Treasons Spring (Archives of the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey, #4)

Treasons Spring (Archives of the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey, #4) The Blood Begins To Drip From The Guillotine The French Revolution Is Entering Its Most Violent Phase, And Threatens All Europe With Chaos In The Age Of The Mob, No Individual Is SafeThe Spies Of England, France And Prussia Are Fighting Their Own War For Survival And Supremacy Somewhere In Paris Is A Hidden Trove Of Secrets That Will Reveal The Treacheries Of A Whole ContinentAt The Height Of The Madness A Stranger Arrives In Paris, To Meet A Man Who Has Disappeared Unknown And Untrusted, He Finds Himself The Centre Of All Conspiracy When The World Is Changing Forever, What Must One Man Become To Survive Treason S Spring Is A Thrilling And Meticulous Panorama Of Paris In The Revolution, The First Of A Trilogy Of Books Whose Revelations Transform Our Understanding Of An Era

Out now The rare, clever treat that is Treason s Spring Robert Wilton worked in a number of British Government Departments, including a stint as Private Secretary to three successive UK Secretaries of State for Defence He was advisor to the Prime Minister of Kosovo in the period leading to the country s independence, and now helps to run an international human rights mission in Albania He

❴Ebook❵ ➥ Treasons Spring (Archives of the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey, #4)  Author Robert  Wilton –
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  • 404 pages
  • Treasons Spring (Archives of the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey, #4)
  • Robert Wilton
  • English
  • 06 September 2019

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    One of those rare occasions when I wish I could give 10 instead of 5 stars Ingenious and engrossing Hugely accomplished Robert Wilton is such a clever writer.

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    I would like to thank Netgalley and Atlantic Books for an advance copy of Treason s Spring, the fourth novel from the Archives of the Comptrollerate General for Scrutiny and Survey.In 1792 Edinburgh merchant Keith Kinnaird arrives in Paris as the behest of his friend and sometime trading partner, Henry Greene, only to find that Greene has disappeared and no one seems to know where he is As Kinnaird starts to search for him he soon finds himself in trouble as the revolution is in full swing, nobody can be trusted and a stranger asking questions about a man the authorities have a suspicion of cannot stay unnoticed for long.There is much to admire in Treason s Spring but I found it a struggle to get through as it isn t my kind of fiction it s too literary and meandering and I m of an obvious, short, sharp points kind of reader.This is a densely plotted spy novel with double cross upon double cross where no character s intentions are clear apart from Kinnaird and even then he seems too gullible to be true It takes concentration to keep up with all the webs and tentacles so I applaud Mr Wilton s skill in plotting as he doesn t put a foot wrong and I love the ending which is so smart and ironic.The characters are well drawn It is interesting to watch Kinneard grow and change as the novel progresses He possesses an unusual strength of character from the start but it morphs into steely determination by the end of the novel The other strong character in the novel is the real life Joseph Fouch , a one man secret police, being a spy catcher and holder of many secrets He also grows in the novel from an uncertain young man to an unscrupulous politician, determined to hold on to his power at any cost The battle of wits between these two men is the driving force in the novel.With an intricate plot requiring thought and concentration from the reader and strong characterisation I should have loved this book but I found the execution and much of the minutiae hard going Firstly I should say that this is a long novel and as it has multiple points of view it is not a straightforward linear narrative Mr Wilton covers all the bases with paragraph s from every character s point of view, excerpts from contemporaneous diaries which may or may not be real, I haven t checked, archival reports and letters to and from unnamed correspondents There is no doubt that it gives the reader a wider understanding of events but it makes for a choppy read and puts a distance into the narrative where it is difficult to get absorbed and really root for Kinnaird I do, however applaud Mr Wilton s research into the period and his ability to pass on the unease and fear of many citizens.Treason s Spring is not a novel that appealed to me but it has many good points and will appeal to readers who want that a straightforward thriller.

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    A well written book and whilst I love reading history both factual and fictional, I have to say I did struggle to get through this book It did give me some insight into what was going on at the time of the French Revolution but it wasn t as compelling for me to read as much as I had hoped This was not helped by the fact that the narrative just did not flow for me which made it difficult to follow at times Maybe if I had felt some affinity to the characters, it would have made for a better reading and understanding of the book.

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    A fantastic book about espionage and victimization in the French revolution Great characterisation and fabulous storylines which all come together in the end, developing characters as they go I know this is no.4 in the series, but as a reader who hasn t read the preceding 3, I cna confirm there is no need to as the story doesn t rely on it THanks for a fab read xx

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    With the same pace I loved in the author s Spider of Sarajevo , the atmospherics of Traitor s Field and the intimate details of history that bring the past to life in all the books in this series, together with the building menace of the time that Poldark only told the half of, I relished this story.

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