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in the time we lostThe BRAND NEW NOVEL From Sunday Times Bestselling Author Carrie Hope Fletcher, Coming October Reminded Me So Much Of Cecelia Ahern Ali McNamara Our Go To For Spellbinding Stories With A Magical Edge Heat Luna Lark Used To Love Her Name, But That Was Before People Started Saying It Differently I M So Sorry, Luna Are You Alright, LunaEverything Will Be Okay, LunaNow Luna Is Taking Back Control By Starting Again In The Most Remote Place She Could Find Ondingside, A Magical Little Town With Barely A Hundred And Fifty People In The Middle Of Nowhere Important She Ll Finally Finish Her Latest Novel, Get Herself Back To Normal, Maybe Even Find Love And Continue Being A Hopeless Romantic But On Her First Night In Ondingside A Freak July Snow Fall Freezes The Town Snowed In, The Town Stands Still Can Luna Break Out Of The Monotony And Do What She Came To Do Available To PRE ORDER Now In Hardback And Ebook

Carrie Hope Fletcher is an actress, author and singer songwriter She played Eponine in the West End production of Les Miserables at the Queen s Theatre until February 13th 2016 She is the first actress to have played both young Eponine and older Eponine.Fletcher went on to play Truly Scrumptious in the UK touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Wednesday Addams in the UK touring

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  • in the time we lost
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  • 09 January 2017

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    I didn t finish this book, I stopped at 75%.I have said this a thousand times , if you want to be called a writer you should put the work where your mouth is Meaning Work on your craft All the time Take writing lessons Write every day, not so you can publish a book but to hone your skill.Dont just write to be published, write to stay in literary history Who will remember this book in 5 years Characters are flatter than my ass, her writing style is weird with no flow to it at all and her story is a rip off Groundhog day but it s executed really really wonky I try with every book she publishes, i want to see if she improved and every time I am dissapointed.

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    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS DO NOT COMPLAIN IF YOU KEEP READING AND RUIN THE BOOK FOR YOURSELF.Now, the synopsis of this book is just vague enough to skip the entire point of the novel, so let me give you a rough idea Think of Groundhog Day, one of the most well known films of all time, but rewritten with Bill Murray as a female author in her 20s who isn t aware of the time loop Many would question why a film of such cultural significance should be rewritten like this, and sadly I have to agree I so desperately wanted to love this book I ve never read anything by Fletcher, but I ve heard great things and when I saw reviews mentioning that this book had a touch of magical realism about it, I was so excited Unfortunately, it just really didn t work for me.Luna Lark, while likeable, was perhaps the most cliche character I ve ever read, with her naturally white blonde hair, stunningly blue eyes, and bucket full of heartbreak The near miss wedding at the start was really just odd I get it was a plot device to get her where she needed to be, but it just felt like. why did she care Did she even care Or was it just a really poor attempt at giving her a sob story so she could be all damaged and sad Because seriously, the dead parents already did that well enough Why throw in a second needless sadness Now, the whole time loop bit was just odd Especially these sections that kept popping up between chapters, where the tone would get all dark and serious and mysterious things would happen But it wasn t mysterious It was boring and monotonous and ended up being something I skipped as soon as I saw the italics.Now by this point I m already skimming most of it, but I was holding out for the ending, hoping there may be some redemption Instead, what I got was quite possibly the least satisfying ending I have ever experienced in my life Honestly, I was almost angry with how ridiculous it was Overall I would definitely say to give this one a miss It had some potential, but it was completely mishandled and not well planned out at all It felt like it was made up as it went along, rather than actually being thought out and well planned Just. not good.

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    I don t know why I keep bothering with her books.

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    In the past I have struggled a little bit in completely getting into a Carrie hope Fletcher book But for some reason I clicked a bit with this one than her others And found myself enjoying this book on many occasions.

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    I really, really, really wanted to like this book I had given Carrie an opportunity with All That She Could See and, although it was ultimately a disappointment, I could see some room for improvement I love snow and wintery reads, and I really enjoy Carrie s YT channel, so when she announced the plot of In the Time We Lost I knew I wanted to read it.My first issue with ITTWL is how much it resembles the movie Groundhog Day I know most things have already been written about and it s not the first time Carrie recycles an already used plot for her novels, but whereas the similarities between All That She Could see and the movie Chocolat remained at a base level the idea that emotions can be somehow transferred to your cooking , ITTWL is basically a watered down Groundhog Day meets chick lit fiction.What made Groundhog Day genius was its philosophical subplot on the futility of life in ITTWL these philosophical issues are swapped for a sanitised cautionary tale on closing yourself off and reacting negatively to trauma and loss.The main character was utterly infuriating I don t really need characters to be relatable or likeable, but Luna was the most uptight, hypocritical know it all I thought at first this would eventually change to reflect the change the time loop had on her, but the only thing she learns is to be open and to let herself fall in love At first sight I m fine with people believing love at first sight exists and I don t need my novels to align with my beliefs, but love at first sight is rarely desirable in fiction because it doesn t allow for relationship growth Why are these characters falling in love with each other We don t know.Carrie s style hasn t improved much since ATSCS There are quite a few awkward metaphors right from the very first sentence, which compares the sky to eggs breaking Overall the prose is very flat and the dialogues are incredibly unbelievable Although the novel is set on the present, many times the main characters including the twenty somethings Luna and love interest Beau speak as if they were in a 19th century novel, which is just not very realistic There s quite a bit of telling instead of showing as well.The conflict is resolved far too quickly, too Another thing that irked me was how Carrie used the novel to share her personal beliefs in a very unnatural manner that breaks the plot and makes the suspension of disbelief hard.I don t want to say I completely hated this book, though The pacing is overall rather good, albeit a bit slow in the first quarter of the novel ITTWL would improve a lot with a slightly shorter exposition and Carrie definitely has a touch for world building Ondingside was a lovely and very believable little town in North Scotland, and I really enjoyed the descriptions of it and the relationships between the local characters.

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    Omfffff I feel so torn writing this.The premise of this book, and Carrie s previous books, is strong The town that time forgot, meets Groundhog Day and a dash of magical realism thrown in.But it s execution is, clumsy at best..Our main protaganist is trying for a fresh start in a new, remote town But her first day doesn t quiet go to plan So somehow the weather changes, and the slate is wiped clean overnight.Her memory is lost, as is the towns And she gets to have her first day over again, and again and again Each a little different from the last Over time the town realises something is a miss and try to figure out how to fix it There is a a love interest, a possible new best friend and a slew of other dotty but charming charesters.But this is where the fun ends Straight away you have a time jump, 2 in fact, from Lunas past So you can t get a grip on her before she moves again The first time everyone repeats a day, is confusing to say the least And then it repeats, and repeats, and repeats oh so many times, with added charecters brought in to try and change up the mix This seems like a fleshing out excercise in repeating yourself It goes on for far to long.Then a new charecter Jaxon pops up from nowhere to cause havocHe moans, whines, gets very drunk Then for no reason at all, desides to cause a massive amount of problems He seems to be evil for no reason except bordem and feels so very out of place.The book has left me with so, so many questionsWhy did the snow do what it did Did it ever stop or is the town still stuck in a cycle What were Jaxons intentions and why What happened to Lunas original friends They just seemed to vanish.What happened to Beau s orginal CCTV footage, did he not think to look at it again I did very much appreciate the ending though It was an unpopular choice I can imagine But i thought it was inspired It was true and left room for charecter development I like authors who don t go for the obvious ending.All in all, a great story.that just got a bit muddled for me Sorry.

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    Luna doesn t want pity, what she wants is a fresh start Somewhere she can make headway on her next novel, mend her broken heart, and most importantly keep herself to herself For that Luna needs the most remote place she can find Ondingside, a magical little island off the wild coast of Scotland When the town is cut off on her first night by a freak July snow storm it feels like fate But Luna soon realises that being a newcomer in a small town might not be the best way to blend in People are curious about her handsome, kind, coffee shop owner Beau in particular Will history repeat itself or will they have a future Where to begin Well every book of Fletcher s is an improvement but there is still always something missing, I still maintain that these would do better if they were books for older children Anyway, back to this and we have a sweet read full of Fletcher s usual magical and fantasy happenings However, this does have a groundhog Day vibe to it, although not a very good one and I just found myself irritated by the constant repetitiveness I think it was a good idea but could have been executed better The rest of the plot is okay, it goes along at a relatively nice pace but then out of nowhere the book ends, very abruptly and leaving things not very well ties up Disappointingly it ended just as I was getting interested and I think could have been improved if it had gone on longer or if stuff from earlier in the book was cut and we had at the end Anyway, no use wondering what if now The characters are okay, I enjoyed Luna and the events that have happened in her life and she made for an enjoyable character to follow However, I do think the characters need developing as we do not learn a great deal about them and a deeper knowledge would have assisted in understanding them In The Time We Lost is a sweet, romantic and magical read with bizarre goings on Overall, this is good but has nothing electrifying about it.Thank you to NetGalley and Sphere for an advance copy.

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    I do generally love Carrie s books and the premise that they start off with But I had a few issues with this one I don t think it was thoroughly checked for grammar and spelling mistakes as I found at least 5 It was disappointing as it took away from me being able to get fully absorbed in it The writing was good, but the time jumps really confused me I m still not sure why certain things happened in it because they never got resolved Her characters fell flat and I hate saying it, but in the hands of someone else this book could have been amazing I love carrie, and her last book, when the curtain falls was fabulous This one just misses on most accounts.

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    I don t get why the reviews that come up first for me are bad I loved this, such a clever idea beautifully written as usual.

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    OMGOmg loved this book, it was so good I was lost for words And it so did not finish the way I thought it would Love the way Carrie writes

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