Equations of a Being

Equations of a Being Note I received a review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review I am glad I got a chance to read this book This was new and different experience for me I usually don t read nonfiction genre and over poetry is out of my league But quoted short chapters and beautiful literary words attracted me.Though the book was 170 pages long, it was very short read, each page containing a quote with deep meaning thought The book was about author s thoughts on abstract, physical, and spiritual attributes of life through observation of both his inner and outer world in form of poetry As title says it was an equation of being that sums experience and observation at different stages of life which included topics like writing, art, conversations, beauty, love, feminism, relationships and family in chapters.Author played with words creatively throughout the book Each quotes were thought provoking, realistic and relatable that made me go slow and think about my own world.Literary students or those who like to read poetry would love to read this This was a kind of book you would like to read again and again, and each time you grasp words and understanding of them deeper than before For me this was little harder, I read few chapterthan twice and I understood it better on third attempt Some of my favorite lines that loved and were easy to understand for me are Keeping alive the artist within is the tussle of all tussles It s like letting out a loud but melodious cry, again and again, it s like trying to tickle with a razor sharp knife, and it s like a distressful beggar singing the song of his life to earn a few breaths Passing a judgment on a being is the limitation of the mind Passing a judgment on life is the limitation of mortality The best kind of conversations are always the ones in which two people secretly pick up on other s tragedies and prominently turn them into irreverent comedies Have a conversation without the underlying silence of an ulterior motive Let the words at both ends be spent at their own pace Let them immerse themselves in the entire meaning of the words spoken by each other Let them complete their own little story in that very time and place Men conceive a meaningful existence of a woman only when she is subjected to a framework Marriage and motherhood, with all their essentialities, are nothing but a framework for men The most callous of such forced subjection is a woman s subjection to objectification Take away marriage and motherhood from the paradigm of womanhood, and all that will be left is the randomness of freedom why not 5 stars I would like to read , a detailed description of these quoted lines in the book It would have been a different experience I read few review on this book on Goodreads and those who haveexperience in literature have explained few lines in their words very beautifully If Author has done the same in book it would be awesome.Overall, beautiful, thought provoking writing I would recommend this to all literary person who love this kind of books. Equations of a Being by Ashutosh Gupta is a book about a being who gathered moss The beauty of this book lies wholly in the each word that is engraved in it with much deliberation and skills The cover is subtle and compliments every bit of the book It is beautiful with two human faces forming a circle which might be representative of the fact that each of us is complete when the other compliments us This is the truth that we notice lately We all take birth to fulfill some purpose To accomplish that mission, we need our accomplice That partner completes us, it mirrors us The blurb of the book is pretty good and compelling enough to force the readers to pick up the book and devour every single bit of it.This book does not belong to a common league of genres ranging between fantasy and reality Rather it stands out owing to its uniqueness of its content It deals with the nuances of life, existence, passion, creativity, women, artist and so muchthat we hardly think It encompasses the philosophy of our lives The author has been successful in encapsulating the complex equations of human life with much ardor and simplicity.The book contains physical, spatial, abstract as well as spiritual attributes of life It is a result of the introspection that the author went through in his life It is about the pauses he took in his life to see and observe his surroundings The existentialism flows through the book seamlessly The author s prowess to express the philosophy is visible in the manner each quote has been wreaked in the colors of artistic expressions.Even the tiniest of the fragments has a story to tell Truly, the quotes are simple and contain a depth that of an ocean It speaks about the profoundness of writing, about being an artist, spending time with your existence searching for truths, delving into it to come out with pearls of wisdom, the importance of intellectual discourse, seeking the one with whom your intellect feels at par It also highlights the vitality of beautiful conversations that have the ability to fill the void in a human s life and the concept of love and its magnanimity The book also emphasizes the cruelty prevalent in the society and the dire need to curtail it As you move along with the course of the content imbibed in this book, you ll feel free and magic embracing you Kudos to the author to help us see things with a fresh perspective The finest of humans on earth will always be found fusing one healthy culture with another to achieve what the shreds of art so dearly long for, by being both storytellers and listeners at once. I received the book from the author in exchange of an honest and unbiased review As long as I am writing, I am on the verge of homecoming This is the first line from the author s book Equations of a Being A being who gathered Moss This is book of a very different genre than what I usually read in daily basis This book is something which is based on my personal studies of Literature Though I have never officially taken up the title of a writer, I indulge in writing a lot So this book has a special value for me The extract of the book I stated about perfectly describes the mind of every writer I believe writers do not write just for the sake of it To a writer who had long suffered, writing is a way of healing To a writer who has never been able to speak out in front of anyone, writing is a open platform where there are thousands of people ready to lend an ear To a writer who has never been able to express the overflowing thoughts of the mind, writing is a way of expression where thoughts form shapes And to every write, tired, drained, depressed and lost in the innumerable turmoils of life,writing is like a safe shelter, it is the verge of homecoming, a path of escape, a quite, peaceful vacation from the extreme pressure of this too busy world Time and life don t fight like warriors on a battlefield They turn into seducers and each of them seduces to make us forget the other How very true these words are They say time and tides waits for none They say life is too short to not enjoy every second of it like there s no tomorrow It s as if existence has become a silent and continuous argument between how to manage time and how to truly live every moment of life Nowadays, people have become so busy with their works and accomplishments, they slowly and gradually forget the actual meaning of LIVING They act like machines, going on and on doing exactly what they are supposed to do in order to survive Then again there are some who try to fight time, they get addicted to not just surviving but making the most of this little life As the author stated, time and life never fight each other to overpower each other s existence in humans They pull us into their seductive charms, quietly and delicately When time takes over a mind, it lures one to forget the meaning of LIFE It makes one forget what it means to silently enjoy a steaming cup of coffee staring at the vast stretching sky When life takes over, it makes one forget the ever moving time, the change of every hour All virtuous ideas deserve the honor of a beautiful language, just like an anonymous beggar deserves true cremation rites upon his death We, humans, are complex creatures whose minds are homes to numerous thoughts and ideas Throughout our lives we watch, notice, experience different things and our minds and ideals change accordingly either for the good or bad The thoughts which are as bold, truthful, honest and CLEAN as the warm blood that flows through our veins deserve to be given the beautiful form of language It deserves to be penned down in words that when read makes the dormant volcano of a human mind boil and pour out thoughts of sincere beauty The writer beautifully compares this act of absolute importance to an act of pure humanity An anonymous beggar sitting curled up in the corner of that busy street begs for just another day, another chance to live The by passers hold every breath the beggar takes in their hands yet they seem not to realize that Every human, where rich or poor, deserves a proper cremation after death Though the beggar s death becomes inevitable, he has the right to receive a proper funeral I have so many thoughts based on this book but I feel the scarcity of words to pen them down completely I have tried as much as I could and as long as the writer does not point out the exact meaning, the works are always open to interpretations I feel the scarcity of words to pen them down completely I have tried as much as I could and as long as the writer does not point out the exact meaning, the works are always open to interpretations The book comprises ofandof such deep thoughts and ideas One thing I have realized in this long path of reading numerous books, understanding and experiencing different phases of life and filling pages after pages with my thoughts, a writer had this constant struggle going inside his her head to try to pen down the experiences and thoughts of the mind yet being unable to find enough words to describe them That perhaps can better be called as a writer s agony I am fascinated by the writer s thoughts and ideas The book covers topics of every possible human thoughts and situations He starts with the path of being an artist, he points out how he fed his thoughts and art to nourish and enrich them He focuses on life, man and women, their differences, their interdependence, their equality, feminism He then shifts his flow of thoughts to God, faith, beliefs and worship At last he comes to the most complex question of life existence We all have our own versions to describe it What I personally felt about the book is that it is very enlightening and not one of those devouring reads It needs time to sink in Not all readers understand every kind of a read Not every reader can feel every possible kind of a writing So I suggest that if you are really into deep, spiritual, enlightening, literary reads, this one is a must read But if it s only the interesting, thrilling story you love, this one is not for you The quality of a book depends on the mindset of the reader Some might find it be rather a complex, heavy read while some may find it feeding the hungry soul with words of great beauty and deep meanings. This book is a collection of thoughts and musings of the author on several topics ranging from his passion for writing to his thoughts on the relationship between God and his followers A book full of some deep ponderings that you might or might not agree with, this book quietens your mind and invokes the thinker in you to come out If you are in the mood to indulge in some serious reflections about life then you can pick up this book. It s a wonderful book to read At first I saw the title of this book It s interesting Equation of a being A being who gathered moss It sounded cool One can be attracted by the title After observing the title I started to find the inner meaning of it I took some time to think about it, What can be there in the book After that I went for the blurb It was nicely written The description about the content was good enough to understand.The cover photo of this book was also attractive It matched to the title of this book It showed like something mystery was there in the content and author might solve it.Then I started reading This book comprised sixteen chapters All chapters included with thoughts of the author You can say it quotes too But all thoughts were so meaningful One can motivate by these noble thoughts This book really touched my heart The advantage of this book from others is that you can read this repeatedly in a day as it includes quotes or thoughts If someone can t find the hope of life he or she can read this book It can help them to get inspired This book can teach us many lessons by its content.I would like to request u all to read this book for once to be inspired. THE TITLE John green had once said that there will come a time when all of us are dead All of us There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything There will be no one left to remember Aristotle or Cleopatra, let alone you Everything that we did and built and wrote and thought and discovered will be forgotten and all of this will have been for naught Maybe that time is coming soon and maybe it is millions of years away, but even if we survive the collapse of our sun, we will not survive forever There was time before organisms experienced consciousness, and there will be time after And if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it God knows that s what everyone else does Equations of a being very beautifully describe our existence keeping the emotional point of view as the backdrop The book perfectly correlates your heart and the mind, thus creating an equation between the two As each situation in life represents a challenge to a human and presents a problem for him to solve, the question of the meaning of life may actually be reversed Ultimately, a person should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather he must recognize that it is he who is asked In a word, each person is questioned by life and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life to life he can only respond by being responsible.The title was apt and was very much concentrated on the plot.REVIEW OF THE BOOK It has been said over years that Reality does not create the entire womb of human life We have eyes that witness truth and beauty We are creatures that think, plan, dream, and remember The lambent luminescence supplied by human memory reveals that we live in a dream world Human imagination tied to memory tells us how to live today and forever So we see that a being is basically made up of two things Imagination and Reality If you chalk out an equation connecting these two aspects of live, you end up plotting a Human Being.The author has portrayed every chapters of the book in form of a stage of Live People undergo several sequential steps in maturing from infancy including childhood, adolescences, young adulthood, middle age, and old age Each stage presents distinct challenges that require a person to amend how they think and act And every time the author had tried to reconnect these human stages with the human emotions It highlights the fact that Reflecting on various aspects of our lives is essential for a person to grow and adjust to changing phases in their life Self analysis entails examining a person s existing level of self esteem and documenting the inner voice that speaks to a person, which is frequently either affirming of self defeating Failure to periodically engage in self analysis, make crucial revisions in our personas, and modify our thinking patterns when we encounter transformative events in life can lead to mood disorders, burnout, and other emotional maladies.Apart from the cover and the illustration, I loved the usage of quotes too Describing existence with an amalgamation of emotions is not so easy I too loved the way the author had tried to bring out the meaning of life and existence We always find that in the end, people don t view their life as merely the average of all its moments which, after all, is mostly nothing much plus some sleep Equations of a being tell you that for human beings, life is meaningful because it is a story A story has a sense of a whole, and its arc is determined by the significant moments, the ones where something happens Measurements of people s minute by minute levels of pleasure and pain miss this fundamental aspect of human existence A seemingly happy life maybe empty A seemingly difficult life may be devoted to a great cause We have purposes larger than ourselves.This is a very beautiful book I would recommend you to read. link of the book stars out of 51 Originality of the plot and sub plots 9 102 Net emotions in the story 9 103 Usage of words and phrases 9 104 The title, cover and the illustration 10 105 The net impact on the readers 9 10 If You Have A Penchant For Both Reason And Abstractness, This Intriguing Piece Of Literature Shouldn T Be Missed Equations Of A Being Beautifully Coalesces The Author S Thought Pieces Pertaining To The Existential Spectrum Never Has There Been A Book That Blended Emotions, Intellect, And Imagination So Seamlessly, To Celebrate A Being In Totality The Author Depicts His Artistic Persuasion, The Enriched And Disintegrated Fragments Of His Existence, And The Conclusions Based On His Interactions With The Physical And Abstract Elements Of Life In A Compelling And Unbridled Manner It S A Book For The Ages That Will Let You Trace The Complete Trajectory Of A Being And Realize That A Being Has Been And Will Always Be A Convergence Of His Tryst With Abstractness, His Acceptance Of Vulnerability, And His Surge For Virtuosity Honestly when received the book I was surprised to see the pages contain with small write ups quotation But when I started reading I realize the whole thing.Every page is full of new ideas, thoughts, emotions.The challenging part is to express the things in a very few words and the author did it very brilliantly.Every page is full of strong thoughts and realizations That can make the reader think himself about many things.But I must say that for few quotes there need some explanations to understand it properly.The cover of the book is simple yet beautiful.And the title is appropriate. 4 STARS A reader can never escape from the hope and anxiety of a writer, and a writer from that of the universe Ashutosh GuptaThese two lines that I read in the first half of the book kind of resonated in my mind with every quote till the last The book is in parts, in segregated sections and with a thought in each page you pass.There were some lines I re read to understand and felt funny, for, they gave me different perceptions and overlapped opinions every time More than a few wow and awesome came out of me all through the read And there were some where I stopped and just stared at the words So much in so little would suffice this book aptly, dare I say.I ve followed this Author for a decent time now, and I ve always liked his way of penning down trivial, overlooked things in a deep conceived perspective This book is so full of them You ll change your mind about something, then change again and then again.Though it was captioned A being who gathered moss it waslike free flowing stream of everyday things to worldly views to beliefs, awe, conviction and understanding of the author on so many aspects of life, people, things, scenarios and also, hopes There s this sensuality to words when said subtle, you ll get to hold it and see it with this book I particularly liked the parts on writing, on writers, the dilemma and women The male ego and feminine manipulation are two sides of the same coin, the coin of woman s historical subjugation The former is on the verge of becoming toothless but the latter is elegantly turning the tide Ashutosh GuptaThis one has been my favorite always and I was thrilled to see it included From the cover lovely one to end, everything has been set to lure you in for something plain and simple only to blow your mind by the time you finish I liked the way it didn t jump one place to another but said its piece calm and composed, yet loud Good work there with editing, compiling and stuff The book doesn t take the reader for a ride It sits you down and urges to look, think and absorb things in your own pace and in your own way The quotes was left with a note of an open end oftentimes, letting us to finish the thought Or with a blurred end sometimes, urging us to clear it in our heads So beautifully crafted and gathered The take away will not be the same I think that is the special something of Equations of a being You may not take what I did, I may never conclude on something you did and another might pass us both in a different tangent altogether But we d be in the book, like ourselves Equations of a being is a mirror, you ll see him say his views and you ll recount your own Reading this book was like having a conversation with it An insightful, refreshing one at that A quick read, 2 hours at the maximum if you want to finish it But trust me you ll take longer to digest it You ll not escape the anxiety and hopes of this writer A work well done Good luck to the book and best wishes to the Author The journey has now begun. The various aspects of life have been talked about in the book Life, existence, creativity, love, beauty, sensuality, women, relation between a man and a woman, feminism and so manydifferent subject matters are talked about which are difficult to put into words otherwise The author has presented this transitional journey of his through the medium of a string of short sentences The number of words that went into the making of sentences are few but the meaning behind them are indeed deep The thoughts are philosophical and has the power to open the eyes of people to different perspectives.There s no story or narration to talk about It s not fiction, there s no plot, there s no dialogues The author had taken a stall, observed life and had peeked inside himself He has done a lot of soul searching and the understanding which he has of existentialism is clearly visible in the philosophical quotes he has penned.I have been reading so much of fiction books lately that when I finished reading Equations of A Being, I felt cleansed, light hearted and enlightened This book was a pleasant surprise I loved the vocabulary, I loved the meanings and the way the sentences are structured In fact, there s nothing about the book that I could complain about.If you are someone who is going through a tough time in your life or if you are a lost soul trying to understand who you are, you should definitely read this book.Once you learn who you are and have been acquainted well with your soul, it gets so mucheasier to accept yourself as you are and be content with it I have walked down the lane of soul searching and I truly feel at peace with myself.Read the full review on my blog Poesy In Chrysalis

I was a pretty shy and reluctant kid, and as far as I remember, I use to feel as if I was trapped within the walls of orthodoxy I could feel certain rebellious expressions stacking up within me During my adolescent days, any kind of self expression never really flourished There was no exposure to literature or a cinematic brilliance to take me beyond the walls of orthodoxy, and it had to do wit

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