Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague

Sea Star: Orphan of ChincoteagueAn Orphaned Chincoteague Colt Restores Happiness To His New Owners In This Beloved Horse Story From Newbery Award Winning Author Marguerite HenryMovie Men Have Come To Chincoteague To Film The Annual Pony Penning, And Paul And Maureen Are Thrilled Until They Learn That The Producers Want To Buy Their Beloved Misty Reluctantly, They Agree To Sell In Order To Send Their Uncle To College But How Will They Ever Fill The Lonely Place That Misty Leaves Behind Finding An Orphaned Colt Helps Paul And Maureen Deal With Their Loss, And They Soon Discover That Little Sea Star Needs Them Just As Much As They Need Him When I was younger a friend of mine had the first book in this series, and I had always wanted to read them So when I saw book 2 and 3 at a yard sale I grabbed them up with a skip in my step I didn t for one moment wonder if I wouldn t enjoy them as much now.I loved every page of this story I loved Misty s personality and how the children loved her I loved the grandparents Reading about the roundup made me want to research it or read a non fiction book about it I was so proud of Paul and Maureen for their selfless act I m not sure I could have done it myself.And the actual story of Sea Star was so sweet It is exactly the kind of story about orphan ponies that brings a tear to my eye I really considered starting the story all over as soon as I finished, but I really hear book 3 calling my name. what was I, 8 10 12.I read this dozens of times an older edition with a different picture on the front but same story Wonderful I went back to Chincoteague in March and saw the wild horses out on Assateague Island, and walked on the beach and felt the wind in my hair and book postcards of the horses in the surf and bought Misty Of Chincoteague for my niece It was wonderful to be back there again last time was in 1963 and I was 6 I really enjoyed myself. After rereading this book I feel that it isn t any wonder why I love horses It is a book for all ages I still love reading it Read this one aloud to my daughter, who is a big fan of horse stories I had read this book as a child, but honestly had forgotten most of the tale over the decades All in all it is a nice story, and continues the Misty of Chincoteague story of the Beebe s, as Misty is sent away to become a star, and Paul and Maureen rescue an orphan foal that ends up filling some of the hole left in their hearts with Misty s departure. I would have given this one four stars, but I hate, hate, hate the first half Not because it s poorly written, but because selling Misty, even for all the children of the world to see, is upsetting Still, Sea Star is pretty cute, although once again, most of the book isn t about him, but rather about Misty and selling her Henry s writing, fortunately, makes up for most everything. A childhood favorite re visited.Is the story as good as I remember YesWhat ages would I recommend it too All ages Children will enjoy the single storyline while adults enjoy an easy afternoon read especially while waiting on a bus, show, doctor, or other appointments.Length Reasonable for an afternoon.Characters Memorable, several characters, though a bit confusing in the beginning.Setting Real world, Recent times 1940 s.Written approximately 1949.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind Yes At the end, Sea Star had just been dropped off too weak to walk only hours before, it seems that at least 24 hours should have not passed, not less than five hours.Any issues the author or a recent publisher should cover This one again has a money issue It would help if there was a tiny prologue showing some of the money amounts listed in the book in up to date terms We can understand why the Fire Department let them buy the baby for 10.00, though that is extremely low However, the idea of college tuition being 250.00 needs some reconciliation with current figures Also, some readers would like to know what happened to the real Paul and Maureen, even a good Internet search did not easily find anything. I read this with my 8 yo daughter Both of us enjoyed this story of Sea Star There are certainly moments of heartbreak and concern but it s primarily a joyous and loving tale. I think I liked this even better than I liked Misty, though in some ways it s similar I think one of the things I like about it is that Maureen was active I mean, sure, she still had to do housekeeping type stuff, but she also got to ride bareback etc And she even almost let the beans burn Not as strong as Misty, but still a sweet story.

Marguerite Henry April 13, 1902 November 26, 1997 was an American writer The author of fifty nine books based on true stories of horses and other animals, her work has captivated entire generations of children and young adults and won several Newbery Awards and Honors Among the famous of her works was Misty of Chincoteague, which was the basis for the 1961 movie Misty, and several sequel

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  • Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague
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  • 15 May 2019
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