The Bookworm Crush

The Bookworm Crush Adorable And a bookish girl s dream come true.I smiled and fangirled all throughout this story because it is sweet and relatable on so many levels The first chapter is hilarious and throws the main characters into a whirlwind of a totally serendipitous, unexpected and charming relationship He is a hot surfer with charisma than a hypnotist and she is a redheaded booknerd in need of swagger In the most spontaneous yet perfect match, they embark on a mission together to win a book contest on social media in order to meet the girl s unicorn author Oh, the swoony plot Loads of literary references, a pedestal for romance books, a girl who breathes book reviews and recs, the world of hashtags and bookstagram come to life That s something I am also very much into, so it made me sigh and smile and just gush a bit.The contest takes Amy and Toff on photography missions and dares, along with flirty dialogues and embarrasing instances for the poor shy girl I loved everything The total crush she has on him but tries to hide, and the easy going and lovable temperament he shows as well as his athletic good looks.It doesn t stop there, though He is going through a tough emotional time, and this girl and her books are going to be there for him Just as he is for her with confidence boost and megawatt smiles There are plenty of adorkable moments filled with bookish delights, romance genre talk and surfer boy seduction Touching moments too, about family and love and anger and friendship I m sad to say that the swoony guy started to behave too much like an alphahole and a whimp towards the end, instead of the other way around as it should That killed the mood somewhat However, it matches with his teen problems and angst, and it shows off Amy s new vigorous swagger Good for her She really spreads her wings and even gets not only what she deserves on her own merits, but the book worthy boyfriend she wanted, flaws and good deeds and all A perfect homage to book loving fantasies with a healthy dose of empowerment and romance. She was a bookworm, not a daredevil I feel as if I just read a book about my life book blogger reviewer life and all I, too, am also way comfortable with my nose in a book They re just so much easier to deal with than regular people All jokes aside, this was beyond adorable.Our heroine, Amy, is without a doubt my spirit animal She s nerdy, loves books, and she s a major book reviewer In order to meet her favorite author, Amy must participate in a competition It s where everything starts to happen Enter Toff the boy she secretly has a crush on but he has no idea That was the problem with crushes they weren t rational One night changes everything and they decide to start a fake relationship one of my favorite tropes I enjoyed all the swoony moments that happened between Amy and Toff The book references were so fun to read about it because let s face it, I m a huge booklover Always have been and always will be If you re looking for a light hearted romance, Toff will the one you re looking for Thank you to the publisher for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review All thoughts and opinions are my own. This Spinoff Of The Replacement Crushfeaturing Amy And Toff Is Sure To Melt Your HeartShy Bookworm Amy McIntyre Is About To Compete For A Dream Scholarship, And The Only Way To Win Is To Transform From Sidekick To The Heroine Of Her Own Life But That Level Of Confidence Has Never Come EasyThe Solution A Competition Coach The Problem The Best Person For The Job Is The Guy She S Secretly Crushing On Local Surfer Celebrity Toff NicholsHe S A Player He S A Heartthrob He Makes Her Forget Basic Things, Like How To Breathe How Can She Feel Any Confidence Around Him To Her Surprise, Toff Agrees To Help And He S An Excellent Teacher Amy Feels Braver Maybe Even Brave Enough To Admit Her Feelings For Him When Their Late Night Practices Become Less About Coaching And About Making Out, Amy S Newfound Confidence WaversBut Does Toff Really Like Her Or Is This Just Another Lesson 4.5 starsThis was so so fun I read it in 4 hrs and stayed up way too late reading When shy bookworm Amy whats to step outside of her comfort zone in order to win a contest to meet her favorite author, she enlists the help of confident surfer boy, Toff who just so happens to be her lifelong crush, it s fine As Amy gains traction in her online contest, she also has to confront the unavoidable tension between her and her coach Life doesn t always hand you your Darcy But sometimes it does What a cute read I haven t read Roberts other novels, but this story was really easy to read and fun I really enjoyed the characters and the alternating perspectives of Amy and Toff I was able to read this one basically in one go, and it hit all of the contemporary romance checklist items that I needed There s humor, book references galore, great family dynamics, and of course plenty of romantic moments This plot was done very well I will be recommending it book lovers, bookstragram addicts, and those looking for a breezy romance with heart. RTC Huge thanks to Entangled Teen for providing access to an arc in exchange for an honest review. ARC provided by EdelweissThe Bookworm Crush was a cute, rom com that I think book lovers will enjoy It had young characters that were dealing with grief, fears, and understanding the complexity of love Some of the references writing was cheesy and I found some of it predictable However, I think it s a book that avid readers will enjoy since it relates to the bookstagram world An easy, lighthearted read.Content warnings grief, sex, and lot s of book movie references Hello, lovely readers It s not the easiest time to be a romance writer, yet here I am, five starring my own book, but important, ing romance I m deeply aware of the important cultural sea change brought about by the metoo movement and its impact on my favorite genre It s important than ever to write stories about those who earn love by opening up, risking vulnerability, and giving without expectation of receiving If you ve read any of my books, you know how I write my heroes good guys one and all, beta boys and squishy alphas Some of my heroes have swagger than others like Toff in THE BOOKWORM CRUSH but none of them are alphaholes The road to an HEA or HFN isn t easy, in books or IRL, but the honest the relationship is, the likely it is to last Flirty banter and sparky chemistry helps, too I ll always believe in love love borne out of friendship, honesty, respect, humorand yeah, butterflies and swoons And I ll never apologize for writing romance. Surfer Boy Bookish Girl Cutest Story Ever I laughed, cried, sighed and fell madly in love, so it s no surprise that The Book Worm Crush became an instant favorite This story was the perfect mix of being cute and fluffy while also being deep and emotional And with characters that leaped off of the pages and easily stole my heart, sigh, I absolutely loved this book If you re looking for one last summerish read or if you love ya romance that is swoon worthy then definitely pick this one up God, he was a clich So was she, with her ridiculous crush on him Maybe they belonged together after all, like the Instagram commenter suggested.Yeah, right Amy is a heroine everyone can root for She was sweet, shy, loved books, and she was not only a book blogger, but a bookstagrammer too So I understood how she felt about wanting to win a contest to meet and interview her unicorn author She knew that she had to step out of her comfort zone if she wanted to win And who better to help coach her on winning and being confident then local surfer celebrity, Toff It shouldn t matter that she d crushed on him since they were little kids Or that she got even shy and nervous when he was around But after the book started off with a huge bang, go raccoons lol , I knew Amy had it in her to step up to the game and even possibly win She wasn t sure how much longer she could pretend to be immune to Toff fake, real, and everything in between Her resolve was fading, which was no surprise When Amy and Toff were together, I couldn t stop laughing There was a whole lot of banter and joking around going on And even though Toff was the confident, flirty one, I couldn t stop grinning any time Amy would throw him off his game Their interaction was smile inducing and I felt like I was in on all of their inside jokes Btw Bonnie and Clyde was the cutest nicknames ever As Toff helped Amy with the contest challenges and becoming confident, I loved watching their friendship grow Even if there were a lots of bumps along the way He willed her to look him in the eye, hoping she could tell he was serious for once She took a breath and met his gaze The energy between them shifted, like an electrical storm descended right over their table, crackling with lightning bolts Toff was charismatic, insanely talented, and absolutely gorgeous, but he had a guarded heart He got through life joking around and not being too serious And surfing, competing and girls were his life But when Amy came crashing into it, she started to shake everything up And as we slowly got to know Toff inside and out, I found myself falling even harder for him Yes Toff had some growing up to do, but his progress pulled at my heart and made me love and root for him that much harder Being with her felt so good Easy Fun Fiery Safe Right. You guys, I loved every single tiny thing about The Book Worm Crush Not only did we get to switch back and forth between Amy and Toff, but there was also so much book talk And while this story was absolutely adorable, it had a strong emotional side too I kept finding myself getting hit with all of the feels I was sitting on a beach reading and couldn t stop crying And then later on I was not just crying, but sobbing This story truly has it all As Toff sat across from her, she drank him in Suntanned and smiling, blue eyes sparkling, he made her heart skip a beat Confused or not, she was going to enjoy this Enjoy him Them So if you re a fan of ya, romance, gushing about books or falling in love then definitely add this one to your tbr With all of the book love sprinkled throughout the pages, I think book lovers will be just as obsessed about this book as I was And while this book is a spin off from The Replacement Crush, you definitely don t need to read that book first This can easily be read as a standalone, but I fell madly in love with that book too So I recommend them both So when you pick this book up please come and obsess with me I desperately need to talk all about Amy, Toff and of course penguins too PS I loved Amy s younger brother, Brayden He was sneaky, hilarious and constantly cracked me up He is someone I d love to read about when he s older I can t even imagine all of the trouble he d get into as a teenager lol Happily Ever After, Happy for Now, whatever this was, Amy was embracing it.No regrets PPS There s a video scene and it was so funny that I re read that chapter four times Yup, it was that fabulous I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher All thoughts and opinions are my own For of my reviews, please visit GUH, this book It s probably an older teen YA book because of some serious times making out and lead up to sex, even though the actual sex scenes are fade to black The characters are approximately 17 summer before senior year of high school This is one of those prime examples where YA really needs two separate categories, one for young teens and one for older teens.As a 33 year old lady I super loved this book Amy is a ride or die romance reader, and there are allusions to several popular YA novels sprinkled throughout this book She s also a book blogger and bookstagrammer, so there s plenty of bookish acronyms and jargon slung around in this book Like any truly great romance, this book is about Amy finding her swagger and coming out of her shell as much as it is about her fake relationship trope alert squee and budding romance with Toff.Ohhh, Toff The sexy surfer baby alpha He also does a fair amount of growing up throughout this book, though I didn t love his character arc quite as much as I loved Amy s Then again, I definitely relate to the bookworm who lacks self confidence a lot than the swaggering is that a word champion surfer, so make of that what you will Roff and Amy together are so cute, and I love how he teases her fire out of her This book made me grin like an idiot several times, and also hurt my heart and had be on the verge of tears a couple of times Upon finishing it I immediately went and bought the companion book, so that s pretty much a guaranteed 5 star rating for me This is basically the second book in a series, as it s a spin off of the author s previous book, The Replacement Crush It can be read as a stand alone, but there are some minor spoilers for the first book An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for review All opinions are unbiased and my own. 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