Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines #1)

Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines #1) Anika is a spineless woman who can only stutter and mumble and act incredibly passive I liked the hero and the whole Indian atmosphere brought me in a mystical 101 Arabian Nights mood Welcome to India, the mystical land of varied cultures and traditions Anika Patel led a perfect life AnikaShe had a loving family, a bright career as a doctor, and a man who was her best friend with a possibility of turning into something .But one phone call and an impulsive decision changed it allShe headed for a two week vacation to a place in India to meet with her late father s relatives When she got there, what transpired was right out of her nightmares.Stuck in a land of no rules or law, where family honor meant everything, she was to be bound by revenge to a man who threatened to steal her soul and also her heart Abhay SinghamWARNING This is a fictional romance story that transports you to a different world that has no restraints or boundaries Please proceed with caution as the book contains graphic violence and sexual content that is recommended for mature reading audiences with an open mind only Disclaimer I have BOUGHT this book and the author has NOT paid me It s only my serious, under the blanket, dream that reviewing becomes a booming business and I am paid thousands of dollars from every author for my two lines of reviews But since that is not happening,Goodreads please don t take down my reviews since I really love reading and reviewing books Thank you Abhay Singham is one of the most unbelievably to die for character Authors MV Kasi and PG Van can create Dangerous and brooding Bloody Literally yet the heroine can only think of kissing him How powerful can that kind of charisma be In all the romances I have read recently, this is one of the most action oriented heroes I have met for a while Though some of us might cringe when it comes to the bloody scenes, yet hold on to your kindles for every scene is justified Anika, on the other hand, isbelievable She has a pride yet that does not mean she is suicidal I mean how can you expect to fight one whole clan, without having superpowers So her accepting the situation and slowly winning the hearts of those around her makes itdoable The relationship between the two protags is hot Sizzling There are moments you want to push them together of the butterflies in your stomach The dialogues sound natural Very much the way the authors have written their other books So it s a surprise to me that two individuals have maintained their individualistic traits yet able to merge their style of writing The secondary characters are very strong The villains, the belles, and even the relatives, all leave a mark in the psyche of the reader The storyline stays steady throughout and though in the ending you have a few moments of frustration because being an HEA book you know the ending, yet to reach it you have to cross a fewpages Looking forward to reading the second part of this series A definite 5 star to this book. A Brutal, Riveting And Epic Love StoryAnika Patel Led A Perfect Life She Had A Loving Family, A Bright Career As A Doctor, And A Man Who Was Her Best Friend With A Possibility Of Turning Into SomethingBut One Phone Call And An Impulsive Decision Changed It AllShe Headed For A Two Week Vacation To A Place In India To Meet With Her Late Father S Relatives When She Got There, What Transpired Was Right Out Of Her NightmaresStuck In A Land Of No Rules Or Law, Where Family Honor Meant Everything, She Was To Be Bound By Revenge To A Man Who Threatened To Steal Her Soul And Also Her HeartAlthough A Part Of The Series, This Book Can Be Read As A STANDALONE RomanceWARNING This Is A Fictional Romance Story That Transports You To A Different World That Has No Restraints Or Boundaries Please Proceed With Caution As The Book Contains Graphic Violence And Sexual Content That Is Recommended For Mature Reading Audiences Amazingly written Best of Indian romance according to my reading experience till now. Not my type.Judging a book by its cover, I thought it is going to be an arrogant male protagonist and his revenge stories The book turned out to be a yucky romance story Yucky cuz there is too much of physicality involved There is a lot of violence too That is just not my type.The heroine comes to India for seeing her father s family gets married in a blur and starts to notice how brutal her husband and others are Then gradually she starts to learn about her husband and his family She also learns that violence is okay, and then she takes on life, too From hating others who killed, to becoming one herself, the transition was very quick, and not in a good way. Have absolutely no words for this story Reading a collaboration between two brilliant authors who write effortlessly and leave readers spellbound One is a queen of writing complex human emotions and capturing it beautifully while the other is pro at writing passion The intensity powerful writing style of both these authors had pulled me in as a reader to reading the stories written by each one of them But reading this story I was blown by the effortless collaboration and the intensity of the story and how smoothly effortlessly these two pulled it off Definitely a must read Absolutely loved Anika Abhay characters and their lethal chemistry So glad I had pre ordered this story as soon as I saw it onand the minute I saw it delivered on my Kindle I had to read it just couldn t leave the story It s totally captivating and engrossing I can t wait for the next story in the Singham series A must recommendation and read for those who enjoy reading books with a strong plots with captivating characters and storyline A must read Quiet bold storyIn this technology age we would think we are liberal..but in villages still people have fued among s quite well written..I could visualise Virasat movie when there were fights in the was a great experience to read something different..waiting for the next..keep up the good work and all the best I enjoyed this book.It was a different culture and a good story. A Lethal read Certainly, my kind of novel Loved it, lived it The painful Intensity of MV Kasi and The scorching passion of PG Van, the combination leads to a lethal read There were places which reminded me of Barbara Cartland novel moments And yes I had the signature moments of M V Kasi s intensities and P G Van s scorching Passion I am not going to go into any details friends I would love to dive in again into the world of Singham The journey of a strong woman who is thrown into the wild and barbarous world of revenge, blackmail, and force is intense and passionate How the cowering scared Anika tames the monstrous and impassive husband Abhay Singham.Certainly, my kind of novel Loved it, lived it This was a very nice book that I have read after a long time

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines #1) book, this is one of the most wanted M.V. Kasi author readers around the world.

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  • Bound by Revenge (The Singham Bloodlines #1)
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  • 15 February 2018

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