Girls of Glass

Girls of Glass It Takes Than A Lie To Hide The Dark Secrets Of This Picture Perfect FamilyWhen The Granddaughter Of One Of Florida S Most Powerful Judges Disappears, It Triggers A Personal Trauma For Detective Alice Garner The Kidnapping And Murder Of Her Own Child As A Flood Of Painful Memories Comes Rushing Back, Alice Sees Herself In The Guilt Ridden And Emotionally Fragile Mother Charlotte Burke, Who Has Become The Target Of A Rush To JudgmentAll Too Familiar With Charlotte S Situation, Alice Is Reluctant To Cast Any Blame Her Gut Instincts Tell Her That Charlotte S Anguish Is Rooted In Something Else Somewhere Too Dark For The Truth To Be Seen And Alice Believes That It S Hiding Behind The Facade Of The Illustrious And Guarded Burke MansionBut Uncovering Charlotte S Past Comes With A Risk For Alice S Own Life Is Becoming Entangled In The Secrets And Lies Of The Picture Perfect Family An Image That Is About To Be Shattered In So Many Unexpected Ways

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Girls of Glass book, this is one of the most wanted Brianna Labuskes author readers around the world.

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    4.0 Stars I saw a lot of potential with Brianna Labuskes first book, It Ends With Her , so when I saw that Girls of Glass was available, I had to give it a chance Boy, am I glad I did Girls of Glass is written from multiple perspectives covering time periods both before and after the kidnapping and death of 5 year old Ruby The author writes from the perspectives of Alice the investigating detective who suffered a similar tragic loss that makes this case personal Charlotte the mother of Ruby and Trudy Ruby s 18 year old aunt The story unfolds with many twists and turns and it was enjoyable seeing both the victims and detective s perspectives both before and after the kidnapping I will say the book doesn t flow as well and is harder to read because of the fact that it jumps all over the place time wise, but Labuskes does a masterful job keeping the plot tight while slowly revealing the villains and backstory that makes this a masterful work I never came close to figuring out where the book was going and who was to blame until the very end which I truly enjoyed The only drawbacks are 1 the implausibility of the resolution of the story and 2 how a main character just stumbles upon the information from a crazy busybody that reveals the killer to her because the crazy busybody was just running her mouth about some unrelated matter Trust me when you read this you will be saying, I guess Labuskes was trying to wrap up the mystery as quickly as possible Other than those issues, this book was a solid thriller that I enjoyed immensely from start to finish.

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    Let me introduce you to the players aka The Burke family Sterling Burke The most prominent judge in Florida He s such a charming man that he has everyone from the mayor to the governor in his back pocket Nothing bad ever happens to Sterling and nothing ever will Hollis Burke Sterlings wife and mother to Charlotte and Mellie She rules the house with an iron fist and spews vitriol to anyone that dare disagree with her A loving mother she is not Mellie Burke Oldest daughter, mother of 18 yr old Trudy, she spends most of her days self medicating with alcohol while laying about her parents house Charlotte Burke Youngest daughter, mother to 5 year old Ruby, a shell of a woman really Her fathers favorite and her mothers nemesis It appears the Burkes like to keep their children close Why else would two grown woman and their children still live at home Clearly something is amiss Then one day Ruby goes missing and soon her body is found on the beach Detectives Alice Garner and Joe Nakamura are called in to investigate What exactly goes on behind closed doors of the Burke mansion It appears everyone has secrets It was curious how so often people saw only the surface of one another They filled in the blanks they didn t know or couldn t understand with preconceived notions that had no grounding in reality The chapters alternate between Before and After where we get the perspectives of Alice, Charlotte, and Trudy This was a little bit confusing at first but after a few chapters I was able to grasp the back and forth While in the Alice chapters we find out in flashbacks that her own daughter was kidnapped and killed which is the driving force behind her solving this crime.I really enjoyed the banter between Detectives Garner and Nakamura Garner is tough as nails after losing her daughter while Nakamura was the surprisingly kind and understanding older seasoned detective They really seemed to have a deep connection even though they were complete opposites My one complaint is that for some reason I never felt any real empathy for the Burke girls and I most certainly should have It s a strange feeling when you read something like this but feel emotionally cut off from the characters The book was a slow burn but an interesting one The twist and the ending were a complete shock Like, never in a million years would I have predicted this outcome Well played 3 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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    So flawedIn so many ways I made myself finish it No likable characters, horribly drawn out and ridiculous ending Spare yourself

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    Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of GIRLS OF GLASS by Brianna Labuskes in exchange for my honest review Alice, a detective, investigates the kidnapping of a five year old girl, five years after her own daughter was kidnapped and murdered.Based on what I enjoy and dislike about thrillers, I shouldn t have been glued to GIRLS OF GLASS, holding my breath in anticipation On the surface most of the characters were truly unlikable and unsympathetic Ruby s mother Charlotte and aunt Trudy made me cringe, until I got to know them Then, I could root for them, hope they weren t the perp, while still not actually liking them as individuals Rudy s physically and emotionally abusive grandmother and her grandfather who may have been worse were as one dimensional as villains can be, yet somehow I bought into their awfulness My favorite character was Zeke and Trudy grew on me in the second half of GIRLS OF GLASS.Labuskes drops twists seamlessly into the plot, making sense while creeping me out My theories on the perp never felt strong enough to make me certain I didn t see the very satisfying end coming.GIRLS OF GLASS is a must read, edge of your sear thriller that I will reread to see which clues I missed.

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    Wow What did I just read This is the second book I ve read from Brianna Labuskes and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors Her attention to detail and the way she weaves in small clues her writing is the definition of a slow burn And I did not see that ending coming This was a great book and I recommend to anyone that enjoys suspense, mysteries, and thrillers Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    I was totally gripped by this dark and captivating book Filled with secrets and lies, it held my interest from the very first page A highly recommended read.

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    Twisty plot with slightly overdramatic writing But that s just one opinion.Thank you Netgalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.

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    My first DNF of 2019 The writing is just too overwrought, and the flashbacks felt unnecessary I liked Alice needed less Charlotte and Trudy.

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    I thought the constant time jumps made this difficult to read I was also taken aback by the reveal of the killer It felt rushed and out of left field It also felt like lots of the set ups weren t resolved.

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    They were snapshots, those moments Ugh Just ugh I mean it wasn t even that terrible, but it was so unsatisfying I ll admit that I expected something filled with suspense, mystery and awe when I first saw the title, because it this aesthetic feel, but turns out it was just. Boring This was what it was like to be a mother who had just lost her child So Alice Garner is a detective whose daughter was once kidnapped and murdered Free years later, the whole trauma she underwent seemed to reface when a judge s granddaughter, Ruby, is kidnapped To garnish, Ruby s mother, Charlotte, is taken is held responsible, and Alice, having gone through this before, staunchly believes that Charlotte was not responsible While the premise it laid out, the making or breaking of the story depends on how well the author deals with it And in this case, it was dealt poorly If you feel like you don t have a choice, you re just ignoring the options that you don t want to consider To start off, the characters were the least bit amiable They were so plain, dry, and cardboard cut that I simply could not bring myself to care Let s start with the detective herself To be honest, she just felt like a joke, and it felt like she made everything about herself It didn t seem like she was actually up for the case, but she still wanted to do it as if it would help her bring back her own daughter Next, introducing you to the Burke family We have Sterling, a powerful judge, who barely makes an appearance or even cares about Ruby His greatness is just exaggerated and basically all talk, no show It says, going into an investigation with a preconceived assumption of guilt blinds you to any other options His wife, Hollis, on the other hand, is hardly worthy of the title mother She is a stringent person who rules over the house with nothing but spite Nothing about her makes sense Then we have Mellie, their oldest daughter, an defined by her alcoholism Her daughter, Trudy, plays a major role in the book by being one of the only people who actually care about Ruby Then there is Ruby s mother, Charlotte, Sterling and Hollis youngest daughter favoured by Sterling and abhorred by Hollis Why Oh, I wish someone knew So here you go, the underdeveloped characters who run the show They are so, so, so unlikable The person you were before this happened was eviscerated, destroyed In its place was someone unrecognizable The book alternates between narratives of Charlotte, Trudy and Alice, in different time periods before and after the kidnapping, and none of them were interesting Up to the first couple of chapters, the Burke girls narratives seemed comparatively intriguing than Alice s, but that soon went downhill and turned into a mundane string of sentences Also, there are apparently supposed to be these dark secrets in the Burke mansion, but not only are they infuriatingly prosaic, but also absolutely irrelevant to most of the story The whole book is Emotions, as always, were the enemy, dangerous and deceptive They clouded judgments, they altered reality, they directed focus from what was important One of my main problems is the sequence The shifting between before and after was not smooth, thereby making the storyline seem rather haphazard, which I didn t enjoy one bit Some authors do manage to pull this off very well, but unfortunately this one does not get an applause in that aspect It s probably the reason why I couldn t find an emotional connection with the characters even though, from the premise of the book, there should be at least some emotional impact Don t say something that s not true because it sounds nice Because it fits what you want it to be Another factor was how raw the writing felt Not that the writing was bad, but the whole book felt rather raw and unpolished, and simply just hard to get into It s not a page turner It doesn t grab the attention of the reader, and to pull through it, I hat to force myself to flip over every page. Grief could warp reality into something unrecognizable Besides, it s way too overdramatic Some things are just exaggerated so much it got me rolling my eyes throughout I understand that they were probably attempts to gain some sympathy for the characters, but it was annoying enough to gain indifference towards the entire book And last but not the least, the ending was preposterous It was a horrible twist and simply did not fit in right It felt rushed and hastily added in just to make it seem like a extremely clever ending, but it was just not satisfying I get that you re pissed But getting irrational isn t going to help the situation Therefore, in nutshell, it left a bad taste I m pretty sure this could have been so much better It simply wasn t likeable no matter how hard I tried, and I really have to admit that it was simply painful to read If you re looking for something that can blow your mind, I d recommend Sometimes I Lie over this.

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