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Histoire d'O The Story Of O Relates The Progressive Willful Debasement Of A Young And Beautiful Parisian Fashion Photographer, O, Who Wants Nothing Than To Be A Slave To Her Lover, Ren The Test Is Severe Sexual In Method, Psychological In Substance The Artistic Interest Here Has Precisely To Do With The Use Not Only Of Erotic Materials But Also Erotic Methods, The Deliberate Stimulation Of The Reader As A Part Of And Means To A Total, Authentic Literary Experience Eliot Fremont Smith, The New York Times

Fifty years ago, an extraordinary pornographic novel appeared in Paris Published simultaneously in French and English, Story of O portrayed explicit scenes of bondage and violent penetration in spare, elegant prose, the purity of the writing making the novel seem reticent even as it dealt with demonic desire, with whips, masks and chains Pauline R age, the author, was a pseudonym, and many peopl

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 199 pages
  • Histoire d'O
  • Pauline Réage
  • English
  • 01 January 2019
  • 9780345301116

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    i am not going to write a serious review of this book if you want to talk about why bondage erotica is bad for women or how negation porn makes its readers complicit in the victimization of women halfway across the globe or to sip tea and talk about depersonalization or dehumanization or anything even remotely intelligent power to you, but this book bored me so much i don t even care to elevate it or grant it any sort of intellectual discussion i am really only interested in talking about why this book is boring.i have said it before on here, but it bears repeating despite my recent fascination with monster erotica, i personally find reading about sex boring but even boring than reading about sex reading about non sex which is basically what this book is despite the lingering on the violence and the restraining, piercing, branding, whipping, the sex act itself is glossed over to the extent that at one point o has taken on several lovers, to completion, in the span of three sentences.for example, the last line in the book it was only after daybreak, after all the dancers had left, that sir stephen and the commander, awakening natalie who was asleep at o s feet, helped o to her feet, led her to the middle of the courtyard, unfastened her chain and removed her mask and, laying her back upon a table, possessed her one after the other.penthouse letters, that is not.and it s all like that but sir stephen s hands pried open her loins, forced the buttocks portal, retreated, took her again, caressed her until she moaned.obviously, this is intended to be a sadean experiment in impersonal and objectified sex, but detail is given in this book to the construction of dresses than to the sex act and that s fine, like i said, i have no regrets at not reading about glistening honey pots or man roots but at least that would have gotten a giggle out of me and why am i the only one reading lactation porn and wondering who is supposed to clean up after it and reading this and completely focusing on the hygiene the fact that her lover will not permit her to wear underwear fine but then he will also not let her sit upon her dress, so no matter where she is on a bar stool, at a restaurant, in the backseat of a public conveyance, she is always bare assed, and bare bellied directly on the seats.and that grossed me out than any of the violent tearing and whipping and piercing she undergoes.do you know where that barstool has been then don t go rubbing your open bits about on it seriously why would your lover master want you to get scabies it is contagious and don t go bloodying up the good towels after a rough session of buttsecks.it s so nasty this is what i took from story of o and i apologize, but i have my hang ups same as anyone, and i just feel like a place like roissy, with all those bodily fluids squirting everywhere and all the blood all over the floor and how often do they clean those riding crops is all i could think about.it is interesting that the bodice rippers chose this book to read during the height of fifty shades of gray mania here are some pictures from the fifty shades event at my store seriously, do you see how many people are there insanity i wasn t able to get a good photo of the author, just the woman interviewing her, but she was there, i swear.as you can see, female penned BDSM erotica is insanely popular is that redundant is there BDSM that is just casual and unerotic yes and it is this book and i get why this book story of o, i do not yet understand the shades phenomenon is a BIG DEAL because at the time, it was unprecedented that a woman would have written such a violent and debasing novel but i read it now and i can t help but think, is that all incidentally,this fifty shades phenomenon is out of hand little old ladies reading bondage porn has got to be one of the signs of the end times but even fifty shades is having troubles of course i am totally anti censorship, but if that book is as dull as this one, who s to say that they aren t dodging a bullet here by not being allowed to read it.full disclosure i read a shitty translation i am sure manny will come out and say it is better in its original language, and of that i have no doubt but i honestly don t feel that i would have enjoyed it any better in french, even if my fluency in that language had not been severely compromised by years of disuse.i read this first when i was in high school, when i thought that subversive literature would be cool i read some de sade and i read story of the eye, and i read this, and honestly, it just bored the crap out of me but i thought i still had my copy lying around turns out, i did not and i wasn t going to buy a new copy when the bodicers chose this book because i figured, quite rightly, that i wouldn t enjoy it any the second time around than i had on the first i read the introduction of the hard copy on my break at work, and i ended up borrowing a nook so s i could read it without having to shell out the whopping 8 bucks for it and the introduction is worth reading, if you are interested in the history of its translation there exists an earlier translation of o, made in paris several years ago i trust i shall not be accused of a corresponding lack of generosity if i say and i am not the first, and far from the only one, to say it that this earlier version is less a translation than an adaptation it reads somehow as though the adapter translator were in fact embarrassed by the work certain parts are glossed over whole descriptions, nonexistent in the original, are written in and, indeed, much of the book is paraphrased rather than translated directly as one who had read the work in french when it first appeared, and admired not only its contents but the extreme felicity of the style, what troubled me mostly about the earlier english version was its seeming disdain for this obvious style subsequently, i learned this translator was a man, and it seemed to me that this fact alone sufficed to explain both the embarrassment male embarrassment manifest in his version, and also why pauline reage had gone out of her way to comment favorably on mine story of o, written by a woman, demands a woman translator, one who will humble herself before the work and be satisfied simply to render it, as faithfully as possible, without interpretation or unwanted elaboration faced with a work such as o, male pride, male superiority however liberal the male, however much he may try to suppress them will, i am certain, somehow intrude.now, i don t know about all that, but i do know that the translation i read was atrocious it was boring and at one point, it cuts off abruptly, and i was like weird, so i went to the hard copy only to find that eleven pages were missing in the electronic version what the hell as grateful as i am that lulu press exists, because they gave semen recipes to the world, i do not think they have the best copyeditors.not only were the ELEVEN pages missing, but there were roughly a million typos, which are terribly distracting when you are trying to focus on the buttsecks and those pages were the whole part about her and jacqueline and the command sir stephen gives o regarding jacqueline, and is kind of a big deal, plot wise, and is followed by one of the only interesting sections in the book, where she contemplates her role in sir stephen s orbit, and speculates upon his intent and his feelings blah blah but stephen is such a douche ,who cares, right but so why am i not going to go back and read the better translation because that sums it up i really don t care i just wanted to let everyone know that if you are interested in reading this book, DO NOT read the version on the nook or kindle or the POD lulu press one because from what i can tell, it definitely is just an adaptation, and since you probably aren t going to go learning french just to read this book, if you are going to read it, READ IT.AND OH MY GOD i wrote all that part yesterday, but i didn t post it because i wanted to do a side by side comparison of the text on the nook and the text in the hard copy, so i had to wait until i was at work to take notes and everything and I WAS WRONG they are exactly the same so this is not just an adaptation mistranslation this is the one that is supposed to be good that reage praised.holy hell.this ruins my whole review, but i do not care enough to rewrite it and this may well be my worst review ever, but i don t even care because this book bored the shit out of me TWICE and that should not be rewarded.in personal news, because the rest of this review has been such intensive impersonal lit crit, i know i read this on the new glow y nook which is pretty cool were i ever to buy a device for myself, i would probably buy the glow y one because i like to read while i am walking and it is much easier to read on a nook while walking than a book because you can do it all one handed LGM but the problem i was having was with night walking, and the light em up feature solves all of that i can also late night read without the lights on i want to read something scarrrry on it, all alone in the dark, and see what happens.SPOOKY even maggie approves and, no barnes and noble is not making me say this i actually like this thing and if i could get one for free and get all my books on it for free like i do when i borrow one, my life would be awesome as is, it is just mediocre like this review no this review sucks like the book.come to my blog

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    The original ending of this book was suppressed because it supposedly objectified women However, I think the book is very empowering for women It makes very clear the difference between being submissive as a person and being submissive as a sexual preference O is a successful career woman who gets her freak on as a sexual slave We are all hedonists at heart The prudish, Protestant roots of society plus the pc attitudes for which feminism is responsible in part, make this a very shocking book now But not as much as in the past for its pornographic content,no now it is seen as the choices its protagonist makes that are shocking I would recommend the book to loads of people if only because it s fabulously well written, a real literary classic and of course, it s hot, really hot How many classics can you say are that

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    Since my child is currently one of my 2 friends, I will refrain from writing a real review of this book Manon, when you re living far far away and are much older you should check this out And when you do, please don t tell me about it.

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    I never had any intention of reading Story of O until I was recently asked to review it I knew I wouldn t like it, that it is not the kind of erotica I usually waste my Sunday afternoons with, so rather than purchasing the whole thing, I instead decided to read the Kindle sample That, I m afraid, was way than enough I m not sure whether the sample starts at the beginning of the story or not, the first chapter felt a little out of place, but then none of what I read really followed the format of a regular novel.The sample starts as it means to go on Get in, he says She gets in.I laughed at this Perhaps I shouldn t have Perhaps I shouldn t laugh at the fact that O allows herself to be objectified and used sexually, perhaps I should pity her for feeling that it s okay to be ordered around in this way Oh well, I m just a firm believer that if someone tells you to jump off a cliff and you jump off said cliff, then it s your fault for being a cliff jumping moron Just sayin Anyway, as far as your regular run of the mill sex goes, there s hardly any description It s all entering and plunging and then it s all over The whipping, however, gets a lot attention than the sex does, the whole sample doesn t actually feel like erotica unless you re the kind to masturbate while Crimewatch is on This is a story of violence, not sex Because sex is a two or way thing regardless of whether it is BDSM or straight up lol, pun vanilla If all the participants aren t invested in the sexual activities and aren t getting pleasure out of it then it isn t sex, it s rape.Okay, okay, before I get carried away with that idea, it s kinda important to point out that it wasn t clear as to whether O was giving consent to what the people were doing to her She screams and she cries, which to me is something negative, but I m no expert on how people behave during this kind of sexual encounter We are not treated to O s thoughts, only her actions and the actions of the people around her She doesn t express regret, sadness or even pain inwardly The only thing that is clear to me and makes me feel sick is that the men who are doing all this stuff to her are not concerned with her pleasure Which, as I said in my review of Fifty Shades of Grey, is important because all parties are supposed to get something out of it In BDSM relationships, submission is something that a person chooses to do and wants to do because they enjoy what it gives them and what it gives the dom It is not forced out of someone The psychological aspect of BDSM is a lot like how it is or should be with regular sex You give pleasure, you get pleasure However If you do tie her up from time to time, or whip her just a little, and she begins to like it, that s no good either You have to get past the pleasure stage, until you reach the stage of tears These men are evidently trying to break O They rejoice when she is in pain, when she is distressed, and when she screams or cries For me, trying to hurt someone for the sake of hurting them not to give them what they want is no different from rape It is sick This is sick The gag stifles all screams and eliminates all but the most violent moans, while allowing tears to flow without restraint There was no question of using it that night On the contrary, they wanted to hear her scream and the sooner the better.You could argue with me that O actually wants all of this to happen, so I have no point We are not told what O is thinking, she never speaks to say whether she wants it or not, but I cannot be the only one thinking that this is not the sign of a woman enjoying herself Then one of the men, holding her with both hands on her hips, plunged into her belly He yielded to a second The third wanted to force his way into the narrower passage and, driving hard, made her scream When he let her go, sobbing and befouled by tears beneath her blindfold, she slipped to the floor, only to feel someone s knees against her face, and she realized that her mouth was not to be spared.Though, personally, I think her mouth is the least of O s problems if he s shagging her belly What s that all about view spoiler For you clever dicks out there, I d just like to point out that yes, I do realise that he is actually talking about her vagina hide spoiler

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    The most useful piece of advice on literary criticism that I ve ever come across is Nabokov s dictum to identify with the author, not the characters This book is a perfect example If you make the mistake of identifying with O, it s all a bit bewildering Why exactly is she interested in being blindfolded, tied up, whipped, and fucked from all angles by a bunch of people she doesn t even know It seems bizarre and rather distasteful.The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons

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    At first most people read this as erotica However I read it for a psychology class There is a much deeper story if you read it from a different perspective Sad, definitely This woman gives up everything I don t mean everything in the passive way we use it today I mean right down to her voice She only speaks a few times, I can count the number of times on one hand She gives away her core, her voice and her soul Just to be loved And what a silent psychological break she makes to remain a body but nothing than a toy The things some women do longing to be loved In the end there is no to give when all is taken What is left

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    This book must have been really something when it first came out, but to me, this was just another one of those unintentionally funny chick flicks I do realize I completely missed the point of this book, because it just completely flew by me.I won t go into detail too much but the story begins when O and her lover Rene I use an Allo Allo accent here are in the backseat of a taxi, and O is instructed to take her underwear etc off, walk into a building and let herself be abused and tortured, no questions asked And she ll learn to love it Why Because Rene keeps telling her he loves her so much Because she wants to do whatever he wants her to do Maybe it s because I m unable to see myself in this position, or to be accurate, these positions, but I really don t see the point of everything that happens to O If anybody ever suggested doing something that s even remotely in the general direction of the stuff they make her do, to me, I will laugh, to see if they are serious, and if it turns out they are, I will go batshit on their ass And I do mean that in the literal sense Because it s the woman who keeps getting degraded, not the man See how he likes it.Chains, whips a riding crop for christ s sake , multiple men at multiple entrances real friends come in through the back door , wearing a ring that means you ll have to do it with every guy who knows what that ring means, wearing stuff that expands certain holes, clothes designed for easy access and last but not least never cross your legs and always part your lips.Try that last one I m serious Try looking hot and ready by doing that And I don t just mean for like a few minutes, anybody can make that pose look hot But try it everywhere and all the time You ll look like an ill mannered peasant with a saliva problem after 20 minutes.After a while it even stopped being funny and it just got boring I m sure there is a purpose for this book Possibly something of the door stopper variety.

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    English Espa olOMG what did I just read This is horrible and tremendously boring, every time I started reading my eyes closed.It did not seem erotic, but totally abusive to those who not only accept it, but also yearn for it, demonstrating that it must be a person with serious psychological problems and zero self esteem.O, the protagonist, a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer, has Rene as a lover As he had already told her that he wanted to prostitute her, it does not take her by surprise when he takes her to Roissy where she is treated as a sex slave, beaten and all included She leaves there with a ring that allows to possess her to every man who knows what it means Rene, for whom she would do anything because she loves him with madness and without whom she can not live, lends her to a friend and tells her that he is now her new master Sir Stephen is possessive and depraved than Rene and only takes her by where men and women have in common After lending her, forcing her to be with women and marking her permanently in every possible way, then he abandons her O was happy that Rene had had her whipped and had prostituted her, because her impassioned submission would furnish her lover with the proof that she belonged to him, I know that this book has mixed reviews I hated it, but every head is a world and my opinion should be taken as just that, my very personal opinion OMG que acabo de leer Esto es horrible y tremendamente aburrido, cada vez que comenzaba a leer se me cerraban los ojos No me pareci erotico, sino totalmente abusivo con quien no solo lo acepta, sino que adem s lo anhela, demostrando que debe ser una persona con graves problemas psicol gicos y cero autoestima O, la protagonista, una hermosa parisina fot grafa de modas, tiene a Rene como amante Como ya le hab a dicho que quer a prostituirla no le toma por sorpresa cuando la lleva a Roissy donde es tratada como una esclava sexual, golpes y todo incluido Sale de all con un anillo que le permite poseerla a todo hombre que sepa lo que significa Rene, por el que har a cualquier cosa porque lo ama con locura y sin quien no puede vivir, la presta a un amigo y le dice que ese es ahora su nuevo amo Sir Stephen es m s posesivo y depravado que Rene y solo la toma por donde hombres y mujeres tienen en com n Despu s de prestarla, obligarla a estar con mujeres y de marcarla permanentemente de todas las formas posible, entonces la abandona S que este libro tiene cr ticas encontradas Yo lo odi , pero cada cabeza es un mundo y mi opini n debe tomarse como solo eso, mi opini n muy personal.

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    I did read this some years ago so honesty compels me to list it here For those of you who haven t yet had the pleasure, I can save you some time All you need are these few verses from Tom Lehrer the book itself is much less amusing I quote them here because it s just possible some of you will not know this lovely ballad.I ache for the touch of your lips, dear, But much for the touch of your whips, dear You can raise welts like nobody elts, As we dance to the masochism tango Say our love be a flame, not an ember, Say it s me that you want to dismember Blacken my eye, Set fire to my tie, As we dance to the masochism tango Your eyes cast a spell that bewitches The last time I needed twenty stitches To sew up the gash That you made with your lash, As we danced to the masochism tango Bash in my brain, And make me scream with pain, Then kick me once again, And say we ll never part Take your cigarette from it s holder, And burn your initials in my shoulder Fracture my spine, And swear that you re mine, As we dance to the masochism tango

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    Anonymous author grabs her reader by the proverbial balls right before bedtime god damn itE L James should be ashamed What I m reading here is pure artistry and I almost wonder if the author isn t writing from experience It s very difficult to explain these types of sexual and psychological relationships unless you ve been in one.RTC but let me say thisREALLY ANONYMOUS What s with that ending Audiobook 210 11 20 18

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