The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own

The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own Periel Aschenbrand Loathes Internet Dating, Republicans, TV, Junk Food, And Stockbrokers She Is Twenty Eight Years Old, Lives In New York And Los Angeles, Accessorizes Dolce Gabbana With A F Ck Bush Necklace, And Wakes Up Every Morning To A Double Espresso With A Splash Of % Milk Predictable And Pretentious, Right Wrong Periel Aschenbrand Is Also Best Friends With A Mormon, Waits Tables In Spanish Harlem, Flirts With New York City Cops, Enjoys A Good Lap Dance, Gets Revenge On Snotty Salespeople In An Unconventional Manner, And Stayed In Constant Cell Phone Communication With Her Mother While Protesting In Her Underwear At The Republican National Convention Are You Provoking Any Policemen You Could Be Put In Jail And Get Physically Hurt By Crack Addicts Who Would See You As Bait In A Refreshing Nonfiction Debut That S Never Sanitized Or Slick, Periel Delivers Raunchy And Hilarious Truths About Sex, Politics, And How Best To Inspire The Youth Of America

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own book, this is one of the most wanted Periel Aschenbrand author readers around the world.

❃ [EPUB] ✻ The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own By Periel Aschenbrand ➜ –
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own
  • Periel Aschenbrand
  • English
  • 07 December 2017
  • 9781585424207

10 thoughts on “The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own

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    Biting criticism, but hypocritical and pretentious I liked her views and I agreed with many of them, but was distracted and disheartened by the obvious contradictions in the book Aschenbrand is addicted to high end fashion and designer purses which both objectify women in their advertising, yet wants to speak out against the objectification of women and uses objectification to make that stance Also for someone who believes in sexual equality, she certainly makes a lot of racial comments An interesting read as one is going through it, but at the end thinks so the point of that was what

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    I bought this book simply because based on the title, I figured it would be funny.I was right.Beyond that, the writing is rather poor a lot of Valley Girl speak, like, you know what I mean It seems like the publisher took her personal diary, fixed any mis spellings but left the bad writing style.It would also seem that the main purpose of the book is to promote this t shirt business the author fell into because she put the title of this book on a t shirt that she personally silk screened Several boutique owners asked to her to make the shirts for their shops and she did that, as well as setting up a web page to sell them She also whines that a customer complained that she didn t carry plus size t shirts on her website, so she purchased 50 of them, but only sold three one to the women who wanted a shirt and two others Apparently, the idea that she could have just printed the shirts up as they were ordered didn t occur to her Plus, that s a risk you take in a business you might have excess inventory.But it was funny And it didn t take long to read.

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    I expected a great deal from this book and that could ve been my downfall The description sounds great politics, feminism, and humor as told by a tough American woman Awesome Instead it was a story of why Aschenbrand deserves everyone s love and envy and had little substance to offer The author is an ego maniacal stick figure who prides herself on her feminism and then talks about nothing else but how beautiful she is, why she s so inventive, and how everyone should worship her The political sentiments are few and far between and offer little food for thought The book did make me laugh from time to time, especially the part where she gets in her uncle s face menstruation, but in general it came off as a spoiled, self absorbed woman s story of why she deserved attention and her attempt to garner glory off the one cool thing she did create some t shirts So, maybe I m too uptight, but this book annoyed and disappointed me.

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    So, this nothing of a book, I loved, what do you want I bought it like in 2005 like right after the Election you know, when I thought maybe it s like interesting to buy books on Bush than like do someting stupid like you know suicide or ask asylum like in Canada, I would speak French in the morning and English at night.But I only read it like now, in like 2 hours, which is probably how long it took to write it, that s not a nice thing to say, this lovely Jewish girl who loves her Mom but won t get married, did you know her Mom was a virgin at like 23 when she got married, not even went down on anybody, girl or boy, but Dad was a good teacherTMI, 511 Well you got the point stream of consciousness city If you hate that, you re not gonna like this book But if you ve ever been best friends with and in love with someone at the same time, this book will stick to your heart.And she loved Jerry Orbach.

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    It was really the cover that sold me And, I remember when those shirts came out I didn t find the writing that interesting but it was an alright read She s pretty funny.

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    Just one thing What was the point of this book

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    It s like overhearing a conversation in a restaurant and you keep listening because it s amusing, but it won t change your life and you won t be sad when it s over.

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    T shirts and other garments with messages political, corporate, religious, or a combination of all three take center stage in this mockumentary like memoir.

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    clearly this book has feminist tones one that is honest and out and out and personal personal but also does not shy away from big political issues the title itself i belatedly figured is a reference to the then president of americai should blabber elsewhere how its heart and grit i find a bit lacking but only ideologically which is both the most and least important thing in art and lit

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    Quotes Why are most fraternity guys assholes Because they re groomed to behave like rapists, that s why.Once every month, the lining of my uterus falls out, sometimes in chunks, and if you don t like it, too fucking bad My mother was like, Peri, please, do you have to use such language But I was on such a tirade I didn t care Can you imagine the audacity of trying to make it seem like getting your period is something unmentionable I think we should put our tits to better use it s prime advertising space being wasted on vapid slogans like Princess Instead of turning us into a bunch of apathetic morons, T shirts should say things like On any given day in the richest country in the world, there are 600,000 homeless people, or By 2020, 100 million people in Africa will have died of AIDS We should reject renting out bodies as billboard space for odious companies and use them instead to our advantage, to advertise for shit that matters.The very thing that makes organized religion so insidious is that fundamentally it is crucial that you don t think critically about the tenets of said religion.

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