Fool Hilarious, Always Inventive, This Is A Book For All, Especially Uptight English Teachers, Bardolaters, And Ministerial Students Dallas Morning NewsFool The Bawdy And Outrageous New York Times Bestseller From The Unstoppable Christopher Moore Is A Hilarious New Take On William Shakespeare S King Learas Seen Through The Eyes Of The Foolish Liege S Clownish Jester, Pocket A Rousing Tale Of Gratuitous Shagging, Murder, Spanking, Maiming, Treason, And Heretofore Unexplored Heights Of Vulgarity And Profanity, Fool Joins Moore S Own Lamb, Fluke, The Stupidest Angel, And You Suck As Modern Masterworks Of Satiric Wit And Sublimely Twisted Genius, Prompting Carl Hiassen To Declare Christopher Moore A Very Sick Man, In The Very Best Sense Of The Word

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name Christopher Moore is an American writer of absurdist fiction He grew up in Mansfield, OH, and attended Ohio State University and Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.Moore s novels typically involve conflicted everyman characters suddenly struggling through supernatural or extraordinary circums

[Reading] ➷ Fool ➭ Christopher Moore –
  • Hardcover
  • 311 pages
  • Fool
  • Christopher Moore
  • English
  • 03 May 2017
  • 9780060590314

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    Welcome, gentle goodreader, to a profane, irreverent and hilarious serving of shag filled Shakespornean bawdiness.Warning Smutty naughtiness below says Captain Obvious Thisismy new favoritest Christopher Moore, nudge nudging out the excellent Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal with ear hugging, diamond studded prose like The castle s awash in intrigue, subterfuge, and villainy they ll be wanting comic relief between the flattery and the murders Intrigue and villainy Drool displayed a gape toothed grin Imagine soldiers dumping hogsheads of spittle through the crenellations atop the castle wall thus is Drool s grin, as earnest in expression as it is damp in execution a slurry of good cheer He loves intrigue and villainy, as they play to his most special ability Will there be hiding There will most certainly be hiding, said I, as I shouldered an escaped testicle into his cod And listening Listening of cavernous proportions we shall hang on every word as God on Pope s prayers And fuckery Will there be fuckery, Pocket Heinous fuckery most foul, lad Heinous fuckery most foul Aye, that s the dog s bollocks, then said Drool, slapping his thigh Did you hear, Mary Heinous fuckery afoot Ain t that the dog s bollocks Oh yeah, the dog s bloody B it is, love Yes, the foulest of fuckery is afoot from the first Fuckery most foul and fuckery most fun With plenty of perfectly pronounced fucking French as well PLOT SUMMARY The wonderfully, brilliant idea behind this huge hunk of happy is as follows The Bard s story of King Lear told from the viewpoint of Lear s Fool given the sobriquet of Pocket depicted here in the storm scene from Act III of the famous tale That mostly could suffice as description, but the true genius of what Moore has done is to keep the basic events of the tragedy in tact while completely remodeling the tone of the story into a filthy, hysterical fun fest by having the smart, razor witted Pocket act as our eyes and ears throughout the narrative All the players are there and the timeline remains mostly in step with the classic, but the delivery is anything but traditional, as when Pocket heckles Edmund, the Bastard son of the Earl of Gloucester, upon his arrival Hail, Edmund, you bloody bastard I called over the wall The yeoman tapped me on the shoulder Beggin your pardon, sirrah, but I m told that Edmund is sensitive about his bastardy Aye, yeoman, said I No need for prodding and jibe to divine that prick s tender spot, he wears it on his sleeve I jumped on the wall and waved Jones at the bastard, who was trying to wrench a bow and quiver from a knight who rode beside him You whoreson scalawag said I You flesh turd dropped stinking from the poxy arsehole of a hare lipped harlot The quality and ferocity of insults dispensed by Pocket is extraordinary and would have Don Rickels squirmy and red with blush Me, it had laughing until tears actually began skiing down my cheeks Now despite following the major plot thread of the source material, those familiar with King Lear should not expect anything than passing homage to the actual language of the original This story is Moore s homage to British Comedy and is one giant anachronism when it comes to prose The writing contains far of the likes of Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, P.G Wodehouse and Douglas Adams than of Shakespeare And all due and gracious respect to the Bard, I am just ducky with that because I was braying my bollocks off from the beginning Pocket is aided in his outlandish chicanery aka the aforementioned fuckery by a fellow fool in training, the slow witted giant named Drool who got his name, because of his torrential dribbling and the ability to break wind that could darken a room Drool, in addition to the enlargements referenced below, is also a perfect mimic who can recall whole conversations, hours long, recite them back to you in the original speakers voices, and not comprehend a single word Once this rare talent was discovered, Pocket took him in to teach him the manly art of mirth THOUGHTS Being a big fan of British comedy, I was struck by how inclusive Moore was in including such a varied range of styles in the humor represented I knew I was in for a treat from the opening paragraph which read like pure classic Python The stage is a or less mythical thirteenth century Britain, with vestiges of British culture reaching back to pre Roman times still loitering about Britain encompasses what is now modern Great Britain, including England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, of which Lear is king Generally, if not otherwise explained, conditions may be considered damp. The comedy is sometimes zany and sometimes piercingly insightful It is part clever word play and part in your face offensiveness It is at times erudite and clever and other times aka mostly bawdy and blue as a sailor s bachelor party To wit You rascal, Pocket, I ll not be buggered by you I smacked his bottom again, dust rose from his trousers No, no, no, not me Not my cup of tea But Drool, now he d shag the night if he wasn t afraid of the dark And hung like an ox, that one is I suspect you ll extrude stools untapered for a fortnight once Drool s laid the bugger to ya Supper ll dump through you like a cherry pit out a church bell What it almost always is is entertaining and I enjoyed myself thoroughly Coming into this I was a fan of Christopher Moore and I think this is his best work His earlier Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal still holds a special place for me because I found the balance of wit and respect that Moore showed for his subject matter to be nothing short of magical However, I had fun with this one and so it wins by a smile 5.0 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION

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    Find all of my reviews at We are all Fate s bastards In what may be the longest synopsis in the history of the universe, Moore does a great job explaining that his book is actually a retelling of King Lear The differences in the modern version Fool is told from Pocket the Fool s perspective and the tale is presented as a comedy rather than a tragedy Things that remain the same The cast of characters Lear and his three daughters with a bevy of supporting cast members along for the ride as well the distribution of Lear s wealth to the daughters Soon followed by the realization that said division was premature as well as seriously stupid Like Lear, Fool is a story filled with heinous fuckery most foul and there is a raven and a ghost because there s always a bloody ghost and there s always a bloody raven Basically, if something like this or characters like this are your idea of a good time, Fool is a story not to be missed.So there you have it Now for a public service announcement Here ye here ye here ye All ye members of thy generation oft known as butthurt Refrain from reading the works of one Christopher Moore as he is sure to offend and doth giveth zeros of the shits about said offenses As Mr Moore would sayeth to thee It s a jest, you wanker Suspend fucking disbelief for a bit, would you This selection was chosen as part of the library s Winter Reading Challenge Many thanks to the book fairy who provided me a copy since the you are next in line for this title library list apparently meant in line FOR ETERNITY Only THREE books and the limited edition beer mug will be MIIIIIIIIIIINE

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    It s really hard to describe a Christopher Moore book to anyone who has never read one Or to anyone without a sense of humor Or to a Republican Mainly because when Moore says that This is a bawdy tale, he certainly isn t lying Couple that with his completely absurd sense of humor and you re guaranteed a read that will certainly never bore This is delightfully raunchy stuff gleefully vulgar immensely readable However, there s to a Moore novel than just the humor Moore s take on Shakespeare and King Lear pays homage to the Bard s own randy sense of comedy as he retells the tragedy through the eyes of Pocket, fool to King Lear, shagger of his daughters, and instigator of wars This may be my favorite Moore so far.

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    Christopher Moore s re telling of Shakespeare s tragedy of King Lear has great comic potential It s just too bad that this novel doesn t come close to its potential.Told from the point of view of Lear s court jester, there are some genuinely amusing moments in this book However, as I read the book, I kept thinking this was like a Saturday Night Live skit that had been stretched beyond its initial humorous value and just kept going and going and going.

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    This was a bawdy tale Thus begins Fool by Christopher Moore, a parody of King Lear by William Shakespeare but also really a comic tribute to all of The Bard s work Besides Lear, I recognized several other direct or indirect references and Moore himself, in an epilogical aside said he had blended over a dozen plays into the narrative Unique amongst Moore s work, it does not operate in his connected universe of Hawaii, Pine Cove and San Francisco as of the publication date Irreverent, profane and vulgar, it is the kind of fun Moore fans have come to expect Though not a member of his larger pantheon of demons, vampires and sea monsters, Moore s loving attack on Stratford on Avon is still a must read for his fans and maybe even Shakespeare fans who are none too uptight and with a sense of humor.

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    Nothing like a good Moore gasm to end the evening.Fool is a comic retelling of King Lear from the fool s point of view Pocket, the fool, is lechererous, duplicitous, and all round magnificent He engineers the downfall of Lear s kingdom by pitting the king s daughters against each other, along with other nobles and their bastards There are references to Shakespeare, as well as a vanished race called the Mericans, ruled by the mad King George For me, the biggest laughs came from the faux English place names, like Dog Snogging There were a few laugh out loud moments, which was embarassing for me since I was allegedly working at the time I was reading it Sounds like a moose trying to shit a family of hedgehogs See Hard not to laugh at that, isn t it I d rate fool in between Fluke and A Dirty Job in terms of hilarity, with the caveat that you ll probably enjoy it if you re familiar with Shakespeare s plays.

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    Moore s retelling of King Lear from the viewpoint of the Fool Full of crass, tongue in check innuendo and clever wordplay just like the real Shakespeare I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as The Serpent of Venice That might be because I read Fool first and I was used to the writing by the time I got to Serpent.If you enjoy Shakespeare, satire, and or crass humor don t miss this one

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    Shakespearean wankfest making a mockery of King Lear in the most entertaining and loving way BonkBONK Perfect black comedy that made me laugh out loud Pocket is my hero I need to be spanked A constant, I d agree, lady, but again we re declaring the sky blue, aren t we I want to be spanked.

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    It is little secret that I think that Christopher Moore is one of the funniest writers currently putting ink to page Whether he s writing about playing stone the adulteress with Jesus, talking fruit bats or a schizophrenic former B movie star who still believes that she s a warrior babe of the outlands, Moore almost never fails to leave you panting on the floor with tears in your eyes and lungs aching for air Needless to say, I was all up ons Fool when I first heard of it.A humorous take on Shakespeare s King Lear told from the perspective of the royal jester, a fool named Pocket Moore gets to wield his wit against such worthy targets as the British, the French, Royals, Shakespeare, redheads, scullery maids, British cuisine, witches, the hopelessly mad and, of course, the epically tragic Lear himself Hell, one could roast Lear for hours and still have enough material left over for a follow up He s always been my least favorite of Shakespeare s protagonists and I loved reading Moore take him down a notch or two.If anything though, the book hewed too closely to the source material which only rarely allowed Moore to let loose with his trademark hilarity The tongue in cheek takes on death and mortality that made A Dirty Job such a great read are missing here Pocket tries to lighten the mood but when you are competing against the heinous fuckery of Lear s daughters you can t help but get dragged into dark waters Still, it s a deliciously fun read that I m sure I ll return to Those looking to read Moore for the first time would be better off with Lamb or A Dirty Job.

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    I m gonna go ahead and co opt a term Dan used in his review of this bawdy book, and call it simply Moore gasmic Fuckstockings is just one of the many expletives and or insults that spew forth from the mouth of King Lear s fool, Pocket, that I m hoping to sneak into my everyday vocabulary Twatgoblin and chunder monkey used to refer to the King s bulimic royal taster will definitely be making appearances as well I m not sure how much use I ll have for boffnacity, but I ll give you Pocket s helpful footnote just in case Boffnacity an expression of shagnatiousness, fit From the Latin boffusnatious Between Pocket s repertoire for off color songs including the solemn ballad, Dragon Spooge Befouled My Bonny Bonny Lass and the upbeat shanty, Alehouse Lilly She ll Bonk You Silly and his use of his puppet and sometimes weapon , Jones, I couldn t help but be reminded of Gob and Franklin and, obviously, Buster s Franklin highjacking as well Christopher Moore s humor is of a specific breed that can t quite be described, but that leaves me literally I m using the term correctly LOLing I didn t enjoy this one quite so much as I did Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal one of my favorite books of all time , but that s likely due to my unfamiliarity with King Lear.

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