of Christmas spirit With a beautiful Colorado setting that almost makes me wish it was Christmas time here as well, this truly was an uplifting story that not only felt real but ended with a happy note that will leave you with a smile on your face and sad that the story is over.A Wedding in December was my first Sarah Morgan novel and I can say with certainty that it won t be my last I definitely have a new romance author to fall in love with and be excited about ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review A wedding in December isn t my usual type of read but it was enjoyable enough This book is about the white family It s told from multiple points of view.Rosie announces she s getting married and the family are going to Colorado The white family haven t met the groom yet and the bride has only known her future for a short time.Just because it s December doesn t mean everyone is feeling jolly Rosie s parents are keeping a secret and trying to figure out their own future.Katie, Rosie s sister has reached the career goal she always wanted but her demons are haunting her This trip becomes than a wedding The family need time to work out what they want and how to overcome their bad luck This is a warm and fuzzy kind of book There is also a lot of anxiety Overall it s a nice read and different to other Christmas themed books I ve read I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Yes, it s only September and I m already reading Christmas books and I m totally ok with that I do want to point out that while this is set right before and during Christmas, it s not overly holiday heavy if that makes sense You can easily read it right now like I did or wait until closer to the holiday season, honestly it would be perfect at any time of year Sarah Morgan is one of my go to authors, but I have to say that she has a magic touch when it comes to writing seasonal books This had such a gorgeous setting, it made me want to book a trip to Colorado for Christmas myself, it was beautifully described and also gave me so many warm and cozy feelings You hear from all three women in the family, mom Maggie, and daughters Katie and Rosie and I just adored all three of them for various reasons I connected to Maggie as a wife and mom and both daughters were relatable for me as well, although Katie was prickly and it took me some time to warm up to her This doesn t fit solely under a romance umbrella or a straight up WF novel either because it has both romance between all the main characters and it also explores the dynamics between mother and daughter and sisters.I absolutely loved this one, it was charming and warm, a little emotional and overall just a totally satisfying read for me I highly recommend adding this one to your holiday reading list, it was wonderful l and if it doesn t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside I don t know what will A Wedding in December in three words Charming, Cozy and Delightful This is Sarah Morgan s festive feel good romance featuring the White family with the upcoming unexpected wedding of Rosie, studying in Harvard, specialising in Celtic folklore and mythology Mum, Maggie lives in her much loved home in Oxford, works in publishing, but has been living alone for the last six months, with Nick, an Egyptology professor, having moved out, in preparation for their divorce Maggie has kept this secret from her daughters, Katie, a busy stressed out A E doctor, and Rosie, and plans to continue doing so until after Rosie s wedding Maggie is worried that impulsive Rosie is rushing into marriage, and Katie, who has suffered her own trauma which she has kept from the family, is sure that Rosie needs to be rescued from making a major error of judgement Maggie hates flying, but she will do anything for her daughters, and travels with Nick, helped by the intake of copious amounts of alcohol.In this story of the problems of communication, over protectiveness, and secrets in the White family, they arrive to spend Chrismas in the beautiful snowy location in the mountains of Colorado Wedding preparations are well under way, competently and efficiently handled by wedding planner, the lovely Catherine, the mother of Dan, the groom to be The location is majestic and magical, captivating the entire White family Dan proves to be great guy and obviously in love with Rosie, but Katie is not convinced it will work out in the long term as she sets out to interrogate Dan Dan s best friend and best man, Jordan, arborist and carpenter, is not impressed with Katie s effort to undermine the wedding Rosie allows doubts to enter her mind, but is struggling to find ways to communicate this to Dan, feeling events are running away from her Katie who has never had a close relationship begins to be drawn to Jordan, but surely there is no future in it Will Maggie and Nick rediscover their love for each other Will Rosie marry Dan The highlight for me is Morgan s detailed descriptions of the mountainous Colorado location, I think snowy mountains truly do have a magical feel, a reminder of Narnia, particularly with blizzards and snowstorms The characterisation is not perfect, but still works in this escapist fantasy, and the family dramas do carry some level of real life authenticity Communications in families can be problematic, marriages can come under strain as couples lose sight of each other through the years, and relationships often do need to be recalibrated if they fester from outdated childhood patterns like protectiveness This book is for those wanting a warm hearted festive read with the perfect location to immerse themselves in Many thanks to HQ for an ARC. When I picked this up I wasn t expecting for it to become one of my top reads of 2019, largely because no matter how much I love Sarah Morgan s writing her women s fiction and I haven t got along particularly well, but also because 5 star reads are like hen s teeth for me the moment My dry spell is officially overWe re getting married on Christmas EveRosie is marrying Dan, her older sister, Katie is determined to halt proceedings whilst rubbing the best man, Jordan up the wrong way and harbouring her own secrets, and their parents, Nick and Maggie are secretly separated yet acting like love s young dream in front of their daughters Unsurprisingly, this is a family who have lost their way a little and between them have an entire luggage store of emotional baggage to unpack, but there s no better place to do that the beautiful snowy backdrop of the Colorado mountains at Christmastimesometimes it s nice not to have to fight your way through life aloneHeartwarming, uplifting and with moments of hilarity, A Wedding in December has reignited my love of Sarah Morgan s work and with a contemporary feel for me it hit all the high notes with down to earth, relatable, at times frustrating but loveable characters and a story which brought lighter angst and drama yet no shortage of romance and feeling And whether the men are in their twenties, thirties or fifties, they make you melt with their charm, heart and witI never read a romance novel Maybe if I had, I might have learned a thing or two. I can t tell you how happy I am that I gave this a chance and whether you re a lover of Sarah Morgan or new to her writing, you ll have no regrets in curling up with this, Christmas or not Copy received courtesy of NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion

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