Green Grass of Wyoming (Flicka, #3)

Green Grass of Wyoming (Flicka, #3)In the third and final book of the series, Ken McLaughlin has to deal with problems Problems of growing up Problems that come with first love, and the problem of Thunderhead causing trouble for so many Ken has to make some difficult choices as he approaches manhood and life.This is my favorite book of the three, in many ways, though I love them all The descriptions of the Wyoming landscape and the beauty of it are spectacular, as are the emotions of the equine characters Fabulous I hadn t read this series since I was a horse crazy kid, charging around on my pony I loved these books then and I love them now for very different reasons Now I know Wyoming and it s so unlike anything I imagined as a kid These books really catch it though This is my least favorite book of the series It s still good but Thunderhead is the best, IMO It deals with the history and landscape of this place Still, definitely worth a reread No regrets In The Third Book Of The Flicka Trilogy, Ken Discovers To His Horror That Thunderhead Is Roaming Wild, Causing Trouble Wherever He Goes He Also Has Trouble At Home, And Thinks That His Dreams Can Never Come True But Then His Feelings For Carey Begin To Change This is My Friend Flicka and Thunderhead for the grown ups, with the focus on Nell and her marriage to Rob Compelling, not just entertaining I read it for itself, not just as the sequel to the above twoof the three, this is the one I reread as an adult. Mary O Hara was writing young adult before it was a thing This is a beautiful little book about boy s coming of age, his relationship with his home and his horses, and the responsibilities all that incurs.OK, so it s a little trope y Its ending is pat and not all that believable But O Hara takes her characters seriously, dealing with issues of faith including a 10 page diversion into the nature and love of God , marriage and brotherhood Her narrative from the perspective of the horses is quite lovely I may be a little biased , and I thoroughly enjoyed as a palate cleanser between too much DuBus and Munro. This is not a children s novel A very tame 1940 s type novel that probably some kids could read, but belongs in the adult fiction And it is about horses And there is a romance And a nervous break down And a raging bull And a lot about Wyoming that sounded pretty true to the setting That was my favorite part the Wyoming setting.I didn t really love it, but I don t like animal characters I m giving it a 3 because it is not a bad book, if you like animals who have feelings and are given emotions They do not talk in this book I would have stopped reading if they d talked I would have given it a 2 rating too.Anyway if you like animal stories with some human romance, this one is for you. A wonderful old fashioned novel with evocative descriptions, a plot that gallops along, and a thoroughly adult main character, Nell But there are also horses, dogs, cats, a very sweet romance, and a coming of age subplot Reading this book is sort of like getting a nickel cherry coke at the drugstore soda fountain It s not sophisticated but it s good and you are ever so grateful that there s still a soda fountain. The conclusion to the Flicka trilogy, Mary O Hara s Green Grass of Wyoming is a wonderful culmination of the previous two stories plot lines In this novel, Thunderhead is on a mare stealing rampage along the Rockies, and must be stopped Ken, now a young man, must overcome his fears and uncertainties as he works to track down the rogue stallion His desire to find the stallion wars with his newfound friendship with one of the stolen mare s owners, young Carey Carey, a wealthy and charming young woman, finds herself drawn to the boy from the West Meanwhile, Rob and Nelly must find a way to adapt to life with a young child once again, and their growing sons have to discover if their faith in God is merely a childhood fancy or something lasting A dramatic and passionate novel, Green Grass of Wyoming is a delightful read for readers 9 Adults can easily enjoy this book, perhaps even so than their kids This novel answers the question we all have had what happens to make a starry eyed youth become a man I adored this entire trilogy all three books were SO different Flicka had the freshness and determined idealism of youth In Thunderhead there was a darkness that hung overhead than a storm, than the uncertainty of adolescence, it was not a comfortable read But Green Grass of Wyoming has so much It s complex It has hope I don t know how many times I have read this10 12 Maybe 20 timesThe build up to the race is awesome Ken gets out from under the cloud of his father and older brother Carey frees herself from her domineering grandmother Read itand enjoy.Let me know what you think Unlike the previous books this story looks at an adult woman s role in the difficult setting and harsh life style of running a ranch Life is not simple or easy especially with another child in her later years Nell is suffering from anxiety and is estranged from Rob over difficulties she experiences but has trouble articulating The passion and failures between the two are brought out in this story to show the growth that continues throughout life Nell, her children, and life on the ranch in another era are both endearing and heartbreaking.These are books to be read as an adult to understand all that was being told As a child I missed a lot of the tension and growth that requires similar experiences to comprehend.

Mary O Hara Alsop, an American author, screenwriter, and composer, was born July 10, 1885, in Cape May, N.J., to Reese Fell Alsop and Mary Lee Spring She grew up in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., where her father was an Episcopal clergyman.In 1905, Ms O hara married Kent Kane Parrot, whom she later divorced Her second marriage to Helge Sture Vasa from Sweden in 1922 also ended in divorce in 1947 Ms

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