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25 Days til Christmas A Contemporary, Emotional, But Ultimately Feel Good, Festive Up Lit Novel For Fans Of Jenny Colgan, Debbie Johnson, And Holly MartinKate Potter Used To Love Christmas A Few Years Ago She Would Have Been Wrapping Her Presents In September And Baking Mince Pies On Halloween, Counting Down To The Countdown To Christmas But A Few Years Ago, Everything Was Different That Was Before Kate S Husband Went Away With The Army And Didn T Come Home Now She Can Hardly Stand December At AllKate S Lonely She Doesn T Think She S Ready For Romance, But She Needs Than This, And Her Son Jack Needs A Christmas To Remember What Kate Needs Is A Christmas Miracle, And If There Isn T One On Its Way, She Ll Just Have To Make Her OwnSo Begins Kate S Advent Countdown To The Best Christmas EverShe Has It All Planned Out, But You Can T Plan For The Unexpected, And When The Path Of The Loneliest Woman In Town Crosses With That Of The Loneliest Man, She Just Might Find A Way To Save Christmas For All Of Them

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  • 15 January 2018

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    Unlike the majority of festive fiction, Poppy Alexander s novel is not escapist fantasy or humorous fare, it is dark and gritty, an authentic picture of Britain with people feeling the cold winds of austerity, with the repercussions of the harsh economic and political climate Set in Bristol, Kate Potter is a single mother, with a son, Jack, trying to do her best for him, living in a cold and small flat, facing desperate poverty even though she works hard She lost her beloved soldier husband, Tom, in Afghanistan four years ago and she just isn t over his loss She is working her minimum wage job, selling Christmas trees outside, but her employers are threatening her with the loss of her job and pushing and responsibilities on her over burdened shoulders Daniel is a chartered surveyor who has lost his Down s Syndrome sister, Zoe, earlier this year and is overwhelmed by grief He and Zoe used to buy their tree from Kate, and a lonely Daniel feels an emotional connection, referring to her as The Christmas Tree Girl, understanding intuitively that Kate too has experienced loss.In Kate s efforts to get into the Christmas spirit, she plans a series of festive events in the countdown to Christmas for Jack, putting notes in an Advent calender for him Kate s dream is to begin a business selling the jewellery that she makes herself, but this seems unattainable in her current circumstances To assuage his grief, Daniel fills his hours working as a volunteer manning the phones at Crisisline, and finds himself drawn to help the independent retail businesses based at the Christmas Steps area of the city, under threat of losing their livelihoods with the rising rent and rates Kate s employers have tasked Kate to head a charity effort to raise 1000 for the Apple cafe that supports young people with disabilities Daniel and Zoe were regulars at the cafe, and he too supports the cafe Daniel and Kate find their paths crossing but obstacles litter their path to a festive romance As Kate finds herself being crushed by the unrelenting mind boggling problems that assail her, will a Christmas miracle rescue her and Jack This is a festive read that accurately reflects the reality of so many people trying to survive and endure Christmas in the harsh climate of foodbank Britain of today Poppy Alexander writes of a much needed Christmas miracle for Kate, slowly finding herself moving on from her grief and loss, to once again engage in life, opening her heart to others and letting them into her life, renewing her capacity to once again love again This is heartbreaking fare, lifted by the strong sense of community, and seeing Kate s travails eventually begin to lift This is lovely Christmas fare, grounded by the daily struggles of so many ordinary people, sacrificing so much to try and provide a wonderful festive season for their friends and family Whilst this is not escapist or humorous fare, it is hugely engaging and it makes a change to have characters like Kate and Daniel, doing the best they can when the last thing they feel like doing is celebrating Christmas Many thanks to Orion for an ARC.

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    DNF at 50%I seem to be in the minority here, but I couldn t finish this book I gave it until half way but I was bored I ve read some cracking books recently, which I couldn t put down, but this was not one of them The main couple hadn t even spent any time together yet It s about Kate s relationship with her son, her job and money problems, and boy do we hear about the money problems It also focused on Daniel s job and late sister It s quite depressing, and not romantic in the slightest, and I didn t sign up for that I also didn t expect the bashing of teachers, ed psychologists and the education system in general I was struggling to want to read this anyway, but a series of events infuriated me I work in education and didn t appreciate having to read a book demonising the teachers in the son s school, for trying to assess him, and perhaps find a better setting for him Schools are under funded and stretched as it is, and you see the local school very unfavourably compared to a cute private school Schools need to assess early to apply for funding and support, and I see so often in real life, parents who don t want to label their child, so that child s needs go unfulfilled, and the other 29 children in the class suffer too I came for a cute Christmassy story, but ended up thinking about my job I hate to DNF Arcs, but sorry this one was not for me Many thanks to Edelweiss and Harper Collins for the digital review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    So, when I picked up this book, thanks to the cover, I expected the book to be light and fluffy Clearly I didn t read the blurb Anyway, the novel was surprisingly emotional, mostly because of the topics that the story focused on It s definitely not the fluffy Christmas holiday romance some might expect, it s actually gritty and dark at times.As was mentioned in the blurb, which I read just now sigh, this book is an ultimately feel good novel But the path to that ultimately feel good ending was emotional, and at times heart breaking.The romance itself was slow burn and not really the focus of the story But the possibility of a love match gave me a warm feeling throughout the entire story, because if someone deserved a HEA, Kate and Daniel certainly did.Now, neither Kate nor Daniel were characters I LOVED, but they were ok Even though I wouldn t wish Kate s burdens on anyone, because she had many, she wasn t as strong of a character as I liked She did the best she could do, but there were just too many things stacked against her, and not all of her decisions sat well with me And although Daniel was too beta for me to be really invested in him, his personality was just too bland to be interesting, he was nevertheless very kind and gentle And in his reserved way and with help from friends he charmingly courted Kate to a HEA.The only complaint I have is that this novel touched on too many topics issues I felt overwhelmed at times, that s probably how Kate felt, but still, I rather not feel that way reading a book Both Kate and Daniel, lost someone they dearly loved, and for both the grief was still palpable Additional, Kate had to handle some school administrative decisions that would have a real impact on her son s life Including financial woes, sexual harassment, and an uncertainty about her future, it all was a bit much I would have liked one or two topics explored in depths instead of the avalanche of issues The Christmas miracle, mentioned in the blurb, was certainly needed.Now, apart from all that, I had no issue completing the audiobook I think all in all it didn t take me longer than 4 5 days.BUT the one thing I will take away from this book is the way Kate fixed up her son s Advents Calendar Instead of sweets, she put notes into each window about daily excursions, or Christmasish things to do for each of the 24 25 days of the Advent Calendar I m going to plan on doing one exactly like that next year It will take some planning and researching but I absolutely LOVED the idea An amazing way of exploring all things Christmas, and enjoying the days leading towards the holiday in a festive way It will make for an memorable December.Audiobook generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    I was on the promotional blog tour for this book T W Depression, mentions of Suicide, Grief, Harassment This was a really good festive read, with a very local setting to me Bristol, England Kate and her six year old son Jack experience a lot of hardship throughout the novel but with the arrival of a mysterious man, his character was truly a heart of gold I think we all need someone like him in our lives The novel itself was not only festive, but really opened my eyes to current issues such as lack of funding and zero hours contracts It was well researched and has a array of characters that kept the story line interesting It is long but do take your time to immerse yourself in and you will find yourself transported just like I was Hard hitting but at the same time, a book I couldn t put down.Notes The ending did feel a little rushed, would have preferred the pacing to be a little slower.

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    What an amazing book Poppy Alexander has managed to deal with a whole host of tough issues, while surrounding it with this most magical Christmas book that for the most part is incredibly uplifting, and utterly enchanting to read I loved the idea of Kate making Christmas special again for her and Jack by doing one Christmassy thing a day for the whole of December, and it doubling up as a low cost advent calendar For as a single mum, Kate is struggling big time with finances and with the whole manner of other things going on in her life, she is an inspirational character for so many There is so much I would love to say about this simply wonderful plot but yet I think it really would be one of those books to come into fresh with no knowledge like I did and simply lets the words carry you away to Kate and Jack s lives and also meeting Daniel and what he has been through, and discovering the ups and downs of the book for yourself A fair amount of the meatier topics don t become as apparent until quite a way into the book but I believe they are writen and dealt with in a suitable manner, and highlights all sorts of things, some of which I rarely see in fiction, so are certainly eye opening On the face of it it is a mother and son trying to feel festive and I loved all the activities that were planned, and Jack is a lovely little boy There are some true acts of kindness in this book, some selfless helping, and just some absolutely wonderful characters as well as at least a couple I really disliked As each chapter or less is focused on another of the days in the countdown to Christmas, if you are a book lover without much time, I think you could easily read each day of the book, at one a day in your own countdown to Christmas as a little Christmas treat to yourself Or you can do what I did and sit and devour it, I found the tube journeys I was taking to and from the theatre the day I read most of this, flew past and I m glad my subconscious seemed to know where I was This is the first book I have read by the author and it certainly won t be the last I can t wait to see what the comes up with next Thank you to Netgalley and Orion for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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    Title 25 Days Til ChristmasSeries StandaloneAuthor Poppy AlexanderRelease date October 8, 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre RomanceI m not a big holiday novel reader, and I can t pinpoint what exactly tempted me to pick this one up, but I m very glad I did In comparison to the other Christmas themed books I ve tried this one really stands out and has a completely different feel from the norm Whereas most lean towards fluffy and perhaps even a little cheesy, 25 Days Till Christmas was much serious in tone It focuses on two people in the aftermath of losing a loved one who are struggling to return back to normalcy and find joy in the holidays again It could have easily been quite a depressing story, but somehow it didn t feel that way at all Yes, I was sad for both Daniel and Kate, but at the heart it was an uplifting story of healing and hope on both the main characters parts One a young widow who is now a struggling single mother to a special needs son, and the other a man who lost his parents and sister in a short span of time and finds himself all alone at Christmas for the first time It s been almost four years since Kate lost her husband, and since that time it s been one challenge after another You really feel for this young woman who has so much on her plate and not enough hours in the day to adequately get everything done The time when she had a partner to share the burdens of parenting and the harsh realities of adulthood is a distant memory She s a wonderful mother to her young son, but always feels the worst sort of failure for them having to struggle so hard financially She has a crappy job that barely pays for their needs, especially after childcare costs But when her son Jack wants or needs something, she ll happily go without in order to provide for him and make him happy This year, she s come to the realization that she has been stuck in a rut and it s not healthy for herself or her son, so she sets out to make the season a happy time for the both of them Each day leading up to Christmas, they will do a fun holiday activity together which she plans out and puts in Jack s advent calendar She needed to share the joy of Christmas with her son to be his mother properly, to be there He deserved nothing less, but where would she find the strength to do it She needed a Christmas miracle.Things don t go quite as smoothly for her however, because she s constantly hit with a barrage of huge problems Her son being forced out of his school because he is deemed to have special needs, an elderly family member with dementia who is running out of savings for their care, her company possibly laying her off soon, and the worry of finding the money for basic needs like food and clothing There s also a horrible woman from Jack s school who takes advantage of her, and a boss who does the same using her tenuous hold on her job over her head Everything just seems to snowball as time progresses, but she finds it hard to ask for help from her friends Daniel was just the sweetest man ever His awkward fumbling around Kate during his attempts to introduce himself and ask her out were so endearing He s been out of the dating life for a long time due to devoting his time to taking care of his terminally ill sister He s always had an attraction from afar for the woman who sold them their Christmas trees every year but never did anything about it He s such a warm and caring person that you can t help but root for him He s trying to move on with his life now, but grief will hit him at the most unexpected moments and he finds that he needs to keep busy in order to keep himself distracted In his time off work, he selflessly volunteers at a crisis call center where he takes calls from suicidal people who need someone to talk to The two of them don t interact much at all until around the halfway point And even then, I wouldn t say that the romance is in the forefront of the story Eventually they get to know one another a little better on a fun snow day, and their attraction grows, but Kate is hesitant to make the decision to start her first relationship after her husband This didn t bother me all that much because I was really invested in Kate s journey to happiness My one complaint would be that there were a couple of moments where I felt that she was acting out of character in immaturity She came into the school meeting with a chip on her shoulder and spitting angry at the teachers and administrators who were trying to get Jack tested In some ways it made sense, because they were trying to send him to a school with expelled, misbehaving kids where he wouldn t flourish They were also clearly uncaring about where he went and spent no effort in helping her place him in the school he needed because of costs But to angrily blame them for simply suggesting he needs to be tested for proper placement She was being pretty belligerent about it Usually she was so level headed and rational, but there were points I was kind of confused over her attitude Overall, I enjoyed the book and found it to be a really refreshing read It was also very fast paced and engrossing, lacking any moments of detachment I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sober look at Christmastime that s filled with a lot of heart and emotional depth Kate felt like she had spent the last four years since Tom s horrific death trying to find a way back home, like Dorothy, only to discover that home was not a place, it was people and had been there all the time All she had to do was to wake up.FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON

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    Kate Thompson hates Christmas, since her husband was killed four years ago during his service abroad as a soldier However, her son Jack is desperate to have a lovely Christmas, with a tree and presents Kate, struggling financially and emotionally, doesn t know what to do and how to do this She s stuck at a low paid job, now she must also sell Christmas trees dressed as an elf and freezing and is not sure what the future is going to bring Her friend comes up with an idea of doing a special advent calendar with a festive activity to do together for every day in the countdown to Christmas.Daniel is not looking towards Christmas after the death of his sister He used to buy Christmas trees from Kate and he knows only as Christmas tree girl They start to bump into each other and and soon realises there is much to Kate than meets the eye But Kate s life is really complicated can she cope Will she cope Can somebody help her Kate was a great leading character there were so many challenges on her way, her life was so demanding and yet she than often put others above herself Struggling with money, with being a single mum, she was a realistic, genuine character It was beautiful and also heart breaking to see how much she tried to organize the unforgettable Christmas for her son and how far she s go to guard him The idea of Kate creating the advent calendar for Jack and making the time so special for her and her little boy was brilliant The Christmassy things that they were supposed to do in the countdown to Christmas were so nice and so different to everything that we re used to, and now I really feel like preparing something like this for my family.The pace in this story was just spot on, and there were many things happening, and the book itself brings together threads of different characters The chapters are or less a countdown to Christmas it is a second book in the last weeks that I ve read written this way, though they were both absolutely different in style and voice but this way worked great in both of them I loved how it shows that Christmas is not only about commerce and presents but about what it really is that counts family, friendship, helping each other, appreciating what we have It was a real rollercoaster journey, full of ups and downs, filled with feelings and emotions It tugs at all the right heart strings, it s this kind of book that ll make you smile and cry, that is poignant and uplifting The author has in such a gentle, subtle way dealt with so many tough and heavy issues and there was the overwhelming festive spirit She has touched upon different things, some of which I don t often read about, and it was truly great, thought provoking and eye opening Poppy Alexander is for sure an author to have on your radar, I m already waiting for her next offering Highly recommended Copy provided by the publisher.

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    Poppy Alexander should be immensely proud of this book, I loved it and couldn t but it down I was expecting this to be the usual Christmas story of a mum and child enjoying the festive run up Instead we meet Kate, Jack and Daniel Kate is recently widowed and has been left with a 6 year old son, Jack, both have their own issues and Kate is struggling both emotionally and financially to give Jack the Christmas he deserves And then there is Daniel who is not looking forward to his first Christmas without his sister.It was quite obvious from the start that they were going to get their happily ever after but it was magical to see how they all got there.Interestingly it also made me reflect on some of my own Christmas ideas, I loved Jacks advent calendar and will be incorporating this into our run up to Christmas who needs chocolate when we could be doing things together starting today with paper chains.Fabulous book, thanks for letting my read Big thumbs up, and a five star rating

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    Oh Poppy Alexander what a gorgeous book you have written and one that will very much touch every reader who takes the opportunity to read this wonderful story 25 Days til Christmas is full of Christmas spirit, charm and fun but above all else it has such an important message that will affect you deeply and remind you of the true meaning of Christmas A meaning that can be very much forgotten at this time of year amidst the mad rush to get everything prepared and all the presents and extras bought on time This is a timely reminder that Christmas is not an easy time for everyone and this can be for a variety of reasons and with the two main characters Kate and Daniel the author has certainly put an emphasis on this aspect of Christmas.This didn t come across as a story of doom and gloom given the situation Kate and Daniel find themselves in Instead the further we delve into the book it becomes a story of positivity, friendship, love and of helping others when we see signs of vulnerability or loss When we see someone struggling at a time of year when there is so much excess and people go totally overboard it was just so lovely and heart warming to see a story stripped back to basics It forgoes all the extras that to be honest are really not needed and goes back to the simple things of years gone by that people remember from their childhoods In doing so it gives the reader food for thought as to how they should approach Christmas and how we should always remember how lucky we are and to treasure every memory both old and the new ones to come.I haven t finished all my Christmas reading yet but I m going to go out on a limb and say 25 Days til Christmas is my favourite Christmas read of 2018 I just don t think there is any story that will beat it, simply for the vibe and feelings mixed up in a timely story and for the characters that really are not all perfect They are struggling with emotions and real life situations and although at times my heart broke at what I was reading and it may seem strange to say this but I am glad life wasn t all plain sailing for them because I don t think it is for anybody in real life Quite often Christmas books are all sweetness and light with such an emphasis on romance and all the food and presents and excitement of Christmas.Here as Kate and Daniel share their story and subsequent journey with us I found everything to be so realistic, so true to life and I could identify with every aspect of their experiences Yes we all enjoy a light and fluffy read at this time of year but Poppy Alexander has achieved a fantastic balance between exploring serious issues and also experiencing the fun aspects of Christmas Without question Kate and Daniel have really found a place in my heart and I truly think 25 days til Christmas is a book I would return to time and time again every year in the run up to the festive period.Kate is a single mother, although not by choice, raising her young son Jack alone For four years now since the loss of her soldier husband Tom in Afghanistan she is merely existing, battling through each day to have enough money to provide the basics for herself and Jack They live in a cramped apartment above a laundrette and Kate works at a local department store Portman Brothers She is on the basic wage and as Christmas is fast approaching she is dreading trying to get enough money together to provide Jack with a Christmas that he deserves.Each year she is forced to be the Christmas Girl who stands outside the store in all weathers selling the Christmas trees There is no way she can get out of it as her boss Mr.Wilkins has a hold over her and the threat of losing her job, given she is on a rolling contract, keeps her going when things get extremely tough Mr Wilkins was a complete creep of a character and his demands on Kate were unnecessary and unlawful I really wished she had the courage to stand up to him and to get other co workers and the powers that be to see what was going on and do something about it He was sinister and cruel and I hoped it got the comeuppance he very much deserved.It s clear from the outset that Kate is struggling both personally and professionally but still she soldiers on for the sake of Jack She is buried deep under the weight of grief and responsibilities She feels she exists in a state of poverty and fatigue and joy is very much absent Yes that s exactly what her daily life is like she is very much on the bread line and constantly stressing and worrying about where she will find the money to feed the electricity meter not to mention how to buy a simple cup of coffee As an extra means of earning some money Kate crafts jewellery but this really doesn t bring in much and the opportunities are few and far between.Seema is a fellow mum at the school Jack attends and I thought she was an amazing supporting character She could see that Kate found life difficult yet she didn t want to embarrass her by stepping on her toes and offering some form of help that may needed to be paid back and in doing so she may have damaged the little bit of pride that Kate had left Together the pair come up with a fantastic idea to make the run up to Christmas and the day itself special for Jack The plan is to be called Jack and Kate s Christmas Miracle and it is similar to an Advent calendar Each day in the countdown to Christmas Kate and Jack will do something special It needn t be large or extravagant but something simple and affect which will try and help bring the Christmas sparkle back into their lives.Kate knows she will never ever forget Tom but he would not want her to be living the way she is What follows is a glorious, magical journey that evokes strong feelings within the reader as the mother and son embark on experiences they will never forget That s not to say everything is plain sailing for them and things are a bed of roses No the author keeps throwing endless challenges at Kate and really she is put through the mill time and time again.I did think the storyline surrounding Jack and his school was so wrong on the schools part, I myself am a teacher and if we carried on the way the teachers and authorities did in this book then we wouldn t be long left in our jobs The way in which Jack was dealt with and the manner in which Kate was treated was unjust, unfair and unnecessary and I would hope this wouldn t happen in real life Of course Kate wavers but to everybody else she puts on a brave face and soldiers on She battles with her feelings that she is a major failure as a mum but really with regard to all aspects of her life, I felt now was the time to stand up for herself, to not take any crap from anybody and to say what she feels regardless of the consequences Who knows if she adapted this new attitude good things may come her way both on a romantic and professional front As for Daniel he is a lost soul similar to Kate although his loss is recent as it s only ten months on from the death of his beloved sister Zoe from heart problems Zoe had special needs but was full of warmth and wit and Daniel misses her terribly He is all alone in the world as his parents are gone too Now his anchor, his reason for keeping going, the person whose every need he tended too has left him he doesn t know what to do with himself As he passes to work as a chartered surveyor he encounters the Christmas Tree girl He hasn t the courage to speak to her but he can see the sadness behind her eyes and he feels a kinship with her Daniel feels frozen at a point in time since Zoe s death He can t imagine moving forwards nor does he want to and the loneliness consumes him a little each day.Volunteering on a crisis helpline at every available opportunity makes him think he is doing his bit for society that he can help people But really Daniel is the one who is crying out for help, for friendship, for acceptance and love As a tentative friendship is struck between Daniel and Kate, the reader can see a softening almost like a melting of hearts which slowly become open and ready to accept help, support and advice Daniel finds a focus and his caring and kind nature emerges as he sees Kate is similar to him and maybe they can help each other It was such a joy to see how things developed the the story progressed Nothing was far fetched or rushed or too over the top Instead Daniel performs little acts of charity when it comes to helping Kate complete her Christmas challenge It was so just lovely to witness this unfold and in the process one hoped some happiness could be found for one and all That s not to say there were plenty of traumas, upset and angst in the later quarter of the book It was full of tension and at one point my heart really was in my mouth and I had my fingers crossed that a certain thing did not come to fruition.25 Days til Christmas is simply a book you must read this Christmas Get it as a gift for somebody or even give yourself a treat It reminds us all of the true meaning of Christmas It has such a lovely refreshing meaning and sentiment behind it and it will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye There is something for everybody in this book and I was so glad I happened across it because I would have been gutted to let such a wonderful, magical feel good book slip through my fingers Hopefully there is much like this to come from Poppy Alexander in the future.

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    Kate used to love Christmas, but after her husband was killed in Afghanistan, leaving her with their infant son Jack, it s never been high on her list Of course, with a young child, she wants to make the holiday special for him but everything is conspiring against it, and it s hard to get in the spirit with little money, a dank little flat, a job for a boss she despises who is regularly inappropriate, standing outside in the briefest of elf costumes freezing all of her bits off, and not seeing a chance for things to change Gritty, honest and far less hopeful at the start than most holiday themed stories, Kate is palpable and real, breathing in the corner and sharing her woes, worries and challenges Her biggest challenge is Jack, her young son who is often easily overwhelmed, very excited about Christmas and has gained the attention of the school administration not in a good way It s not that Jack is difficult to manage or blatantly a discipline problem, and it s clear that Kate would do all in her power to make him happy.but the school is trying to place him in an alternative school little than a box with punishment where students who are truly angry and acting out are close to running the show With no one to bounce her worries off, and her best friends wanting her to meet someone and move on, she s feeling stuck without options, money or even prospects But one man has seen her Daniel who until the start of the year was caring for his sister with Down s Syndrome and a heart condition after his parents deaths He s grieving and moving through life in a fog, only remembering the kindness that Kate showed to his sister, and his recognition of loss and grief in her eyes From a warm hat to gloves and foot warmers, he drops little presents by in lieu of actually learning her name or talking much with her And then there s Jack Like all children, he s excited by Christmas and desperately wants an advent calendar with chocolate an unintended and too pricey expense for a budget that already is stretched with heat, food and rent What emerges is a 25 day to do list for the holidays, with chocolate coins and a knitted advent calendar kindly gifted by an older woman who has offered Kate friendship, support, caring and a shoulder to cry on when she needs it A lovely story grounded by the courage to hope for , while every struggle feels like a mountain too hard to climb and the ordinary joy in the love between a mother and child It allows Daniel to open up and try to work miracles for Kate behind the scenes and the subtle or not so way that mothers in the school drop off queue form cliques and assumptions, feeling confident and concerned with appearing to be generous to those who truly need kindness and understanding A lovely story that will take you through the emotional gamut from laughter to tears, all the while hoping that Daniel and Kate will see a light at the end of their struggles and Jack finds as much joy in Christmas for years to come I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am, Indeed

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