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V Games LAST ONE TO THE GRAVE, WINSBeing A Killer Wasn T What Eighteen Year Old Selena Grey Ever Expected She D Become But With Her Stepfather S Blood Fresh On Her Hands, She Finds Herself Walking Into An Eight By Six Prison Cell Where She Ll Live Out The Next Twenty Five Years Of Her LifeOr So She ThoughtWhen A Man As Beautiful As He Is Terrifying Walks Into The Prison, Selena Is The Only One Seemingly Unaffected By His Charms But Varick S Impossibly Dark Eyes Are Trained On Her And Her Alone, Frightening Selena Of What His Presence Forewarns It S Not Long Before She Finds Out As She Wakes On A Ship In The Dead Of Night, A Captive Of The Forbidding Varick Who Seems Beast Than ManBut When She Arrives At A Barren And Isolated Island In The Stormy North Sea, She Soon Realises That The Obnoxious Varick May Be Her Only Hope Of Survival Because, In A Place Where Polar Night Reigns For The Next Six Months, A Powerful And Cruel Family Are About To Start This Year S Season Of The V Games And Selena Is Marked To Participate In The Blood Sport, Hunted By Ravenous Vampires And Surviving The Harsh Terrain Of The Bleak Island And, Not Only That, But Selena Just Became The Highest Bid On Contestant In A CenturyFind Out Why In BookOf The V Games TrilogyRelease Price For A Limited Time Only

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  • 12 March 2018

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your book, Caroline It was a pleasure to read it There was a new, tantalising feeling growing in my chest One that had evaded me for so long, it took me some time to figure out what it was Hope If I had to describe V Games in one sentence I d say it s a mixture of The Hunger Games and Resident Evil lol Yes, you read right Resident Evil The movies, not the games PTo say it was a book that had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning would actually be the understatement of the century And this is putting it mildly XD I ve always been a sucker for vampire stories and when Caroline offered me to read her book I didn t even hesitate before I said yes lol When I accepted to read V Games as an ARC I didn t expect to be swept off my feet so thoroughly though.And oh boy, did this book cause me to fall There was so much action and suspense it was really hard to put it down and with every round that followed Caroline only raised the stakes even higher Uh oh, no pun intended, I swear P There are a lot of literal stakes in the V Games though and the beautiful girls on the island that take part in the competition aren t the squeamish kind of type at all They certainly made sure to make good use of their stakes and their minds were at least as sharp as their tongues Especially Kite s, but that s another story XDAnyway let s get back to the main review so I can tell you how amazing this book was I have to admit that this was probably one of the best, if not the best, ARC I ve received so far Sure the plot is rather simple The motto is survive and the love story is barely there they are too busy with the motto P but how Caroline executed it, is the real treat XD The storyline was intriguing and I just couldn t help it but I found myself pulling for Selena lol And if we re already speaking about the plot, I might as well use this chance to brief you on it The plot After killing her abusive stepfather Selena Grey finds herself in a prison cell in an English jail, her only ally her new inmate named Cass Selena is just getting used to the daily routine of her new home when a mysterious man appears and takes her and some of the other prisoners to a barren island in the North Sea Little did she know that she d become a part of the V Games and soon would struggle to survive On an island that s dipped into darkness and with a bunch of other girls that won t hesitate to feed her to the Vs, Varick might actually be her only hope to get out of this alive The characters This is where I go into detail about the characters and might drop a few spoilers So you better ignore my excessive ramblings if you don t aim to be spoiled P Nothing could come of this It was a brief moment of light in an eternity of darkness Selena I dropped my eyes I m a killer Killing a man who tormented you and your mother isn t much of a crime This girl is such a good person She always tried to help the others and this even though some of them definitely didn t deserve it Despite the fact that she was brought to the island and given a stake, she still fought to keep her humanity and in my opinion this really made her special While the other girls only aimed to survive and sacrificed others in order to achieve their goal Selena tried her best to save as many girls as possible Sure this kind of mentality caused her a lot of trouble and almost got her killed a few times, Selena never second guessed her decisions though Or at least not much lol The story about her past broke my heart and I really hope that she was able to make it off the island There wouldn t be a book two if she really made it, I m aware of that, but still how can you not hope for the best lol P I don t know, I hissed But I d be grateful if you stopped trying to worm your way into my head I can t read your mind No Well I guess that s ten points to Edward Cullen then, isn t it I d envied the rich growing up, of their nice things, their easy lives But now I despised them for it Money bred power and power bred evil Nothing was ever enough And even if they d burned the entire world down for their own entertainment, no happiness awaited them Only a pit that could never be filled Varick He was breathtaking, his skin golden and perfect, his eyes two endless mossy pits His hair was overly long and twisted at the nape of his neck, a thin, black bandanna holding it in place Ohh don t even get me started XD I loved him right from the minute he entered the scene Dark, mysterious, handsome, direct, serious and sarcastic, what s not to love lol At the beginning of the game he was pretty detached but the blood he drank, the human he became I loved that he fell for Selena without him even noticing and the conversation they had at the end of the book was just so so human I have no other word for it To read how he began to feel again, how he reacted to her blood, it was so damn bittersweet T_T My poor sexy pie Varick I hated that he wasn t able to escape the island and if those damn Helsings and their stupid daughter Mercy torture him even I m going to safe him myself 3 What else I liked the fact that Varick was a pirate in his former life and I can t wait to find out about his past Especially now that Jameson is with him XD I was broken, then trained like a damned animal, and every day since I d had to fight the sickness in my gut The torture of being so close to their heavenly scent and yet forced under their thumb, unable to acquire a single taste Selena was trying to suss me out For what purpose, I had no idea But it felt good to be seen by her Even if all she saw was a monster I hadn t felt desire for a girl since I d been changed I didn t know it was possible But even if I were blind, I couldn t miss the light of her She shone with the power of a thousand suns, brightening the shadowy corners of my black heart, perhaps even enough to return to me the ability to love My conclusion I loved the book and it was so fast paced that it never got boring There wasn t much of a love story in book one but the promise of it was already tangible and I really can t wait to see how Caroline is going to continue with what she began XD I m sure it s going to be intriguing P

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    I received this ARC by the lovely and talented Caroline Peckham in exchange for an honest review, and I m happy to oblige How did you manage that he breathed, almost to himself I don t know, I hissed But I d be grateful if you stopped trying to worm your way into my head I can t read your mind No Well I guess that s ten points to Edward Cullen then, isn t it He grimaced at me Vampires are a bit grimmer in real life, sweetheart No matter what they say, Selena Grey is not a killer After being sent to a maximum security prison for killing her abusive step father, Selena gets kidnapped in the middle of the night and dragged into a gory and twisted game of blood and money, she s not ready to play.Along with other prisoners and helped by the vampire Varick, Selena is in a run for her survival, once again She has a week to reclaim her freedom.The other option The grave.Want the truth This book was a complete surprise I ve never had great times with vampire novels, but I ve got to admit with a pinch of smugness that V Games is the vampire novel I didn t know I needed until I started reading it The first thing that strikes you for good is the cover The color palette choice is stunning It this book were a color, it d definitely be dark red.The writing is terrifically good, clean and straight to the point, and it sucked me in right from the very first moment The writer can create a scene and a setting from the ground up Not anybody can do that.About the stabby stab aspect gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.V Games is fast paced, blood dripping and action packed enough for months I ve read other reviews often refer to it as a Hunger Games with Vampires, and I must agree, but with an exception this is soooo much better Selena is a fighter, a careless, brave and kick ass main character that is easily likeable and relatable Basically, a slightly older Katniss Everdeen who smiles and has a little fire in her veins I like how she s not afraid of showing her own flaws or how she s never ashamed to stay away from danger Sometimes being brave is all about knowing when it s time to run away from the threats, and Selena gets that.Her male counterpart, is equally as great, and equally as obscure Varick, is not your typical good looking bad buy , but that s only because he actually is The Very Much Good Looking Bad Guy Who Has Literal Blood On His Hands You feel me Oh, well, we love him that way, anyway The romance is niiiiiiice, snarky and sexy Before you start yelling insta love , let me stop you right there The characters are smart enough not to waste their time pining against each other instead of finding a way to survive Yes, there s attraction there s tons of it , but it stops there At least at the start Then you better brace yourself because a storm of feels approaches your way Whoever knows me even just a little, knows how much of a sucker I am for a well written double POV, and Caroline Peckham nailed it I liked knowing all those things about Varick s backstory, it was really interesting and it wouldn t have been the same without his voice There are a bunch of secondary characters, mostly girls and villains, and each one of them has something to prove the reader AlsoLooking for some girls supporting girls You ll find it in here The vampires are a real pain in the neck pun totaly intended, I have no regrets Those fuckers got really scary, at times The plot is okay, overall The book in its entirety is a quick, entertaining read, but the last 30% of the book will completely sweep you off your feet Wow, what a race Thank you so much for the opportunity, Caroline I m really looking forward to the second book.

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    I have never hidden the fact that I love vampire stories I have read stories about bad vampires, about good vampires, about vampire warriors, about vampire victims, about vampires who were born like that, about vampires who were transformed against their will There are so many combinations in the literature I love these monsters What I don t love are the humans who can keep these magnificent monsters as prisoners and who do not feed them properly The damn Helsings had me right where they wanted me Not quite hungry enough to lose my mind, but desperate enough that I did as they said without question All in the hopes of being fed So in this book we have some really hungry vampires And some very nasty humans You may notice that I did not say anything about whether the vampires are bad or good Vampires in this book are plainly hungry all the time When someone is hungry to the point of no return, he she will a very bad creature and he she will attack anything that moves.Imagine there is an island which is occupied mostly by hungry vampires and the mean powerful human beings, the Helsings ,who like to play with them for centuries Add to the equation a few desperate girls who are kidnapped by the prison where they were detained because all of them have committed murder In most of the cases they are really nice girls, but still they have killed So, the society will not miss them when they disappear from their prison and are considered dead These girls will end up in this island which is full of hungry vampires and Helsings will promise them freedom if they survive Selena Grey, you are offered the privilege of competing in the V Games If you agree, you will have the chance to erase your criminal record and return home with a clean slate What they are not told is that ALMOST NOBODY SURVIVES these twisted games.Selena is one of these girls Varick is the vampire who keeps the girls in line and prepares them for the games So, basically he is the Helsings bitch and the vampires traitor.Selena is desperate and innocent Varick is hungry and tired with the games that he has watched for hundreds of years.When feelings kick in, Varick will be very confused and Selena will be almost broken down The book tests the limits of morality and ethics It focused mainly on the games and the various ways of survival The girls will try to survive and kill before they are killed One of the most sympathetic characters actually has killed the most innocent people before she ended up in the island.And my poor vampires, the Vs Hungry, weak and desperate will try to get some food Behaving like mindless zombies most of the time, they will stop at nothing until they are fed Someone placed a stake in my hand and directed the V in my direction He was skin and bones, barely human beneath his long hair and anorexic body Kill it, Dawn instructed, wafting me toward the Vampire.I shuddered in horror, taking a step back No, I demanded Oh why must you be so difficult Dawn muttered It s all for show This one s weak It ll only take a quick stab I loved the first part of this trilogy, but I would like a bit development in the relationship between Selena and Varick I think the chemistry was missing for the majority of the book which is fine I suppose because this world had to be established firstly I expect much in the second book of the trilogy.When is book 2 out I am dying to know what happens next I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    Okay, so this author asks me to read and review her book and I say yes only because it sounded interesting to me But, once again, she didn t even try to bribe me for a good review What the hell Who do I have to bribe to get someone to try and bribe me I just want to be bribed once in my life Is that asking too much But, then I give the book a 4 star rating, and it LOOKS like I ve been bribed When I haven t Dammit If I give the appearance of a bribee, shouldn t I get the pay off gimme, gimme, gimme Sigh Anyway, this book is a vampire Hunger Games, but don t expect too much of the Hunger Games or you might be disappointed It s almost cruel to try to say that a book is like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games or any of the other huge best sellers because not many books live up to those standards That s why they were so successful BUT, this book is definitely entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat Just be careful You want to avoid a disaster like this That haircut with those color choices Please Everyone knows that blondes have a winter color story.The story alternates first person narratives between Edward and Bella Varick and Selene Selene is chosen to play in the Hunger Games V Games, which is basically a survival game with people watching and betting while vampires try to kill them The girls are all chosen from prisons and if any of them survive, they are promised freedom and the memory of their crimes wiped out from the minds of people around them And, these girls show us that not all killy prison chicks are that street smart You actually believe that you will have an inside look at the sick fuckery going on and then will just be allowed to go free um. yeah sureVarick is the vampire who takes care of the girls during the games The people who run the show are some sick assholes named the Helsing family Yes, that Helsing Not Joe Helsing who has a tire shop in Alabama They keep a bunch of starving vamps on this island where they run these games and allow Varick to be their house slave vampire by feeding him occasionally to keep him in line Varick finds out that Selena has special blood Her blood makes him all thirsty and shit Like than he s ever felt before It s magical blood Her smell is so enticing that he can hardly stand it Yes, it s hold your nose good mmm Oh, there will be insta love between a teenage girl and hundreds of years old vampire Bet on it So, how does a book that has any resemblance to Twilight at all turn out to be an enjoyable read Well, this thing was fast paced, bloody, and imaginative in the game portion of the story And, that was most of the story It was great fun watching the girls get killed, the girls killing the vamps, and all of the accidental death and killing It s was stabbingly fun.

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    Oh good gravy this book was AMAZEBALLS It was like the Hunger Games with vampires I was so sucked into this story I skipped my lunch and lord knows I love my food Thanks heaven s I have book two lined up and ready to go or I might have been stalking the author Misery style lol.The writing was fantastic The pace was perfect The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages The world building was good but because of that, I felt the romance took a backseat I wasn t overly bothered by this as this is a trilogy and the author had to set the stage As this was a YA novel there isn t much in the physical relations department just a kiss I am kind of hoping that maybe we will get some sexy times between Selena and Varick in upcoming books but I guess that depends if the author will stay with the YA theme or not This one also had a great cast of secondary characters All flawed in their own ways Some you will love than others and I hope that maybe something didn t happen like we were lead to believe as I sort of thought the author implied that a certain wolf may have a connection with a certain other person I guess we will see Both main characters were great I felt like Varick was the slightly developed of the two as we get a touch background for his character But Selena was equally engaging and I can t wait to see her getting her revenge Last, we are left with a nice little cliffhanger And like I said above I am SO glad I have book two lined up and ready to go All in all, I enjoyed this one immensely, and it gets two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly

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    5 5 Stars I look like a Disney Princess You better show them how well Beauty can kick the Beast s ass then Selena Grey is sentenced to twenty five years in maximum security prison after killing her abusive step father Before Selena can get used to her new life she is kidnapped by a mysterious man along with another twenty four women from the prison They are forced to compete in The V Games that are held by a powerful family where girls are pitted against starved vampires She soon realizes her terrifying, yet beautiful kidnapper might be her only hope in surviving the games To summarise this book in a few words it would be The Hunger Games meets vampires Even though the plot of this book is quite similar, The V Games still unique and different in many ways Selena was such a badass heroine She was kind and brave Selena fought for her humanity and survival and did not let anyone take that away from her What I admired most about Selena was that she tried to help others and be a good person no matter what dangerous situation she was in She was compassionate, determined and strong A very enjoyable character read about Varick was dark and mysterious He was enslaved to be the game moderator Varick was starved, tortured and forced to watch the games for centuries unable to escape until Selena came along I really liked reading in his point of view and his character development throughout the novel The romance was perfect It wasn t rushed nor was it too slow The characters had much important things to focus on but the touch of romance was still there What I liked about this book was that it was no good guys vs bad guys Everyone in this book was somewhat bad, some than others With either being criminals or had very dark pasts It made the story intriguing The cover was the first thing that grabbed my interest, it was very eye catching It really captured the story beautifully How did you manage that he breathed, almost to himself. I don t know, I hissed But I d be grateful if you stopped trying to worm your way into my head I can t read your mind No Well I guess that s ten points to Edward Cullen then, isn t it He grimaced at me Vampires are a bit grimmer in real life, sweetheart The V Games was filled with kick ass action, thrill, suspense, murder, surprises and romance This book is so good, could not put down Highly recommend this book to any vampire lover out there

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    4.5 This is a different take on the usual vampire read, think Hunger Games but with vampires, half starved feral vampires kept like animals Vampires were once powerful but now years after the vampire hunter wars they re reduced to little than dogs They re kept hungry and controlled with capsules of silver imbedded in their necks and released at the wimp of the Helsings Yes we re talking about the Van Helsings and they rule with fear and cruelty.The games consist of kidnapped young women, they now use prisoners because it s easier and involves less work They re taken to an island, Raskd d then forced to compete in a competition for their lives They are pitted against starving vampires while rich humans watch the action on huge screens and bet on who will win.It truly is cruel and inhuman.First we meet eighteen year old Selena as she enters prison after being sentenced to twenty five years for the murder of her abusive stepfather It soon becomes apparent that there s something slightly different about Selena.Varick is next and we meet him back in 1803 while he s still human As the book progresses we catch glimpses of his past, how he became a vampire and the hell that is his life has become under the Helsings Abraham knew I was getting desperately hungry He saw it in my eyes the second I walked in the door The Helsings were Hunters at heart, but nearly three hundred years had passed since they and the other Hunters had gotten the Vampire population under control The modern day Helsings were a figment of what they d once been But the blood was there, the power they held in their veins It wouldn t take much for a Hunter to return to his roots Several pages in and I thought I might struggle with this purely because generally vampires well romance ones anyway are powerful alluring alpha males and here Varick while incredibly attractive is controlled to the extent he s a slave to the Helsings and I wasn t sure I d like that but I did.Anyone familiar with my reviews knows how rare it is for me to give 5 but this came very very close I enjoyed this book, way than I expected in fact and while it s not perfect I know but seriously what book is and I personally struggled early on with Selena s reason for being in prison, twenty five years for an eighteen year old who s mother would have corroborated her story seemed crazy I m far too picky I know and once something bothers me I find it hard to let go but I realised yes, it took me a while that it didn t really matter it was just the means for getting Selena to the island and that s where the book truly comes to life.This book held me from the first page to the last and now I can t wait for the next one.I voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by the author.

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    But there s only so far a girl can be pushed before she becomes her own hero What a thrilling ride Eighteen year old convicted murderer Selena finds herself kidnapped along with 24 other young women from prison and being thrust into a twisted game of survival against abused and starving vampires.6 stars for the fast paced plot There was not a wasted moment in this one Be warned once you start, you d better have the time to finish, because you won t want to put it down.4 stars for the way game events tested my limits of believability But who needs believability when you re sitting on the edge of your seat I really enjoyed V Games Selena made for a great heroine who had strength and determination in spades despite life doing its best to keep her down at every turn And I loved the way the relationship between Selena and Varick progressed It felt natural and by the end I wanted nothing than for them to exact their revenge and live happily ever after together But of course this is a trilogy so I ll have to wait for a bit I m sooo looking forward to continuing this journey

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    Full Review on my blog a copy was provided by the author I wasn t sure what to except at first, I mean I ve read a lot of vampire books in the past But this, this was quiet a surprise this is a very unique vampire book And I can t wait for what the author has in store for the rest of this series I felt like the first few chapters were kind of slow, but I m happy I continued.The V Games was a riveting read, the whole aspect of the book was really amazing I loved the different challenges and such Although, this story is similar to The Hunger Games, it is different and the whole concept is very distinct I thought it was well written and Caroline Peckham did a great job at making it her own.Fast pace, action, vampires, romance, what could you want This book is perfect and I highly recommend it _________________________Season 1 V Games ReviewV Games Fresh from the Grave ReviewV Games Dead Before Dawn ReviewSeason 2 Wolf Games ReviewWolf Games Island of Shade ReviewWolf Games Severed Fate ReviewSeason 3 Hunter Trials ReviewBlog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Facebook

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    Since the release of Twilight, the vampire subgenre has been notoriously unoriginal I m glad to say that V Games, a whole new take on things from the perspective of a girl sprung from prison by a shady enigma of a man, is perhaps a chance for vampires to redefine themselves in fictional literature Selena has been arrested for murder, but she soon finds herself on a rickety ship bound for a strange island in the middle of nowhere She has the chance to get her freedom back, great news for her if she survives, that is She s about to learn first hand what it s like to be involved in the brutal arena of the V Games , with vampires in hot pursuit and her own life on the line.This book is thrilling, but than that it s unique in its characters Selena especially is a morally questionable girl, but with a killer as the protagonist it dissolves the usual poor innocent little woman trope The writing is also absolutely beautiful in style, with many moments of wit, poignancy and vivid scenery throughout If you love the supernatural horror genre, this is definitely a book I d recommend.

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